Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) to Auction 110 Residential Properties


A CHB senior official said the property had been empty for years and deteriorating as well. Since CHB could not auction this property for many years, it was decided to auction this property in stages.

Chandigarh: Council officials have begun the auction process for 110 residential properties. Following the completion of the auction process for 110 residential properties (self-owned properties), the Board of Directors will begin the auction process for 150 commercial properties (leasing) and 11 residential properties (rental) next month.

Auction through E-Tendering-

According to the official, the property will only be put up for auction through e-tendering. CHB recently lowered the reserved price of this property by 9-20%. CHB’s proposal was also recently approved by the Chandigarh administration.

The reserve price was reduced by 10-20% after seeing the low response to CHB’s attempt to put the property for auction last year. These 270 properties are located in sectors 51, 63, 38 (west), 39 and Manimajra. Among the properties, 51 new apartments are being offered at auction, which has been part of the most expensive CHB housing project in the city. In addition, the commercial properties are also situated in Manimajra, Sector 51, 61 and Maloya that will be put up for auction.

A senior official said the property had been empty for years and its condition was also deteriorating. Since CHB could not auction this property for many years, it was decided to auction this property in stages.

Flats Offered at Varied Price Range-

After registration with CHB, interested parties have 10-15 days to apply for the auction.

For the real estate auction, the board has already set the base price of HIG apartment (rent) in sector 39 at Rs 1.05 crore. Likewise, the reserve price for the three-bedroom apartment in sector 63 was set at Rs 86.24 lakh. The price of a two-bedroom apartment in sector 51 is between Rs 80 and 84 lakh respectively. 

The reserve price for a 1 BHK apartment was set at 39.37 lakh and for EWS it was 24.35 lakh in Sector 49. Likewise, the reserve price for a 2 BHK apartment in sector 49 was set to vary from 69.86 lakh to 71.25 lakh. Taking into account the location of the floor.

The base price for a 2 BHK apartment in sector 63 is set at 67.29 lakhs. The base price for HIG (rental) apartments in sector 45-A is set at Rs 1.06 crore. Likewise, the price of a restaurant in Manimajra is also Rs 2.58 crore. The reserve price for a small corner stand (booth) is set at 97 lakhs.

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RLDA Invits Bids for Residential Tower in Chennai’s Wall Tax road

Railway plans residential tower in chennai’s wall tax road. RLDA is responsible for creating assets for Indian Railway by utilizing vacant railway land.

It seems that the railway is planning to invest a big capital in real estate. This investment will be a boost for the Chennai real estate sector. The railway will collaborate with several private developers to build commercial complexes and apartments. They will acquire a total of 7.5 acres of land and the complex will comprise various shops and a residential tower. The ground floor dedicated to shops and a variety of shops is build on an area of 1,167 square meters. The project is executed on the Wall Tax Road near MGR Central Railway Station. 

Towers will have dedicated floors

The advice of floor deviations are proposed by Rail Land Development Authority. Excluding ground, rest of the floors will be for residential apartments on Wall Tax Road. “RLDA is responsible for creating assets for Indian Railway by utilizing vacant railway land.

The price of site is finalized and is kept at Rs 4.18 Crore with a lease period of 45 years and procedure of bids from developers has started. Construction of residential and commercial complexes done in key areas like Ayanavaram and Pulianthope Railway Colony. These two pieces of land 2.4 acres each, situated in Ayanavaram Railway Colony along Duncan Road and Konnur High Road. The other two land pieces situated at Pulianthope and Wall Tax Road with an area of 0.27 acres and 2.09 acres. 

Since most of the vacant railway lands are located in major areas in proximity to public utilities. RLDA hopes to earn money by developing those vacant lands for commercial as well as residential use. 

RLDA second real estate project

It’s the second time that RLDA is developing a real estate project for commercial use in Chennai. The first project was proposed in September 2020, where approximately 3,600 sqm of land in East Tambaram was developed for real estate.

Words from RLDA Chairman-

According to Ved Prakash Dudeja, developing real estate at these sites will enhance the Chennai infrastructure. These upcoming projects will give a boost to Chennai’s real estate sector, local economy and create many employment opportunities.

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How Union Budget 2021 will benefit Real Estate?


Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman has finally announced Union Budget 2021 on February 1, 2021. Various policies and amendments are introduced. The government has introduced various reforms to boost the affordable housing sector as well. Let’s discuss how Union Budget 2021 will benefit real estate sector. 

How Real Estate will be benefited from Budget 2021?

Relaxation to Affordable Housing:-

In the budget of July 2019, the government cut the interest, corresponding to Rs 1.5 lakh, for the loan taken to buy affordable homes. Now, the Finance Minister (FM) has continued this deduction till another year i.e. 31 March 2022. An additional 1.5 lakh deductions will be available for loan taken to purchase an affordable home. This loan waiver will be discontinued after 31 March 2022.

To boost the supply of affordable houses, FM proposed that affordable housing projects can take advantage of tax holiday. This tax exemption is valid till 31 March 2022. 

Budget 2021 provides tax exemptions for notified affordable rental housing projects, this will contribute to the demand of affordable rental housing for expatriate professionals. Hence, union budget 2021 will benefit real estate in affordable housing sector. 


Debt Financing of InVITs and REITs by Foreign Portfolio Investors will be permitted by appropriate amendments in the respective legislation’s. This will increase the ease of finance for InVITs and REITs and thereby increase funding for the infrastructure and real estate sectors.

To boost the investment, the government in the last budget had removed the DDT (Dividend Distribution Tax) and it was made taxable in the hands of shareholders. 

But now dividend payment will be made to REIT/InvIT in addition to TDS, which will facilitate ease of compliance. 

The amount of dividend income for payment of advance tax cannot be properly calculated by the shareholders. But after the announcement of budget 2021, advance tax liability on dividend income will be applicable only after payment of dividend. Thus budget 2021 will benefit real estate in a financial way as well. 


The finance minister has proposed several points to boost the infrastructural development. In today’s scenario, 701 km of conventional metro is in working condition. Approximately 1,015 km of RRTS and metro is under development in 28 cities. The government also proposed a strategy for two new metro train technologies i.e, ‘MetroNeo’ and ‘MetroLite’ in Tier 2 cities and outer areas of Tier-1 cities. These metro projects are more cost-effective than common metro rail systems but provide similar convenience and experience. 

The centre government will provide funding to various infrastructural projects- 

Chennai Metro Railway Phase-II of 119 km, the estimated cost will be Rs 63,245 crore. 

Kochi Metro Railway Phase-II of 11.6 km, the estimated cost will be Rs 1,958 crore. 

Bengaluru Metro Railway Project Phase 2A and 2B of 59 km, the estimated cost will be Rs 14,789.

Nagpur Metro Rail Project Phase-II and Nashik Metro, the estimated cost will be Rs 5,977 crore and Rs 2,093 crore. Thus budget 2021 will benefit real estate in terms of infrastructure as well. 

Stressed Asset Resolution:-

The high degree of provision of banks in the public sector of their stressed assets requires measures to clean up the bank books. For this, an Asset Management and Asset Reconstruction Company would be set up to take over the previous stressed debt. Then manage and dispose of the assets to Alternative Investment Funds and other trustworthy investors for final value realization. 

Further NCLT framework will be made more robust and reliable, e-courts system will be established. Other policies for debt resolution and a dedicated framework for MSMEs are yet to be introduced. 

Union Budget 2021-22- A Silver Lining for Real Estate Sector!


Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is preparing to present the Union budget 2021-22 on February 1, 2021. It is expected that Union Budget 2021-22 would help to revive from COVID-19 setback in a feasible manner. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has hit almost every sector therefore something needs to be done for all sectors. Also people from different sectors presented many proposals and suggestions to the Minister of Finance during preliminary budget discussions.

The same is true for the real estate sector, as they have also placed their demand, like flexible income tax norms and reforms in Good and Services Tax (GST). They consider that central government and some state governments have announced a series of measures to develop the real estate sector, which was low for the last two or three years. It has helped to stimulate demand in the third quarter of the current financial year.

Effect of COVID-19 on Real Estate- 

Corona-virus has a severe hit on all industries including real estate sector. Insecurity of jobs has led many home buyers to postpone their property purchase. Many builders have extended the possession period due to delays in supply of construction material, shortage of workers, etc. Many retail and entertainment outlets has been closed temporarily, this has put the future commercial real estate on hold. Work from home trend has reduced the utilisation of office space in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai and other metropolitan cities.  

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Expectations from Union Budget 2021-22

Mr. Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, Founder and Chairman of the Bennet and Bernard Group, known for its luxury vacation homes in Goa, expressed his views on upcoming Union Budget 2021-22. He said “The real estate sector is a major pillar of India’s GDP, and has undergone substantial changes over last few years. We anticipate further easing of income tax reforms in the upcoming budget.

The sector also expect the government to implement various reforms and accelerate consumption to grant bank loans to ease liquidity. A lower home loan interest rates, stamp taxes, and lower registration fees, will significantly affect the cost of the project and will definitely motivate home buyers to purchase the property. 

After this epidemic, people realised the importance of large spaces and self-sufficient communities. This will definitely increase the desire to have bigger space for the same capital. Hence, places like Goa will surely attract the investors because it offers a number of amenities”. 

In conclusion, we expect the government would realise the problems of real estate sector. And will take the necessary measures to strengthen the real estate sector and development of solid infrastructure.

Connaught Place To Grab 2.5 Million sq ft New Workspace Soon


New Delhi, the spirit of India is the national capital and a political, social and artistic hotspot of the nation. The property in Delhi is persistently in demand irrespective of its relentlessly developing expenses and extending population. The capital city of India has experienced monstrous development in the past couple of years. Travelling from one place to another has become fluid and fast. Along with the refurbishment of New Delhi Railway Station, Connaught Place (CP) is likewise to get nearly 2.5 million sq. ft. of advanced commercial real estate supply in the following quarters.
The Railway Ministry intentions to renovate, around eight million sq ft of the New Delhi Railway Station. As informed by Ved Parkash Dudeja, Vice Chairman, Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA), the designer of the project will be permitted to utilize 2.5 million sq ft for commercial purposes. Resultantly, Connaught Place, which is a clamoring business hotspot in New Delhi, will have over two million sq ft of new advertisement space soon. Allegedly, the authority is the statutory expert for advancement of the vacant land for business purpose.
As educated by the sources, the whole undertaking will be financed by means of the money generated from the said business development. While the expense of the entire venture is evaluated to associate Rs 7,000 crore, the authority plans to compulsorily spend Rs 4,500 crore towards the redevelopment of station and workplaces essential for the working of railways.
According to an ongoing revelation made by CBRE, Delhi NCR, alongside with other markets of Bangalore and Hyderabad is relied upon to rule the business resources in 2020. While the improvement in Bangalore and Hyderabad is required to be amassed in the peripheral areas, Delhi NCR is probably going to witness new quantity in core areas as well.

YEIDA Proposes Business Centre Near Jewar Airport




Jewar Airport is a planned air terminal to be built in Jewar which is situated in the Gautam Budh Nagar region of Uttar Pradesh. The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) will be the enforcing firm on behalf of the Uttar Pradesh State Government.

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has intended to build up a business hub in Sector 29 in Greater Noida. The centre would disperse over a territory of 500 areas within the reach of forthcoming Jewar Airport and would establish the framework for real estate advancement in the city.

Taking cognition at the real estate deceleration in Greater Noida, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has suggested a business epicentre in Sector 29 in the city in vicinity to the impending Jewar International Airport. The project would incorporate a lavish handicrafts park and an expo mart alongside with a 200-acre textile hub that would usher the restoration of the sickly piece garment industry. The entire hotspot would have a potential of 300 commercial complexes and is foreseen to attract speculation worth Rs 3,000 crore.

YEIDA has additionally considered a shopping complex for Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The authority has assigned 300 acres of land division in Sector 29 for the advancement of the retail space that would showcase the products manufactured by the small-scale units. The scheduled conveyance for the project is in 2020, and the authority before long floats the tenders for its improvement.

Furthermore, the authority additionally aims to build up an aptitude advancement center over 2.4 acres of land. The center would offer professional courses to students to attain industrial training and diploma certificates. On the whole, the proposals by the authority would not only hike the new job opportunities but would also enhance the real estate inclination in Noida and Greater Noida markets.


Union Budget In Favor Of Real Estate

Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman publicized the Union Budget 2019-20, the first one post the General Elections 2019. Including all parts, especially the real estate industry, were seeking answers to pro-industry announcements from the Government and more income tax incentives for home buyers. While a portion of the industry expectations have been fulfilled, others still remain deprived.


1) Concentrate on affordable housing

Advancing with the Government’s push to affordable housing section, the Finance Minister declare a sum of around 1.5 crore rural homes have thus far been developed under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Centre additionally proposed to construct 1.95 crore reasonable homes under phase-2 of the flagship scheme between 2019 and 2022. These houses will come well equipped with amenities such as toilets, electricity and gas connection.

On the contrary, Sitharaman proposed that under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Urban, more than 81 lakh homes have been approved until this point, 26 lakh houses have been developed, and 24 lakh homes have been delivered to the recipients. As many as 47 lakh homes are currently under-construction.

2) Model tenure law to hike rental housing

Regardless of restated pleas by numerous industry stakeholders, the need of planning a Rental Housing Policy has been a long overdue demand . Fortunately, the similar has been described in Union Budget 2019-20 with the Government announcing to finalize a ‘model tenancy law’, which will characterize the connection between the renter and lessor and circulate it to the States. This move will not just give a push to rental housing across the nation but will likewise protect the interest of both tenant and landlord associations.
3) Boosting infrastructure and connectivity

In a gigantic push towards infrastructure and connectivity, the government allotted Rs 100 lakh crore to infrastructure development in the country, more than twice of what it proposed in the Interim Budget 2019. The assets will be utilized to reconstruct the National Highways Programme and upgrade railway infrastructure for better connectivity through numerous schemes such as industrial corridors, Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) and UDAN. The choice will unquestionably hike the real estate industry and help in initiating employment opportunities.

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BOP launches Real Estate Boutiques

The new Metro City for the price of an ordinary car, £3,250.
A very ambitious and unique project has been announced by a Better Option Propmart(BOP) a Delhi based Real Estate Management and Advisory firm. They are set to launch 15 Real Estate ‘boutique’ across the Northern India.

These will be first of its kind boutiques and will be known as ‘BOP Studio’. The idea is based on the model of any walk-in-store for property consultancy and purchase. It will have sit –in-consultants who will provide detailed and free counseling to every customer. The ambience will be of any high class store and will have the database of various projects in North India.

The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Amit Mavi said on the occasion, “You could walk-in, avail yourself of our free real estate consultancy and still not buy any property being showcased. Our aim is to bring the ‘consumer durable shopping experience’ to real estate buyers. We expect people to perceive BOP as a real estate advisory service provider rather than a mere property seller.”

The initial investment in the project is said to be huge that of at least 60 lacs per studio on the infrastructure alone. The firm plans to open 2,000 square feet street outlets at most of the hot spot destinations for Real Estate like Agra, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Noida,  Meerut and others.

The studios will yield profit if they handle at least 10 projects every year and achieve sales of Rs. 150 cr per city. The financial engagement looks tough more so for Tier II cities as the average realization from residential projects there is lower than that in metro cities.

Will this idea become successful, only time will tell?

Beary’s Group Bags Prestigious Prize

A Bangalore based residential project has won the runner up award by the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). ‘Bearys Lakeside Habitat’, a twin tower residential project was awarded the prestigious award on May 27 at Bali, Indonesia.

Photo by [ecpark]
The ceremony was held in the presence of the President and the First lady of the Republic of Indonesia along with many other renowned developers and dignitaries especially flown in from around the world.

The project promoted by the Bearys Group, ‘Lakeside Habitat’ that welcomes you to the city as you drive into it from the airport is the only Indian project to win this award this year. This is not the first time that Lakeside Habitat has won an award; it has been recognized on many previous occasions also.

There were fifty-four projects chosen from across 11 countries to compete for the coveted Prix d’ Excellence award 2010.

The award was received by the Director of Beary’s Group, Mr. Siddique Beary.

Indian Real Estate has once again a reason to rejoice.

Sunil Mantri Group Announces The Square

The textile capital of India Sholapur has a reason to rejoice. Sunil Mantri Group, a leading real estate development company with pan-India presence in association with Kumar Yashraj Group, a leading Sholapur-based developer, has announced its new project “The Square” with an aim to set new bench marks in the western zone.

Week 04 - Lomond Shores - 0075 HDR
Photo by Alan Caldwell
The project will incorporate top of the line amenities, security and design aspects and is the first of its type in Sholapur that will encompass residential, commercial and retail real estate segments creating a unique neighborhood in the center of the city where residents of the city can relax, shop, and enjoy fine dining in a modern setting. The Square will be spread across 27,000 sq. meters.

The Square, a juxtaposition of Residential & Retail, constitutes  flats of 2 , 2.5 and 3 bedroom configuration and more than 180 shops, a major anchor retail outlet, and a hyper mart on a total area of 2,81,000 sq feet. Situated on the main road, it gives easy accessibility, luring consumers to the premises. The Square also introduces a modern food court with fine dine facilities and a shopping arcade for a totally relaxing environment to chill out in.

Mr. Sunil Mantri, Chairman, Sunil Mantri Group said on the occasion, “Tier II and Tier III cities in India have tremendous potential. We see great opportunity in smaller cities and we are confident about the success of our Sholapur project. At The Square, we look forward to making available premium lifestyle offerings in southern Maharashtra. Our experience has lead to a greater understanding of the demands of ultra-modern living and we are committed towards creating landmarks of exemplary design, comfort and quality that benchmark the highest standards of urban living.”

The plush arrangements for the club house and modern gymnasium, box cricket, children’s play area, swimming pool and landscape grounds studded across The Square creates a self-contained world of extravagance and indulgence for all its residents and offers them all the amenities and facilities of modern living within its premises.

The Square promises to be a combination wherein nature and urban living co-exist with modern and premium amenities in the center of the city.

Amrapali Group announces “Amrapali Leisure Valley” Independent Villas in Noida Extension

Till now Noida extension was only having war between budget home providers. Adding to the current construction war in Noida Extension Amrapali group recently added new Category “Independent villas“. Today In leading newspapers through Full page ad Amarapali Group announced a Project Having Luxurious Independent Villas in Noida Extension. Name of the project is yet not announced but According to the sources it’ll be called “Amrapali Leisure Valley“.It will have around 71 Acres of open area. At its name suggests It will have many Leisure facilities like golf,cricket academy, Club, Pool facility.

For More details and Booking Visit

New Courses In Real Estate

IDS National Institute of Real Estate Management (IDS NIREM) has come with an idea to develop human resources for the Indian realty sector focusing on Real Estate Education, Training, Consulting & Research. Acknowledging the urgent need for specialization in realty management education it recently launched a PG Diploma course in Commercial Real Estate (PGD-CRE).

fresh off the stage
Photo by Foxtongue
It will be a one year distance learning course patterned on MBA in Real Estate. IDS NIREM also proposes the course at diploma and certificate level.

The Diploma course will be offered in two divisions. First is for those who want to commence their career in real estate including the fresh graduates and MBA’s. Second, for already existing real estate professionals who either want to amplify their learning or want to ace in commercial property sector. This course will focus on knowledge as well as practical skills to analyze, acquire, finance, and operate realty sector resources.

NIREM promises to provide PG level degree, diploma and certificate courses along with MDPs, Consulting and Research in different fields of real estate. In addition to these learning programs, it also plans to develop touchstones for real estate sector, retail & institutional investors and other stakeholders

The courses offered are:

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Commercial Real Estate
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Real Estate Sales & Agency Management

Diploma courses

  • Diploma in Commercial Real Estate
  • Diploma in Real Estate Sales

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Real Estate Management
  • Certificate in Commercial Real Estate

Emaar MGF Launches New Project in NCR

Photo by paul goyette
India`s one of the leading Real Estate Developers, Emaar MGF Land, recently announced the launch of a new mid-income family housing project `Palm Hills` in NCR.

It will be located on NH-8 at a prime location in Sector 77, Gurgaon. The total investment will be Rs 500 cr on an area spread over 29 acres with the scenic view of the Aravalli Hills.Palm Hills are located at only a 20 min drive from Delhi`s International Airport and surrounded with green landscaped areas with Spanish styling architecture.

Palm Hills offers to house about 1250 units with an expectation to rise up to Rs 3,850 cr. With a starting price of Rs 48 lacs the company has already sold 650 units in the first phase. These apartments will give a feeling of a villa with unique features that no other developer serves. These will include 3BHK and 4BHK apartments with 1450sq ft to 1950 sq ft per villa. The villas have efficient floor plans and offer the choice to make amendments to maximize living space.

“The launch of Palm Hills marks the obligation of Emaar MGF to continuously develop properties with modern design concepts and gives the experience of living in a gated master planned community a new definition.”  Said Mr. Shravan Gupta, Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Emaar MGF. He further added that “The exhilarating response on the very first day of the project launch is an indication to the predominating huge demand for quality housing in the mid-market segment”.

The rocketing success of Emaar MGF can be guessed by taking a look at their reserves. They have a land bank of 11,340 acres including the Commonwealth Games Village. They are currently working on 29 projects.

Emaar MGF which is a joint venture between domestic firm MGF and Dubai-based Emaar Properties is planning to utilize Rs 1,972 cr for part re-payment of debt of over Rs 5,800 cr. It will also be investing Rs 276.8 cr in paying development and license renewal charges in the coming year.

Jaypee Group Announces Wish-Town Kensington Park – Residential Plots in Noida

Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Construction major Jai Prakash Associates (Jay pee Greens) has announced new residential plots – The Kensington Park in Sector 133, Noida. The project is located in prime location with Jaypee Wish-Town along the Greater Noida Expressway providing excellent connectivity to areas of South Delhi (Apolo Hospital: 10-15 minutes and AIIMS: 20-25 minutes drive).

The plots are available in the sizes 153, 209, 239, 298, 363, and 538 sq yards. The pricing is very attractive at Rs 42,000 per sq. yard. Currently an inaugural discount is available of Rs 3,000 per sq. yards bringing down the price to Rs 39,000 per sq. yard. An additional 10% discount is also available on down payment.

For further information or booking please visit:

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    • Bimaldeep Guest House (<20km),
    • Ongc Guest House (<20km),
    • Nirulas (<11km),
    • Hotel Rama (<11km),
    • Rama Hotel (<11km),
    • Hotel Saffron Heights (<11km),
    • Hotel Radison (<11km),
    • Radisson Mbd Hotel (<12km),
    • Mbd Radisson Hotel (<12km),
    • Hotel Raddison (<12km),
    • Hotel Radisson M B D (<12km),
    • Shipra Hotel (<12km)
  • Offices

    • Taj Express Highway Project Office (<3km),
    • Vaid Madir Kutiya Office (Satender Yadav Working Chandan Friend) (<5km),
    • Ipolicy Networks (<6km),
    • Jazzs Office (<6km),
    • Ravimarathe Ka Office (<6km)
  • Schools & Colleges

    • Lotus Valley School (<6km),
    • Lotus Valley International School (<6km),
    • Silvertone School (<6km),
    • Ayush Keshans College (<8km),
    • Degree College (<8km),
    • Govt. Degree College (<10km),
    • College Of Advanced Software Engineering (<10km),
    • Corporate Office + Mba College (<12km),
    • Dev Typing College (<12km)

* All distances are approximate is a winner again! - Website of the Year 2009We are excited to announce that has been voted the best real estate website of the year for the second year in a row!, launched in Jan 2008, continues its tradition of innovative and affordable advertising in real estate. We would like to thank you for your continued support in making us the best website yet again in our second year (also voted best in 2008).

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Thank you for making us the best real estate website has been voted India’s best real estate website for 2008 among 12 nominees in the real estate category. The Website of the Year awards are the largest annual ‘people’s choice’ website awards organised by MetrixLab, in association with Neilsen. Over 1.5 million Indian Internet users participated in this year’s poll. The full press release is available here.

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