Noida authority plan policy to ensure periodical structural audits of buildings


Following repeated complaints about the poor quality of construction, Noida authority began to develop a policy to ensure that building structures are inspected before and after their handover by government authorities or contracting engineers. If approved, the developers and subsequently the apartment owners associations (AOA), will be responsible for carrying out the periodic inspections and repairs proposed in the reports.

According to representatives of the department, before approving the project layout map. Developers would told to perform a structural audit of buildings during the construction of common departments three times at different stages of construction. If the developers do not check, the no occupation certificate will not be issued.

Dedicated authorities for inspection-

Developers often hire project management consultants for their business. However, at present it is not possible to carry out a physical inspection by any agency during the construction period. Under the proposed policy, builders required to enter into contracts with the Authority’s integrated agencies and inspect buildings.

This not only guarantees the quality of construction, but also eliminates various violations, such as construction of additional floors, use of low-quality materials and others. Once ready, the responsibility for its implementation will lie with the builder for the next five years. Thereafter, the AOAs will most likely be contracted to perform regular structural audits and pay for any repairs.

Nikhil Saxena, Noida-based civil engineer said, “The lifespan of a building is typically 50 years. Every five to seven years, the building must be assessed for compliance with the latest standards, earthquakes and seasonal conditions”. On Wednesday, a delegation from the Noida Citizens Forum (NCF) met with Authority officials to demand structural audits every five years. 

Ankit Arora, NCF Secretary, said, “The safety of people living in high-rise buildings has long been a concern. But so far no concrete measures have been taken.

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EMI for Homebuyers may inflate due to stuck registries of flats in Noida

Along with delayed housing projects city buyers have got a new problem. As registries of thousands of apartments stalled, homebuyers began receiving messages from banks demanding an additional 2% per annum at fixed prices. Both state-run and private banks are sending the notice.

These notices from the bank indicate the reason for the delayed registration of the apartment. They referred to certain matters mentioned in the letter of sanction, which was signed between the buyer and the bank at the time of the home loans.

Under these conditions, the buyer of the apartment must present the documents in connection with the conclusion of the sales deeds no later than 60 days after being offered the possession letter by the developer. If no document submitted, the buyer must pay an additional interest of 2% per year in addition to the applicable rates. As the bank will charge mandatory interest rates and increase the balance on a monthly basis. The non-payment of these fees may affect the buyer’s credit rating in the future.

Buyers of apartments in the sectors dedicated to the development of Sports City have suffered the most. Many buyers who sent new messages approached the district’s central bank manager to intervene.

Issues between Noida Authority and Private developers 

Narendra Kumar, central government official, bought a 3 BHK apartment in Civitech Stadia in sector 79 in March 2017, said. “Several months ago, I received a notice from my bank that I should pay additional interest. Since I did not submit sale deeds after receiving possession of the flat, they quoted part of the agreement letter. Kumar paid Rs 68 lakhs for his apartment for a loan of Rs 58 lakhs. Kumar monthly EMI of Rs 56,500 can be increased by at least Rs 5,000 if an additional 2% interest applies.

Narendra Kumar received a loan five years ago, said he was responding to the notice and awaiting a decision soon. The buyers of the Sports City project were offered their own apartments. They have been living in them with their families for the past three years. However, due to issues between the Noida Authority and private developers who develop residential complexes in sectors 101, 78, 79, 150 and 152, the execution of sales contracts or registrations has been delayed.

Even after paying the land premium, the developers of the Sports City project are not able to sign a tripartite agreement with the Authority and the buyer, as they have not built the infrastructure or sports facilities in accordance with the rules.

Vedas Ratna, manager of the Lead bank, said that a meeting will take place in the near future. We are talking to more banks and we will accept applications from affected buyers in a meeting with the district magistrate. We may need to contact the Reserve Bank of India for further instructions.

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Noida Authority to launch 122 residential plots during Navaratri 2021


This week Noida authority is launching a new residential scheme which consists of 122 plots in Noida. The market is reportedly in full swing due to Navaratri, Diwali and other festivals. So to take advantage of improved market sentiment, the Noida administration plans to launch a housing scheme on Thursday this week.

According to a report, plots will be available in total of 18 sectors in Noida, including sectors 33, 34, 35, 41, 44, 51, 53, 61, 71, 72, 93B and 105. The price of residential plots in these locations will vary from Rs 64,700 per square metre to Rs 1.80 lakh per square metre.

Once important documents have been verified and after paying the necessary fees, the online bidding process begins on December 16th. Similarly, the allotment procedure ends on 27 December.

122 plots launched this week

Jotsna Yadav, Quoting officer on special duty, Noida Authority, said, the authority is expecting a positive market response when people ask about these housing schemes. Currently, 122 plots have been identified that will only be launched this week. Some of the plots that will be introduced in this scheme are carried forward from the previous housing schemes.

On the other hand, the Noida Authority will also host an event for the newly appointed female staff in the city. More than two dozen women have recently been recruited and the Noida administration will deliver letters of employment to them at the coming event.

In light of the farmers’ latest protest, these women guards are being sent to control the female protesters. They conquered several important properties, including offices, public parks and the Sector 6 building.

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Noida received an investment of about Rs 64,000 crore, highest of all time!

Noida authority reduced transfer charges by 5% for residential plots

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Noida received an investment of about Rs 64,000 crore, highest of all time!


Due to immense capital investment, Noida has become the largest industrial investment district in the country. Also the investor-friendly policy of Uttar Pradesh government has played a pivotal role in this investment rise. 

Noida has received the highest level of investment in the last four years among all regions of India. Noida received an investment of about Rs 64,000 crore, which helped it to create more than 3 lakh jobs opportunities.

The city is administered by three authorities: Noida Industrial Development Authority, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority. According to authorities data, a major chunk of national and international investors have invested heavily in recent years.

More than 3,000 land plots sold!

Over the past two years, the three development authorities have sold over 3,000 plots of land to investors from all over India and from abroad as well. In fact, the authorities have made it easier to invest in Noida. Approximately 3,000 investors are opening their offices with an investment of about Rs 64,352 crore. This investment in Noida is expected to provide permanent employment to more than 4 lakh people.

The Noida Authority has already employed about 1.5 lakh people after investing Rs 22,000 crore over the last four and a half years. Further the authorities are now planning and preparing to make a smart village as well. 

Majority of the investments come from big investors like TCS, Samsung, Microsoft and Data Center. More than 39,139 acres of land were purchased for Rs 2500 crore to set up mega-data centers in the city.

Microsoft alone bought around 60,000 acres of land and plans to invest Rs 1,000 crore in the IT sector. In addition, INGK Company acquired 47,733 acres of land to invest Rs 5,500 crore in the real estate sector. Some other reputed companies like Vivotex Project, Ikea Solutions, Dixon Technology,Westway Electronics, Adverb Technology, Surabhi Group, Yun Flex Ltd. also bought land parcels in Noida.

Immense career opportunity in future-

With such a massive investment, the Gautam Budh Nagar area has reached many heights. According to real estate experts, about 60% of the MOUs signed at the Investor Summit belongs from Noida district only.

Yamuna Authority is also not so far behind in terms of investments. A huge capital invested through Apparel Park, MSME Park, Toy City, Medical Park. Film City and Jewar Airport also established under Yamuna Authority and will further boost the overall development of Noida.

Thus, it would be right to say, when all these companies are fully established in Noida, the employment opportunities increase which ultimately boost the real estate demand.

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Noida authority reduced transfer charges by 5% for residential plots

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You can now apply for completion certificates online – Noida Authority

Noida authority reduced transfer charges by 5% for residential plots


On Friday, the Noida Authority board reduced the transfer charges of properties. According to real estate experts it will be a huge relief for thousands of residents. Apartment buyers and owners of residential plots entering the secondary market now have to pay 2.5% instead of 5%. Similarly, transfer fees for commercial, industrial and institutional sectors have also changed.

The Uttar Pradesh Government’s Infrastructure and Industrial Development Department has asked the three industrial development authorities in Greater Noida and Noida to regulate their policies. The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) had already lowered the rates in June.

Likewise, transfer fees for institutional property have been lowered from 10% to 5%. Buyers of commercial real estate will have to pay 5% for such plots, and buyers of shops and kiosks have to pay 2.5%.

Other Crucial Decision-

All allottees were given an additional six-month extension to obtain a completion certificate based on the lease deed conditions without paying additional fees to request an extension.

The authority has also received board approval for the installation of a anti-smog tower in sector 16A together with BHEL.

Leaders who work and travel to Delhi can also look forward to a timely completion of the Chilla elevated road. Work on the road had to be stopped in December last year. As the state government did not allocate its share of the funding for the project. After receiving an order for Rs 605 crores, the Uttar Pradesh PWD and Noida administration had to share the costs equally.

However, the government has not yet taken the necessary steps to transfer funds to the Department of PWD. Government officials will continue the project and begin construction until the funds are finished. Further the officials can contact the government to get more capital.

Experts Opinion-

Sanjeev Mittal, Noida Authority Chairman, who chaired the board meeting, said. “Changing the transfer fees is an extremely important step for residents. Various groups and associations of residents have requested and asked the authorities to reduce the transfer fee.”

Rakesh Kumar Srivastava, Deputy Inspector General of the Department of stamps and Registration, said, “the decision by the authorities is taken in a timely manner. This will improve the mood in the housing market shortly before the festival season.”

Amit Gupta, president of the Prateek Wisteria Apartment Owners Association in Sector 77, said, “Reducing the cost of transferring memorandum charges will help many residents who want to buy or sell their property. But the authorities must also work on the problems of helpless buyers who cannot perform the registry process.”

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PNB reduces home loan above Rs 50 lakh by 0.50% to 6.60%.

You can now apply for completion certificates online – Noida Authority


All allottees in Noida will now be able to request course completion certificates online. In addition, allottees in all categories can independently assess the breach of the building plan rules and pay interest or compounding fees to the Noida Authority online.

Until now, the Authority has only processed online applications of industrial and residential allottees. And to date, over 1,600 Noida allottees have applied for completion certificates through the online platform. On Tuesday, the Authority expanded its online services to all recipients, including commercial, group and institutional housing, options will be available to users from Wednesday.

Officials said there are currently only 21 requests for completion certificates due with the authority and the rest have been disposed of.

According to a representative from the Authority. “Either a completion certificate was issued, or the allottees were asked to submit pending documents to receive it. Currently, only 21 out of 1,626 applications from us are awaiting processing.”

Certificate issued with a digital signature

CEO Ritu Maheshwari said, “It can take up to 90 days to dispose of an application for issuing completion certificate. It is issued online with a digital signature and the applicant does not have to visit the office of the Noida authority.”

“Message alerts will be sent to the allottee registered mobile number at each step. Applicants who have submitted the necessary documents will be notified so that the application remains pending via text messages.”

While residential plot owners have minor formalities to obtain a certificate of completion, 30 to 35 documents must be submitted to other types of plots. These documents contain certificates for no objection from the pollution and fire department. Certificates related to elevator safety, building construction, labour cess registration and rainwater supply.

Before issuing a completion certificate, the authority will review the infringement reported by the allottee. And the original plan, which was approved before a group of planning officials, sent a team to visit the site and see if all procedures were followed.

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Authorities planning to increase circle rates in Noida


Homebuyers should be prepared to raise more money to buy real estate in Gautam Budh Nagar, as the administration may raise circle rates in Noida after a four-year hiatus.

Circle rates in Noida, Greater Noida and other parts of the area have remained largely unchanged since 2017. But this time there is a need to revise them upwards because of three industrial development authorities. The three development authorities Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway have increased real estate rates over the course of the last three years. At UP, the government collects 7% of the value of the property as a stamp duty.

In fact, at a recent board meeting during the first fiscal year, the land allotment rates in Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway areas have increased by three authorities. The Noida authority raised rates for Phase II industrial and institutional sites. These sites include sectors 80, 81, 83, 84, 85, 87, 138, 140, 154, 155 and 158 by 20%. While GNIDA and YEIDA reported increases of about 4.15% and 5%.

Property value continue to rise

The Greater Noida Authority has increased real estate rates for all categories for two consecutive years. Rates on all types of real estate, except commercial, have now risen in price by at least 20%. Noida authorities revised circle rates in Noida for sectors near Aqua Line and Highways in 2019, but refrained from raising rates for non-industrial and non-institutional property.

YEIDA raised rates in 2016 and 2020 both times by 5%. Again, YEIDA raised rates by 5%. Therefore, the value of real estate in these villages along the Yamuna Expressway, which has not yet been built or acquired, will continue to rise.

Final Decision after Evaluating Market Condition

The three regional magistrates and tehsildars will check the value of the transactions in different places to determine if there is a discrepancy between authority rates and circle rates. And the decision to increase the rates could also lead to an increase in the budget for land acquisition for more public projects carried out in Jewar and Dadri.

authority plot near jewar airport 

District Judge Suhas L.Yu. said that “the decision has not yet been made.” “Circle rates remain unchanged until July 31st. We will finalize the decision after analyzing the market conditions.

Rakesh Kumar Srivastava, Deputy Inspector General of the District Press and Registration Department, said. “The final decision in this case will be made by the District magistrate. We share our contributions with administrative officials. ”

However, real estate experts believe that any price increase could affect the area’s real estate market.

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UP-RERA working with state government to end flats registration deadlock


Thousands of home buyers are waiting to register their apartments due to a deadlock because of the dues between developers and authorities. To put an end to the ongoing registration delays in Noida and Greater Noida, the UP-RERA has requested guidance and directions from the state government.

It is estimated that more than 50,000 home buyers are still waiting to register their apartments in the area. Due to the lack of a payment plan from local authorities, district developers are unable to pay their pending dues and the registration of many finished apartments has been halted for several months.

What RERA Officials said?

Balvinder Kumar, a member of, UP-RERA said. This is a serious problem in Gautam Budh Nagar area. The problem is increasing and several builders have to pay money to the local authorities. Builders aren’t getting OC and CC and registration fails because of this. If builders have four mandatory certificates, we will give possession of flat to the buyers. Under this regulation, possession is granted, but buyers can not search their apartments. We are trying to solve this issue and have also asked the state government to intervene in this issue. We have also requested some instructions from the state government so that buyers can register their apartments as soon as possible.

What do Builders / Developers said?

Developers believe that a higher interest rate is calculated and there is a delay in the registration of flats due to the lack of clear instructions or guidelines.

RK Arora, president, NAREDCO UP, said. Noida authorities, GNIDA, YEIDA do not allow registration due to outstanding dues for calculating higher interest rates. The authorities have not yet complied with the SC order to reduce interest rates. Completion at the authorities level is also pending. This is a serious issue because registration is delayed.

Unable to sell my flat!

Some buyers also postpone the registrations as they have spent most of their liquidity when taking over their apartments. Experts say, so they had taken some time to be able to manage the registration fee.

This year, in January, due to the long delay, authority of Noida allowed private developers to pay their lease rent in installments. This decision helped an estimated 30,000 home buyers awaiting registration of their properties.

Nitesh Sharma, a buyer from Greater Noida West said. “I received my apartment 8-9 months ago but am still waiting to register my apartment. But now I am planning to move to a larger area by selling this flat. But due to the long delay in the registration process, I can not sell this property. I hope this deadlock ends and we can register our property so we can sell or improve our units.”

Prasoon Chauhan, founder & CEO, BlackOpal Group, said. The liquidity problem in the real estate sector affects the proper functioning as we have witnessed the redirection of money raised for registration to other activities. Buyers also move into their homes and delay huge registration costs. However, we recommended that you complete all required registration documents before shifting to your apartment.

UP-RERA working with state government

UP-RERA is now working with the state government to find a solution to this problem so that the finished floors get registered. And the deadlock issue between authorities and developers is resolved. Many buyers are unable to sell their properties due to lack of registration and some are forced to sell such properties at very low market prices.

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Noida Authority taking Action against Builders for Delaying Registry of Flats


Noida authority intimidated to take action against developers who offered properties to buyers without a registry of flats.

The Noida Authority conducted an inspection or checked 18 housing societies and found people living in them for 4-5 years without a registry, leading to a loss of revenue for the state government.

Noida Authority conducted a meeting with developers- 

Several developers including Mahagun, Imperial housing, Supertech, Prateek realtors, Aims max, Antriksh developers, and Sikka attended the meeting.

The authority has given 3 months to complete the registry. And is organizing a camp with the help of revenue and tax department to ease the process. It has also said that instead of paying dues immediately, the developer can pay the dues at the time of registry of apartments.

In the meeting the authority said- “Builders need to complete paperwork in March. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority  (RERA) was also asked to take the necessary measures in this regard.”

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Noida Authority Proposes To Build Two Bridges

Noida Authority has, on last Friday, said that they are planning to construct two bridges across the Yamuna to facilitate better connectivity between Noida and Faridabad.

DELHI NCR: Noida Authority believes that the troubles of the daily commuters of Noida will be cut short if two bridges across the Yamuna are built. With this proposal the authority has approached Haryana Urban Development Authority. Continue reading

Noida flat buyers stumble at Registration hurdles

Noida and Greater Noida development authorities have warned the default developers. The authorities have asked them to pay the due amount or to be ready for facing severe actions from the part of authority.

Home buyers are affected by the new decision of  Noida Authorities not to sanction the layout plans of default developers.

Home buyers are affected by the new decision of Noida Authorities not to sanction the layout plans of default developers.

It seems there is no end for flat buyers in Noida and Greater Noida. The latest registration hurdles has become a pouring of oil to their already- burning issues.

Those builders who have due-payments will not be allowed to register flats in the name of flat buyers. As a result those who have booked flats in Noida and Greater Noida will be troubled.

According to the latest reports, available with the authority, the government has lost Rs.4000 Cr in the form of default payment. Around sixty developers have not paid back the due amount.

Speaking on the issue Mr. H K Verma, additional CEO at Greater Noida Authority, said that the authority will not issue completion certificate to the default developers. He added that layout plans also will not be approved.

Around sixty builders are to pay the two authorities Rs.6000 Cr. The list contains some of the top and well renowned developers.

Noida flat buyers see no rays of hope ahead.

Noida flat buyers see no ready to-move-in home ahead, but barren land.

Mr. Verma informed that the authority is forced to take such harsh stand. It has to find sufficient fund for compensating the farmers. On the other side the Authorities are facing a severe financial crunch now.

Considering the problems of the flat buyers, the Authorities were thinking of not passing any such orders. However now they have no option to tackle the situation in which the Authorities are to pay huge amounts to the farmers as compensation.

Several notices were issued to the default developers. However the builders did not take any action or take the notices seriously. This prompted the Authorities to take tougher stand against these builders. Whatsoever, always the burden is upon the poor home buyers. Their wait to own their dream homes seems to get longer with this new issue.

Noida Authority Warns The Default Developers

Noida Authority has recently found out that nearly fifty real estate developers are not paying the due payments to the Authority. It is estimated the government loses around Rs.3000 Cr due to the default buyers.

Many Builders are identified by Noida Authority as default payers.

Many Builders are identified by Noida Authority as default payers.

BSP government had made it a rule to pay a mere 10% of the total amount for attaining land parcels for ‘group housing’ projects. This scheme was introduced with a plan to make Noida an affordable home-destination. However, recently, the Noida authority has found out that many developers have stopped the payments.

Realizing that many developers have skipped paying off the amount prescribed by the scheme, three Gautam Budh Nagar Authorities plans to amend the scheme. Sources close to these authorities said that the amendment may be applied in their next board meeting. Continue reading

Noida – Greater Noida Metro Link Details Announced

Noida Authority, while announcing the details of proposed metro link between Noida and Greater Noida on last Friday, revealed that two more metro stations are added.

Noida metro link details announced

Noida metro link details are announced by the Authority.

While announcing the details of the proposed Noida – Greater Noida metro link, the officials said that two more stations are added in the proposed  metro line. The officials said that the population is increasing in the areas of Greater Noida and on the Expressway. Considering this growing population the Authority has decided to add two more stations in the line.

As per the available sources, the proposed 29.707 km long metro line will have 22 metro stations. The metro line will be passing through Noida Sectors – 32, 51, 83, 101, 143, 147, Alpha and Delta, Knowledge Park 2 and Pari Chowk. Continue reading

Real Estate Scam Worth Rs.3800 Cr Unearthed In Noida

Noida Authority has unearthed Real estate scam worth Rs.3800 Cr in Noida. The real estate scam occurred in 2011.

real estate scam shakes Noida

Real estate scam strikes Noida again.

Noida real estate is shocked as the Noida Authority unearthed a bigger real estate scam. The scam occurred while BSP was ruling the state. The BSP government had leased three lakh 81 thousand sq. m. land to three private companies and some individuals.

Noida Authority has already removed Nayab Tehsildar. Further, the authority has demanded the suspension of Noida’s additional district magistrate (land). Noida Authority is to file FIR against them. The investigation against them started soon after the BSP lost its reign. Real estate land scam took place in the year 2011.

Sources close to Noida Authority reveal that the scam involves three officials of higher grade. They are Harish Chandar, a PCS officer who was posted as secretary, Tahsildar Ajay Shrivastav and Nayab Tahsildar Manoj Kumar Singh. Continue reading

Noida Real Estate Relaxes As Farmers Call Off Strike

Noida real estate builders can now resume their halted work as farmers call off strike.

Farmers' Plea Authority Hears

Farmers’ Plea Authority Hears

Noida real estate builders had a deep breath as the Noida farmers have called off their strike. Earlier farmers had blocked the construction of many residential projects in Noida and Noida Extension. Continue reading

Supreme Court orders cooperative flat owners in Noida to register as per new circle rates.

NEW DELHI: Cooperative housing societies in Noida were dealt a major blow on Wednesday when Supreme Court ordered individual registration of their flats as per the prevailing circle rates. According to the Uttar Pradesh stamp department, the judgement would affect around 15,000 flat owners and leave the government richer by roughly INR 100 crore.

A special bench of justices Dalveer Bhandari and HS Bedi passed the direction while dismissing applications byArmy Welfare Housing Organisation and others challenging the Noida Authority’s decision to recover stamp duty on the basis of current rates. According to counsel Abha Sharma appearing for several flat owners, the decision would cause a liability ranging from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh in stamp duty, which was the original cost of construction of houses in 1992. The high registration fees are a result of the real estate boom of the last decade. For instance, a three-bedroom flat in Noida that cost Rs 11 lakh just 10 years ago now costs at least Rs 60 lakh.

Shaken by the order, the affected societies on Wednesday said they would appeal to the court to review its decision.