CREDAI Demands Speedy Eco Clearance Certificates

CREDAI pointed out that the real estate builders will be able to meet the rising demand only if the Ministry of Environment caters faster clearance.

Environment Clearance

“Environment Clearance Need to Be Faster” Says CREDAI.

CREDAI, the apex body of real estate developers demanded the government to speed up the eco clearance. The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India requested the government to avoid “antiquated laws” in favor of urban development and housing.

CREDAI strongly supported a pragmatic and practical approach to meet the severe housing shortage. The apex body of the developers recommended all government departments and especially the Ministry of Environment. Continue reading

Liquidity Issues Upset Real Estate Private Equity

Real estate Private Equity (PE) firms are again troubled by Liquidity issues. This is mainly due to the over transparency demands from the investors.

Real Estate Private Equity

Upset.Real Estate Private Equity

Global Market Outlook reports that stiff natured liquidity causes greater troubles to the real estate PE firms. Stiff liquidity forces the PE firms to quit the real estate. Private Equity fund managers say that this situation is created by the higher transparency demand by the investors. Continue reading

Kejiriwal Sets Up IAC to Lead an Anti-Corruption Crusade

Kejiriwal set up India against Corruption (IAC) his political party on 2nd October this year. The launch of new political party by Arvind Kejiriwal depicts his entry into the politics.

Kejiriwal:one man crusader

Kejiriwal:one man crusader

Mr. Arvind Kejiriwal has a place in the minds of the people as staunch crusader against corruption. To set a political party for himself is seen as a fair movement from his side. He was knocking down many powerful politicians in the name of corruption. Continue reading

Real Estate Developers Alleged Of Grabbing Farmers’ Land

Gurgaon farmers alleged that the real estate developers grabbed their land with the consent of the Authority.

farmers' cry against real estate exploitation

farmers’ cry against real estate exploitation

Industrial model township projects by the govt. in collaboration with the real estate developers turn out to be means for robbing the poor farmers. Chaudhary Devi Lal Industrial Model Township is an example. Continue reading

Union Govt Decision to Allow More Retail FDI attracts Mixed Reaction

FDI In Retail

India welcomes more retail FDI

The central government’s decision to allow 51 % of retail FDI was received with a mixed feeling. Some opined that this will create unemployment. Yet this decision was welcomed by a group of real estate developers in Odisha. Continue reading

Real Estate Scam Swirls Around Gadkari & Purti Group

Gadkari and his Purti Group is alleged to loot the farmers’ land. BJP president has been accused by Kejiriwal who said he has evidences to prove his allegations.

Purti Under Real estate scam

Gadkari and Purti Stumbles on Real estate scam.

Real estate scam allegations have been shaking the politics for a quite good while. Politicians find it hard to deal with Arvind Kejriwal and his political party India against Corruption (IAC).  Continue reading

Falling Demand Forces Real Estate to Bid Small Offices

Mumbai Real estate firms sell out their small office space due to lower demand. Corporates and financial institutions do not raise any demand for office space.

lower real estate demand

REAL bElow STATE  of demand

Real estate firms are forced to sell smaller offices by dipping demand. Some of the prominent property developers like Wadhwa Group, Hubtown, Lodha Developers, Kanakia, etc. have started selling of their smaller office spaces. Continue reading

Mumbai Real Estate termed Investor-Unfriendly by CREDAI

CREDAI showed discontent over the unsupportive policies of the MH govt. by terming Mumbai real estate as “investor unfriendly.”

Bye Bye to Mumbai Real estate

Bye Bye to Mumbai

CREDAI is dissatisfied with the existing Mumbai real estate conditions. This unfriendly atmosphere of Mumbai leads CREDAI to shift their investment plan to Gujarat. Continue reading

Real Estate Scam Allegation Shakes Pawar Family

Mr. Y P Singh, an Ex-cop accused Mr. Sharad Pawar of real estate scam. Mr. Singh stated that Mr. Pawar was the center of real scam.

Sharad Pawar Gets Tainted by real estate scam

Sharad Pawar Gets Tainted

Mr. Sharad Pawar has been chosen as another popular personality to be stained with the real estate scam after Mr. Vadra. Mr. Pawar Nationalist Congress Party chief and union agriculture minister was accused of real estate scam by Mr. Y P Singh, an Ex-cop who narrated him as the center of real estate scam.
The same time Mr. Singh pulled out Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for being selective of the politician. Mr. Kejiriwal was accused of hiding information about the Maharashtra real estate scam. Mr. Singh added that Mr. Kejiriwal was exposed only against the BJP ‘s Nitin Gadkari by sparing Mr. Pawar.

Noida Real Estate Relaxes As Farmers Call Off Strike

Noida real estate builders can now resume their halted work as farmers call off strike.

Farmers' Plea Authority Hears

Farmers’ Plea Authority Hears

Noida real estate builders had a deep breath as the Noida farmers have called off their strike. Earlier farmers had blocked the construction of many residential projects in Noida and Noida Extension. Continue reading

Noida to Receive 300 M. Tall Brys Residential Tower

Brys Group announced their plan to begin the construction of 300 m. tall Brys Tower Noida in January 2013.

Noida real estate gets another tall residential project with the launch of Brys Tower. This is an indication to the growing land deficiency in Noida.

Brys Tower Noida

Brys Tower Noida

Brys Group one of the leading Delhi-based real estate developers, announced their plan to launch a residential tower of 300 meter in Noida. This can be considered as a sign of growth of Noida real estate. Noida real estate is now faces shortage of land for bigger residential projects. Launch of Brys Tower announces the arrival of new Noida residential projects with another standard. Continue reading

Commercial Real Estate Office Space Demand Regains Pace



Demand for space in commercial real estate sector is reviving after the earlier setbacks in the primary quarters of the year 2012.  Seven prominent commercial hubs of India showed a greater pace of growth in the third quarter of 2012.  The third quarter which longs from July-to-September quarter, witnessed an A-Grade office space absorption by the major commercial real estate hubs on India. Continue reading

SC Condemns SEBI’s Feather Touch Approach to Sahara

SEBI fails to bring legal action on the Sahara real estate firm even after they fail to comply with the SC’s order.

SC versus Sahara

SC versus Sahara

Supreme Court, the Apex Court of India condemns SEBI over its light and soft dealings with Sahara Group. The the market regulator SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), is invested with the duty of protecting the investors’ interests in securities. SEBI, through appropriate regulations, promotes the development of the securities market.

Supreme Court of India said that SEBI has failed in completing the Court’s order against the Sahara Group. Later August 31 Order of SC demanded Sahara Group to furnish all documents which are related to investments of more than   24,000-crore. The Sahara Group has failed to implement this order. Continue reading

Increased Residential Real Estate Causes Power Shortage

Save Power

Save Power

Real estate space construction acquired an unprecedented rate of growth. Urbanization in the developing India accelerated the growth. Government’s reform agenda assures that it will continue to grow in the near future too. Besides the real estate growth, the infrastructure development too takes place. This is going to be alarming in the coming days. Continue reading

Labor Shortage Strikes Residential Real Estate Projects

labour shortage

labour shortage hits real estate India.

The severe labor shortage is alarming the real estate builders. Most of the housing projects are not yet completed due to labor shortage. Recently there has been a tremendous increase in labor shortage. Continue reading

Real Estate Kamla Landmarc to Undertake Deccan Chargers

Terminated Deccan Chargers

Terminated Deccan Chargers

Deccan Chronicle Holdings’ (DCHL) disclosed their plan to sell out their IPL franchisee. This seems to be a stepping stone to another real estate firm after DLF to the Indian Premier League (IPL). Mumbai -based well known real estate firm Kamla Landmarc is set to try its luck in cricket. Continue reading

Festive Season Fills New Hope in Residential Real Estate

Enlightening Festive Season

Enlightening Festive Season

Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India – CREDAI expressed their hope of 20 percent improvement in the housing sales. This improvement will be mainly in the major cities of India. Smaller cities always remained unaffected by the interest rates. Continue reading

Real Estate Voted the Most Preferred India Investment

real estate investment

real estate: Best option of investment in India.

Despite the price hike of Gold and silver, real estate claimed the top spot among the preferred choices for investment in India. Respectively both gold and silver reached the second and third spot. According to survey of PHDCCI which was conducted among the investors, Real estate was voted as the most preferred choice of investment. Continue reading

Allahabad H.C. Stays Some Noida Real Estate Projects

Halted Noida Real Estate

Halted Noida Real Estate

Noida real estate construction particularly some residential projects, received a stay from the Allahabad high court. Considering the petition of over fifty farmers from Sarfabad village, a neighboring village of Noida Allahabad high court gave the verdict. As per the stay residential projects which spread over six hectares of land in Noida Sectors 120 and 75 will be standing still. Continue reading

Real Estate Giant Unitech Finally Patch Up With Telenor

Uninor Will Be No more.

Uninor Will Be No more.

Unitech, one leading real estate developer with its sign up with Telenor (TEL.OL) a Norwegian telecoms group had stepped into the telecom services in 2008. On the other hand Telenor aims at setting out a new plan to carve a niche for them in the subcontinent.  The Norwegian group also aims at secure a stand ahead to the scandal over the award of operating licenses. Continue reading

Motilal Oswal to Launch Residential Real Estate Fund

Private Equity Raises Fund

Private Equity Raises Fund

Despite the adverse wind Private Equity (PE) still in the real estate business. Though most of the PE firms reported to exit from the real estate field, some are still very active in the real estate business. Residential real estate oriented fund Raised by Motilal Oswal is such an example for this. Motilal Oswal, an India-focused PE firm reported that they were planning to raise an amount of Residential real estate fund of  500-Crore. Continue reading

Real Estate Fails to Tackle Surging Housing Units Demand

Surging Housing Shortage of India.

Surging Housing Shortage of India.

Continued population boom in India leads to a situation where residential units or space remains insufficient for the people. According to Cushman and Wakefield all major cities of India are in high need of around 2.1 million new housing units to meet the increased demand. Real estate sector has to come up with new residential projects to solve out this great menace. Real estate has to play a vital role. Continue reading

Indian Government Certifies Vadra’s Real Estate Deals Clean

India Government Labels Vadra as "Corruption Free."

India Government Labels Vadra as “Corruption Free.”

Government of India ruled out all sorts of enquiries into the allegations against and leading real estate developer firm DLF Ltd. Robert Vadra, son in law of Sonia Gandhi, Congress president and the most powerful politician of India. Continue reading

Real Estate Township Projects Sees Light Again in W.B.

townships see light again

townships see light again after 6 months in W.B.

West Bengal government plans to allow the real estate builders to resume their construction works which have been barred for last six months. Earlier the West Bengal government had prevented West Bengal real estate builders from building townships in West Bengal. Continue reading

Private Equity Firms Ready to Quit Real Estate India

Private Equity Plans to Quit Real Estate India

Private equity (PE) firms were the top investors in the 2006-08 boom years of Real estate. But the recent situation shows that they look ways to exit. Though they aim to exit profitable returns hold them tight in the field. Fallout of negative returns from their real estate investments makes them rethink of their exit. Continue reading