Homes under Rs 50 lakh in Delhi NCR

With its towering housing stock and upcoming infrastructure projects, the National Capital Region (NCR) presents an intriguing lure for prospective homeowners. This area has numerous housing options, from affordable homes to opulent, high-end residences. Nonetheless, offers you a list of some of the best locations to invest in Delhi NCR for less than Rs 50 lakh, all while keeping your budget in mind.

Many new locations have gained prominence lately as the Delhi Metro expands into far-flung parts of the National Capital Region (NCR). Other factors that have contributed significantly to growth include the launch of affordable housing projects, better road connectivity, and a greater emphasis on infrastructure. “National Highway (NH)-24, Greater Noida, Greater Noida West, and Yamuna Expressway are some of the best locations for homebuyers in Delhi NCR,” says Suresh Garg, CMD of Nirala World and Secretary of CREDAI Western UP. End users are now driving the market, so developers are concentrating on keeping it going by providing affordable homes in these areas. Infrastructure development has also had an impact on real estate expansion. “For those looking to purchase a home in Delhi NCR for less than Rs 50 lakh, these are the top five neighborhoods.  

NH-24 (National Highway -24) 

NH-24, sometimes known as “the lifeline of Ghaziabad,” has been an essential catalyst for growth in several communities along its path. “Siddharth Vihar, close to NH-24, is a developing area that meets the demands for homebuyers at reasonable costs,” continues Garg. Housing societies long NH-24 have average property values of approximately Rs 3,700 per square foot, following a nearly 15% YoY price rise. The region has grown by almost 18% over the previous five years, and its potential will continue to increase even more with the impending metro extension in Indirapuram.

Noida Extension (Greater-Noida West) 

Greater Noida West, formerly known as Noida Extension, is now a popular option for reasonably priced real estate. The extension of the metro link from Noida to Greater Noida has been one of the primary factors driving the region’s growth. Additionally, some of the earlier worries of home buyers have been put to bed by the resolution of land acquisition issues. Prominent developers, including Gaurs Group, Mahagun Group, and Ace Group, have created several affordable housing projects in the region, and the pace at which the infrastructure is developing there is astounding. The development of Jewar Airport and the connectivity provided by the Noida-Greater Expressway have improved the area’s positive aspects. “The proposed commercial development, the metro terminal at Bodaki, and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project promise to create a lot of job opportunities in the region, which would further boost its real potential,” states Ashudeep Batra, vice president of operations at Exotica Housing. 

 The most popular configuration is the 2 BHK, with average prices rising by nearly 50%, from Rs 4,500 per sq ft square to 5,800 per sq ft. 

New Gurgaon

Sectors of New Gurgaon are suitable for end-use and investment due to their strategic location and connectivity via NH-8. In addition, building the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) could contribute to the region’s expansion. Between Sectors 81 and 95, the entire area is currently seeing the construction of numerous residential and commercial projects. As the city’s civic infrastructure improves, New Gurgaon will likely become one of the most sought-after neighborhoods. The home values in the micro-market have grown annually by more than 45% and are currently between Rs 5,000 and Rs 6,300 per square foot. The State government’s decision to relocate Kherki Daula Toll Plaza to Pachgaon would help alleviate the area’s heavy vehicular traffic. 

The Raj Nagar Extension

The extension of Raj Nagar, like many other parts of Ghaziabad, has been developing quickly. “Over the past few years, Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad has attracted many home buyers looking at quality housing but unable to afford a property in NCR, “says Anuj Goel, Executive Director of KDP Infrastructure. Raj Nagar Extension is a haven for homebuyers thanks to its many upcoming infrastructure projects, better connectivity, and affordable housing developments. It is the hub of industry, commerce, and education in the western United Provinces and has excellent road connectivity. The Raj Nagar Extension links NH 91 and NH-58 via the six-lane Meerut Bypass. In addition, an elevated road connects the township to Delhi. The green belt beside the Hindon River is another major draw.”


Many of the previously remote areas of Faridabad no longer have connectivity issues thanks to the Delhi Mtero’s extension of service from Badarpur to Escorts Mujesar. Investors are showing a renewed interest in exploring different sectors in Faridabad. Nehar Par is one of the neighborhoods experiencing rapid growth, with an average property price of Rs 4,100 per square foot. 

Your first-time home-buying checklist in Delhi NCR 

If you have this home-buying checklist handy when closing a deal, investing in real estate in Delhi NCR can be profitable! What you should know is as follows: 

  • Delays in possession 

Possession delays in metropolitan real estate are a well-known problem. In Delhi NCR, whether you are opening a store in a business district or purchasing your first house, be ready for delays in possession. When there are delays, the builder or developer usually requests an extension of six months. But this problem primarily affects impending and new housing developments; it rarely affects properties for sale. 

  • Potential for resale 

Opportunities for real estate are plentiful in a bustling city like Delhi NCR. New developments with better features, amenities, and handy locations. Before completing the purchase of your first property, research the property’s potential for resale and determine whether selling it at a good time will help you financially. 

  • Building Caliber 

Shocking footage of a 20-year-old, four-story building collapsing in the Bhajanpura neighborhood of Delhi-NCR flooded media channels in March 2023. Even though no one was hurt, this incident raised questions regarding the quality and standards. Nonetheless, trustworthy developers and builders with proven designs are accessible in Delhi NCR. The three most important factors to consider when buying a property in Delhi NCR are construction quality, development review, and brand value. 

The NCR region has seen tremendous change in recent years due to new highways like the Dwarka Expressway and Greater Noida Expressway, along with metro extensions like the Aqua Line and Rapid Metro. Before making a choice, prospective homeowners should perform extensive research and due diligence because the listed area’s popularity is due to numerous factors. 

Yamuna Expressway is a real estate goldmine, luring investors in with the prospect of lucrative returns.

The Yamuna Expressway area is developing into a vibrant and promising real estate market, and investors need to take advantage of the opportunities in this cutting-edge environment. The area is undergoing a metamorphosis, and future projects and the prospect of rich returns make it a sought-after center for real estate development.

As the real estate market shifts, wise investors are paying attention to the advantageous opportunities the Yamuna Expressway location offers. The Yamuna Expressway corridor is a real estate investment hotspot because of its solid infrastructure and strategic location.

The wide range of prices offered by properties in the Yamuna Expressway real estate market satisfies the needs of buyers seeking both luxury and affordable properties. Several properties at Yamuna Expressway cater to the mid-segment of real estate buyers and are priced between Rs. 45 lakh and Rs. 90 lakh, while prices for the luxury segment soar to Rs. 2.25 crore. The region has seen over 63.9% growth in investments over the last five years, with some real estate projects seeing growth as high as 48% in a year. Due to the region’s strategic development initiatives, expanding economic clout, and rising real estate demand, investors are pouring money into this area in droves. 

The key to this development is the soon-to-be Noida International Airport at Jewar, which will become the biggest airport in Asia. The region is a top option for individuals looking for exciting real estate opportunities because of the convergence of revolutionary developments and the vision of a prosperous future.

With its excellent connectivity and proximity to Delhi-NCR, the Yamuna Expressway is a prime location for real estate development and investment. Its well-planned location guarantees easy to major business centers, academic institutions, and medical facilities. 

The Yamuna Expressway corridor offers a variety of investment opportunities for novice and experienced real estate investors, ranging from residential complexes to commercial spaces and industrial zones. World-class roads, transportation hubs, and smart city projects are a few of the ongoing infrastructure improvements that make the area more appealing to investors and give them hope for long-term growth and value appreciation.

The Yamuna Expressway is quickly becoming a center of the economy, drawing significant businesses and creating jobs. Residential, commercial, and industrial space demand has increased due to this economic growth, making real estate investment profitable. 

The government’s proactive policies and incentives have further enhanced the Yamuna Expressway’s investment potential. It is a desirable location for individuals looking to make a safe and profitable investment because of the advantageous circumstances that investors can benefit from, such as tax advantages and expedited approval procedures. Even analysts anticipate that property appreciation will continue to trend positively in the upcoming years. The Yamuna Expressway will likely yield significant returns on real estate investments for investors as economic activity and infrastructure develop. 

Ace Group, a reputable real estate brand, is poised to significantly impact the crucial development of the Yamuna Expressway corridor with its much-awaited upcoming project. The Ace Group was founded in 2010 and has had an incredible history of success ever since. Since its inception, Ace Group has built on a foundation of accomplishments and has completed projects totaling over 15 million square feet, including the massive 50-acre Ace Palm Floors Township. The Ace Group is working on projects totaling approximately 17 million square feet, including joint ventures. Residential projects like Ace Platinum, Ace City, Ace Aspire, Ace Golfshire, Ace Divino, Ace Parkway, and Ace Palm Floors are among their varied portfolio highlights, and they all received positive feedback from delighted clients. With projects like City Square, Ace Studio, Ace Capitol, and Ace Medley Avenue, Ace Group has made a lasting impression in the commercial sector. Ace Group, a prominent real estate company, is about to make an impressive move into the Yamuna Expressway corridor, reshaping the surrounding area.

Ace Group, a reputable company known for its timely and high-quality project delivery, presents its next project on the Yamuna Expressway as an alluring prospect for investors and end users. This new project, which marks a new chapter in the dynamic evolution of the Yamuna Expressway corridor, embodies Ace Group’s dedication to excellence with an eye toward the region’s ongoing transformation and the possibility of planned infrastructure enhancements. 

Things you should know about GST in Real Estate

Centre's FY22 GST compensation amount should be higher than projected Rs  1.58 lakh crore: Opp-ruled states - The Economic Times


In 2000, the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then prime minister of India, initiate a committee to draft new indirect tax law and i.e. GST which stands for Goods and Services Tax. It was launched to replace multiple indirect taxes in India. Such as excise duty, value-added tax (VAT), services tax, purchase tax, octroi, entry tax, luxury tax, and so on. Here, propertywala brings every fact and figure that you should know about GST in real estate.


The Goods and Service Tax Act was driven in Parliament on 29th March 2017 but it came into effect on 1st July 2017. It is the only tax that applies all over India and imposes on the supply of certain goods and services. However, GST does not replace customs duty, which is still required on imported goods and services. Different categories of products and services attract different tax rates under GST.

Now, we will go ahead with the GST regime which is given by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, In his words, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is “a path-breaking legislation for New India”. Then, GST is not just a tax reform but a milestone in realizing Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s dream of building ‘Ek Bharat – Shrestha Bharat’.


1. It is applicable to under-constructed flats only.
2. It is because the GST does not cover the real estate sector under its range. Therefore, the tax rate applicable on a property is charged under ‘work contracts.

1. GST does not apply to ready-to-move-in flats, plots, and lands.
2. Upon completion and receiving the occupancy certificate i.e.(OC), the property is categorized as ready to move in. That is why a developer cannot charge GST on selling ready-to-move-in homes.


Everyone has a dream of a house. Well! It is fine if you are planning to buy a property. Because buying the right property is one of the biggest achievements in life. So, home buyers in India have to pay GST on the purchase of under-construction properties such as flats, apartments, and bungalows. Before hurrying on to the process, the foremost thing you must ask yourself is, “what is the GST rate on real estate?

Affordable housing1% without ITC (Input Tax Credit)
Non-affordable housing5% without ITC
According to the table, if the property is affordable,  the GST rate from April  2019 is only 1% without ITC. Also, for non-affordable housing, the GST rate is 5% without ITC.


Input Tax Credit refers to the tax already paid by a person on any purchase of goods and/or services that are used or may use for business. Therefore, it is available as a deduction from tax payable.


According to government norms, housing units worth up to Rs 45 lakhs are referred to as affordable housing in metro cities in which carpet area measures up to 60 sq. meters. The Delhi-National Capital Region, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, the Mumbai-Kolkata are categorized as metropolitan regions. A housing unit in non-metro cities barring to be an affordable house, if it costs up to Rs 45 lakhs and has a carpet area of up to 90 square meters as mentioned in the given table.

METROSup to  Rs. 45 lakhs60 sq./m
NON- METROSbelow Rs.4590 sq./m


  1. It does not subsume the stamp duty and registration charges, which you still have to pay.
  2. Seller increases the cost of ready-to-move-in properties to factor in the GST cost. So, overall the under-constructed properties are still cheaper than ready-to-move-in properties. 

That’s all you need to know about GST when it comes to real estate.

Golf Courses Woo Top-End Buyers in Mumbai

Housing sector in Mumbai, it seems, set to be golf – oriented. Along with golf courses, other sports facilities are also becoming must- amenities.

Golf courses do have an impact on the property sale.

Golf courses do have an impact on the property sale.

MUMBAI: In Mumbai and its neighborhood areas, golf courses are slowly becoming a necessary amenity. This is true especially for the top-end housing projects.

There is a higher demand for housing projects which have golf courses. Seeing this increased demand, the builders are also coming up with such projects. They use golf courses as a means to persuade the buyers to their projects now.

Though Golf courses are considered to be the sign and symbol of luxury now, there are only a few golf courses in Mumbai. Unlike Delhi-NCR, Bangalore or other top cities, the commercial capital lacks golf courses. Though main reason is land scarcity, excessive land price also matters.

Right now there are three 18-hole golf facilities in the city. Two of them are in South Mumbai, while one is at Chembur. Willington Sports Club and United Services Club are the two South Mumbai golf courses. Bombay Presidency Golf Course is located in Chembur. Continue reading

Hot Investment Destinations in the Delhi NCR

Offering higher returns to the investors, properties in Delhi NCR remain one of the most sought after options of investment. Investors in the Delhi NCR are keen to invest even on residential plots as well.

Investment in Delhi NCR properties increases.

Investment in Delhi NCR properties increases as it offers better returns to the investors.

Delhi NCR is one of the top real estate investment destinations in India. The city offers higher returns to the investors and so there are many investors who remain keen to invest in the properties in this region.

According to a recent survey, nearly one-fourth of the property investors are attracted to Delhi NCR which is second hotter destination after Mumbai. The area offers around 90% of returns to the investors.

Among the investment options in the Delhi NCR, Dwarka Expressway Corridor is the best and most sought after real estate investment destination. The area’s growth is well-supported by the infrastructure development and the location advantages. Continue reading

Commercial Real Estate Office Space Demand Regains Pace



Demand for space in commercial real estate sector is reviving after the earlier setbacks in the primary quarters of the year 2012.  Seven prominent commercial hubs of India showed a greater pace of growth in the third quarter of 2012.  The third quarter which longs from July-to-September quarter, witnessed an A-Grade office space absorption by the major commercial real estate hubs on India. Continue reading

Sayaji Hotels Ltd to Invest Rs100 Crores in Pune; Plans to Expand Operations

On completion of two years in Pune, Sayaji Hotels Ltd is planning to invest Rupees100 crore in Pune. . “This expansion will be completed by September 2012
with a total investment of Rs 100 crore” said, Sajid Dhanani, MD, Sayaji Hotels Ltd. The group is planning to expand its operations with a sports and cultural club, restaurant, mall, meeting and conference facilities and service apartments.
“The demand for hotels and restaurants is increasing at a good rate in Pune. Dhanani’s estimate is 22 per cent as far as hotel business is concerned. Though supply of rooms in the last two-three years has increased considerably, the restaurant business is on the rise far more speedily.
Moreover, Sayaji Hotels further plans to influence the brand image it has created in Pune by exploring in other locations like Bangalore, Chennai and Gurgaon wherein majority of its customers come from automobile, Information Technology and Engineering industries. It also has plans to expand Barbeque Nation brand from current 18 divisions in the country to around 33 divisions by the end of the year. The new Barbeque Nation restaurants will be opened in majorly in metropolitan seven cities such as Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune. The group’s turnover was roughly around Rupees 190 crore for the financial year 2010-11.

Amrapali Group is the Developer of the Year – NCR /Noida

Rajiv Gandhi Realty Excellence Awards 2010 were organized by Pehchan- nurturing the girl child. Pehchan is an NGO working towards the education of girl child since 2002. This award was introduced to honor the construction companies and builders who provide affordable houses to people.

SVP Builder (I) Ltd., a real estate developer in Delhi-NCR secured the position of Best Regional Developer. Sunil Jindal, CEO, SVP Group was handed the award by Mr. Praveen Singh Aron, the Chief Guest of the ceremony. He is an MP from Bareilly and Member, Standing Committee on Urban Development in Parliament.

Delhi Apartments Pvt. Ltd won award for Developer of the year. Supertech India Limited secured the place of Environment Friendly Project of the Year. Jaypee Greens has been awarded the Best Upcoming Integrated Township of the Year. Amrapali Group is the Developer of the Year – NCR /Noida. And finally, Raheja Developers Limited was privileged with the Life Time Achievement Award.