Modern Mandir Designs for Small Flats: Transforming Limited Spaces

Without a puja room, Indian homes are incomplete. It is our custom to pray to God daily, and having a puja room in your home is essential. There is a great deal of product available that can be used to create a small, elegant pooja room without breaking the bank. 

In ancient times, every home had a massive room dedicated solely to their gods, but in today’s modernized urban lifestyle, most of us live in small box-like flats. As a result, mandir designs for small flats with limited space and simple puja mandir designs for walls are popular today. 

Small puja room designs in apartments must be innovative and modern to provide a calm atmosphere with a smaller footprint. For this purpose, many people are experimenting with ready-made tiny mandir designs. Others, in contrast, are attempting to create trendy small puja room designs for their homes.

Portable Mandir 

When you have limited space and need to make room for different events, such as festivals and more, tiny portable mandir designs can be helpful. You can move this small mandir to your home as needed. 

Home wall puja mandir 

If you don’t have enough space for a whole wall for puja, you could have a puja mandir mounted on the wall. This is one of the most well-liked small pooja room designs for studio apartments. What makes it unique is your personal style and decorating sense. Layouts for small puja rooms that maximize space are helpful in homes. They also complement any decor. You can also use various-sized wall-mounted mandirs to ensure room for every accessory you need inside the small designs. 

Ornate background mandir 

To fit the area for pooja, another contemporary mandir design for small flats uses floor-to-ceiling wooden paneling. The elaborate background may include, among other things, a two-step wood and marble platform, hanging bells, wooden panels, and floor seats. 

This results in a delightful small mandir for your home. 

Corner mandir for flats 

Apartment dwellers can create small pooja room designs by dividing the space from the living room with a cheap barrier. A small mandir that also has a chest of drawers for your belongings. 

Wooden traditional mandir

You can install a single wooden pooja mandir at your house if you want a separate mandir. One of the most common designs for pooja rooms in apartments that many people are experimenting with is this one. These patterns will make it appear as though you have your unique puja room. With tiny doors, known as jaali, you can even enhance these small temple designs for your house. Visitors will find it even more appealing because of these. Other backdrop ideas can be used with this mandir design. 

Carved stone columns 

This traditional mandir design is ideal for those who want to add a touch of India to their home. The elaborate wall and ceiling decoration creates a stunning and meditative atmosphere, and the carved stone columns enhance the room’s grandeur. 

Explore Finest Flats in Delhi for Rent: Renting Made Easy

There are many flats for rent in Delhi, but when looking for your “first apartment,” a few questions arise: which apartment should you choose? Which one best suits my lifestyle? Which flat would be the most accommodating for you?

Choosing how the space will be used and organized is crucial because every flat is alike, and each offers its residents a different experience. Here are many apartment types broken down by size: These suggestions will assist you in selecting your ideal flat for rent in Delhi that will serve as your new residence.

  1. Sharing a flat is contrary to doing so in a room! It is similar to a house where several people live together. The use of shared flats is intended to save money on rent. It also enables a company to be run by a single individual, reducing maintenance. Independent workers who frequently travel without their families want this kind of apartment. 
  2. Most bachelors favor closed-studio apartments, as the most prevalent type, for their privacy and sense of security. This type of Delhi flat for rent can comfortably accommodate two to three people or one significant other. As a result, it is a long-term option for single bachelors seeking freedom and stability. 
  3. Getting an apartment to rent and turning it into an office has become common, if not downright profitable, in the modern world of startups. A shared office is a collaborative work environment where entrepreneurs, consultants, start-ups, and freelancers can work independently, create projects, and projects, and network with coworkers. 

Finding an ideal apartment to rent in Delhi can be challenging at first, but if you concentrate on what you need from this apartment, you will find it easier as you go. Be sure to get consulting from Propertywala. We’re ready to help you find the perfect place to stay.  

Where to move in?

Old Delhi, also known as Purani Dilli, and New Delhi, also known as Nayi Dilli, are the two distinct neighborhoods that make up the capital city. While the congested and winding streets of Old Delhi are well known for their eateries, historical sites, and rich culture, New Delhi offers a fresh alternative. 

Here are a few quick tips if you are wondering where to start looking for a place to stay. 


It can be challenging to relocate, especially if you don’t know which neighborhood to choose. Unlike Pune, Delhi offers a wide variety of housing because they are dispersed throughout the city. In most areas of Delhi, there is a high likelihood of pollution and poorer air quality. To ensure your safety, you should purchase an air purifier. 

Try to find a flat, preferably in a gated community or a safe area, closer to your place of employment, even though Delhi has a high cost of living because it is the capital and is close to other states. That will make your commute shorter and cheaper while keeping you safe. 


Take time to walk around and explore the area after choosing a place to stay to get a sense of the neighborhood. If you need anything later, it’s always a good idea to scope out the closest pharmacy or grocery store. Delhi offers all the benefits that come with living in a big city. Make the most of your new city life using apps like BigBasket, Dunzo, and Grofers. 


Delhi will be a foodie’s paradise if you love to eat! Delhi is like a street food buffet. Delhi’s street food is to die for, with multiple dishes ranging from paranthas at Chandni Chowk to chicken specialties at Purani Dilli, chaats, and spicy momos. Go on, munch away!

Daily commute 

Delhi has an excellent metro system, making getting around the city relatively simple. Delhi’s metro system is reasonably priced and has nearly eliminated the difficulties of using public transportation on the roads. With the metro line expanding each year, there are plenty of options close by if you still need to travel by car. It is easy to locate a DTC bus, an auto rickshaw, or a cycle rickshaw anywhere in the city. 

Before moving in…

Finding an ideal place to live in a new city is harder than adjusting to the work culture of the new workplace. 

Searching for a rental apartment has become a skill a person coming to a new city should learn. So here are a few pointers to keep in mind while searching for a rental accommodation so that you don’t just land a place to crash but rather to live! 

Rent: The most essential factor to consider when looking for housing is the rent. Always consider your income and the expenses related to the rent, such as the water bill and maintenance. 

Water Supply:  Water supply is a serious issue today, particularly in urban areas like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. Landing in a desirable location is useless when there’s no adequate water supply. Water is one of the essential commodities without which we cannot survive; hence, it will do you more harm than good. 

Power backup: Lack of access to WiFi, air conditioning, and other amenities can result from power failure. When your boss tells you to leave because you can’t finish the work from home, it can feel like a curse from your landlord and a nightmare. So make sure you have a reliable backup system. 

Security deposit: An expensive security deposit is a pain. In cities like Bangalore, you must submit a security deposit as large as the rent ten months in advance. So consider this factor and try to negotiate it as much as possible. 

Furnished: High rent, staying in a partially furnished apartment wastes your time and money. Spending a lot of cash on new furniture for your apartments is not a good idea. 

Planning to rent a flat in 

North Delhi 

The National Capital Territory is located in North Delhi, giving it special status as Delhi’s administrative district. The Town Hall, Tis Hazari, and Mutiny Memorial are well-known landmarks in North Delhi, where it has historically been the major tourist destination. North Delhi is home to the Delhi School of Economics and quaint, historic markets like Sadar Bazaar, Khan Market, and the Bazaar. The Delhi School of Economics and charming, old markets like Sadar Bazaar and Khan Market can be found in North Delhi. If you love shopping, there’s something for every budget at Sadar Bazaar. Recommended! Finding a place in Rohini Sector 18/19, GTB Nagar, Model Town, or Kamla Nagar is a deal if you want to relocate here. Because of its level of connectivity and other significant factors, north Delhi also has residential status. 

South Delhi 

Regarding the standard of living in Delhi, the New Delhi Municipal (NDMC) could be the best option, but South Delhi is a close second. Some of Delhi’s best restaurants, nightclubs, and tourist attractions are in South Delhi. South Delhi is the location of all significant properties and housing options, and it is renowned for its quiet neighborhoods and convenient access. Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus Temple, and Hauz Khas are other famous landmarks in this area. 

It’s best to look for a place near Malviya Nagar, Rohini (Sector 24), Lajpat Nahar, or Greater Kailash if you’re looking for a place to settle down in South Delhi. Saket and Malviya Nagar due to its proximity to Gurgaon, major city landmarks, and shopping centers. 

East Delhi 

East Delhi, a significant area of Delhi along the Yamuna River, is now a necessary component of Delhi because it houses its administrative and commercial hubs. One of the most upscale residential areas, shopping centers, and elegant restaurants are all located in East Delhi. 

Preet Vihar in East Delhi is a well-liked neighborhood because of its educational institutions and popular hangout spots. If you want to move to East Delhi, several areas have affordable housing options, including Mayur Vihar, Preet Vihar, New Ashok Nagar, and Laxmi Nagar. Mayur Nagar is a highly recommended neighborhood for families and single people due to its proximity to Noida and other essential parts of the city. 

West Delhi 

West Delhi is another option if you’d like to rent a flat in Delhi. Additional security measures are in place because this area is a part of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. West Delhi has excellent access to all of Delhi’s districts and a moderate cost of living. 

This is a fantastic choice because it has many amenities like convenience stores and several restaurants. You can find any type of housing that fits your budget in this area because the cost of living is quite reasonable. As a result of its large neighborhood and selection of low-cost housing. Dwarka is a highly recommended location. Depending on your needs, look at the apartments near Janakpuri, Rajouri Garden, or Tagore Garden.

GST on Flat Purchase: A Guide for Home-Buyers

GST, or the Goods and Services Tax, on home purchases, flats, and apartments is one of the many taxes buyers must pay when purchasing a home. 

In this article, we look at how the GST affects real estate and how it affects homebuyers and flat purchases in general. In addition, we’ll talk about the GST rate on flat purchases and the GST rate on land purchases in 2022.

GST on flats 

On February 24, 2019, the 33rd GST Council Meeting introduced new GST rates that will go into effect on April 1st for residential flat purchases. 

The new proposed GST rate for flat purchases for residential (real estate) transactions is as follows: 

  1. 5% GST charges on a flat purchase will be paid on residential properties outside the affordable housing segment without an input tax credit (ITC).
  2. A 1% GST without an ITC will apply to residential properties in the affordable housing segment. 

The GST on under-constructed flat purchase rates is 12%. The sale of completed homes or the resale of older properties is exempt from the GST for flat purchases. Under the current GST framework for buying flats, builders receive an input tax credit on goods from suppliers or contractors, intending to pass it along to homebuyers. As a result, the current GST on flat purchase systems concerning real estate may alter. 

Input Tax Credit (ITC) 

Understanding input tax credits (ITCs) is crucial before learning about the GST. You can use the ITC to reduce the output tax you pay. You can only pay the final Rs 200 in taxes if you claim an input tax credit of Rs 300. The GST Act permits producers, suppliers, agents, aggregators, e-commerce operators, etc., if the tax on your final product (the output) is Rs. 500 and the tax paid on the purchases (the input) to make the final product is Rs. 

Utilizing the GST Input Tax Credit

Before claiming the ITC, keep the following things in mind:

  1. You must possess the tax invoice for the purchase or the debit note issued by the registered dealer. 
  2. You should have received all the goods and services. 
  3. The supplier must pay the government tax on your purchases in cash or by claiming input credit. 
  4. GST returns filed by suppliers 
  5. The supplier has uploaded the invoice for their GSTR-1, which must reflect in the GSTR-2B of the company.

The positive impact of GST on flat purchase 

  1. Low-Cost Construction:  GST on a flat will lower the rate of things like cement, steel, and other building materials, resulting in dramatically lower construction costs. Lower real estate prices will eventually help middle-class buyers. 
  2. ITC (Integrated Taxation Solution): A unified tax base is critical in the real estate market, but recently builders and developers have been taxed even on the raw materials they purchase. GST on purchases solves these problems by unifying all taxes. 
  3. Zero income rate: The real estate sector’s fiscal operation is not subject to VAT or service tax rules. 

In 2023, how do you calculate the GST on a flat purchase?

Starting on April 1, 2023, GST is applicable on the purchase of an apartment. And if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to figure out how much GST you will have to pay on a flat purchase, follow these steps: 

Steps for Calculating GST on a Flat Purchase in 2023 

  1. Calculate the apartment’s total cost before GST is applied. It involves accounting for all additional costs like stamp duty, registration, and legal fees.  
  2. Add 5% GST to get the total price. 
  3. The amount after the GST deduction from the total will be your final payment. 

It’s important to remember that this only applies to apartments purchased starting on April 1, 2023. For any flats purchased before April 1st, no GST will apply to the purchase price. 

With the aid of this guide, estimate the amount of GST you’ll have to pay when buying your next apartment and guarantee a smooth transaction!

How do I avoid GST on flat-rate purchases?

When purchasing a flat, you can avoid paying GST by 

  1. Purchase a completed and constructed flat. 
  2. Purchase a flat that has an occupancy certification. 
  3. Purchase a second-hand flat.

The amount of GST enabled for building services would be less if the land’s worth was removed from the total weight. If you want to know how to avoid GST on flat purchases, the deduction would always be beneficial when the value of the land represents a percentage of the total value greater than 33.33 percent. 

The impact of GST on the real estate market 

The GST has been one of the most significant reforms in the real estate market. The developer already pays customs duty, VAT, excise duty, legal expenses, service taxes, permission fees, etc., hampering their tax processes and burdening homeowners. 

The GST simplified the property tax. The new GST regime increased the real estate tax rate to 12% and lowered property buyers’ burdens. Taxation impacts developers and property purchasers. The 34th Council meeting held in 2019 announced new GST rates.


In general, the subject of GST on flat purchases is difficult to understand. When purchasing a flat, buyers must be aware of the fundamentals of GST and seek current advice from a reputable expert to ensure that they’re making the right choices. 

Be sure to understand any applicable GST at the time of a flat purchase, as well as what the GST rate will be and how to calculate the GST payable. It’s essential to confirm your eligibility for any applicable GST exemptions. 

Home buyers can ensure that their purchase is compliant and legal, fully understand GST on flat purchases, and protect themselves from any unpleasant surprises in the future by carefully reading this guide and doing additional research. 

Exploring the Fundamental Differences Between Flats and Apartments

While looking for your ideal home, you’ll come across several real estate-related terms. “Flats” and “apartments” will probably be used frequently. Flat and apartment are often used interchangeably but don’t mean identically. 

In general, “flat” and “apartment” refer to private living spaces that can be rented or purchased. A much larger building typically consists of a predetermined number of rooms on the same floor. But when you dig deeper, you find some differences between the two. 

Before going any further, let’s understand the meaning of “flat” and “apartment.” 

What is a flat?

A flat is a dwelling place in a housing society. The word “flat,” used more often in the UK, comes from the old English word “Flett,” which means the floor or a dwelling. 

Multiple houses were constructed on a single floor before high-rises became popular, giving community housing projects’ units the nickname “flats. ”

What is an apartment? 

In the US, an apartment is also known as a “flat’ more frequently. Simply put, a flat is what a British apartment would be in America. 

An apartment is defined as “a set of rooms for living in, typically on one floor of a building” by the Oxford English Dictionary. 

The word “apartment” is derived from the Italian word “appartamento,” which refers to a group of rooms used solely by one person in a home. In the case of large establishments, the term “apartment” is also used to convey the meaning. A room in a house, particularly a large or well-known home, is known as a “flat” in the UK. 

Differentiation of a “flat” and an “apartment” in India 

The only distinction between the terms “flat” and “apartment,” as you can see from the definitions above, is how they function and whether they are perceived geographically. Thus, we should end the day with the same name. Contrarily, there is something else you should be aware of that is likely unnecessary if you live in India.

In the US, for example, a rented residential unit in a multi-unit building is called “an apartment.” They are known as “condos” if they have a private owner. It is referred to as a “townhouse” or “duplex” if there are only two residences in a single building and no other people live above or below your residence unit. 

Instead, a “two-flat” refers to two identical Chicago apartments in the same building. In British culture, however, an apartment is a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. While a flat is for those with little money, a council flat is a rented home, whereas an owner-occupied home is a residence.

While “flat” and “apartment” are often used interchangeably in India, British usage may be more accurate. In India, residences are likely to be more “affordable” apartments than “lavish.” while “vilas” are available within the same community but are independent of one another. Contrary to US usage, renting a residential unit does not alter the unit’s definition. Even though a flat is usually more spacious than a flat, there isn’t much difference between the two in India.  

Comparison between a “flat” and an “apartment”

Tips for purchasing a flat or an apartment 

  1. Set a budget and stick to it. Knowing how much you want to spend on your ideal home is critical to making the process go more smoothly. You won’t have too much to chew on before it’s over. Therefore, this is the most essential phase of your home-buying process. 
  2. Ask questions regarding the carpet area, super built area, etc. 
  3. Verify loan approvals with the banks. 
  4. Ask the relevant authorities for all the necessary documents regarding approvals and conduct a legal check. 
  5. When you’ve made the token payment, agree with the builder. 

The boon and bane of purchasing an apartment or a flat in India

Tax benefits 

The tax advantages associated with property ownership and home loans are substantial. It is an excellent example of an investment that will help you save money and pay off. 

The only disadvantage of an apartment is that you cannot customize it. You are limited to customizing the look of your home with the help of home furnishings or home decor items, but you cannot change the size of your living room. You may have been able to do this if you were constructing your house on a lot of land you own. 


You have nothing to be concerned about regarding the safety and security of you and your family members. Guards and cameras provide round-the-clock security to ensure the children’s safety in the play area and corridor. 

Interpersonal Skills 

Your children develop strong interpersonal skills as a result of the large population in the area. You have the option of meeting up with friends in the park or relaxing by yourself at your convenience. 

Host of amenities 

Apartments include a variety of amenities, making it simple for you to access them, from the gym to the swimming pool. While their grandparents can provide them with a lush park or reflexology trail, your kids have a fantastic playground. 

Which one to choose?

Before you start the search for your dream home, it is crucial to understand your needs. There are essential factors to consider, such as whether it is for your use or potential investment. 


Apartments and flats are similar enough to be interchangeable. The main difference between apartments and flats is that apartments are part of specific buildings, while flats are part of housing societies. All spaces are the same except for their linguistic context and location. 

Stylish Door Grill Designs for Flats: Enhance Your Home’s Security and Aesthetics

A strong and durable door is one of the most essential components of your home. You can create a private space that combines security and beauty with the right grill door design. Attractive main door grill designs for flats may increase a home’s resale value and provide safety in addition to restricting access. 

The main door grill layout can operate in many different ways, depending on the design and materials employed. Automatic electric gates are cheaper, but manual gates require less maintenance because they don’t need a power source. 

Things to consider while choosing a stylish grill door 

Type of material: The main gate designs should be strong enough because security is the main reason for making the main gate areas. Aluminum, steel, and iron often create house gate designs. Due to their versatility, these materials allow for customized main gate designs while offering good strength and durability.

Designs: The main gates are attractive due to their shape and design style. Making a great first impression means selecting a form and style that can blend flawlessly with the outside of the home. 

Aspects of functionality: You can select the main gate’s functionality based on the available space. Depending on its purpose, the main gate may be a sliding gate, a swinging gate, a pivoting lift gate, or an automated gate. 

Security: Make sure the doors satisfy your property’s security requirements before deciding on the design of the main gate. Doors that are strong and long-lasting are the best options in terms of security and lifespan. 

Current styles for main door grills 

  1. Natural wooden main doors are popular among homeowners due to their classic appearance. A simple grill wooden door has an earthy warmth. 
  2. Paneled grill doors will stay in style. The paneled door grills, which feature geometric shapes, woven designs, and glass pieces, add visual interest. 
  3. Front doors with excessive height and width have gained popularity. They give homes a grand appearance. If there is enough space, the door design can extend to the ceiling and both sides of the walls. 
  4. Steel grills are becoming popular as new metal stamping and embossing techniques enable steel doors into unique shapes and patterns.
  5. Bronze and chrome finishes are popular grill colors. Instead of installing the decorative grill in the center of the door, install it on both sides. 

Type of stylish door grill designs 

Here is a list of some of the most well-liked door grill design options for houses. 

Simple metal grill design 

Simple vertical or horizontal bars reinforce and safeguard the main door’s metal frame. Vertical metal bars that are fastened to a base and used to make simple grills with patterns resembling bricks can be experimented with. Tiny horizontal bars sit in between the vertical bars. Simple design that blends in with any home’s decor, made from steel, iron, or aluminum.  

Modern metal panel gate

The most attractive front-gate concepts and designs often are the simplest. Glass surrounds this modern metal panel gate, which works together to give the house a unique, posh, and stylish appearance. 

Doors with glass 

Glass and grill make an elegant combination that may appear ancient and modern. Rather than the typical square or diamond grill, choose one with a large metal leaf pattern and frosted glass underneath. Stained glass can add color to the front door. Use a textured or etched glass with ornamental motifs and elaborate grills to add a subtle touch of glitz. The beveled glass that has been polished and shaped can have edges with thin lead to produce striking, three-dimensional patterns. Try out some eccentric geometric patterns. Vibrant-colored glass flowers also go well with modern designs. 

Wood and grill doors 

Grills and wood can be combined to create a beautiful door design. For grills, one can use wood, plywood, or laminates. Spanish-style curlicues can give the wooden-framed doors a lovely texture. Paint in powder blue or yellow adds a splash of color. Make the ceiling and the wall panels close to the door unique to match the patterns and colors of the grill to make the entrance grand. You could choose a finely carved piece of wood for the top of the main door or even hang a lovely lamp in the center of the ceiling panel to make the entrance look opulent.

Stainless steel safety door 

Steel main door grills are highly durable and resistant to corrosion. Steel grills come in a variety of shapes and patterns. Steel looks lovely when cut into floral designs or patterned circle grills. A steel door design with a zigzag pattern grill, an asymmetrical design, or an intricate design inspired by nets will be a good choice for your fashionable and contemporary home.

The aluminum safety grill door 

The decorative patterns and numerous color options for powder coating the aluminum grill are available. The entire door can consist of aluminum and a grill may be made in a flattened or mesh pattern and combined with a wood or plywood door. Glass and an aluminum door grill have a clean, modern appearance. A French door made of aluminum with glass panels and a basic grill frame adds a subtle touch of drama. 

Arch Door 

Arch doors have a majestic appearance and enhance the vintage appeal. Many wood types, single or double doors, elliptical or classic arches, and glass inserts with or without iron grills are all on hand. The wooden main door’s design lends the room a medieval feel too. A floral grill and wooden arches combined with a plain door can transform it into a warm area. Any entrance can benefit from the artistic addition of glass arches with a combination of wooden grills. 

Sunmica grill door 

Depending on the house’s design, a single-door grill can be entirely made of steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, or any combination of these materials. You can paint one grill door any color you like, and it can be floral, geometrical, abstract, etc. A flat’s single grill door may have laminate (Sunmica) on both sides and intricate metalwork in the center. 

Buy Ready Possession Flats in Pune: Affordable Housing

Are you looking for a flat in Pune? But are you overwhelmed with all the research to find your perfect apartment? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Pune is a highly desired city in India, as it is the second-largest IT hub in the country and the top FDI destination. 

The incoming professionals in Pune expect a life of luxury and a comfortable standard of living. The demand for flats for sale in Pune is rising. The need for a luxurious lifestyle has already caught up with supply, putting pressure on the developer community to move away from outdated standards and create new ones to satisfy the demand. 

In prime areas like Baner, Anudh, Hinjewadi, Balewadi, and Bavdhan, Pune is now a perfect model neighborhood for sustainability and livability that meets international standards. 

Most of us consider buying a home a significant and emotional decision. We ask questions when we decide to buy a home. When you live in a city like Pune, where the cost of living is very high, it is difficult to make this decision. 

Advantages of buying ready-possession flats in Pune 

Every buyer of a home must choose between a unit that is ready for possession and one that is still underway. It is a significant decision that demands serious consideration. Even though buying ready-possession apartments requires having a lump sum of cash on hand, it also has its own set of benefits. 

Cost considerations 

Ready-possession apartments are great because you can move in and save money on rent. The builder may also agree to a price reduction and waive the floor rise. Thus, you get a much better deal. 

Immediate Possession

For under-construction homes, buyers have to wait to get their dream home in hand. It induces a sense of uncertainty and the fear that the money may get stuck if the builder faces any problems. With ready-possession flats, the process is smoother-complete the required paperwork, pay the amount, get possession, and move in whenever you want. There is no fear of delayed delivery. 


You get to see the finished product when you purchase ready-possession apartments. Before choosing an option, you can examine the construction quality, space allocation, required amenities, and other details. There are no concerns about overstated features, layouts, or amenities. 

Immediate ROI (return on investment)

If you purchased it as an investment and choose not to live there, you can sell it as soon as it suits you. Families, young professionals, and students are keen on ready-possession apartments. Your rental income thus begins. It is a great help if you are paying the EMIs on the loan. 

The disadvantages of purchasing a ready-possession flat in Pune 

 Payment schedules are rigid

Unlike projects still in the planning stages, the payment schedules for ready-to-move properties are stout. All payments, including the down payment, stamp duty, registration fees, maintenance fees, etc., must be made in one go. 

More legal work and documentation: 

When buying a property already ready to move into, much more legal work and paperwork are required than when purchasing a property under construction.

Fewer customization options

When the apartment builds, it’s possible to fully customize the rooms and home to suit your needs and preferences. But this option isn’t available if you purchase a ready-to-move property. You have to buy and stay in a home that is already complete. 

Inflated Price 

Compared to projects still in the planning stages, ready-to-move-in units are expensive from a price perspective. 

Why invest in ready-possession flats in Pune?


All under-construction property is hard to sell, especially if its delivery is postponed or embroiled in litigation. Most of the time, real estate developers don’t sell apartments until the entire project is done, and even then, they’ll charge you a hefty premium. You can avoid this risk by purchasing a ready-to-possess flat in Pune. 

Save on rentals.

For ready-possession homes in Pune, you immediately start getting rent if you are not planning to move into your new home. Many homeowners prefer renting their homes if they invest in other cities. Each location typically has a fixed rent structure based on the amenities it offers and how recently it was built.

No down payment 

The main advantage of a ready-possession flat is that the buyer only needs to pay the home loan’s EMIs before they can move in. Since the EMI won’t begin until the home loan and the rates may change, the homebuyer may be required to pay a higher interest rate for an under-construction property if the developer experiences any delays. The buyer might experience financial hardship and decide to back out of the deal to buy the property. 

Documents to verify when purchasing ready-possession flats in Pune

Do you have any plans to move into a ready-possession flat in Pune? Have you located your ideal home? Furthermore, we understand that the ease of moving in as soon as possible may be the most essential aspect of it all, but research is necessary to make the process easier for you and your loved ones. It’s always the best choice to be aware of the essential documents you’ll need and to confirm them before moving to make the experience convenient. 

Tax-paid receipt 

The buyer verifies with the appropriate groups that the seller has settled all outstanding debts. Buyers should always request the seller’s original, most recent tax-paid receipts. The payment date, taxpayer name, and owner name must all be confirmed. However, every buyer should always verify that all documents and bills, including the water and electricity bills, are current and include names and area codes. You are making this property your own, so you must attend to every last detail. 

Sale deed 

The most important document on the checklist is a sale deed because it’s evidence of the sale and the transfer of the property’s title from the seller to the buyer. Before signing the contract, it is advisable to read the fine print and confirm that all terms and conditions are accurate and appropriate. 

Occupancy Certificate

When a builder requests this certificate, the authorities inspect the requirements. The builder can obtain the certificate once it has received official approval. This certificate, a witness to the project’s readiness for occupancy, is essential for the buyer when purchasing a property or applying for a mortgage. 

Completion Certificate

The municipal government issued this certificate. It demonstrates the completion of the project and that all requirements were satisfied. This document is essential when looking for a mortgage and buying real estate. Additionally, this certificate certifies that the property is fit for habitation when constructed following approved codes and other laws. 

Locations in Pune to buy ready-possession flats 


The Kondhwa is among the most notable locations in the southeast. Along with residential developments, this includes industrial entities. The distance from important city destinations and information technology hubs increases its value. Mohammedwadi, Undri, and Wanowrie are places that surround Kondhwa. Kondhwa is the renowned National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM). A wide range of contemporary civic amenities, including schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, superstores, and other necessities, are also present in the Kondhwa area. 


Thanks to the creation of corporate offices by foreign companies at Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, etc., Hinjewadi is Pune’s largest IT hub. The presence of these MNCs in the area has benefited a variety of factors, including employment, real estate, connectivity, and social infrastructure and amenities. 


The neighborhood of Tathawade, which is close to Hinjewadi, is a top location for investment and daily life. Tathawade is for homebuyers because of its luxuriant green surroundings, social infrastructure, and other features. Unique projects are being built in this suburb daily to provide upscale urban living. Hinjewadi, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pimple-Saudagar, Wakad, and Ravet are nearby. Tathawade enjoys unrivaled capital appreciation as a result of its exceptional locational advantages. 


On the outside of the city, in Pune’s northwest, is a neighborhood known as Balewadi. It houses the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, popularly known as the Balewadi Sports Complex. Balewadi enjoys proximity to Baner, Aundh, and the Mumbai – Expressway. Pearly White Dental Clinic, Apex Eye Care Clinic, and Life Line Hospital are the major hospitals in Balewadi. Balewadi High Street is famous for its bars, restaurants, and nightlife. Plus, it’s easy to find plenty of greenery in the surrounding area. 

Know your neighborhood. 

You can learn everything in advance when you reserve ready possession flats in Pune, including the layout, designs, and the neighbors you will have. It’s important because you would be surrounded by them every day. Other aspects of the house are subject to your control or modification, but you can’t alter the neighbors nearby.

A ready possession enables you to speak with potential neighbors and learn more about them and their way of life. You can also discuss the local schools and the caliber of the education with the parents who reside there.  Verify that the parks and other amenities look satisfactory to you by inspecting them. You can plan your children’s commute to school or university, the best shopping malls’ accessibility, etc. 

Create the Perfect Name Plate Designs for Flats

Home is more than bricks, stone, or sand; it is a sanctuary filled with love and care. You invest a lot of time planning the interiors and the decorative aspects of your home, and one such thing you should pay heed to is the idea of nameplates.

Don’t worry; we are here to enlighten you with suggestions that enable you to select the ideal nameplate. 

You must first understand the significance of a nameplate and how it alters the viewpoint of your home’s entrance. A nameplate is a small piece of wood hung at the front door or the address entrance of a house. 

A nameplate provides the public with information about a person or location, making it possible to identify them based solely on their nameplate. 

Nameplates are incredibly informative, warmly welcoming, and creatively personalized. They reveal your emotional connection to the house through your feelings. 

A nameplate contains vital information like the owner’s name, family surname, and building name. It may also include location, designation, or a company’s name. 

Most of you may not find it an essential commodity, but it gives your home or company recognition in the locality or neighborhood. It can also be easily recognized based on a nameplate. 

A fancy house nameplate improves the appearance of your home’s entrance as a decorative element. It conveys your lifestyle’s attitude, sense of style, and personality. 

A nameplate identifies your home and makes it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, which is the first thing visitors to your home notice when they arrive.

Knowing the correct address will make it easier for guests to locate your home and the people they want to meet.

A nameplate can symbolize the warmth and comfort with which you welcome guests. 

Visitors will remember your nameplates for a while if they are unique enough or bear small, well-wishing, positive quotes. 

Things to consider when installing a nameplate at the entrance 

  1. Ensure that the nameplate is in an area with adequate natural light. 
  2. The nameplate and the front door should coordinate and look good.
  3. The nameplate’s writing must be legible from two to three feet away. 
  4. You must set aside time to clean it occasionally if you want it to look brand new. 
  5. It’s essential to exercise caution when adding too many details, engravings, and designs to the nameplate. 
  6. The nameplate needs to be large enough to accommodate the necessary details. 

How to make nameplates more attractive

  1. The font used for the writing on a nameplate is essential because it needs to be legible and inventive to be understood. 
  2. Nameplates can be made more noticeable by using a bold and large font. 
  3. Images can convey more information and make the addition of graphic designs more appealing. 
  4. You can read more quickly with a border (26% faster).
  5. The nameplate can attract interest and curiosity by using different colors. 
  6. You can add a few special effects to your house nameplate design to increase the likelihood that people will notice it. 

Nameplate Ideas

Modern homeowners prefer personalized nameplates.

Traditional nameplate 

Nameplates with religious themes are popular. Religious symbols or images of God are the most popular choices among the many house nameplate ideas. 

Personalized nameplates 

Personalized home nameplates are an option for those who want to add a special touch to their nameplates.

A professional can give you a revised idea and design it as specified. For example, if you like nature and want to incorporate it into the nameplate, it will give the nameplate a touch of your personality. 

Wooden nameplate 

Plenty of possibilities exist for wooden nameplate designs for your home, from deep brown to soft hues. Additionally, homeowners favor engraved wood nameplate designs. 

Besides wooden nameplates, the other materials preferred by people today are glass, marble, acrylic, ceramic, steel, or stone. 

Marble nameplate 

When used, stone gives a home’s exterior design a rustic appearance. The stone nameplate gives the front door of the house a distinctive look. 

Metallic nameplate 

Use stainless steel to give the exterior of your home’s entrance a metallic feel. Stainless steel is a material that is ideal for outdoor use. Use stainless steel to provide the exterior of your home with a metallic look. Stainless steel is a material that is ideal for outdoor use. Steel nameplates come in a variety of designs for the main gate. To add a touch of luxury, choose personalized designer options when selecting name plate designs for the main gate’s steel entrance. 

Understand the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act: Explain Your Rights!

The Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act was published in the Maharashtra Government
Gazette on February 19, 1971. This Act was established for individual ownership, making it a heritable and transferable asset. It is important to note that the Act only applies to property.
According to the Act, the owner must file a declaration, which must be duly executed and

The Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act led to similar legislation in other states. An
example is the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act of 1972.
According to the Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act 1970, apartment owners have the legal right to fully own their homes, including their proportionate share of the apartment’s undivided common areas and amenities.

It also makes apartment ownership transferable and heritable, allowing owners to secure
mortgages. Apartment owners and builders benefit from this because they can use the freed-up money to start new projects.

Along with this, the Act facilitates the formation of associations among apartment owners, who take responsibility for ensuring residents’ welfare and advancing their rights. Although there are apartment owner’s associations that are not registered, it is always advisable to protect your association’s legal rights in the event of a later dispute.

The Act gives the owner complete ownership of the apartment and the power to organize a
group of other apartment owners to set the building’s bylaws.
All the apartment owners are legally protected, as disputes that arise due to conflict in the said association of apartment owners shall be governed under the civil jurisdiction of the law.

The key features of the Act

● According to the Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act, you will be
considered the owner of a particular apartment in the building with a
proportional share in the undivided common areas and facilities. In
other words, in addition to having all the rights of an owner, you become the sole
owner of your apartment or the entire building.

● The apartment will also become heritable and transferable, from which you can
raise capital. You have the right to transfer ownership of your apartment to
anyone you choose, provided that you follow the bylaws.

● Among other Maharashtra laws, the Cooperative Societies and Companies Act
considers a flat part of the building and a unit owned jointly by the company or
society. While a flat is a unit of the building, the Maharashtra Apartment
Ownership Act of 1970 views it as a separate unit of ownership.

You can form an association with apartment owners.

● All apartment owners willing to join the association need to come together in one
place to complete the formalities.
● The association must have at least seven members over the age of 18.
● A Memorandum of Association includes information such as the names and
addresses of the organization and the occupations of all association members.
● Along with the Memorandum of Association, the association’s rules, and
regulations, or bylaws, must be filed.
● One or more buildings must contain at least five apartments to qualify to form an

Understanding the terms used in the act

Common Expenses
These expenses are sums of money rightfully levied against apartment owners for
administration, upkeep, and repair, modifying communal spaces and amenities.
Common areas and facilities
Common areas and facilities include the land on which the multi-story apartment building is
situated, gardens, cellars, parking areas, or other similar structures, as well as all the structural components such as lobbies, corridors, fire escapes, beams, and columns.

Memorandum of Association
The name and purposes of the organization are listed in the Memorandum of Association, along with the location of the organization’s registered office, the names, addresses, and occupations of the members of the governing body, as well as the signatures of those who have subscribed to the document.


The Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act of 1970 gives apartment owners the right to full
ownership of their units, which includes an equal share of the undivided common space and
amenities. As a result, the apartment owners are charged with ensuring the welfare of the
residents of the building and advancing their rights. The apartments are heritable and
transferable, allowing the owner to obtain a mortgage for the particular apartment.

Ultra Best Modern Safety Door Designs for Flats with Price

These days we check every aspect of a home before we buy it, including the interior design, security, and amenities, but the aesthetics of the door are also becoming increasingly important.

It all starts with your front door to protect your home from intruders, whether you want to create a theme for your home, impress visitors or friends, or ensure the security of your home.

The truth is that the right door can add an extra layer of security and act as a strong deterrent. However, it can be a little difficult to know where to start when choosing a door for your home.

Finding a state-of-the-art security door for your home at a great price is the subject of today’s post, which aims to save you the hassle of conducting extensive research by giving you the best suggestions for choosing the right door for your home.

Brief About An Ultra Modern Saftey Door Designs For Flats 

Modern door designs play a crucial role in the security of your home. They not only beautify the entrance to your home but also play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones inside.

So let us look at some common modern security doors for homes. Solid wood doors, steel and wood composite doors, fire doors, and aluminum doors are some examples of common door designs. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below.

Solid wood doors are a cost-effective choice that offers excellent security. They are simple to personalize and come in a variety of finishes that will fit well with your décor. Composite steel and timber doors are robust and durable and provide excellent protection against intruders while improving sound insulation.

In an emergency, fire doors offer the highest level of fire resistance, while aluminum doors offer exceptional corrosion resistance and the highest energy efficiency.

Compare prices before making a decision, regardless of which option you choose. The good news is that there is a range of prices for modern residential security doors to fit any budget.

Types of Modern Safety Doors 

Modern residential security doors are available in a variety of designs and finishes to complement your home. These doors offer the highest quality and maximum security without sacrificing elegance. There are several alternatives, including double doors, sliding doors, and even accordion-style folding doors.

  1. Swinging door: The swinging door consists of two panels hinged in the middle so that they can be opened simultaneously from both sides. These doors are often used in basements with limited installation space, e.g., toilets, laundry rooms, etc.
  2. Double door: This is one of the most popular options as it offers extra security as well as a modern look. Double doors come with different locking methods such as deadbolts and latches and can be made of different materials such as metal, PVC, and wood.
  3. Sliding door: Sliding doors are a popular choice that allows you to maintain an open atmosphere while providing security. Depending on what best suits your needs, you can choose between automatic or manual locking options for these doors, which are made from a variety of materials, including metal and PVC.
  4. Accordion folding doors: This design is ideal for wider openings or areas that require a striking look. Aluminum or PVC are lightweight materials that can be used to create accordion folding doors that open by folding together. They also offer options in terms of insulation or soundproofing.

No matter which modern security door design you choose for your home, you can be sure that it will provide extra security while adding a stylish touch to the exterior of your home!

Modern Door Designs for Your Flat with a Price 

A door should not only be secure, but it should also fit your theme and enhance the aesthetics of your home. You can all help a little by following these suggestions.

Wooden doors: Depending on the type you choose, wooden doors have a timeless look and offer effective sound and heat insulation. They do need some maintenance to stay in good condition, but with the right installation, they are usually sturdy enough for domestic use. Depending on the size and quality of the wood, they can cost between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 20,000.

Glass doors: If you want your front door to stand out, glass doors are a great option. You can choose from a wide range of designs and shades to discover something special and appealing. If you are looking for a high-security door, this may not be the best choice, as glass is not as secure as other doors such as steel or aluminum.

Steel door: Steel doors are strong and durable yet have a sleek, modern look. They can be made to fit any size or shape of opening and are very secure. The downside is that they can be quite expensive compared to other options.

Aluminum door: Aluminum is a strong, lightweight material that will not corrode or rust over time. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution, it is a great alternative because it requires very little maintenance. Aluminum may not provide the same level of security, though, given that it is weaker than steel or wood.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Modern Safety Door 

There are a few characteristics to consider while looking for a safety door. The following qualities should be present in a high-quality door: 

Steel Construction

When it comes to safety doors, steel is the preferred material because it is sturdy, long-lasting, and weatherproof. Strong steel with thick gauge walls should be used to create a high-quality safety door. To prevent rust, it’s also critical to confirm that the steel has been galvanized. 

Security and Locking System

The security system in a safety door is also very important, and it should be designed to withstand demanding conditions. Multi-point locking mechanisms are ideal as they provide more than one locking point for added security. Ensure that the locks you choose have tamper-proof features and have been certified by key authorities like UL or CE.

Fire Resistance

If you live in an area where fires are a risk, you’ll want your safety door to have fire-resistance characteristics. Look for doors that can resist temperatures up to 1200 °F (649 °C). Many high-quality manufacturers will include fire resistance ratings on their products, so make sure you check before purchasing.

Accreditation and Warranty

When looking for a trusted product, it’s important to ensure that the manufacturer is accredited and can guarantee their products with warranties. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), or other government agencies or organizations should accredit safety doors if they want them to be considered safe. Additionally, look for manufacturers that offer warranties on their products and services ranging from 1 – 5 years, depending on the product.


It’s important to keep your home safe and secure, and investing in modern safety door designs is one of the best ways to do just that. With so many options available, you can find a design that fits your budget and your apartment’s aesthetic. From traditional wooden doors to transparent metal grilles, there’s something for everyone. Not only will this enhance your flat’s safety, but it will also add a touch of style to your home. So go ahead and start shopping for the perfect modern safety door design for you and your family today!

Things you should know about GST in Real Estate

Centre's FY22 GST compensation amount should be higher than projected Rs  1.58 lakh crore: Opp-ruled states - The Economic Times


In 2000, the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then prime minister of India, initiate a committee to draft new indirect tax law and i.e. GST which stands for Goods and Services Tax. It was launched to replace multiple indirect taxes in India. Such as excise duty, value-added tax (VAT), services tax, purchase tax, octroi, entry tax, luxury tax, and so on. Here, propertywala brings every fact and figure that you should know about GST in real estate.


The Goods and Service Tax Act was driven in Parliament on 29th March 2017 but it came into effect on 1st July 2017. It is the only tax that applies all over India and imposes on the supply of certain goods and services. However, GST does not replace customs duty, which is still required on imported goods and services. Different categories of products and services attract different tax rates under GST.

Now, we will go ahead with the GST regime which is given by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, In his words, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is “a path-breaking legislation for New India”. Then, GST is not just a tax reform but a milestone in realizing Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s dream of building ‘Ek Bharat – Shrestha Bharat’.


1. It is applicable to under-constructed flats only.
2. It is because the GST does not cover the real estate sector under its range. Therefore, the tax rate applicable on a property is charged under ‘work contracts.

1. GST does not apply to ready-to-move-in flats, plots, and lands.
2. Upon completion and receiving the occupancy certificate i.e.(OC), the property is categorized as ready to move in. That is why a developer cannot charge GST on selling ready-to-move-in homes.


Everyone has a dream of a house. Well! It is fine if you are planning to buy a property. Because buying the right property is one of the biggest achievements in life. So, home buyers in India have to pay GST on the purchase of under-construction properties such as flats, apartments, and bungalows. Before hurrying on to the process, the foremost thing you must ask yourself is, “what is the GST rate on real estate?

Affordable housing1% without ITC (Input Tax Credit)
Non-affordable housing5% without ITC
According to the table, if the property is affordable,  the GST rate from April  2019 is only 1% without ITC. Also, for non-affordable housing, the GST rate is 5% without ITC.


Input Tax Credit refers to the tax already paid by a person on any purchase of goods and/or services that are used or may use for business. Therefore, it is available as a deduction from tax payable.


According to government norms, housing units worth up to Rs 45 lakhs are referred to as affordable housing in metro cities in which carpet area measures up to 60 sq. meters. The Delhi-National Capital Region, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, the Mumbai-Kolkata are categorized as metropolitan regions. A housing unit in non-metro cities barring to be an affordable house, if it costs up to Rs 45 lakhs and has a carpet area of up to 90 square meters as mentioned in the given table.

METROSup to  Rs. 45 lakhs60 sq./m
NON- METROSbelow Rs.4590 sq./m


  1. It does not subsume the stamp duty and registration charges, which you still have to pay.
  2. Seller increases the cost of ready-to-move-in properties to factor in the GST cost. So, overall the under-constructed properties are still cheaper than ready-to-move-in properties. 

That’s all you need to know about GST when it comes to real estate.

DDA Relaxes Norms for Installing Lifts

If you live on second or third floor in a DDA flat, then climbing those stairs is no more a back-breaking experience anymore. The DDA has eased the norms for installing lifts in its apartment blocks. The country’s biggest land development agency has been catering to Delhi’s housing needs for more than 40 years. Since, DDA structures have only 04 floors they do not have lifts.

Although flat-owners had so far been allowed to install lifts later on their buildings on their own, the procedure of getting permission was burdensome.  All the owners of an individual block, with eight to sixteen flats, have to agree to the proposal.

The new norm stipulates that lifts can be installed once most flat owners of the block agree. The consent of the ground floor owners is not required any longer. The cost of installing a lift is Rs 10-15 lakhs, which the flat owners would have to bear. The flat owners will have to apply for NOC to DDA for arrears. While applying for NOC, flat-owners will have to attain structural stability certificate from the registered architect.

Gujarat Buyers Linning up Eagerly to Take 5-6 BHK Flats.

AHMEDABAD: The great Gujarati joint family is urging topend realty. Amid buzz of stagnancy in city’s property market, super luxury apartments are selling like hot cakes. Realtors may struggle to sell 2 and 3 BHK homes, but buyers, mostly large joint families, are lining up to book 5 and 6BHK flats. In large flats of 5-6BHK flats, old people of the families feel more comfortable rather in bunglows. Take the case of ISCON group, which recently launched a residential scheme along SP Ring Road. While the entry-level three BHK flats generated least inquiries, all the top-end 5 BHK units were booked within days. “Those who could not get five BHK are going for 4 BHK units,” according to a survey. Looking at the response, Kotak now plans to convert 1 tower originally planned for entry-level flats into premium flats. Experts say the trend is inspiring as demand has been coming from local buyers besides NRIs and investors, who find Ahmedabad cheaper than other large Indian cities.

“Moreover these flats offer security along with luxury. Further, people who have stayed in 3-4 BHK and looking to upgrade are driving the demand for premium flats. So, no wonder 5-6 BHK apartments are being booked up like hot cakes,” says regional director (Gujarat) of real estate consultants. “A city based Businessman says that they sold off their bungalow and opted for a 5 bedroom flat because of security. He stays in that flat with his two sons. Ashish Shah of Shree Balaji Group got enormous response for the 5,100 sqft top-end flats as compared to other categories. Now, Shah plans to hold the remaining 6 BHK apartments till completion of project. “Demand for upmarket flats would remain high. Realtor Mukesh Goyal, who launched 4BHK scheme, for about INR 2 crore per unit at current market rates, in Prahaladnagar around a year ago has already sold 80 per cents flats.


Khinvasara Group Launches Cost Effective Residential Project in Walunj, Aurangabad

Khinvasara Group of Companies has recently emerged as one of the major players in development of the residential and commercial properties in Aurangabad (Maharastra). One of the companies of the group has played a major/ key role in the real estate in building modern cement spaces of Aurangabad since last 50 years.

Till now the company has constructed more than 3.5 L sq.ft of commercial and residential spaces. Land development is yet another of forte. And as on date the company developed in excess of 100 acre land within Aurangabad.

Some of the earlier projects by The Khinvasara Group are Ulkanagri, Khinvasara Park, Khinvasara Nagar, Vardhaman Residency etc. And now they are coming up with their new Residential project Khinvasara Estates near Walunj, Aurangabad (Waluj). It consist 100 flats and row houses in an area of 7 acres. The project will consist of 1/2 BHK Flats/Apartments costing 11 to 14 lacs and row houses (3 BHK) will cost Rs 20 to 30 lacs.

Gurgoan to be gifted with North India’s Tallest Residential Tower

A leading private equity fund, Ireo, which is dedicated to the Indian real estate sector with nearly $2 billion of funds, has annunciated the launch of the tallest residential towers in Gurgaon which would be called Victory Valley.

There will be adjacent mid rise options along with the three high-rise residential towers which would essentially be the tallest towers across the whole North India. This Victory Valley will come up with a wide range of choices for the consumers, varying from the 2 BR apartments to 5BR apartments in penthouse/ simplex/ duplex formats. It would have 51 stories.

There will be total 762 flats in the tower. The inaugural base price is Rs 5,500 per sq feet for the bookings of the flats. As per the company plans, the project is likely to complete within 3 years after the commencement of construction.

This project is located at Sector 67, Gurgaon and is spread in an area of 25 acres. Security, comfort and convenience will be the three major pillars of this tower.

New Residential Project in Noida – Jaypee Greens Kensington Boulevard

The builder Jaypee Group has announced the launch of its new residential apartments, Jaypee Greens Kensington Boulevard, in Sector 131, Noida. This will be a part of the Jaypee Greens Wish Town project and will features 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom flats ranging from 550 to 2700 sq feet. The tentative rate is Rs 3330/- per sq. feet.

For more information and booking visit

Jaypee Greens Announces New Residential Project: Kasa Isles, Sector 129, Noida

Constuction major Jaypee Group has announced a new residential project in Sector 129, Noida called Kasa Isles. Jaypee Greens Kasa Isles will feature 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom flats/apartments ranging from 550 to 2700 sq. feet. The approximate cost will be Rs. 3390 per sq. feet.

For more details and booking visit

Comeback Of Realty

Halifax's Version Of 'Repent Sinner' and 'Riot 2010'
March 26, 2010

Towards the end of 2009, remarkable appreciation in values has been observed by the residential markets across big cities of India. Report by Wakefield and Cushman informed that in the two key residential markets in India, Mumbai and NCR, this trend is most prominent. In these areas, as compared to the same period of last year, values in Oct-Dec 2009 were appreciated.

Since Mumbai and NCR are one of the high demanded markets, both from the investors and consumers, it witnessed a faster recovery than other cities. As a result of economic slowdown, these investors were backing out their requisites which had brought a kind of uncertainty in the job markets. But on the other hand, this slowdown brought affordable housing to the consumers which in turn led to sharp upward correction in the capital values and strong recovery in the economy.

Since in NCR, a large number of projects were sold out as soon as they were launched, it can be concluded that the demand for the housing which seems to be affordable, i.e., ranging from 20 to 40 lakhs was quite high. Recently, 500 flats offered by Supertech in Noida at a cost of 9.75 lakhs are sold out just after its launch. Due to the new trend, volume of transactions has been aggrandized.

However, this trend can continue only if the government takes back the extra burden of the 10.3 percent service tax which was announced in the budget 2010 on the sale of flats before there completion. This may make the projects under construction more attractive.

Jaypee Greens Announces Lake District in Sports City, Greater Noida

Jaypee Greens Sports City - Lake District,  Greater Noida Jaypee Group (JPSK Sports Private limited) announces yet another new residential project “Lake District” under its new sports themed township Sports City along Yamuna Expressway in Greater Noida (Gautam Budh Nagar). The project is so names as it will feature an artificial lake in line with international standards. The project will offer luxury living at affordable rates. The lake district project will have 2BHK (2 bedroom), 3BHK (3 bedroom) with optional worker rooms (servant quarters), and 4BHK (4 bedroom) with worker rooms (servant quarters) residential apartments.

For further information such as floor plans, pricing, booking details, etc. please visit:

Jaypee Group to Announce Jaypee Greens Sports City in Greater Noida

Athens Olympic Sports Center
Photo by Ava Babili
After the success of various projects like Jaypee Greens Kosmos, WishTown Klassic, Aman etc. in Noida and Greater Noida, Jaypee Group is ready to unveil their newest venture in premium real estate — Jaypee Greens Sports City, Greater Noida — according to reliable sources.

The project will be located in the heart of Greater Noida in close proximity to proposed Formula 1 racing track, Jaypee Integrated Sports Complex, Golf course, NRI City, Gautam Buddha University. The project will mainly consist of affordable 2 and 3 bedroom budget apartments and commercial properties.

Due to its prime location and features the new project will offer an excellent living environment and an ideal investment opportunity.

Formal announcement is awaited and further details and updates will be available on the website .

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    • Sahdev Hospital (<4km),
    • Pryag Hospital (<5km),
    • Prayag Hospital & Reserch Centre Pvt Ltd (<5km)
  • Offices

    • Main Office (<3km),
    • Greater Noida Authority Office (<4km),
    • New Universal Office System (<5km),
    • Office Solution (<5km)
  • Schools & Colleges

    • Daffodil School (<1km),
    • Higher Secondary School (<2km),
    • Priyadarshani School (<2km),
    • Summer Villager School (<3km),
    • Nand Marg Nursery School (<3km),
    • St Joseph School (<3km),
    • Ryan International School (<3km),
    • Jp International School (<4km),
    • Dharam Public School (<4km),
    • Diamond Drill Senior Secondary Public School (<4km),
    • Iec College (<3km),
    • Global Institute Of Management And Technology (<4km),
    • Pccs College (<4km),
    • Bakson Homeopathic Medical College (<4km),
    • Priyadarshini Institute Of Management And Technology (<4km),
    • Hauard Institute Of Management And Technology (<4km),
    • Iec Institute Of Management And Technology (<4km),
    • Ramesh Institute Of Management And Technology (<4km),
    • Galgotias College Of Engineering And Technology (<5km),
    • Ishan Institute Of Management And Technology (<5km)

* All distances are approximate