Real Estate Rules Count Stamp Duty as Predominant

About Real Estate Rules

Latest knowledge about various rules and regulations  in Real estate remain the most important factor for all smooth property dealings.The  knowledge about local rules at state as well as district level too, are equally important. If we enter into any kind of property dealings such as lease, rent, buy or exchange of a property without proper knowledge of Real estate rules, there are all the chance of being tricked/duped. Moreover,in future there can be number of legal troubles or hassles as well. So before buying a property one has to go through a number of Real estate rules to avoid all sorts of legal hassles. The knowledge about the dos and don’ts or the Real estate rules will enable one to avoid all such legal hassles certainly. Normally the buyer is supposed to pay the tax known as stamp duty when he or she tempts to buy homes or apartments. This is not the same in the case of property exchange where both the buyer and the seller share this tax. So let’s try to know more about stamp duty.
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Online Real Estate Touches New Horizons

Online real estate is a fast growing trend in the modern world which is controlled by computer and internet. Online Real estate business at present is the most convenient option.  All bigger real estate firms have their own websites and they prefer to advertise more online vis a vis offline. The present Computer age crowd has much easier access to Internet and they prefer to use it more than any other means to communicate worldwide. The growing number of internet users made the real estate business people shift to online advertising from their old traditional way of advertising. Online real estate advertising companies and agents allow attachment of videos, photos and documents. This in turn gives wider information and looks more attractive and impressive to the people who are looking for such a property at online real estate portals and websites. Thus a website enables one firm to exhibit all their properties at the site. Continue reading

Bangalore Real Estate Price Sees Another Hike

Bangalore Real Estate Price hikes again. Despite being affected by the upcoming of Gurgaon, Noida and other suburbs, Bangalore kept its position among the top real estate fields. Due to many reasons there was a considerable growth in Bangalore Real Estate Price. Bangalore emerged as another hotter spot for the real estate. The price of the land and properties of Bangalore rocketed in recent years. Continue reading

Mumbai Real Estate Price Crashes Again

Mumbai real estate price witnessed a slight fall in recent years. Knight Frank a well-known Market Research Firm reported that the property price has gone down in many Mumbai markets. Many realty firms suffered loss as sale has gone down by 70%.  Higher growth of interest and the stingiest Housing Loan Schemes pulled the demand down. It is estimated that around fivefold increase in the interest rate happened during 2008 to 2012. Moreover the RBI keeps very strict with providing house loans. The housing loans are reduced with a view of curtailing the over flow of money. Continue reading

Gurgaon Real Estate Claims Best Investment Option

Many factors and features of Gurgaon make it the best option for the investment. Recent trends show that real estate is the top rated form of investment. The lower interest rates of bank deposits and uncertainty and greater risks of share investments turn the attraction of people to real estate investment. Real estate investment stands ahead of other forms of investment. Real estate investment is getting more popularity and more amount is being invested in real estate. Decreasing number of plots and increasing demand assure the investors that the price never goes down. Real estate as a whole witnessed a steady growth all over the world and India. Among the fast developing real estate sectors in India Gurgaon remained the fastest growing  and the best option for real estate investment. Continue reading

Suburbs Become New Paradise for Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment has greater scope in the suburbs is clearly shown by the growth of Gurgaon and Noida. Recent trends show that the suburbs are more preferred to Metropolitans for Real estate investment. This is due to the change of attitude of the people and their living conditions. Comparing to the earlier days now even the wealthiest class people are ready to relocate and live in the suburbs. The upcoming “millions worth Luxurious apartments” are all built for this class of people. Suburbs remain the best place for real estate investment. If Real estate investment is a wise decision then Real estate investment in suburbs is wiser. Continue reading

Noida Extension Approval Blends Boon and Bane

Approval of Noida Extension appears as a boon to the builders and developers of Noida. The people booked flats and apartments seemed happier at the hearing of the approval.  The farmers welcomed the approval. But was it all gone within a wink. Continue reading

Noida Turns Out to Be Investors’ Paradise

Noida seems to be affordable only for the elite group and the millionaires, why so? Why the realty developers construct more luxurious homes? How the normal people are affected? An analysis is done here. Growth is good in all the ways. But the growth should never be concentrated on a particular class or section of the people. It must include all the sections. The upcoming projects in Noida show that the city has become a hub for the rich and wealthy class. Noida, the hotspot of realty firms, has emerged as a “Millionaire Diva”. Continue reading