Green Norms to Be Eased For Real Estate Construction

In a step to boost the real estate construction, the environment ministry now plans to ease green norms. Once the green norms are eased more high-rise buildings can be constructed.
Easing of Green Norms: a  green signal for high-rise apartments.

Easing of Green Norms: a green signal for high-rise apartments.

The people may see builders developing more high-rise buildings on the side of smaller roads and streets in the cities. Yes, this will be possible if the environment ministry eases the green norms for the construction sector.

By laying down the rules which limited the height of a building, the environment ministry had made it tougher for the real estate developers to create taller or multi-story buildings in cities. The height of the buildings was determined by its closeness to the nearest fire station and many other things similar to this.

Right now a 60-metered building will be given the clearance certificate only if the building is on a 30 m or above wide road and have a fire station within two kilometers distance. Continue reading

CREDAI Demands Speedy Eco Clearance Certificates

CREDAI pointed out that the real estate builders will be able to meet the rising demand only if the Ministry of Environment caters faster clearance.

Environment Clearance

“Environment Clearance Need to Be Faster” Says CREDAI.

CREDAI, the apex body of real estate developers demanded the government to speed up the eco clearance. The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India requested the government to avoid “antiquated laws” in favor of urban development and housing.

CREDAI strongly supported a pragmatic and practical approach to meet the severe housing shortage. The apex body of the developers recommended all government departments and especially the Ministry of Environment. Continue reading