What Are The Different Ways Of Increasing Production On The Same Piece Of Land?

There are two approaches: one is through multiple cropping, and the other is through modern farming techniques. These two methods are dealt with in greater detail in the following response. 

What is Multiple cropping? 

Planning two or more types of crops in the same field is known as multi-cropping. It is also known as polyculture. These crop species typically have overlapping growth cycles. 

However, there is another type of multi-cropping known as intercropping. It entails planting multiple crops in the same field during similar growing seasons. 

Multi-cropping is most common in small fields where the goal is to feed the farm’s family or community while trading off certain crops outside. This kind of system usually relies on locally improved cultivars. 

Multiple Cropping Methods 

Multiple cropping can fall one of the following ways: 

  • Monoculture is planting similar crops in the same field over a year, such as rice beans, followed by beans, and kale after Kale. 
  • Duoculture is planting two competing crops in the same field at different times of the year.
  • Polyculture is planting more than two different types of crops in the same field in the same year. 

Advantages of Multiple Cropping 

It benefits the environment, the farmers, and the country where it occurs. Here is a list of some of the additional benefits you can expect when you embrace multiple cropping:

  • It boosts harvests. 
  • It increases exports.
  • It increases foreign exchange.
  • It aids in the control of weeds. 
  • It helps to maintain and improve soil fertility.
  • Reduces pests and diseases when compared to monocropping
  • Multi-product manufacturing is possible simultaneously. 
  • Ensures that families around the globe have a balanced diet.
  • It serves as a more effective source of soul use. 
  • It increases the yield per unit of land. 

Disadvantages of Multi-Cropping

Even though it has several advantages, the following are some of the disadvantages to be aware of:

  • Pests and even diseases can easily cause it.
  • It is difficult to make use of the current technological innovations. 
  • Pests and diseases can easily spread from one crop to another. 
  • Weed control is never easy. 

Modern farming methods

Selective breeding, high capital input, labor with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and insecticides, and the significant use of agricultural equipment such as harvesters, winnowing machines, and threshers are all part of modern farming methods. Modern agricultural techniques are increasing production in almost every industry. One of the major disadvantages of modern farming methods is that the excessive use of chemicals with the assistance of machinery reduces soil fertility. 

Modern Farming Techniques

In the second half of the twentieth century, what became known as modern agriculture was extremely successful in supplying food to the world’s growing population. Primary crop yields, such as rice and wheat, increased significantly, food prices fell, crop yields generally kept up with population growth, and the proportion of people frequently living without food remained modest. 

The development of new crops, the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and the construction of extensive irrigation systems are just a few of the technological advances and scientific discoveries that have contributed to this increase in food production. 

Modern Farming Methods Have Drawbacks 

Modern farming methods have undoubtedly given Indian agriculture a competitive advantage. However, there are several disadvantages to using this agriculture technique.

The following are some of the disadvantages of modern farming methods:

  • Chemical fertilizers are frequently required in modern agriculture, resulting in annual degradation of soil quality. 
  • Precipitation dissolves approximately 50% of the nitrates in crop-growing chemical fertilizers. 
  • Nitrate dissolved in water enters streams via runoff from land. 

Which Capital Would You Consider The Best Land Labour Physical Capital, And Human Capital?

Land, labor, physical capital, and human capital are the four elements that a country requires to produce commodities and services. However, determining which of these elements is the best is difficult because each component contributes differently to the manufacturing process. 

Human capital is an individual’s knowledge, skills, experience, and creativity, all of which contribute to their ability to create economic value. It is regarded as the most valuable resource for organizations and economics because it fosters innovation, production, and growth. 

Human capital development, education, and training can increase productivity, competitiveness, and economic growth. 


Water, minerals, and forests are natural resources used in manufacturing. The land is required because it contains the resources needed to produce goods and services. The land is essential for growing food, building structures, and manufacturing goods. In contrast, land is scarce, and its value depends on demand. As a result, while land is necessary for production, it is not always the best option. 


Labors refers to the physical and mental effort put in by workers during the manufacturing process. The quantity and quality of labor available determine the number of items produced. Increased worker productivity and production contribute to an increase in goods and services output. Furthermore, labor is a mobile factor that can easily shift from one industry to another depending on the quantity of labor demand. However, labor may not be the most important factor because education, training, and health, among other things, influence the quality and quantity of available labor. 

Physical Capital

Physical capital includes all human-created resources used in the manufacturing process, such as infrastructure, tools, and machines. Physical capital is important because it increases labor productivity, thereby boosting output. It is possible to trade for profit as with any other trade good. Maintaining physical capital, on the other hand, can be costly and require a significant investment. Physical capital is, therefore, occasionally the best choice.  

Human capital

Human capital refers to the knowledge, skills, and characteristics that enable a person to be productive in production. Human capital is an important component of the industrial process because it raises labor standards, which increases productivity. Furthermore, because human capital is a mobile component, shifting from one industry to another is simple when labor needs change. 

Human capital refers to a person’s knowledge, skills, experience, creativity, and ability to create economic value. It is regarded as the best resource for businesses and economies because it fosters creativity, output, and growth. Investing in human education, training, and human capital development efforts can boost economic growth, competitiveness, and productivity. 

Furthermore, human capital is becoming increasingly important in today’s knowledge-based economy, where firms and organizations rely on the intellectual competence of their employees to gain a competitive advantage. Because of the rapid pace of technological advancement and the appearance of automation, the value of human capital will only rise as the demand for sophisticated knowledge and skills grows. 

Consider the most valuable assets: land, labor, physical capital, and human resources.

Finally, the appropriate production factor will vary depending on the economic conditions. Even if each component is critical, the best factor will spend on the amount invested, the degree of demand, and the specific calls for the economy. Human capital is regarded as the most valuable resource because it improves labor quality and productivity. 

Furthermore, because human capital is a movable asset from one industry to another based on labor requirements, investing in human capital can yield significant returns and is essential for an economy’s long-term growth and progress. 

Dharitri Assam Land Records Online

On May 10, 2023, the Union Rural Development Ministry (URDM) announced the formation of a task force for land governance in North-Eastern states. On May 3rd, at the Conference “ Land Governance in the Northeastern States” in Guwahati, Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and Tripura all agreed that modernization and digitization of land records are critical to district development. While these initiatives have gained traction in some parts of Assam, others, such as the Karbi Anglong Autonomous District Council, the Bodoland Territorial Council, and the Bodoland Territorial Council, remain behind. 

Dharitri Assam Land Records (ধাৰী অসম ভূমি অভিলেখ )

Dharitri Assam Land Records is an online portal that ensures the smooth transfer and registration of all Assam land records processes. The Assam government provides land information, such as mutation, partition, conversion, reclassification of land records, and land revenue collection. 

It also ensures that communication with the Revenue Circle, Sub-register, Deputy Commissioners’ offices, and the Directorate of Land Records is as smooth as possible. It will appear in Jamabandi Assam. 

Assam Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS) Goal 

The Assam state government’s Integrated Land Records Management System, or Dharitree (or Dharritri) portal, integrates land-related information. The information it provides is as follows: 

  • Registration and Transference of Land 
  • Periodic updating of Land records, land conversion, and reclassification. 
  • Land tax collection. 

What Citizen Services are Available in Dharitree Assam?

Dharitree Assam offers an array of customer-centric services through its online portal, as stated below:

  • Online property registration eliminates the need to visit a land registration office. 
  • Obtaining a NOC and tracking its status before purchasing a property to make sure there are no legal disputes. 
  • Updating land records online, such as mutation and reclassification, through Dharitri Assam online portal. 
  • This online portal manages the entire land revenue collection process, ensuring maximum security.

How to Look Up Dharitri Assam Land Records Online 

The digitization of Dharitree land records has made many things easier. It is now possible to check land records in five simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the official ILRMS website. If the page is in Assamese, you will have the option to translate the page to English if you would like. There was a lot of Assamese on the page.  

Step 2: When you arrive at this page, click the “Deposit” or “Jamabandi” button. 

Step 3: Once you complete this second step, you will redirect to another page. Now, the next step is to select the district for which you want to pull out the land records. 

Step 5: Click a district to go to another page. On this new page, you will identify and select your circle name. It is best to gather this information when your circle is new to you. 

Step 5: After you have chosen your circle, you must select a name for your village. After you have chosen your town, you need to select the year for which you want the land record. 

The LRMS Land Registration Procedure

The quickest way to register for ILRMS is to download the Dharitree Assam app on your mobile device. To finish the registration process, log in to the app with your ID and password and enter all required information. 

How do I Land Records in Assam Offline?

If the name of the Assamese village does not appear in the list on the Dharitree Assam online portal, you must contact the relevant circle office. It is because some land records have yet to be digitized, even though over 26,000 village maps in Assam have made it to the Dharitree Assam portal. To get a paper copy, go to the nearest Circle office and fill out an application. 

Assam Dharitree Mobile Application

The Assam Government has launched the Dharitree Assam mobile application to help people easily check their land records. This application aims to provide a wide range of services, such as checking land records, mutation, Panheeyan Property Registration, and generating NOCs. 

You can download the application in PDF format as a citizen if you find it on Assam’s digitalized land record. To verify land records on your mobile app, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Download the Dharitree Assam app on your mobile. 

Step 2: Launch the app and navigate to Dharitree land records.

Step 3: Select a village, circle, or district. Using the patta number or pattidar name and dag number, find the land records. 

Step 4: Fill out the CAPTCHA. 

Step 5: After completing these steps, you can view Assam land records through this app. You can also download the information in PDF format for future reference. 

Punjab Building and Other Construction Check Status

The Punjab State Government provides services to all workers, regardless of job status or industry. The government offers many perks to workers through registered schemes. Many people do not consider the construction and laborer sectors because they are considered casual jobs. In contrast, the state of Punjab includes them in various programs and provides various incentives to support their work and livelihood. 

Individuals working in construction or labor can get perks by registering for a Punjab labor card. 

Using the National Informatics Center, the government created the Punjab Labh Patri card containing vital user data. The card gives cardholders easy access to all government programs and benefits. The NIC has launched an e-labor portal through which employees can register and apply for a Labh Patri card. The portal also provides information on government services for workers. 

Punjab Building and Other Construction Check Status Online 

For online registration of the Punjab Labour Card, the government established an online portal from which applicants can download the Punjab Labour Card. Through this e-labor portal, state applicants can obtain information about the beneficiary scheme. Previously, applicants had to visit government offices to register, but now they can do so online through this portal. This blog contains all the information you need about the Punjab Labour Card and the e-labor portal. Applicants for the Punjab e-labor card can keep an eye on this page with the official website. 

Punjab Work Registration

Here is a step-by-step guide to registering for a Punjab e-labor Card. 

  • To start applying, they must use the internet to access the official website. 
  • Click the “Create New User” option on the official page of the website. 
  • A new page will appear where you can enter information such as user type, name, address, email, country, mobile number, etc. 
  • After completing the registration process, the user can log in using these username/password combinations. 

Benefits of the Punjab e-Labor Portal 

  • Applicants can use the portal to complete online registration, online application requests, one-time document submission, online payment gateway, and online processing.  
  • This portal provides specialized services such as inspection reports, filing annual returns, self-certification options, submitting labor welfare contributions through online payment gateways, and joint inspection from the factory and labor wings. 
  • The Punjab State Labor Welfare Board Department offers numerous beneficiary schemes through this portal. 
  • People no longer need to visit government offices because online tasks are possible.  

Documentation Requirements 

Here are some important documents that require uploading during the application process. 

  • The Aadhar Card
  • Identification Card 
  • Report on EPF/NPS/ESIC membership
  • Photos in passport size 
  • Phone Number 

Punjab Labour Card Status Check 

How to check the Status of a Labour Card Check the Status of a Punjab Application 2023 Online.

  • Visit the [portal link on the official website.
  • https://bocw.punjab.gov.in/bapi/worker/status
  • Go to the homepage and select the “trace application” tab.
  • Registration number/ Aadhar card number/mobile number
  • The login page will appear. Enter your credentials to continue. 
  • To process the request, enter the application ID and password. 
  • Select the submit tab as the page displays the application status.

GST on Rental Income from Residential Property in India

GST applicability on renting properties in India has been a source of concern due to continuous changes in the law since the implementation of GST. The rules for renting residential property under GST changed on July 18, 2022, a decision made by the GST Council at its 47th meeting. The CBIC has issued a new notification to clarify the scope of GST on rental income from residential property rentals. Let us look at the GST provisions on this topic. 

We will immediately clarify that renting an immovable property is considered a supply of service and is subject to GST at 18 percent. The CBIC recently issued Notification No. 15/2022- Central Tax (Rate), which goes into effect on January 1, 2023. To learn more about the notification in question, we must first examine the provisions on this subject in India since the implementation of GST.  

GST applies to residential properties until July 17, 2022. 

The entry at Sr.No. twelve of Notification No. 12/2017 – Central Tax (Rate) stated that the GST rate for “Services by way of renting of residential dwellings for use as a residence” shall be “Nil.” Accordingly, from July 1, 2022, GST was not in effect (whether registered or unregistered under GST). However, the legal position under GST changed on July 18, 2022. Please note that renting commercial property is always under the ambit of GST. 

GST applies to residential properties after July 18, 2022.

  • In its 47th meeting, the GST Council recommended that the government impose GST on a person who has given property to a registered person to rent residential property. 
  • As a result, the CBIC issued Notification No. 4/2022- Central Tax (Rate) on July 13, 2022, withdrawing the earlier allowed exemption from GST for those renting residential dwellings. This notification was made effective from 18th July 2022. 
  • The net effect of the above amendment is that beginning July 18, 2022, any person who provides services by renting residential property for use as residence to a registered person will be subject to the GST at the rate of 18%.
  • It is important to note that GST will continue to be exempt in cases where a residential property is left to an unregistered person after July 17, 2022. 

The obvious next question is, “Who will pay tax to the government for renting residential property to a registered person?” The reply can be found in Notification No. 5/2022 – Central Tax, dated July 13, 2022. 

The previous Notification, dated June 28, 2017, added a new entry 5AA to Notification No. 13/2017-Central Tax (Rate), which specifies services subject to GST under reverse charge. 

According to Entry No. 5AA, anyone who provides services to a registered person by renting residential property is subject to GST 18% under the reverse charge mechanism. 

In a nutshell, beginning July 18, 2022, if a landlord rents residential dwellings to a registered person (tenant), such tenant will be required to pay an 18% tax to the government. It should be noted that even if the landlord is registered for GST, the registered tenant is responsible for paying GST under RCM. This table will assist you in summarizing:

Residential Dwelling Rental Services

Landlord TenantGST applicabilityITC availability 
Unregistered Unregistered No GSTNA 
RegisteredUnregisteredNo GSTNA
Unregistered RegisteredGST payable by a tenant under RCMIf the property is rented for business purposes, ITC can be claimed.
RegisteredRegisteredGST payable by a tenant under RCM ITC can be claimed if the property is rented for business purposes.

Service Apartments in HSR Layout, Bangalore

What do you believe defines a luxurious apartment? Is there enough room? Or is it the presence of welcoming amenities ready to serve you? In most cases, rentals don’t include all of these amenities, do they? Consider again! Because service apartments offer all of the best amenities and more! The million-dollar question is, what exactly is a Service apartment? 

What is a serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment that includes a variety of amenities, such as daily use facilities, regular housekeeping services, and so on, all of which are part of the rental cost. Depending on your requirements, these can serve you in the long or short term. As a result, these apartments offer their residents a full-fledged experience.  

HSR Layout, Bangalore

HSR Layout, formerly Hosur-Sarjapur Road Layout, is a bustling South Bengaluru suburb known for housing several top Indian startups. These include Udaan, MyGate, WhatFix, Cure Fit, and many more examples. As a result, it has evolved into a modern living space. Eateries, good schools, great offices to work in, a street for all your shopping needs – name it, and you have it. 

Because of these features and its proximity to Koramangala, Sarjapur Road, and Indiranagar, properties in the HSR Layout are highly profitable and always in high demand, particularly among IT professionals working in startups. 

The difference between Service Apartments and a Hotel in HSR Layout, Bangalore

ServiceServiced Apartment Hotel 
AreaThere is plenty of space and extra rooms available. A limited amount of space and rooms. 
PriceLonger stays are less expensive in a serviced apartment. Costly for an extended period of stay. 
Food The kitchen is yours to use.No means of cooking for yourself. 
Culture It provides a rich cultural experience.The majority of hotels are identical to other
Freedom Offering vital conveniences ensures comfort and freedom The lack of space and amenities limits freedom. 

Benefits of Living in a Serviced Apartment in HSR Layout, Bangalore

Knowing what a serviced apartment is has several advantages. Here are the top nine reasons to choose a serviced apartment. 

  • It feels like home.

A serviced apartment’s various amenities and facilities give it a homely feel. This sense of comfort is frequently lacking in hotels with no taste or personability. 

  • Concierge services

While hotels provide concierge services, those given by serviced apartments can help you navigate the region and have local knowledge to help you get the most out of your stay. Serviced apartments allow you to immerse yourself in the location and culture. 

  • Fully equipped kitchen

In serviced apartments, you can even cook your food instead of relying on eating out every day. In serviced apartments, cooking necessities such as cooktops and utensils are available. 

  • Live your life as you please.

The various concierge services allow you to personalize your stay. Thus, understanding what a serviced apartment is enables you to prioritize your comfort above all else. 

  • Ensured privacy

The spaciousness of the serviced apartments allows you to host parties or get-togethers in the privacy of your own home. 

  • Cost-effective

Long-term hotel stays can be very costly. You can enjoy comfort and luxury at a much lower cost once you understand what a serviced apartment is. 

  • Secured apartments provide you and your belongings with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and security guards. 
  • Housekeeping services 

Don’t worry about the cleanliness of the apartment if you are on vacation or tired from work. Housekeeping services are available regularly to keep your apartment clean and sanitary. 

  • Opulent furnishings

Enjoy first-rate furnishings that combine comfort and culture. 

Where Can I Find the Perfect Serviced Apartment for Me? 

Booking through an agent ensures that you have the widest selection of serviced apartments to pick from. I hope this blog helps you understand “What is a Serviced Apartment?” You can search online and find the best-serviced apartments in HSR Layout. 

Punjab Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board

Every state has its own BOCW Board, and the scope of the BOCW Act is broad, especially in a country where the infrastructure and construction sectors have flourished. The goal and framework of this Act are comparable to other labor law statutes. 

Where does the BOCW come into play?

It applies to any company that hired ten or more construction workers in the previous 12 months. 

Who needs the BCOW Punjab registration certificate?

Upon founding an institution to which the BOCW Act applies, within 60 days of its establishment. 

Regarding any other establishment to which the BOCW Act is applicable at any time following such commencement, the registering officer may still consider any such application after the specified period has passed if he believes that sufficient grounds existed for the applicant’s failure to submit it within the time frame. 

  • Every application submitted under this section must follow the specified format, include all required information, and contain the appropriate fees. 
  • After receiving the application, the registering officer must register the establishment and issue a Registration Certificate to the employer in the manner, timeframe, and under the conditions prescribed.
  • When an establishment’s ownership, management, or other prescribed details change after registration under this section, the employer must notify the officer within 30 days. 

BOCW Punjab Registration Certificate Benefits: 

The following are some of the benefits of obtaining the BOCW Punjab Registration Certificate: 

  • Making pension payments, receiving death, funeral, and maternity benefits, and obtaining permission to purchase job-related tools. Making pension payments, receiving death, funeral, and getting authorization to buy equipment for the job.
  • Seek immediate medical attention in the event of an accident. In the event of an accident, seek quick medical attention. 
  • Facilitating finance for home construction
  • Education assistance for children, Aid for children’s education. 

BOCW Punjab Registration Documents Are Required 

  • Address verification
  • Age verification
  • Identity proof 
  • Bank information like the bank’s branch, account number, IFSC, or RTGS number. 
  • Dependent information, the nomination form, and the employer’s certificate of employment as a construction worker for 90 days are all provided. 

BOCW Punjab registration procedure

  • The applicant who wishes to register must first register on the official website of BOCW Punjab. To register, the applicant must create an ID using an email address. 
  • After creating the login ID, the applicant must fill out all of the foundation’s information, including the foundation’s residence, worker information, employer details, construction details, and declaration, in the basic information form. 
  • Following that, you must manage all documents in the proper format and size and attach them to the application form. 
  • It is now time to pay the bill; you can do so using the method of your choice, online or offline. 
  • They will be issued if the application and supporting documents follow the guidelines.

Reminder: The applicant can check the status of the application online, and any updates will reach your registered mobile number and email address. 

BOCW Registration Cancellation in Punjab 

In the event, the officer determines that the registration is the result of concealing or misrepresenting material facts, that the requirements of this Act regarding any work performed by any establishment are not fulfilled, or that registration is ineffective or useless for any other reason, he or she may cancel the registration after providing an opportunity for a hearing.

Penalties or Punishment for Act Violations

An employer who fails to provide a starting notice for a building or other construction project under the Act’s Provision faces a maximum sentence of three months in prison, a maximum fine of Rs 2,000, or both.  

An individual who obstructs an inspector or refuses or willfully disregards an offer made by the Act concerning a firm may face up to three months in jail.

Maharashtra Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board

Construction workers are among the most vulnerable segments of the Indian labor force, with many working in the unorganized sector. Almost every state in India has established a Building &  Other Construction Workers Welfare Board ad various welfare schemes for workers. This board is known as the Maharashtra Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, or Mahabocw, in Maharashtra. 

The Mahabocw board works to improve the quality of life for these workers by implementing a variety of programs. It also had an official website where employees could register with the Board, apply for welfare schemes, and access various facilities.

About Maharashtra Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board 

The central government enacted the Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Service Act) of 1996 to regulate the employment and service conditions of building and other construction workers in India and to provide them with various safety, health, and welfare measures. 

The Maharashtra government enacted the Maharashtra Building & Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Rules 2007 by the Act. Five government representatives set up the Maharashtra Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board. 

The Mahabocw changed its makeup and established a tripartite board under notifications in 2011, 2015, and 2018. Three representatives from the government, owners, and labor sections join the chairman. 

As of March 2019, the Board had 18, 75, 510 registrations and 20, 28, 903 beneficiaries.

The Supreme Court has chastised Maharashtra’s Slum Rehabilitation Authority for failing to register construction workers under a law designed to protect their rights.

Mahabocw’s eligibility requirements 

To be eligible for Mahabocw online registration, a worker must meet the following requirements: 

  • The age range should be between 18 and 60. 
  • The employee must have worked for at least 90 days in the previous 12 months. 

Mahabocw online registration: Documentation is required. 

To register with the Mahabocw, fill out and submit Form-V and provide supporting documents such as: 

  • Identity verification
  • Age verification 
  • Evidence of residency 
  • 90-day work permit 
  • Three passport-size photographs

The Maharashtra BOCW registration fees for workers in Maharashtra are minimal. There is also a Rs 25 registration fee and a Rs 60 annual subscription fee for the first five years. The subscription fee can be two ways, depending on the period: 

  • The charges for a 5-year subscription are Rs 60. 
  • A monthly subscription costs Rs 1 per month. 

Online registration for Mahabocw 

The Mahabocw online registration process is outlined in detail below. 

Step 1: Navigate to the official website, https://mahabocw.in/. Under the “Workers” tab, select Worker Registration. 

Step 2: Review the eligibility requirements and documents necessary for Mahabocw’s online registration. 

Step 3: The registration form for Maharashtra construction workers will appear on the following page. Fill in your name, father’s name, Aadhaar number, date of birth, residential address, family details, bank details, employer details, and 90-day working certificate details. 

Step 4: Online submission of supporting documents. The registration form is available to download from the Mahabocw online portal. All relevant ways for self-declaration, Aadhar consent, 90-day working certificate, and so on are available under the ‘Download’ tab on the portal. 

Step 5: Select the Declaration checkbox. Then, click on ‘Save’.

You will receive an acknowledgment number, which you must keep for future reference. Then, bring the original documents to the nearest WFC office for verification to complete the process. 

Mahabocw: Different types of welfare programs 

The Maharashtra Construction Workers Welfare Board provides four welfare schemes to registered construction workers. The program offers social security, health care, education, and financial benefits for staff and their families. 

Social Security benefits 

  • Rs 30,000 reimbursement for first marriage expenses
  • Lunches in the middle of the day
  • Pradhan Mantri Sharm Yogi Maan-Dhan scheme
  • Rs 5,000 in financial assistance for the purchase of tools 
  • Jeevan Jyoti Vima Yojna of the Government of India
  • Suraksha Vima Yojana of the Government of India
  • Providing emergency supplies
  • Providing first-aid kits.


Pregnant women are given financial assistance at the time of the delivery:

  • Rs 15,000 for normal delivery 
  • Rs 20,000 for surgical delivery 
  • Numerous rupees will remain available to registered laborers or their family members suffering from critical illnesses. 
  • Financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh is available to employees with 75% or more disability.
  • Jan Aarogya Yojana of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule 
  • Regular health examinations

Financial support 

  • Urban Atal Bandkam Kamgar Yojana 
  • Rural Atal Bandkam Kamgar Yojana
  • Financial assistance of Rs two lakh goes to the legal heir in the event of natural death. 
  • Financial assistance of Rs 5 lakhs goes to the legal heirs in the wake of an accident on the construction site. 
  • Rs 10,000 in funeral assistance. 
  • The widow/ widower of a registered laborer receives Rs 24,000 per year in financial assistance. 
  • A home loan of six lakhs or a grant of two lakhs. 


  • Every year, students in grades one through seven receive Rs 2500 in financial assistance. 
  • Financial assistance of Rs 5,000 per year is available to students in grades eight through ten. 
  • A grant of Rs 10,000 a year is available to deserving students in classes 11 and 12. 
  • Degree students receive Rs 20,000 in financial aid each year. 
  • Engineers earn Rs 60,000 per year on average. 
  • A medical degree costs one lakh rupees per year.
  • A diploma course will cost you 20,000 rupees per year.
  • A diploma course costs 25,000 per year. 
  • Course reimbursement for MISCT 

Mahabocw provides online services. 

The Mahabocw also offers the following services to its employees via its official website:

  1. Construction worker: Apply online for a claim

To receive Mahabocw benefits, employees must fill out and submit a claim form online. On the primary screen, select the ‘Construction Worker: Apply Online for Claim’ tab. On the next screen, choose the appropriate option from the dropdown – new claim or update claim. Fill in the registration number. Also, if applicable, include the acknowledgment number. Then, click on ‘Proceed to Form.’ 

Online construction worker renewal 

This service lets employees renew their Maharashtra Building And Other Construction Workers Welfare Board worker registration. On the home page, click Construction Worker Online Renewal’ to apply for renewal. Provide the registration number to complete the OTP verification. 

The BOCW renewal form will appear. Fill out the form with relevant information such as the contractor’s name, company name, mobile number, type of work, location details, employment details, etc. 

Please upload the necessary documents. Select the self-declaration checkbox and then press the ‘Save’ button. Complete the next step by visiting the nearest WFC office. 

Sarjapur Road Apartments for Sale in Bangalore

Sarajpur Road is a burgeoning real estate district with numerous development projects. It has one of the finest residences with excellent amenities and connectivity and is the ideal location for property investment. 

Sarajpur Road is located in the city’s southeast and has excellent physical infrastructure. It lies quickly near the HSR layout, Electronic City, IT hubs, and Hosur Road. It runs through the Outer Ring Road from Koramangala to Whitefield. Sarajpur has links to NH-44 and other towns like Bella. 

Sarajpur’s real estate market is rapidly expanding, and the physical infrastructure is excellent, connecting it to other cities and IT hubs. It connects to other major roads in the city, including the Outer Ring Road and Hosur Road. 

The currently under-construction Metro Line will improve connectivity in this area. The Namma Metro Phase 2A line will run through east Sarajpur Road, with a station at Iblur. 2023 will mark the completion of the metro line.

Sarajpur Road is about 45 kilometers from Kempegowda International Airport. Sarajpur’s international airport is 90 minutes away by car. 

Popular areas in this belt include:

  • Madiwala: This region is in great demand for affordable residential property. Due to its excellent connectivity with the Outer Ring Road and Hosur Road and its numerous commercial and retail establishments, the market for budget housing has flourished.
  • Electronic City: Electronic is another well-known locality that has benefited greatly from easy connectivity and is well-planned in phases. This area also has several educational institutions. 
  • Whitefield: This area has seen property prices and infrastructure developments, primarily in the mid-range category; luxury homes are also available here. 
  • Koramangala: This area is rapidly developing and has affordable and mid-range housing options. 

Reasons to Purchase Sarjapur Road Apartments 

The increased demand for apartments on Sarjapur Road is due to the benefits of connectivity that it provides to its residents. Here are some of the key connectivity drivers: 

  • It is linked to commercial hubs such as Koramangala and Bannerghatta by radial roads. 
  • The Hosur Road is easily accessible.
  • The NIICE Road and the Outer Ring Road are both very accessible. 
  • Bangalore University Road is also easily accessible. 

Employment opportunities near Sarjapur Road 

Here are some of the major employment centers in the area: 

  • Here is the Infosys SEZ Tech Park. 
  • Wipro’s corporate headquarters sits here.
  • Electronic City lies 28 Kilometers away. 
  • Mysore Road is 16 kilometers long. 
  • The BMIC corridor. 

Sarjapur Road’s physical infrastructure: 

Sarjapur Road’s real estate market will expand further as a result of several planned infrastructure developments, including: 

  • Ring Road on the Periphery.
  • An elevated expressway is on the table.

Another reason to buy an apartment for sale on Sarjapur Road is that comparable to IT corporate offices, social infrastructure is a major growth engine. 

  • Indus International School, Oakridge International School, Silver Oaks International School, and Inventure Academy are among the educational institutions. 
  • Market Square Mall, Total Mall, Forum Mall, Gopalan Innovation Mall, Garuda Shopping Mall, Bangalore Central Mall, One MG Road Mall, and many more are available for shopping. 
  • Dr.Levine Memorial Hospital, Motherhood Hospital, Janani Hospital, and Punarjani Ayurveda Hospital are all Hospitals. 
  • Octave Hotel & Spa, Treebo Orchard Greens, The Ritz-Carlton, The Leela Palace, and Hotel Ibis provide hospitality. 
  • PVR Cinemas Forum Mall, Gopalan Cinemas Innovation Mall, and Galaxy Paradise Theatre provide entertainment and recreation. 
  • Restaurants include The Black Pearl, Fisherman’s Wharf, and many others. 

Property Types in Sarjapur 

Other kinds of real estate are available, such as apartments/flats, villas, and plots, and popular types of property are two and 3-BHK apartments. 

1-BHK apartments range in size from 400 to 800 square feet. 2-BHK units range from 700 to 1635 square feet,  3-BHK in sizes ranging from 970 to 2200 sq. ft. 

The most popular apartments for sale are 2 and 3 BHK multi-purpose apartments in 1000 to 2000 Sq.Ft. 

A 3-BHK Multi-Purpose Apartment in 1400 to 2,000 Sq.Ft. is in high demand for rent. 


  • A minimum 1-BHK residential apartment of 275 sq. ft. is necessary for an average of Rs 6,000. 
  • On average, a maximum 4 BHK Villa of 6,500 sq. ft. costs Rs. 2,30,000.  

Considering the area’s future growth potential, purchasing your dream home in this part of Bengaluru could be the right choice. There is a plentiful supply of housing apartments in this region, and the metro line and other infrastructure developments will likely result in a healthy increase in property values. The property market in this region will remain strong, and it is also a good investment opportunity. 

The main selling points are connectivity, access to social infrastructure, and competitive rates. Prospective home buyers may be disappointed with the slow pace of infrastructure development in this part of town and poor road maintenance. Traffic congestion is also a persistent issue during peak hours, but this will likely improve with the upcoming developments. 

Why Is Chennai’s Tallest Building So Popular?

This list of the tallest buildings in Chennai ranks high-rise and skyscraper structures in Chennai, India, according to their official height. When finished in 1959, the LIC Building in the city was the tallest structure in India. Chennai is experiencing a massive high-rise boom, with numerous high rises throughout the city. SPR City Highliving District in Perumbur is the city’s prominent highrises, including the World Trade Center at Perungudi, the Houses of Hiranandani in Egattur, the TCS Signature Towers at Siruseri, the TVH Ouranya Bay at Padur, the LIC Building at Mount Road, the Hyatt Regency Chennai at Teynampet, and the Arihant Majestic Towers at Koyambedu. 

SPR Highliving District is a building that consists of three residential skyscrapers in Chennai’s Perambur neighborhood. The tallest one is a 45-story building that serves as Chennai’s tallest residential building. 

SPR India, a South Indian real estate developer, signed an MoU with the Tamil Nadu government to invest $ 55,000 million in real estate projects in the state during the 2019 Global Investors Meet. A 65-acre integrated township at Binny Mills in Perambur is one of the investments. Construction began in 2018 and will finish in 2020. 

The towers sit on an 18-acre plot known as the SPR Highliving Towers, a component of the 63.89-acre SPR City Perambur, Chennai’s largest integrated township. The first phase of the residential apartments includes three towers and a 3.5-acre park, which is said to be the city’s largest private park. 

The three towers have a total of 684 apartments. Towers A and B each have 36 floors and stand 144 meters tall. Tower H has 45 floors and a height of 172.5 meters (566 feet). Tower A will have 216 apartments, Tower B will have 288 apartments, and Tower H will have 162.5 apartments. The towers will have two basement floors, a ground floor, two upper floors for shops, and 48 floors of residential space. 

The township has a total built-up area of 5.5 million square feet, including three million square feet of retail space and 2.5 million square feet of residential infrastructure, warehousing, and parking. 

It also houses a prestigious cricket academy and a prestigious badminton academy. In the township, the Shri Ram Universal School has already begun operations. The integrated township project anticipates creating more than 133,000 direct and indirect job opportunities. 

Following the completion of SPR City Phase 1, Towers C, E, F, G, and I will soar to a height of 172 m (564 ft) with 45 floors each, with Tower D being the 65-story tallest skyscraper to rise to 243 m (797 ft). AAI has also approved a maximum height of 243m. As part of Phase 2, a 12-story hospital tower, a mall, and an IT park have occurred. 

10 Facts About Chennai’s Tallest Residential Building 

Perambur, a Chennai neighborhood, now has a distinctive landmark. SPR Highliving District is Chennai’s tallest building. It was built by the SPR Group, One of Chennai’s most reputable builders. This 18-acre residential complex includes Chennai’s most reputable builders. This 18-acre residential complex includes Chennai’s tallest tower and is located in the city’s largest integrated township, which spans 63 acres.  

SPR Highliving District Basic Information (Chennai’s Tallest Residential Buildings) 

SPR City is Chennai’s largest integrated township, located in the city’s heart. The tower’s height is not the only distinguishing feature; there is much more to this architectural marvel. This giant residential development stark in the middle of the city offers all conceivable amenities and luxury features. 

This one-of-a-kind residential development is a boon for those looking for sheer luxury within the very limits of Chennai city, proving to be a paradigm of urban living standards and sophisticated design and architecture. 

  • The massive structure is a one-of-a-kind urban residential apartment complex in north Chennai. North Chennai is the city’s oldest neighborhood, and it embodies the city’s true soul and spirit. Contrary to the common misconception about the real estate activity in the zone. 

SPR City Highliving District has the distinction of being Chennai’s tallest building. When you buy your home here, you are reserving a place to live for the rest. 

  • Astonishing Engineering feat with Unheard Amenities 

This one-of-a-kind massive residential project offers sheer luxury and ground-breaking amenities such as art centers. 

  • Miniature theatre 
  • Gymnasium 
  • Wrestling 
  • Creches 
  • Wrestling 
  • Sports club 
  • Temple 
  • The Township’s Specifications 

This prestigious residential complex houses not only exclusive towers but also unique features: 

  • 63-acre township amid Chennai’s thriving metropolis
  • Size of development: 18 acres
  • Tower H is the tallest structure in South India.
  •  Three towers with 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments and duplexes. 
  • Apartment sizes range from 1335 to 3715 square feet. 
  • Unparalleled Amenities Provided by the Unique Residential Complex 

Living in the tallest building naturally provides residents with unique benefits. In addition to this benefit, SPR City Highliving offers the following amenities: 

  • 5 lakh square feet of green space 
  • Garden area
  • Observation deck 
  • The magnificent central courtyard
  • The swimming pool 
  • Indoor sports and recreation facilities 
  • A well-organized library 
  • High Living Standard

SPR Highliving high-rise residences provide two distinct advantages: a clean environment and an excellent view. The SPR Highliving residential towers, designed and built by global standards, promise residents a high quality of life while providing the best investment opportunity. 

  • A Healthy and Peaceful Environment 

Residents enjoy exclusive benefits such as zero noise pollution and clean, sanitary air, which are uncommon in metropolitan areas. Residents can practically soak in the healthiest urban environment possible in these towers, which have breathtaking views from every floor. 

  • Market Under One Roof 

The market of India, one of the largest organized wholesale markets that will serve all traders in one location, is set to open within the SPR City township. This market, which has over 5000 shops and office space, is just minutes away from the residences. It will meet all of the residents’ purchasing needs. 

  • Exceptional Accessibility 

Perambur is centrally located in Chennai. The SPR Highliving District is well-connected to the rest of the city by road and rail. A local railway station and bus terminal are located in the Perambur neighborhood. 

  • Perambur’s SPR City has a lot of social infrastructure. 

SPR City township is situated in an area with numerous educational and medical facilities. Sri Bala Vidyalaya. Angel Matriculation School, KRM Public School, and St Joseph’s Anglo Indian School are among the top-ranked schools in the area. Sen Hospital, Srinivas Priya Hospital, and Shepherd Nursing Home are among the renowned hospitals serving the neighborhood. 

  • Exclusive Luxury Benefits 

In SPR Highliving District, a staggering 45-story tower houses all conceivable luxury amenities. High ceilings, spacious rooms, and personalized amenities are just a few of the unique features available. 

What sets the SPR High Living District Apart? 

The new upcoming project of SPR Highliving, launched by the reputable and reliable SPR Group, is the most modern residential real estate property that offers apartments with varying specifications to suit the budget and preferences of homebuyers from various financial and social strata. 

SPR Highliving Chennai’s tallest residential building, is about to become a lifestyle statement in the city. It is expected to be Chennai’s next real estate hotspot. Purchasing your dream home in this magnificent residential complex will allow you to live a tranquil and luxurious life. 

What Makes Kolkata’s Highest Building So Special?

Kolkata is the state capital of West Bengal in India. It was previously known as Calcutta until 2001 when it was renamed Kolkata. The city is home to some of the tallest structures in India and Asia. With over 800 facilities, it has the country’s second-largest high-rise buildings. Several other skyscrapers are still under construction. The city’s structures are inspired by various cultures around the world and depict different historical periods. The vast majority of Kolkata’s skyscrapers are residential. This blog is about the tallest building in Kolkata, “The 42.” 

The 42 Chowringhee Kolkata building is now the tallest residential building in Kolkata and India. There are 56 ultra-luxurious flats with multi-faced amenities and facilities promising unrivaled luxury to the owners at a snobbish price tag of Rs 17 crore and above. 

The 42 is Kolkata’s tallest structure. It is 240 meters tall and has 60 floors, nearly twice the height of the South City Towers (36 stories). The 42 projects have the same height as Mumbai’s tallest building, the Imperial Towers 1 and 2, which have 61 floors each.

The 42 is an ultra-luxurious project in Kolkata’s Elgin neighborhood. The properties start at Rs 17 crore and go up from there, equating to Rs 20,000-22,000 per square foot. 

At this price, there are only a few remaining properties, and most are for sale. At this price, there are only a few remaining properties, and most are for sale. 

A four-member consortium is building the 42 projects in Chowringhee, Kolkata: Mani Group, Salarouria Sattva, Alcove Realty, and Diamond Group. Hafeez Contractor is a consultant on this project, and it’s due to be completed in December 2018. 

The 42 Kolkata Tower has 65 floors for sale. While the flats will all be standard size, the top floors will have a triplex. The ground floor lobby is 13 meters tall, the same as a typical three-story building. The car park has 56 slots, so each flat owner has seven parking spaces. 

The 42 Project in Kolkata has 4/5/6 BHK apartments and is the city’s tallest building. The 42 will have four bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, and four toilets in 7780 square feet. A 5 BHK apartment in 7815 sq ft will have 5 bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, and five toilets, while a 6 BHK apartment has 6 bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, and five toilets. 

Yamuna Expressway Authority Plots Latest News

The YEIDA Plot Scheme for Medical Devices Park Prak began on June 12, 2023, and ended on July 3, 2023. The YEIDA Authority has scheduled the scheme’s lucky draw for July 19th, 2023. The plots covered by the plan are in the YEIDA Authority region’s Sector 28. According to the project report, plot allotment for displays up to 4,000 sq m will occur through a lucky draw. The chosen beneficiaries must pay 30% of the total cost of the chart within 60 days of receiving the allotment letter. The ten percent deposit will go toward the thirty percent payment. The buyer must pay the remaining 70% in 10 equal half-yearly installments. The interest rate will be 10% per year. Buyers may be required to pay additional fees such as mortgage processing costs, transfer costs, location costs, and so on. 

The YEIDA Authority has extended the application deadline for the Data Center Park Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme to Jul 17, 2023

Yamuna Authority has decided to extend the deadline for submitting the Data Center Park Plot Scheme to July 17, 2023. The project is underway in Sector 28, along the Yamuna Expressway. Previously, the deadline for applying to the plot scheme was July 3, 2023. On June 12, 2023, plans were announced, with five data center plots for sale. Under this YEIDA Authority Plot Scheme, the authority has offered three displays measuring 40,000 sq mt and two shows measuring 20,000 sq mt. The power has confirmed that one or two applications came in for each plot. The scheme’s terms and requirements, however, require three applications.

The YEIDA Authority has granted the scheme a 14-day extension to allow interested buyers to submit bids. The prices of 40,000 sq m plots range from Rs 12,819 to Rs 14,100.90 per square meter. The cost of a 20,000-square-meter chart ranges from Rs 14,088 to Rs 15,496 per square meter. The e-auction for the Yamuna Expressway pilot scheme will occur on July 17, 2023, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  

Soon, the Yamuna Authority will launch the new YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 near the Jewar International Airport. 

The Yamuna Authority has decided to launch a new YEIDA Plot Scheme near Noida’s Hewar International Airport on July 13, 2023. The authority has confirmed that the residential plot scheme will be subject to the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA). The new YEIDA Plot Scheme 2023 project report has gone to RERA for approval. The RERA Authority will likely approve it soon. 

Under the scheme, the YEIDA authority intends to offer residential and industrial plots. There will be four residential plots ranging from 120 to 300 square meters. The authority will offer 1351 plots in various Yamuna City sectors, including Sectors 16, 17, 18, 20, and 24. 17.5 percent of the YEIDA Scheme plots will be reserved for farmers whose land parcels have become available for the scheme’s development. 

The YEIDA Scheme plot allocation will more resemble a lucky draw than an e-auction. Participants in the Happy Sketch Contest must deposit a certain amount to participate. The plot allotment rate set by the YEIDA Authority is Rs. 24,600 per square meter. 

YEIDA City: An Overview of YEIDA Plot Schemes 

YEIDA City (previously known as “Yamuna City”) is a greenfield project in Uttar Pradesh and the third city of the Gautham Buddha District after Noida and Greater NOIDA. It is underway over a 25,000-hectare land area along the Yamuna Expressway. The city is home to the NOIDA International Airport at Jewar, which plans to be India’s largest airport, along with an F1 track (Buddh International Circuit), a sports city, an international cricket stadium, and proposed India’s largest Film City. 

The emerging city, which is already a part of the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), is planned to be developed on a sector-by-sector occasion, with better and cleverer infrastructure. 

The city, once grown, will complement the real estate development in NOIDA and Greater NOIDA. 

The city is underway in the Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Greater NOIDA, along the Yamuna Expressway in Uttar Pradesh. A township is developing between the proposed Eastern Peripheral-Yamuna Expressway intersection and Jewar Airport. It is 45 kilometers from Delhi (via DND Expressway), 14 kilometers from Pari Chowk (in Greater NOIDA), 110 kilometers from Mathura and Vrindavan, and 160 kilometers from Agra.  

YEIDA City (Yamuna Expressway Plot Scheme) Project Facilities 

While the Buddh International Circuit (F1 Track) and NOIDA Cricket Stadium (or Tehra Cricket Stadium) with a seating capacity of 25,000 people are already operational in Sector 21A, the city’s residential development includes authority-allocated plots with private development in the form of Gaur Yamuna City and Ajnara Panorama.  

The total area of YEIDA City in terms of layout is 24,739 hectares. Around 26% of this is planned for industrial use and 19% for residential use. The city’s green area coverage is expected to be 5,148 hectares or 22%. YEIDA covers a total area of 2,688 square kilometers. 

An upcoming MSME cluster, toy park, furniture, apparel park, handicraft park, and three hotels in the city, including a three-star hotel (2.5 acres), a four-star hotel (5 acres), and five-star hotel (10acres), are also planned by the authority. While YEIDA has approved land for three community health centers and a girls’ inter-college, Gaursons Group is working on constructing a 108-foot-tall statue of Lord Krishna (India’s tallest) in its Gaur Yamuna City, along with a grand temple. 

Other private developers have begun to flock to the city, offering a modern lifestyle in various integrated townships, with offerings ranging from high-rise apartments to luxury villas to commercial properties. 

Resale Independent Houses for Sale in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, has been rated the best across a range of indicators, including GDP, and has been designated the most vibrant city in the world for 2020. The city has the most accessible and affordable real estate markets in Southern India, close to the metropolitan towns of Bengaluru, Chennai, and Mumbai. Excellent connectivity is a must for buyers looking to invest in the best real estate in Hyderabad. The city guarantees rising property prices due to advantages such as proximity to major markets.

Hyderabad is also known for its refined culture, which attracts visitors from all over the country. The city has produced positive results for investors and home buyers, establishing itself as one of the best cities to invest in. Independent houses for sale are among the more affordable investments available in the city. Resale Independent houses are reasonable and accessible relative to other major cities.   

Buying an Independent resale house has numerous advantages. Continue reading to learn the necessary documents and vital considerations when purchasing a resale independent house in Hyderabad. 

One of the most important financial decisions we will ever make is to purchase an Independent resale home. Most real estate developers are building new projects on the outskirts of cities due to rising property prices in cities. It narrows the property options available to potential buyers who want to stay in the core areas. As a result, they find it simple and advantageous to invest in the secondary market and choose to buy an independent house based on their preferences. 

Purchasing a resale home has numerous advantages, including flexible payments, immediate possession, quick home loan approvals, and much more. Let’s look at how buying an Independent resale house can benefit you in various ways. Also, review the required documents and considerations when purchasing a resale home. 

Benefits of purchasing a resale independent house in Hyderabad for sale 

  • Fraud is unlikely: people can commit deceit when they buy an under-construction property. Though a developer may appear to be financially sound, a property buyer is unlikely to be able to evaluate his balance sheet, and thus the chances of fraud increase when purchasing an under-construction property. Most of the resale independent houses in Hyderabad are ready to move into, so the buyer only needs to verify the property’s authenticity and documents. 
  • Affordable Prices: Unlike newly constructed houses, resale independent houses in Hyderabad are typically more affordable. Furthermore, property buyers can negotiate prices based on various factors, such as interiors, the age of the building, fixtures, and so on, while keeping their budget requirements in mind. 
  • Immediate Possession: With a resale home, the buyer can move in immediately. It saves them from the hassle of construction delays. Furthermore, they already know how the property looks and what will go with it; therefore, they can choose their furniture and home decor accordingly. 
  • Banks and other financial institutions quickly approve home loans for resale independent houses in Hyderabad. Such transactions have advantages such as less paperwork, a more loan amount, lower interest rates, and so on. Due diligence by the bank takes very little time, and buyers have a shorter period to await the home loan disbursement. 
  • No Legal Disputes: Purchasing a resale independent house protects buyers from property-related legal disputes. Recently, work on an under-construction property project has typically been halted due to legal disputes and a lack of environmental clearances. When you buy a resale home, you know precisely how many permits you require. 
  • Pre-Installed Amenities: Most buyers receive pre-installed amenities such as electricity, gas, water, maintenance, and security services when purchasing an independent resale house in Hyderabad. It saves them the trouble of arranging new ones. Instead, they can improve the old ones at a much lower cost.  
  • Lower Home Loan EMIs: Buying a resale property saves buyers money on home loan interest and monthly installments. They do not have to pay additional home loan repayment amounts for houses under construction because they have immediate possession. Buyers of under-construction properties must continue to pay their loan EMIs and interest amounts until the house takes shape. 
  • Tax Benefits: Under Sections 80C and 24B of the Income Tax Act, buyers who purchase a resale house can claim a tax exemption of up to Rs 1 lakh on principal home loan EMI and up to Rs 5 lakh on the home interest rate. Property buyers can move in and take advantage of the tax break on their first home loan installment. 

Things to Consider When Purchasing an Independent Resale House for Sale in Hyderabad 

  • Consider All Your Options: Before purchasing a resale independent house, do some research. Visit any of the real-estate aggregators’ online portals, and use appropriate filters to find the property of your choice. It allows you to find the best deal in record time. 
  • Property Age: Some older independent resale houses are of construction and fixtures. Examine the property’s age with the current state of the building in which it resides. It will assist you in determining the approximate amount you will need to spend on repairs after making the purchase. 
  • Ownership Status: Conduct a title search and confirm the property seller’s control rights. It lets you learn about the property’s ownership history and prevents you from engaging in fraudulent transactions. 
  • Pending Dues: Make sure there are no pending dues from the previous owner. It could be an additional cost to the purchase price of the property. You must contact the seller and request that any outstanding payments become final. 
  • Before making a purchase, you must go over all of the necessary documents related to the property. It also allows you to conduct a title search and confirm the seller’s ownership rights. Continue reading to learn about the documents you need to buy a resale independent house for sale in Hyderabad. 

Documents to Look for When Buying a Resale Home 

Here is a list of documents to review when purchasing an independent resale house for sale in Hyderabad. These documents are necessary for a resale independent home for sale in Hyderabad. 

  • Sale Contract 
  • Occupancy Permit 
  • Building Strategy 
  • Certificate of No Objection 
  • Deed of Mutation 
  • Possession Document 
  • Certificate of Encumbrance 
  • Receipts from taxes. 

Apartments in Coimbatore for Rent

Coimbatore, also known as Kovai, is a major city in Tamil Nadu known for its key industries, engineering goods, textile mills, educational institutions, health care facilities, traditional culture, and boundless hospitality. It is home to a large textile industry and, more recently, an electronics manufacturing hub. 

Coimbatore’s real estate trends have changed over the years, and apartments are gaining popularity with buyers and lenders to the point where modern apartment designs have evolved. Because of its welcoming green pastures and plentiful hospitality, Coimbatore’s growing real estate market is seeing a significant increase in demand. 

Here are some advantages of renting an apartment in Coimbatore!

The climate is pleasant:

Because of its year-round pleasant climate, Coimbatore would be the best place to live. The city is home to incredibly welcoming individuals who embrace the culture and extend a warm welcome. 

The divine nature:

Coimbatore has a cosmopolitan outlook and breathtaking natural surroundings because it is home to the world’s most delicious “Siruvani Water,” after the Nile. 


Coimbatore’s expanding IT infrastructure and readily available connectivity can support all businesses. Because of its essential amenities, the city attracts significant investment. 


The city is home to numerous universities, engineering colleges, medical colleges, and other educational institutions, as well as healthcare industries, and it has easy access to major South Indian cities. It is one of the main reasons why people move to Coimbatore. 

Ideal place for everyone: 

Many apartments in Coimbatore are ideal for families, kids, working parents, and college students. With world-class institutes for technology, engineering, and arts, and some of the best schools in the area, Coimbatore is a great place to buy your dream home. Because the city is not overly urbanized or overcrowded, it is an ideal place for families to relocate. 

A bright future is assured:

Job opportunities abound in multiple fields of interest due to the growing BPO, engineering, computer hardware, and IT sectors. Coimbatore, the gleaming city, is a beacon of hope for most rural people who travel to fulfill their dreams. 

Thriving metropolis: 

Coimbatore is a thriving metropolis in Tamil Nadu, with new buildings, stores, cinemas, restaurants, parks, and shopping malls sprouting up across the city. It is one of the state’s fastest-growing cities due to its vibrant social and cultural life. 

If you ever want to settle in a quiet and wonderful place in the entire state, buying your dream apartment in Coimbatore would be the best decision you’ll ever make. 

Things to consider before renting an apartment in Coimbatore 

  • Budget for upfront costs, long-term costs, and everything else you need to buy before you begin looking for your first apartment. 
  • Secure a move-in date before signing the lease so we can book a moving van and movers and plan our packing. 
  • Begin transforming your apartment into a home by making a furniture wish list, planning the decor, and deciding where everything will go. 

It’s a right of passage to move into your first apartment. 

Another step toward adulthood, but this one requires a lot of planning, money, and effort. 

Being prepared to begin the search entails knowing in detail what to know before renting an apartment, from how much savings you should have to what documents you need to convince the property manager you are a good candidate. 

Use the detailed list below to clarify what you should know before renting an apartment. Then, go out and find your first place. 

  • Rent is an additional expense when moving into a new apartment. You must save for the upfront costs before looking at the monthly cost. Before the keys to your first apartment, you must pay application fees, a security deposit, a pet deposit if applicable, and the first and last month’s rent. You can budget for this by saving a few months’ rent.
  • Where you live is nearly as important as the layout of your apartment. Ideally, you want to be close to the shops and services you use frequently. You do not want to drive a long distance to get groceries, a haircut, or a good meal. 

A few walkable options, as well as proximity to public transportation, if available, are advantageous. You should also consider the distance between your prospective home and your place of employment. A long commute can ruin a day, so plan out the distance you will travel to and from work to get an idea of how long the ride will be. 

  • What would you put on a list of things you could not live without in your first apartment? Do you need in-unit laundry so that you can clothes daily? Do you require an on-site workout facility to help you stay in shape? Do you require an elevator instead of stairs to get home from work?

These are vital factors to consider when renting an apartment in Coimbatore to ensure one will enjoy your surroundings. “Many apartment communities are raising the bar with luxurious amenities that make living easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable.” 

There is a lot to learn before renting an apartment in Coimbatore. The best advice is to figure out what you can afford and then carefully navigate the rental process. 

To turn your first apartment into a home, pay attention to every detail, keep track of your expenses, and prioritize your needs. 

Telangana Land Registration Documents Online

People who buy property in Telangana must register the transaction with the state’s registration and stamp office. Learn about Telangana land registration, the paperwork required to enter a sale deed, and how to access Telangana land registration documents online. Let us dig deeper into this article to find the answer to your questions!

Telangana Registration Department Offers Services 

  • Registration of Real Estate 
  • Marriage Registration Form 
  • Registration of Chit Funds 
  • Registration of Partnership Deeds 
  • Registration of Societies 
  • Stamp Sales 

The Telangana Registration Department provides property registration services. 

  • Marriage license 
  • Chit Funds Registration 
  • Deed of Registration of a Partnership Telangana home registration procedure: documents required for registering a land grant. 
  • The purchaser must upload all necessary documents online before going to the sub-office registrar to register the sale deed. 

As per Tangana 2020’s new registration regulations, the following documents are necessary to register:

  • Original paperwork bearing each party’s signature.  
  • Certificate of Encumbrance. 
  • Demand draught or bank challan of all stamp duty payment 
  • Card for the property. 
  • Photo from witnesses and executors under Section 32A. 
  • Documents of identification for the witnesses, purchaser, and seller
  • PAN Card
  • Authority of attorney. 
  • The Aadhaar Card Original Copy. 
  • Proof of the purchaser’s and seller’s addresses. 
  • An image of the building’s exterior  
  • Pattadar passbook for agricultural land 
  • Registration of Societies
  • Stamp Vending. 

Documents Needed for Registration:

  • Encumbrance Certificate 
  • The Original Document 
  • Challan/DD 
  • Property ID 
  • Identity verification for the buyer, seller, and witness
  • PAN Card 
  • If applicable, a power of attorney
  • The Aadhaar card 
  • Section 32A Photo Form 
  • There were two witnesses. 
  • Aadhaar/Passport/Driver’s License/PAN Card/Ration Card/ Voter ID is acceptable as proof of address. 
  • Photograph of the property’s front elevation 
  • If applicable, GPA/SPA
  • Webland copies, Pattadar passbooks, and title deeds for agricultural properties are all available. 

The Registration Procedure 

  • By launching an online portal to facilitate property registration, the Telangana government has made the entire process of uploading documents online. 
  • The applicant must navigate the list and upload all transaction details using the Public Data Entry system. 
  • The required paperwork has to go into the system before visiting the Registrar’s Office. 
  • The applicant can also pay online through the portal.
  • There is also the option of scheduling an appointment with the Registrar’s Office to expedite the registration process. 
  • Once everything is in order, the applicant must come to the office on the specified date and time to finish the process. 
  • A check slip is generated based on the details uploaded, and it is possible to alter them by an officer at the office. 
  • The E-KYC compliances happen at the office, and the applicant’s fingerprint sample is registered and verified using Aadhar. 
  • However, the remaining payments need to occur following Aadhaar verification. 
  • Finally, the Registrar prints and registers the Document number on endorsements.  
  • This document is scanned and uploaded to the portal, where the applicant can access it anytime. 
  • If the verification fails, the applicant must resubmit the documents and make the necessary changes. 
  • The registration remains valid until the land sells to another person. 
  • The entire procedure takes approximately two days. In one day, we will upload the paperwork online, and the next day will consist of visiting the registrar’s office and completing the remaining formalities. 

Telangana Stamp Duty 2022 

In Telangana, the purchaser is responsible for paying the stamp duty and registration fees at the time of registration. The charges are as follows: 

Instrument Registration Fees Stamp Duty Transfer Fees 
Sale agreement with possession 0.5% of the total property value (Minimum Rs. 1,000 – Maximum- Rs 20,000)4%0
Sale agreement without possession 0.5% of the total property value (Minimum Rs. 1,000 – Maximum- Rs 20,000)0.5%0
Sale agreement with GPA Rs 2,000 5% (4% adjustable and 1 % Non-adjustable)0
Will Rs 1,000NIL0
Sale of Semi-furnished flat 0.5%4%1.5%
Sale of immovable properties incorporation and municipalities 0.5%4%1.5%


The Telangana Registration Department is responsible for offering a range of services to the general public, including registering partnership deeds, marriages, and property. The Telangana Registration Department assists the public in verifying property documents with immovable property rights, titles, and obligations (if any).

Loan for Agricultural Land Purchase

Agriculture has been the backbone of India’s economy for centuries, and farmers play an essential role in feeding the country. If you enjoy farming and want to own agricultural land in India but lack the necessary funds, there is some good news for you. You can now empower your farming dreams and acquire the arrive you need to realize your vision with the help of agricultural loans. This blog will look at crop loans in India and how they can help you with your farming endeavors. A loan to purchase agricultural land is one of the best value propositions available in India for prospective farmers. 

Agricultural Loans Explained 

Agricultural loans are specialized financial products designed to meet the specific needs of farmers and agricultural workers. Banks, financial institutions, and rural credit cooperatives make these loans to farmers to help them buy agrarian land, invest in farming equipment, and meet their working capital needs. 

Crop loans, farm mechanization loans, agricultural land purchase loans, and other options are available in India’s agricultural loan market. This blog will concentrate on agricultural land purchase loans, which can help farmers acquire land for agricultural purposes.  

Advantages of an Agricultural Land Purchase Loan 

  • Land Acquisition: Agricultural land purchase loans allow farmers to realize their dream of owning farmland. Whether you want to expand your current farm or start a new one, these loans can help you get the necessary land. 
  • Flexible Repayment Options: Agricultural loans typically have flexible repayment options, allowing you to choose the most appropriate repayment period for your financial situation. Extending repayment periods helps you to generate income from your farm for longer.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Many financial institutions provide agricultural loans at competitive interest rates, which are typically lower than those provided for other types of loans. Farmers can now obtain agricultural land purchase loans at a reasonable cost. 
  • Collateral Options: Lenders may issue secured or unsecured agricultural loans. While some loans may require collateral such as land or other assets, others may provide unsecured loans based on the borrower’s creditworthiness. It’s essential to look into different lenders and their collateral requirements to find the best loan option for your needs.  
  • Government Assistance: The Government of India has implemented several schemes and subsidies to assist farmers in their agricultural endeavors. These initiatives frequently include provisions for subsidized agricultural loans, making it easier for farmers to obtain credit for land purchases. These initiatives often include subsidized loans for agriculture, making it easier for farmers to access credit for land purchases. 

Loan Eligibility Criteria for Purchasing Agricultural Land 

To obtain an agricultural loan purchase in India, you must typically meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Age: You must be under 18 years old to apply for an agricultural loan. Depending on the lender’s policies, the maximum age limit may differ. 
  • Farming Experience: For an agricultural loan to be approved, some lenders may require years of farming experience. Prospective farmers who are salaried in India can also qualify for agricultural land purchase loans. 
  • Land Ownership: Depending on the lender, you may be required to provide proof of land ownership or a lease agreement for the land you want to buy. 

Required Documentation for an Agricultural Land Purchase Loan 

  • Identity documentation (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, etc.)
  • Address proof (Voter ID, Passport, utility bills, etc.)
  • Proof of land ownership or a lease agreement.
  • Income documentation (bank statements, tax returns, etc.)
  • Agricultural land records (if any) 
  • Any additional documents required by the lender. 


Purchasing agricultural land in India is essential in realizing your farming ambitions. Farmers can now overcome financial constraints and buy the land they require thanks to the availability of agricultural land purchase loans. These loans have several advantages, including flexible repayment options, competitive interest rates, and government assistance, including flexible repayment options, competitive interest rates, and government assistance. You can set yourself on the path to becoming a proud landowner and nurturing your agricultural aspirations by meeting the vital eligibility criteria and providing the necessary documentation. 

Before applying for any loan, it’s essential to do thorough homework, evaluate various lenders, and fully understand the loan agreement’s terms and conditions. If necessary, seek professional advice to help you make an informed decision consistent with your farming goals and financial capabilities. Make your farming dreams a reality today by taking the first step toward owning agricultural land in India. 

Understanding GST on Renting Commercial Properties

Real estate is one of the country’s most important economic sectors. Many people in the country rely on property rentals as a source of income. The impact of GST on the property rental industry has been significant. Learn more about GST on commercial properties by reading this blog. 

In India, how is commercial rent taxed?

If you rent out your property for commercial purposes and earn more than Rs 200,000 per year, you are subject to GST. GST applies at 18% of the taxable value. 

Who is responsible for GST on commercial property rent?

Owners of rental properties are required to collect GST from renters. This GST is part of the rent. If the rent from AY 20-21 onwards is Rs 2.4 lakh a year, the rent payer must deduct 10% income tax. 

Both residential and commercial properties are subject to TDS. TDS is not taxed. 

Commercial property tax breaks are available. 

Commercial property can be bought and sold. 

The standard deduction

Commercial properties rented at a set price are eligible for a 30% repair deduction. It allows you to save a reasonable amount of tax regardless of how much you spend on your property purchase. 

Interest deduction on loans 

You can deduct the total interest paid on loans involved in buying or building commercial real estate to modify or build real estate. In this category, upfront penalties or processing fees are also tax deductible. It is only valid for the year of ownership following completion. You can also claim the total interest paid in five equal installments before the year of purchase. 

Use of commercial property for work/ business.

You cannot deduct fictitious rental income. You can deduct depreciation and the interest paid on the loan used to purchase the property. The actual cost of maintenance and repairs is tax deductible. 

The new tax regime limits tax deductions for commercial real estate loan interest. Section 24 deductions for rented property do not apply. You can charge up to the annual net sum of gross rent minus municipal tax if you claim interest and standard deductions. 

How much of your rent is tax-free?

You are not required to pay tax on amounts previously paid as property tax. Deduct current-year property taxes from gross rental income or gross annual value (GAV) for the year. 

Section 24A of the Income Tax Act allows for a 30% deduction from net annual value. People pay no tax on this amount and deduct it from their taxable income. Other expenses, such as painting and repairs, are not tax deductible once the 30% limit under this section applies. 

Assume an owner takes out a loan on a rental property. In this case, the loan interest paid during the fiscal year reverts to rental income after standard deductions. This rebate is allowed under Section 24B of the Income Tax Act. 

Interest on borrowed capital for acquisition, construction, repair, or diversion is deductible in the case of rental property. The Income Tax Appeals Court has ruled that owners are not required to pay taxes on unrealized rental income for unpaid rent. 

Because rental income is taxable under sections 22 and 24 of the Income Tax Act, this section only applies to income from habitable land. Renting vacant land is taxable as other sources of income. 

How is rental property tax calculated?

After deducting municipal taxes, standard deductions, and home interest, compute rental income taxes based on the Gross Annual Value (GAV). 

Consider the following example to demonstrate how to calculate taxable income on a rental property:

Assume the owner receives Rs 30,000 in monthly rental income and pays Rs 30,000 in local tax (calculated using the property unit area system). He has also taken out a home loan and is paying Rs 90,000 in interest to secure it. 

Calculate your taxable income as follows: 

Rental Property Income Amount in Rs. 
Gross Annual Value 4,80,000 (40,000 per month) 
Deduct Municipal Taxes 30,000
Net Annual Value 4,50,000
Deduct: 30% standard deduction 1,35,000 (30% of 3,30,000)
Home loan interest90,000
Income from house property2,25,000

Tax Calculation on Rental Property

In this case, the GAV of the property is Rs 4,80,000, which is greater than Rs 2,50,000, so tax is due on the rental property. If you pay Rs 20,000 monthly rent, your GAV is Rs 2,40,000 (20,000 *12). 

How can I avoid paying rental income taxes?

The following suggestions will help you save money on your rental income taxes: 

Upkeep fees: 

Deducting maintenance charges from rent is one of the simplest ways to save tax. The cost of maintenance can include in the rent. In some ways, the tax on rental income is rising. For example, if you calculate a rent of Rs 50,000 and add Rs 10,000 for maintenance, you must pay taxes on the entire amount. However, you can save Rs 10,000 in tax by excluding such costs from maintenance charges. The lease contains only one line saying that tenants can pay maintenance fees directly to the society association.”

Municipal taxes: 

A few individuals realize that municipal taxes, such as property and sewerage fees, can be deducted from rental income. The only requirement is that the property owner pays all municipal taxes. Tenants are frequently liable to municipal taxes. As a result, the tenants’ payments are not deductible. Municipal tax credits reduce your tax liability by lowering your income from real estate. 

Joint Possession 

You can pay taxes on your rental income if you buy a property with a trusted family member (husband/wife/parents). Rental income is shared and taxed with other family members in such cases. 

Fully or partially furnished properties: 

The property owner will provide amenities such as WiFi, a gas connection, DTH/cable TV, and a newspaper. Such charges are typically billed as rent and paid by the owner’s relevant authorities. In such cases, you can request that the lessee pay the bill and deduct the rent amount. Alternatively, you can collect them separately from the tenant. It’s not part of the rent. Therefore, rental income will decrease. 

Standard Deduction: 

When a property is purchased and rented for investment purposes, it follows that there will be some costs for repairs and maintenance. 30% of the annual net value can be claimed as a standard deduction regardless of the repair costs. 

What is the GST rate on commercial property maintenance fees? 

Buyers must pay GST on maintenance costs plus GST on property purchases. The builder levies 18% GST on monthly maintenance fees of around 4000 rupees. Maintenance charges are exempt from GST up to Rs 7700/- per month. 

What are the tax advantages of a commercial property loan? 

Tax break under section 24(B)

This section allows salaried individuals to claim income tax breaks on property loans. If the loan is used to [purchase a new home, you are eligible for a tax credit of up to Rs. 2,00,000. Interest payments are tax-deductible. 

Section 37 (1) Tax Benefit: 

Property loans are not tax deductible, whether they are for business or personal reasons. Because you are investing in real estate, a loan for investment reasons may be tax-free. 

What is the penalty for failing to declare rental income? 

When landlords intentionally omit income from their returns, the IRS imposes fraudulent filing penalties. It could include a fine of 20% of the owed amount plus 75% of the total tax due. These penalties are in addition to any unpaid taxes. 

Commercial Property Loan Interest Rates in India Today

A commercial property loan is a type of secured loan. Banks provide a credit option in exchange for the pledge of commercial property. It serves in the operation of a business. If the borrower wants to buy a commercial property, he can get a loan for up to 85% of the project cost at an attractive interest rate. Many Indian banks, financial institutions, and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) offer it. 

Advantages of a Commercial Property Loan 

  • Tax Advantages: When purchasing a commercial property, an applicant should take advantage of several tax advantages. If he obtains a loan to buy a home, he may be eligible for a tax deduction for the interest paid on EMIs. 
  • Organizations such as IT companies, retail outlets, banks, and so on rent office space. Because these establishments are professionals, it is easier for commercial property owners to deal with the holders. 
  • Renting potential: If the borrower has unused space in their home, he may be able to generate income from it. 
  • Interest rate: The interest rate on a commercial property loan starts at 7.45% per annum. Because of the increased competition among financial institutions, or banks, it is the most affordable funding option. 
  • Loan up to 80%: The borrower can obtain commercial property loans ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 5 crores for a flexible repayment period of up to 15 years. 

Documents Required for a Commercial Property Loan 

For an individual 

  • Passport-sized photographs of all directors are required, as is proof of permanent address if rented. 
  • Copy of PAN Card and Passport as proof of identity. 
  • Address verification: Directors and Company.
  • GST return for one year. 
  • Check (payable to the bank) for the processing fee.
  • PAN Card for the company and all directors. 
  • Complete all property documentation using Map and Chain+ ATS. 
  • Schedule and sanction letter for the loan.
  • Bank statement from the previous year for salary account. 
  • ITR with income computation for the last three years from-16 (if filed)
  • Chartered accountant-certified list of all directors and shareholders as of date. 
  • Certificate of registration for VAT, SALE, SSI, and GST. 

Commercial Property Loan Eligibility Criteria 

Eligibility criteria for commercial property loans vary by several factors, including an applicant’s monthly salary, co-applicant income, and residency.

  • An individual’s age range is between 22 and 65 years old. 
  • The CIBIL score must be greater than 700. 
  • The financial statement should be in black. 
  • Indian nationality.

Factors Influencing Commercial Property Lending 

A variety of factors influence commercial property loans. 

  • Loan amount: Taking a large loan sum for a longer loan term makes it easier to repay the loan because the EMI lowers. 
  • Longer loan terms spread payments over a more period. If the borrower has enough income, he should choose a longer time to increase his chances of success. 
  • CIBIL Score: The CIBIL score is essential; an applicant must have a credit score of at least 750. 
  • The borrower’s age: An applicant has a crucial impact on him to pay back the debt. 

When looking for a commercial property loan, compare interest rates from banks and NBFCs to find the best loan rates. 

Commercial Property Loan Interest Rates 

Interest Rate 7.25% per year and up
Loan Amount From Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 5 crores 
Repayment tenure Up to 15 years 
Processing Charge 1% of the loan amount

Explain the Land Use Pattern in India and why the land under forest has not increased much since 1962-61

The land under forest has declined since around 1960-61 due to the post-freedom period, the desire for more land to expand agribusiness, particularly after the Green Revolution, prompted leeway of forest regions. Industrialization and urbanization have also reduced the forest area. As in the post-autonomy period, the desire for more land to expand agribusiness, primarily following the Green Revolution, formative works, and infrastructural offices, prompted the liberation of backwoods regions. Backwood areas also suffered from industrialization and urbanization. 

Land Utilization Factors 

Two factors influence land use. 

  • Human aspects 
  • Natural elements 

Human factors such as population density, culture, traditions, and technological capacity all impact human activities and usage. 

The nature of the lands, such as topography, climate, and soil types, determine the physical factor. 

Because of the post-independence demand for more land to expand agriculture, the arrival under forest has not increased since 1960-61. Following the green revolution, development projects and infrastructure facilities primarily resulted in the clearing of forest areas. 

Industrialization and urbanization have also reduced forest area; land under forest cover has increased by only about 4% between 1960 and 1961. 

The nation’s wood front is barely the endorsed 33% of all nation’s territory. Backwoods cover approximately 23.81% of India’s total land area. India’s all net planted area is 46.24% of the country’s total land area. India’s all-net planted area is 46.24% of the country’s total land area. The net put region varies from state to state. While net set land accounts for more than 80% of all land in Punjab and Haryana, it accounts for less than 10% in Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Brushing takes up 3.38% of all available land, leaving the remainder neglected and squandered.  

In India, land assets have basic categories such as rural land, timberland land, field and nibbling land, and squandered land. Squander land includes rough, thirsty, and desert areas, besides land used for non-rural purposes such as lodging, streets, and industry. According to new data, 54% of the total land area is cultivable or decrepit, 22.5% is covered by timberlands, and 3.45% is used for touching. The remainder is unused land with hints of various development. The improper use of woodland land has contaminated the accessible land region and made timberland protection difficult. Human activities such as deforestation, mining, and quarrying have slowed the development of timberlands. As a result, land under woodland has increased by approximately 4% since 1960-61. 

Technical and monastery advancement has resulted in greater utilization of assets across various elements. During pilgrim times, royal powers would use their mechanical and financial dominance to establish control over different nations and then seize the latter’s assets. Currently, one country’s assets are also available to the pilgrim ruler’s residents, prompting increased utilization. Furthermore, because of technological and financial advancement, populations are growing due to low mortality at all ages. As medicine and medical care advance, fewer people die as a result of mishaps, illnesses, labor, and so on. This has also contributed to increased asset utilization. 

How to Save Capital Gain Tax on the Sale of Residential Property

Capital gain is the increase in the value of an asset over time. The owner realizes this capital gain when the property sells. The difference between a property’s selling and purchasing prices is capital gain. 

Any profit derived from a capital asset will qualify as Capital Gains for income tax purposes and be subject to capital gains tax. The land is known as a Capital Asset, and as its value rises, the owner may realize significant capital gains upon sale. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that agricultural land in rural India does not meet the definition of a Capital Asset. As a result, no capital gains tax applies upon its sale. Let us look at how profits from the sale of land will be taxed and how we can save money on taxes. 

Short-term or long-term capital gains

The tax implications vary depending on whether the gains are short-term or long-term. Capital gains are regarded as short-term if you owned the land for up to 2 years (24 months) before selling. It will, however, be considered a long-term capital gain if held for more than 24 months. 

How to Calculate Capital Gains 

Short-term capital gains (STCG)

The Particulars Amount 
Total Selling Price (xxx)
Acquisition Cost (xxx)
Direct Sale Expense (xxx)
Exception Sections- 54B, 54D, 54G, 54GA(xxx)
STCG (Short-term capital gains)(xxx)

The only difference for Long capital assets is that you can deduct the Indexed Cost of Acquisition/ or indexed cost of Improvements from the sale price. Indexation is a way of adjusting the purchase price to account for the impact of inflation using the Cost Inflation Index (CII). This adjustment increases your cost base (and reduces your gains).

Particulars Amount 
Total Sales Price (xxx)
Acquisition Cost Index (xxx)
Direct Sales Expense (xxx)
Exemption Section: 54B, 54D, 54EC, 54F, 54G, 54GA(xxx)
Long-term Capital Gain (xxx)

What are the Tax Rates?

  • STCG is taxable income and taxable at the applicable slab rates. See the latest income tax slab rates. 
  • LTCG gets taxed at a rate of 20%, with an indexation benefit. 

How to save Capital Gain Tax on the sale of residential property

Section 54F (applying if the asset is a long-term capital asset)

If you use the proceeds from the sale of land to buy a house, you may be able to claim an 

exemption from capital gains tax if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • The exemption only applies to individuals or HUFs; it’s not open to corporations, LLPs, or firms. 
  • The new house you buy or build must be in India. 
  • Purchase the house within one year of the land sale date or two years after the sale date. 
  • Build one house within three years of the date of the land sale. 
  • Do not sell the house within three years of purchasing or building it. 
  • You should only own one residential house on the transfer date, excluding the new one. 

If you meet these requirements and invest the sale proceeds in the new home, you will not be subject to capital gain taxes. An exemption is proportional to the amount invested, which is the cost of the new house multiplied by the capital gains/ net consideration. 

By Investing in Capital Gains Account Scheme 

Finding a suitable seller, arranging the necessary funds, and completing the vital paperwork for a new property can be a stressful and time-consuming jobs. Fortunately, the Income Tax Department is aware of these constraints. 

If you need to invest your capital gains till you file your income return (usually on the 31st of July), you may deposit them in the Capital Gains Account Scheme (CGAS). And claim this as an exemption from capital gains in your return; you will not have to pay tax on it. 

54EC (applicable if it is a long-term capital asset)-Purchasing Capital Gains Bonds 

What if you never intend to purchase another property? It is pointless to invest the money in a Capital Gains Account Scheme. In this case, you can still save taxes on your capital gains by putting them in the following bonds:  

  • Rural Electrification Corporation Limited bonds, also known as REC bonds, 
  • Bonds issued by the National Highway Authority of India, or NHAI. 
  • Power Finance Corporation Limited bonds, also known as PFC bonds, 
  • Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited, or IRFC, issued bonds. 

These are redeemable after five years and cannot be sold within three years of the house’s sale date. 

You have six months to invest in these bonds; however, to claim this exemption, you must invest before the return filing date. The Budget for 2014 has specified that you are allowed to invest a maximum of Rs 50 lakhs in these bonds in a financial year. 

Studio Apartments for Rent in Bangalore: 1RK Fully Furnished No Brokerage

Studio apartments with a living room, dining room, and bathroom, with a small kitchen, are ideal for young city dwellers. Because studio apartments in Banglore are the most cost-effective residential option for professionals, most employees choose them. These are most appropriate for the first home because they are spacious enough for a single person with a newly married couple. Studio apartments are also known as efficiency apartments because of the space and cost advantages they provide. These apartments are also a low-cost option for professionals who prefer to own rather than rent a home near their workplace. Bangalore City has seen an increase in the number of homebuyers who choose this segment. 

According to the absolute acreage undertaken by realty companies, most home buyers in Bangalore can choose smaller configurations. While 1-BHK units have the highest demand, studio apartments are the current trend. Professionals who frequently fly to Bangalore’s metropolitan city suggested that studio apartments are cost-effective and practical in the long run. Studio apartments are popular among young IT professionals and those working in manufacturing. 

Why is a studio apartment a viable option?

Studio apartments are a relatively new concept in Bangalore, introduced only a few years ago. For the following reasons, these apartments have become a viable option for many Bangalore professionals. 

Space efficiency: 

Studio apartments leave open safe spaces for us to customize to our needs. The Kitchen is unlike most kitchens in three walls and an entryway. The dining and living area could function as a combination of study, work, and dining areas. 

Affordable homes: 

The affordability of studio apartments pushes them to work well in the Bangalore market. These apartments are ideal for young professionals just starting their careers. Studio apartments are viable options for buyers based on their income. Rather than paying 15,000 to 25,000 in advance rent for a 1-BHK, buyers find investing in studio apartments simple. The EMI would be used to pay rent. Registration fees have also decreased to reduce capital values. 

Potential asset:

You will choose a larger home as your salary and family grow. However, if you have saved as much money on rent and have invested in this studio apartment, it will provide you with an asset in the future as well as rental income. 


Electronic City, an area near Bannerghatta National Park, Vijaya Bank colony, and RT Nagar, are some of the most admired regions in Bangalore. Pricing depends on the amenities offered and the location. 

Independent House for Sale in Noida Extension/ Expressway

A new term for housing is gaining popularity: Independent Housing. However, the concept of an Independent House has previously existed. It has been around since ancient times in India. Let us understand the fundamental idea of an independent house. 

Do you frequently hear “independent house’ but are unsure what it means? This blog will help you out. 

What is an Independent House? 

An independent house stands on their land. It has its own set of boundaries. It means that the property owner and the landowner on which the house stands share a name. These residences usually reside in separate compounds. The landowner is free to build their homes on their property however they see fit. 

Noida Extension and Noida Expressway have seen an increase in apartments and flats, but this does not mean that independent houses are unpopular. The cost of land is rising faster than the cost of housing. However, there are differences between standalone residences and apartments. 

People prefer independent houses because they can design them according to their preferences and tastes. Furthermore, these can vary to the owner’s specifications. 

Benefits of living in an independent house in Noida Extension/Noida Expressway 

Independent houses have been an essential part of our country since ancient times. What benefits do they provide? Let us look at some of the benefits Independent Houses in Noida Extension provides. 

Your Own Home:

Having your own home is a beautiful thing. Your private home is your personal space and the best place to invest your money. Furthermore, having your own home provides your own space and a safe environment for your family. There are several areas on Noida Expressway where you can easily find independent houses. 

Design Freedom:

It is the most significant advantage that an independent house can provide. Apartments limit your creativity because you can not design it as you want. However, you can create the home of your dreams based on your theme and creativity. You can decorate and redecorate it as many times as you want. Moreover, the renovation also becomes hassle-free. 

A Private Terrace:

Isn’t it wonderful to have a private terrace that you can decorate however you want? There are building societies that restrict people’s access to their steps, thereby limiting their space. Having a rooftop is a true luxury for city dwellers. You have unrestricted access to your terrace. You can invite your friends and family and have fun on the rooftop. Furthermore, you can host parties there. Isn’t it wonderful to throw a party on a terrace?

Status Icon: 

If you live in an independent house in Noida Extension, you will have your garden, garage, and regular benefits that apartments do not have. There will be no shared boundaries or walls. Moreover, you can enjoy a great view from your house. 

Having a home raises your social status because it represents sophistication and a luxurious lifestyle. 


If you have a pet, you know they like having access to fresh air. However, due to limited space, this is not possible in apartments. In these instances, detached homes may be the best option because your beloved pet will have plenty of outdoor space. They will also be free of heavy traffic, making independent houses much safer for pets. 


It goes without saying, but villas or independent houses offer various amenities that an apartment could not. These amenities also ensure a high standard of living. Example for 24-hour water supply, among other things. 

Noida Extension or Noida Expressway 

The Noida Expressway and the Noida Extension each have their advantages and disadvantages. The Noida Expressway is a well-established area with a diverse range of commercial and residential properties and easy access to the rest of the city. In contrast, the Noida extension is a more recent development that provides more affordable housing options while remaining well-connected to the rest of the town. It all boils down to your priorities and what you want in a location. The Noida Expressway may be better if you want a more established and well-developed area with a broader range of options. If you are looking for more affordable housing options in a newer neighborhood, the Noida Extension may be a better option.  

Bhumi Jankari Bihar Land Record Online by Party Name

Bhumi Jankari Bihar Land Record: The Revenue and Land Reforms Department of the Government of Bihar has launched the Bhumi Jankari Bihar Portal. This portal contains all land information relevant to Bihar residents. This online portal will provide numerous benefits to citizens. 

Bihar residents can easily access land-related information through this portal. This blog will cover the registration and login process for Bhumi Jankari Bihari, with the Bhumi Jankari Bihar Land Record Search, Advance Search, View Web Copy of the Land Record Document, and other information. 

Overview of the Bhumi Jankari Bihar Land Record: 

The Portal’s Name Bhumi Jankari Bihar 
State NameBihar 
Name of the Department Revenue and Land Reforms Departments
Purpose To provide online land-related information to the people of Bihar. 
Beneficiaries Cities of Bihar
Official Website https://bhumijankari.bihar.gov.in/ 

Registration and Login Details for Bhumi Jankari Bihar are available athttps://bhumijankari.bihar.gov.in/

The steps for logging into the Bhumi Jankari Bihar Portal are as follows: 

  • The applicant should go to the Bhumi Jankari Bihar official website, which is https://bhumijankari.bihar.gov.in/ 
  • On the home page, you must click the “Login” button. 
  • The login page will appear; to sign up, click the “User Sign Up” option. 
  • You must enter the required information like ‘User’s First Name,” “Middle Name,” “Last NAME,” “Contact Number,” “Email ID,” Address of the User,” and then “Submit” the application form. 

How Do I Find Bhumi Jankari Bihar Land Record Information?

Follow the steps below if you are a Bihar resident looking for land information in the Bihar state. 

  • The user should visit the Bhumi Jankari Bihar portal’s official website at https://bhumijankari.bihar.gov.in/ 
  • Scroll down the page and click on the “Land Map” link. 
  • The Bhuabhilekh login page will appear; select the “Public Login” tab. 
  • To use the app, the applicant must first log in with valid credentials.
  • Enter your “User Name” and “Password,” and then click the “Login” button. 
  • When you click the “Login” button after entering your login information, an OTP will arrive at your registered mobile number. 
  • Enter the OTP received on your mobile number and press the “Submit” button. 
  • After successfully logging in, you must enter the required information, such as selecting the following parameters on the screen. 
  • Office Title
  • Zila District 
  • Office of Anchal 
  • Mauza 
  • Thana Number 
  • At least one of the above parameters is selected for the search process. And next, click the “Search Button” to look for the desired document. 
  • At the bottom, a grid will display information about the document you searched for. 
  • The grid will also display the above parameters chosen for the search process. And next, click the “Search Button” to look for the desired document. 
  • The grid will also display the details corresponding to: based on the value entered in the advanced search section. 
  • File Name
  • Anchal Office 
  • District 
  • Thana No 
  • Mauza 
  • Party Name 
Registration Process To Search Bhumi Jankari Bihar Land Record Details:

The applicant must register on the portal to search for Bhumi Jankari Bihar Land Records. For registration, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the website http://biharbhumi.bihar.gov.in.
  • After you have opened the website, scroll down and select the “Land Map” option.
  • You will arrive at the “Bhuabhilekh” page.
  • To register, go to the bottom left of the login page and click on the “New User Registration” link.
  • Just enter your “Mobile Number” and click the “Submit” button.
  • When the applicant presses the submit button, an OTP arrives at the mobile number they provided.
  • After entering the OTP sent to your mobile number, click the “Submit” button.
  • After entering the OTP, it will take you to a new registration screen where you must enter your “First Name,” “Last Name,” and “Email ID” before clicking “Submit.”
  • After submitting the form, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number with registration details via email.
  • After receiving their login credentials and finishing registration, the general public can access the portal.

Flats / Apartments for Sale in Noida Properties

Noida is an urbanized city in Uttar Pradesh that is part of the Delhi metropolitan area. Because of its constantly improving infrastructure, planned international airport, and affordable home prices, Noida has become one of the most sought-after residential hubs in the NCR following COVID-19. The availability of options in sparsely populated emerging areas has enticed home buyers and accelerated their purchases. The most significant advantage of relocating to a growing area is that prices are relatively low or the profit potential is critical due to infrastructure development. Numerous affluent neighborhoods in Noida offer various services and amenities to people of all ages, including families, professionals, and students. Noida has numerous parks, modern commercial centers and complexes, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations. If you want to live in a neighborhood with high investment potential and a significant presence of vegetation, Noida is the place to buy property.

The following are the reasons: 

Noida’s Simplified Interconnectivity

The government is working hard to improve Noida’s connectivity to Delhi and neighboring NCR areas like Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. Other cities are becoming more connected as more people look to buy a home in Noida and settle down. 

The Delhi-Noida Direct Time-Saver Flyway provides excellent connectivity between Noida and Delhi. The Noida Electronic City signifies the start of the Delhi Metro’s blue line. Its coverage area includes stations such as Noida Sector 52 (Nasirpur Electronic City), Noida City Center (Nasirpur Electronic City), Botanical Garden (Nasirpur Electronic City), Sector-16, and Sector 21 in Dwarka. Furthermore, when traveling on the Aqua line, one can transfer from the Sector 52 metro station to the Noida Metro Aqua line’s station in Sector 51. 

The metro Aqua line in Noida connects to the Greater Noida metro station via several Noida sectors, including 50 and 76, with NSEZ (81), 83, 137, 145, 146, 147, and 148. You can take the metro from Gurgaon to Faridabad in under two hours. Traveling by metro from Gurgaon to Faridabad takes less than two hours. 

Noida Employer Concentration 

Noida, India’s commercial capital, is home to several well-known commercial structures. Major news organizations, multinational corporations, start-ups, and established Indian businesses reside in several commercial districts in Delhi. Noida has India’s largest smartphone manufacturing facility and its fourth-largest IT-BPO hub. Some of Noida’s most prominent multinational corporations (MNCs) are Adobe Systems India and Rockwell Automation. Noida is also home to some of India’s most extensive IT infrastructures, including Tata Consultancy Services and NIIT Technologies, as well as Microsoft and other well-known names such as Oracle and Adobe. 

Retail Trade Hubs in Noida 

Noida has many different shopping options, including local markets and upscale shopping malls. Regional markets such as Atta, Brahmaputra, Savitri, Indira, and others sell a variety of clothes, accessories, footwear, home decor, and other items at low prices. Many street food alternatives are available for you to sample. 

Many well-known shopping malls, including Gaur City Mall, the Mall of India, Wave Mall, The Great India Place, the Spice World Mall, Gardens Galleria Mall, and Tulip Mall, have movie theaters, fine dining restaurants, nightclubs, and high-end apparel, footwear, and gadget stores. 

A planned and designed city with wide streets and trees

Numerous well-known schools, including DPS, Kothari Public School (GIIS), and GD Goenka Global School, as well as some of the best colleges in the country, including Amity University and Jaypee Institute, are located in the Noida metropolitan area. Numerous world-class medical institutions, including Apollo Healthcare and Jaypee Hospital, are located in Noida. Noida is also home to many branches of well-known financial institutions, including HDFC, Bank of India, ICICI Bank, and all the reputed names you can think of. You can unwind and recuperate in parks such as Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal, Meghdootam Park, and Shahid Bhagat Singh Park, to name a few. 

Jewar Airport is on its way to Noida. 

The country’s largest airport (more than 4,000 acres) is currently under construction and will be open in 2024. Noida is only 13 kilometers off Gautam Bdh Nagar’s new Jewar Airport. Noida and Greater Noida residents will no longer have to travel to the 44-kilometer Indira Gandhi International Airport. When finished, the airport will be able to handle both domestic and International flights. As a result, now is the best time to purchase a home in Noida, as property values will likely skyrocket once the airport opens.

When is the best time to purchase a flat/apartment for sale in Noida?

Noida has seen rising real estate investment opportunities over the last decade. Noida has become one of the most sought-after property investment destinations due to its excellent infrastructure, connectivity, and rapid development. 

If you want to buy a flat or an apartment in Noida, the best time to start is during the festive season. Developers offer various discounts, deals, and schemes to entice buyers at the time of year. Aside from that, property demand is high at this time, so you have a better chance of getting a good deal. 

Noida’s Best Sector to Purchase a Flat for Sale

Noida is split into sectors, each with its specific features and amenities. Your needs and preferences will determine the best sector in Noida to purchase a flat. If you are looking for a prime location, next Sector 18 is a good option. This industry is well-known for its commercial establishments and shopping malls. Sector 137 is also a good option for those looking for low-cost housing. 

You can also find perfect flats in sectors 78 and 150, the most popular areas to invest in Noida flats. 

Propertywala can assist you in locating the best Noida flat for sale. You can search for flats using our platform based on your budget, location, preferences, and amenities. 

West Bengal Khatian and Plot Information by Name

The Banglar Bhumi is the West Bengal government’s revenue department’s largest online land records website, and it evolved with the help of the WB NIC team. It contained information for over 42,042 Mouzas and over 4.30 crores of Khatians for the entire state. More than 70 % of the population lives in the village and hails from a farming clan. 

According to the most recent Department of West Bengal survey, more than 300,000 people in the state have Patta. As a result, it is difficult to provide all the information to each of them in turn. Now, the official website of Banglar Bhumi, http://www.banglarbhumi.gov.in/, can access any can of data regarding your land and property through the owner’s name and the details of your land, which is the solution to all of them. 

Bangkarbhumi 2023 Khatian and Plot Details 

Name Banglarbhumi wb jamir khatianবাংলারভূমি জমি রেকর্ডস পশ্চিমবঙ্গ
Department Land & Land Reforms And Refugee Relief And Rehabilitation Department West Bengalভূমি ও ভূমি সংস্কার এবং শরণার্থী ত্রাণ ও পুনর্বাসন বিভাগ পশ্চিমবঙ্গ
Year 2023
Official Website http://www.banglarbhumi.gov.in/
Contact dlrswb@gmail.com, 18003456600
Objective Land records Digitalization
Beneficiaries Citizens of West Bengal state

District Wise WB Land Record 2023 

You can check the list of districts of West Bengal, Where a citizen of the state can search for a plot and Khaitan information online. And you can also check the WBI land record at home. 

Alipurduar – আলিপুরদুয়ারJhargram – ঝাড়গ্রাম
Bankura – বাঁকুড়াKolkata – কলকাতা
Paschim Bardhaman – পাসচিম বর্ধমানKalimpong – কালিম্পং
Purba Bardhaman – পূর্ব বর্ধমানMalda – মালদহ
Birbhum – বীরভূমPaschim Medinipurপাসচিম মেদিনীপুর
Cooch Behar – কোচবিহারPurba Medinipur – পূর্ব মেদিনীপুর
Darjeeling – দার্জিলিংয়েরMurshidabad – মুরশিদাবাদ
Uttar Dinajpur – উত্তর দিনাজপুরNadia – নাদিয়া
Dakshin Dinajpur – দক্ষিণ দিনাজপুরUttar 24 Pargana – উত্তর 24 পরগনা
Hooghly – হুগলীDakshin 24 Pargana – দক্ষিণ 24 পরগনা
Howrah – হাওড়াPurulia – পুরুলিয়া
Jalpaiguri – জলপাইগুড়ি

WB Banglarbhumi Online 

The official West Bengal land records website divides into two sections: The first is for users and citizens, while the second is for administrative tasks. Any citizen can access their property-related data through the user part, and authorized staff can upload more data for users through the admin part. Anyone can obtain information about the following by visiting the official page of Banglar Bhumi: 

  • Land Records on the Internet
  • Mutagenesis 
  • Agricultural Land Conversion 
  • Land Recording 
  • Bargadar or Sharecropper and their registration in the Land Records 
  • Vesting and distribution of vested land
  • Patta 
  • Lease: Management of Government Land 
  • Land under Tribal Ownership in West Bengal 
  • Tea Garden
  • Land Reform Laws
  • Current Situation 
  • The West Bengal Estate Acquisition Act of 1953 
  • West Bengal Land Reform Act, 1955 
  • Survey of West Bengal 

The West Bengal government has created a web portal where residents can check online Khatian and plot information. Banglarbhumi Search and the website address is http://www.banglarbhumi.gov.in/

What services are available through the Banglarbhumi web portal? See its list below- 

  • Khaitan Knowledge 
  • Plot specifics 
  • West Bengal land information from Mouza-map 
  • Public Complaint

So, in subsequent articles, we will provide detailed instructions on searching for Khaitan and plot information. 

Search for West Bengal Khatian and Plot Information by Name

To check your online land record, go to the BanglarBhumi official page and select Khatian and Plot Information. It will take you to a page where you must complete the steps outlined below.

  1. To begin, go to http://www.banglarbhumi.gov.in/.
  2. The “Know Your Property” tab appears in the main menu. 
  3. Choose from District, Block, or Mouza.
  4. Check for Khatian information. 
  5. Choose Search By Plot from the drop-down menu.
  6. Examine the plot details.

Citizens’ Login Process at Banglarbhumi 

If you are a West Bengal resident and have registered with this portal, you can log in to the Banglarbhumi website by following the steps below: 

  • To begin, go to the Banglarbhumi official website. 
  • Then On the homepage, You will find the “Citizen Services” tab. Click here. 
  • You will go to the next page, where you must select “Departmental Users.”
  • Enter your username and password here. 
  • Then type in the captcha code. 
  • Following that, click the “Login” button. 
  • Finally, you have registered as a Citizen. 

The process to Apply for ROR 

ROR West Bengal is a vital resource for land-related information. Please follow these simple steps if you need to apply for ROR documents:

  • Visit the Official Website of the West Bengal e-District. 
  • On the homepage, look for the “Citizen Registration” button and click it. 
  • Please enter the required information.
  • Then, for registration, you must click the “Save” button. 
  • OTP will arrive at your registered mobile number. 
  • Log in to your email account to check for confirmation emails sent by the site. 
  • Complete your registration by clicking the activation link in your email. 
  • You must now log in to the portal using your username and password. 
  • You must now enter all of the information. 
  • Please upload all required documents in JPEG or PDF format. 
  • Finally, press the “Submit” button. 
  • You will now get an acknowledgment slip as well as an application number. 
  • Then there will be verification. 
  • Finally, you can obtain the R0R certificate or document from the relevant authority. 

How to Monitor the Status of ROR Document Applications 

If you applied for ROR documents, you can check your application status online. Please follow the steps below to verify your ROR application status:-

  • Visit the Official Website of the West Bengal e-district.
  • On the homepage, look for the “Inspection Report” button and click it. 
  • You’ll proceed to the next page, where you must enter the “Application Identification Number.”
  • Then click the “Search Document” button. 
  • Finally, ROR’s state will appear on the website.