Two Men on Either Side of a 75m High Building

In today’s video, we will review some bare heights and distance information before moving on to the main topic. 

Height refers to the vertical measurement of an object. 

Distance is the horizontal between two points. 

Elevation Angle

Consider a situation where a person is on the ground and looking at an object at some height, such as the top of a building. In this case, the line of sight is the line that connects the man’s eye to the top of the building. The elevation angle comes from the line of sight and the horizontal line. 

The Depression Angle

In another case, a person appears standing at a certain height about an object.  The line o sight refers to the path that connects the man’s eye to the bottom of the building. A line of sight and a horizontal line from the angle of depression.

Now let the height of the building is 75m and two men are standing on point A and point B.

Suppose distance AD = xm and DB =ym.

In the right angle Δ ADC, CD/AD = tan 30°

= 75/x = 1/ √3 = x = 75√3m 

Now in right angle Δ CDB, CD/BD =  tan 60°

75/y = √3 = √3y = 75 = y = 75/ √3 = 75/√3 ×√3/√3 = 75√3/3= 25√3

Total distance x+y = 75√3 + 25√3 = 100√3m. 

Telangana Land Registration Documents Online

People who buy property in Telangana must register the transaction with the state’s registration and stamp office. Learn about Telangana land registration, the paperwork required to enter a sale deed, and how to access Telangana land registration documents online. Let us dig deeper into this article to find the answer to your questions!

Telangana Registration Department Offers Services 

  • Registration of Real Estate 
  • Marriage Registration Form 
  • Registration of Chit Funds 
  • Registration of Partnership Deeds 
  • Registration of Societies 
  • Stamp Sales 

The Telangana Registration Department provides property registration services. 

  • Marriage license 
  • Chit Funds Registration 
  • Deed of Registration of a Partnership Telangana home registration procedure: documents required for registering a land grant. 
  • The purchaser must upload all necessary documents online before going to the sub-office registrar to register the sale deed. 

As per Tangana 2020’s new registration regulations, the following documents are necessary to register:

  • Original paperwork bearing each party’s signature.  
  • Certificate of Encumbrance. 
  • Demand draught or bank challan of all stamp duty payment 
  • Card for the property. 
  • Photo from witnesses and executors under Section 32A. 
  • Documents of identification for the witnesses, purchaser, and seller
  • PAN Card
  • Authority of attorney. 
  • The Aadhaar Card Original Copy. 
  • Proof of the purchaser’s and seller’s addresses. 
  • An image of the building’s exterior  
  • Pattadar passbook for agricultural land 
  • Registration of Societies
  • Stamp Vending. 

Documents Needed for Registration:

  • Encumbrance Certificate 
  • The Original Document 
  • Challan/DD 
  • Property ID 
  • Identity verification for the buyer, seller, and witness
  • PAN Card 
  • If applicable, a power of attorney
  • The Aadhaar card 
  • Section 32A Photo Form 
  • There were two witnesses. 
  • Aadhaar/Passport/Driver’s License/PAN Card/Ration Card/ Voter ID is acceptable as proof of address. 
  • Photograph of the property’s front elevation 
  • If applicable, GPA/SPA
  • Webland copies, Pattadar passbooks, and title deeds for agricultural properties are all available. 

The Registration Procedure 

  • By launching an online portal to facilitate property registration, the Telangana government has made the entire process of uploading documents online. 
  • The applicant must navigate the list and upload all transaction details using the Public Data Entry system. 
  • The required paperwork has to go into the system before visiting the Registrar’s Office. 
  • The applicant can also pay online through the portal.
  • There is also the option of scheduling an appointment with the Registrar’s Office to expedite the registration process. 
  • Once everything is in order, the applicant must come to the office on the specified date and time to finish the process. 
  • A check slip is generated based on the details uploaded, and it is possible to alter them by an officer at the office. 
  • The E-KYC compliances happen at the office, and the applicant’s fingerprint sample is registered and verified using Aadhar. 
  • However, the remaining payments need to occur following Aadhaar verification. 
  • Finally, the Registrar prints and registers the Document number on endorsements.  
  • This document is scanned and uploaded to the portal, where the applicant can access it anytime. 
  • If the verification fails, the applicant must resubmit the documents and make the necessary changes. 
  • The registration remains valid until the land sells to another person. 
  • The entire procedure takes approximately two days. In one day, we will upload the paperwork online, and the next day will consist of visiting the registrar’s office and completing the remaining formalities. 

Telangana Stamp Duty 2022 

In Telangana, the purchaser is responsible for paying the stamp duty and registration fees at the time of registration. The charges are as follows: 

Instrument Registration Fees Stamp Duty Transfer Fees 
Sale agreement with possession 0.5% of the total property value (Minimum Rs. 1,000 – Maximum- Rs 20,000)4%0
Sale agreement without possession 0.5% of the total property value (Minimum Rs. 1,000 – Maximum- Rs 20,000)0.5%0
Sale agreement with GPA Rs 2,000 5% (4% adjustable and 1 % Non-adjustable)0
Will Rs 1,000NIL0
Sale of Semi-furnished flat 0.5%4%1.5%
Sale of immovable properties incorporation and municipalities 0.5%4%1.5%


The Telangana Registration Department is responsible for offering a range of services to the general public, including registering partnership deeds, marriages, and property. The Telangana Registration Department assists the public in verifying property documents with immovable property rights, titles, and obligations (if any).

Loan for Agricultural Land Purchase

Agriculture has been the backbone of India’s economy for centuries, and farmers play an essential role in feeding the country. If you enjoy farming and want to own agricultural land in India but lack the necessary funds, there is some good news for you. You can now empower your farming dreams and acquire the arrive you need to realize your vision with the help of agricultural loans. This blog will look at crop loans in India and how they can help you with your farming endeavors. A loan to purchase agricultural land is one of the best value propositions available in India for prospective farmers. 

Agricultural Loans Explained 

Agricultural loans are specialized financial products designed to meet the specific needs of farmers and agricultural workers. Banks, financial institutions, and rural credit cooperatives make these loans to farmers to help them buy agrarian land, invest in farming equipment, and meet their working capital needs. 

Crop loans, farm mechanization loans, agricultural land purchase loans, and other options are available in India’s agricultural loan market. This blog will concentrate on agricultural land purchase loans, which can help farmers acquire land for agricultural purposes.  

Advantages of an Agricultural Land Purchase Loan 

  • Land Acquisition: Agricultural land purchase loans allow farmers to realize their dream of owning farmland. Whether you want to expand your current farm or start a new one, these loans can help you get the necessary land. 
  • Flexible Repayment Options: Agricultural loans typically have flexible repayment options, allowing you to choose the most appropriate repayment period for your financial situation. Extending repayment periods helps you to generate income from your farm for longer.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Many financial institutions provide agricultural loans at competitive interest rates, which are typically lower than those provided for other types of loans. Farmers can now obtain agricultural land purchase loans at a reasonable cost. 
  • Collateral Options: Lenders may issue secured or unsecured agricultural loans. While some loans may require collateral such as land or other assets, others may provide unsecured loans based on the borrower’s creditworthiness. It’s essential to look into different lenders and their collateral requirements to find the best loan option for your needs.  
  • Government Assistance: The Government of India has implemented several schemes and subsidies to assist farmers in their agricultural endeavors. These initiatives frequently include provisions for subsidized agricultural loans, making it easier for farmers to obtain credit for land purchases. These initiatives often include subsidized loans for agriculture, making it easier for farmers to access credit for land purchases. 

Loan Eligibility Criteria for Purchasing Agricultural Land 

To obtain an agricultural loan purchase in India, you must typically meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Age: You must be under 18 years old to apply for an agricultural loan. Depending on the lender’s policies, the maximum age limit may differ. 
  • Farming Experience: For an agricultural loan to be approved, some lenders may require years of farming experience. Prospective farmers who are salaried in India can also qualify for agricultural land purchase loans. 
  • Land Ownership: Depending on the lender, you may be required to provide proof of land ownership or a lease agreement for the land you want to buy. 

Required Documentation for an Agricultural Land Purchase Loan 

  • Identity documentation (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, etc.)
  • Address proof (Voter ID, Passport, utility bills, etc.)
  • Proof of land ownership or a lease agreement.
  • Income documentation (bank statements, tax returns, etc.)
  • Agricultural land records (if any) 
  • Any additional documents required by the lender. 


Purchasing agricultural land in India is essential in realizing your farming ambitions. Farmers can now overcome financial constraints and buy the land they require thanks to the availability of agricultural land purchase loans. These loans have several advantages, including flexible repayment options, competitive interest rates, and government assistance, including flexible repayment options, competitive interest rates, and government assistance. You can set yourself on the path to becoming a proud landowner and nurturing your agricultural aspirations by meeting the vital eligibility criteria and providing the necessary documentation. 

Before applying for any loan, it’s essential to do thorough homework, evaluate various lenders, and fully understand the loan agreement’s terms and conditions. If necessary, seek professional advice to help you make an informed decision consistent with your farming goals and financial capabilities. Make your farming dreams a reality today by taking the first step toward owning agricultural land in India. 

Understanding GST on Renting Commercial Properties

Real estate is one of the country’s most important economic sectors. Many people in the country rely on property rentals as a source of income. The impact of GST on the property rental industry has been significant. Learn more about GST on commercial properties by reading this blog. 

In India, how is commercial rent taxed?

If you rent out your property for commercial purposes and earn more than Rs 200,000 per year, you are subject to GST. GST applies at 18% of the taxable value. 

Who is responsible for GST on commercial property rent?

Owners of rental properties are required to collect GST from renters. This GST is part of the rent. If the rent from AY 20-21 onwards is Rs 2.4 lakh a year, the rent payer must deduct 10% income tax. 

Both residential and commercial properties are subject to TDS. TDS is not taxed. 

Commercial property tax breaks are available. 

Commercial property can be bought and sold. 

The standard deduction

Commercial properties rented at a set price are eligible for a 30% repair deduction. It allows you to save a reasonable amount of tax regardless of how much you spend on your property purchase. 

Interest deduction on loans 

You can deduct the total interest paid on loans involved in buying or building commercial real estate to modify or build real estate. In this category, upfront penalties or processing fees are also tax deductible. It is only valid for the year of ownership following completion. You can also claim the total interest paid in five equal installments before the year of purchase. 

Use of commercial property for work/ business.

You cannot deduct fictitious rental income. You can deduct depreciation and the interest paid on the loan used to purchase the property. The actual cost of maintenance and repairs is tax deductible. 

The new tax regime limits tax deductions for commercial real estate loan interest. Section 24 deductions for rented property do not apply. You can charge up to the annual net sum of gross rent minus municipal tax if you claim interest and standard deductions. 

How much of your rent is tax-free?

You are not required to pay tax on amounts previously paid as property tax. Deduct current-year property taxes from gross rental income or gross annual value (GAV) for the year. 

Section 24A of the Income Tax Act allows for a 30% deduction from net annual value. People pay no tax on this amount and deduct it from their taxable income. Other expenses, such as painting and repairs, are not tax deductible once the 30% limit under this section applies. 

Assume an owner takes out a loan on a rental property. In this case, the loan interest paid during the fiscal year reverts to rental income after standard deductions. This rebate is allowed under Section 24B of the Income Tax Act. 

Interest on borrowed capital for acquisition, construction, repair, or diversion is deductible in the case of rental property. The Income Tax Appeals Court has ruled that owners are not required to pay taxes on unrealized rental income for unpaid rent. 

Because rental income is taxable under sections 22 and 24 of the Income Tax Act, this section only applies to income from habitable land. Renting vacant land is taxable as other sources of income. 

How is rental property tax calculated?

After deducting municipal taxes, standard deductions, and home interest, compute rental income taxes based on the Gross Annual Value (GAV). 

Consider the following example to demonstrate how to calculate taxable income on a rental property:

Assume the owner receives Rs 30,000 in monthly rental income and pays Rs 30,000 in local tax (calculated using the property unit area system). He has also taken out a home loan and is paying Rs 90,000 in interest to secure it. 

Calculate your taxable income as follows: 

Rental Property Income Amount in Rs. 
Gross Annual Value 4,80,000 (40,000 per month) 
Deduct Municipal Taxes 30,000
Net Annual Value 4,50,000
Deduct: 30% standard deduction 1,35,000 (30% of 3,30,000)
Home loan interest90,000
Income from house property2,25,000

Tax Calculation on Rental Property

In this case, the GAV of the property is Rs 4,80,000, which is greater than Rs 2,50,000, so tax is due on the rental property. If you pay Rs 20,000 monthly rent, your GAV is Rs 2,40,000 (20,000 *12). 

How can I avoid paying rental income taxes?

The following suggestions will help you save money on your rental income taxes: 

Upkeep fees: 

Deducting maintenance charges from rent is one of the simplest ways to save tax. The cost of maintenance can include in the rent. In some ways, the tax on rental income is rising. For example, if you calculate a rent of Rs 50,000 and add Rs 10,000 for maintenance, you must pay taxes on the entire amount. However, you can save Rs 10,000 in tax by excluding such costs from maintenance charges. The lease contains only one line saying that tenants can pay maintenance fees directly to the society association.”

Municipal taxes: 

A few individuals realize that municipal taxes, such as property and sewerage fees, can be deducted from rental income. The only requirement is that the property owner pays all municipal taxes. Tenants are frequently liable to municipal taxes. As a result, the tenants’ payments are not deductible. Municipal tax credits reduce your tax liability by lowering your income from real estate. 

Joint Possession 

You can pay taxes on your rental income if you buy a property with a trusted family member (husband/wife/parents). Rental income is shared and taxed with other family members in such cases. 

Fully or partially furnished properties: 

The property owner will provide amenities such as WiFi, a gas connection, DTH/cable TV, and a newspaper. Such charges are typically billed as rent and paid by the owner’s relevant authorities. In such cases, you can request that the lessee pay the bill and deduct the rent amount. Alternatively, you can collect them separately from the tenant. It’s not part of the rent. Therefore, rental income will decrease. 

Standard Deduction: 

When a property is purchased and rented for investment purposes, it follows that there will be some costs for repairs and maintenance. 30% of the annual net value can be claimed as a standard deduction regardless of the repair costs. 

What is the GST rate on commercial property maintenance fees? 

Buyers must pay GST on maintenance costs plus GST on property purchases. The builder levies 18% GST on monthly maintenance fees of around 4000 rupees. Maintenance charges are exempt from GST up to Rs 7700/- per month. 

What are the tax advantages of a commercial property loan? 

Tax break under section 24(B)

This section allows salaried individuals to claim income tax breaks on property loans. If the loan is used to [purchase a new home, you are eligible for a tax credit of up to Rs. 2,00,000. Interest payments are tax-deductible. 

Section 37 (1) Tax Benefit: 

Property loans are not tax deductible, whether they are for business or personal reasons. Because you are investing in real estate, a loan for investment reasons may be tax-free. 

What is the penalty for failing to declare rental income? 

When landlords intentionally omit income from their returns, the IRS imposes fraudulent filing penalties. It could include a fine of 20% of the owed amount plus 75% of the total tax due. These penalties are in addition to any unpaid taxes. 

Studio Apartment in Bangalore for Rent without Deposit

Millennials relocate to metropolitan cities in search of a better way of life, and most individuals have one thing in common: they are all looking for rental housing. Living in a studio apartment is a new trend on the market. Studio apartments are becoming increasingly popular. 

It is difficult to find a rental property that is both affordable and spacious in cities such as Bangalore. Given all this, living in a studio apartment might be a wise choice. 

Studio apartments in Banglore have a room, kitchen, and bathroom, so they’re ideal for bachelors or live-in couples.  

But if you have not decided yet, here are some studio apartment pros and cons to help you make a better decision:

Pros of renting a studio apartment in Bangalore 

  • Studio apartments are slightly less expensive and are ideal for those on a tight budget. 
  • Studio apartments are a low-maintenance investment that is simple to furnish and maintain. 
  • Because studio apartments are small, they help you save money on other expenses like lighting, cooling, and heating. 
  • Studio apartments usually sit in urban areas near commercial hubs and transportation options. As a result, residents of such flats benefit from the advantages of location and connectivity. 

Cons of renting a studio apartment in Bangalore 

  • They are not for everybody, particularly couples planning to start a family. 
  • They have room for decoration because too much furniture can make the space appear crowded. 
  • Because of limited space, socializing in studio apartments can be difficult. 
  • Studio apartments in Banglore can be claustrophobic for people unaccustomed to living in small spaces. 

You are in luck if you are looking for a studio apartment that needs little space, money, services, or amenities. The amenities in Bangalore’s studio apartments for rent will leave you wanting more. Continue reading to learn more about the facilities. 

You can have a fulfilling experience while getting a fully furnished room. Regardless of changing preferences, everything comes down to affordability. Given their tight budgets, millennials prefer living in affordable and convenient housing. You can enjoy all of the luxury and amenities of a studio apartment for rent in Bangalore at an affordable, all-inclusive rate. A studio apartment in Banglore uses technology to improve security in rental homes, such as biometric cards, facial recognition, CCTV, sensors, and so on, making it easier for the residents. 

If you are looking for a studio apartment for rent in Bangalore, this is the place to be. Whether you’re a bachelor, a working individual, or a live-in couple, these studio apartments are for anyone seeking a suitable lifestyle on an affordable budget. 

Apartment for Rent in Coimbatore Awaits You

Coimbatore, also known as Kovai, is a major city in Tamil Nadu, routinely known for its essential industries, engineering goods, textile mills, educational institutions, health care facilities, traditional culture, and boundless hospitality. It is home to a large textile industry and, more recently, an electronics manufacturing hub. 

The real estate trends in Coimbatore have changed over the years, and apartments are now gaining popularity with buyers and investors to the point where modern apartment designs have evolved. Because of its welcoming green pastures and hospitality, Coimbatore’s growing real estate market is seeing a significant increase in demand. 

Benefits of renting an apartment in Coimbatore

Pleasant weather: Coimbatore would be the best place to live due to its year-round pleasant climate. The city is full of friendly people who adhere to great culture and offer a warm welcome. 

Nature divine: A cosmopolitan city with breathtaking natural surroundings, it’s famous for its tastiest “Siruani Water,” after the Nile. 

Development: Coimbatore’s expanding IT infrastructure and easy connectivity can support businesses. Because of its essential amenities, the city attracts significant investment. 

Connectivity: The city is home to numerous universities, engineering colleges,   medical colleges, and other educational institutions, as well as healthcare industries, and it has easy access to major South Indian cities. It is one of the main reasons to rent an apartment in Coimbatore.  

The ideal location:  Apartments in Coimbatore are great for families, children, working parents, and college students. Coimbatore is a great place to buy your dream home because it has world-class institutes for technology, engineering, and arts, as well as some of the best schools in the area. The city is ideal for families to relocate to because it is not only urbanized and overcrowded. 

We are guaranteed a great future: Many jobs are available in various fields of interest due to the growing BPO, engineering, Computer hardware, and IT sectors. The gleaming city of Coimbatore is a beacon of hope for most rural people who come to fulfill their dreams. 

A flourishing metropolis: Coimbatore is a thriving metropolis in Tamil Nadu, with new buildings, stores, cinemas, restaurants, parks, and shopping malls sprouting up in every direction. A city where social and cultural life is thriving, it is one of the state’s fastest-growing cities. 

Coimbatore is Tamil Nadu’s third-largest city and one of its most industrialized. It is popularly known as the textile capital of India, like Manchester in England. 

Coimbatore has become the best city to live in due to its growing industries and proximity to world-class educational institutions. Students and working professionals, in particular, prefer to live in locales with excellent amenities and reasonable prices. So, if you’re looking for the best places to live in Coimbatore, we will tell you where you can live comfortably. 


The western Ghats surround Kovaiputur, a residential township. Because of its cool climate and peaceful beauty, it is Little Ooty. This township has numerous schools and colleges, with a residential hub for many families. This area also has many playgrounds for children and parks for recreation. It has good transportation to other parts of the city. 

It also has religious sites and easy access to banks, supermarkets, and hospitals. In a nutshell, this is one of the best places for families to live. 


Gandhipuram is the city’s commercial district and its beating heart. This area, located in the city’s center, is a popular spot for shopping and entertainment. It is also a bus transportation hub. Many IT companies and commercial shops call it home. Gandhipuram is the best place to live in Coimbatore because it is close to important landmarks. It has a garden and a play area for children for its residents. Gandhipuram is the best place to live because it is close to important landmarks. 

Saibaba Colony

Saibaba Colony is a posh residential neighborhood in Coimbatore. It has good access to nearby areas such as Gandhipuram and RS Puram. The name stems from the Saibaba Temple, located in this area. This area consists of individual and residential properties. This location has the most public and private sector banks. Furthermore, this location is well-known for its restaurants and shopping malls. This neighborhood has well-kept parks where residents and visitors can enjoy a pleasant morning or evening stroll. 


Thondamuthur is a suburb within the Coimbatore Corporation. It is one of Coimbatore’s rapidly developing urban suburbs. This area has a good number of housing complexes and properties. Thondamuthur, surrounded by natural greenery, is one of the best places for families to live. 

Renting your dream apartment in Coimbatore would be the best decision you will ever make if you want to settle in a quiet and wonderful place in the entire state. 

Private Bungalows on Rent in Alibaug with Swimming Pool

Are you looking for a relaxing getaway to spend time with your family and friends? Alibaug is the perfect place for your next vacation! With its lush greenery and breathtaking views, this paradise offers some of the most luxurious private bungalows for rent.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway or an extended staycation, these villas provide the luxuries of home and lavish amenities to take your vacation to the next level. 

The most valuable gift you can give your family is quality time. Bungalows in Alibaug are an excellent choice for a vacation destination where you can spend quality time with your spouse, children, and parents. 

Read the full blog to find top–of–the–line villas that will be the ideal setting for your family’s long-awaited vacation. This destination’s lush green landscapes and beautiful blue waters will steal your heart!

Why choose private bungalows on rent in Alibaug?

A private bungalow in Alibaug is the ideal holiday destination. It has beautiful beaches, multiple activities, and some of the most spectacular views in India. Staying in a luxury villa allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation like never before. 

Booking the best villas in Alibaug is the ideal way to experience everything Alibaug provides while remaining comfortable and convenient. With spacious bedrooms, plenty of outdoor space, your pool, and amenities like WiFi and parking, these villas are ideal for a gateway. 

Plus, with amenities like elevators with air conditioning rooms and personal services like daily housekeeping staff, it is easy to see why staying at one of these luxurious private bungalow villas is so appealing. 

Benefits of renting a private bungalow in Alibaug

By staying in a bungalow, you may walk out your door and be in the heart of one of India’s most exciting cities. Alibaug has several attractions and sights worth seeing, including the trendy Kolaba Fort and the lovely Alibaug Beach. 

A private bungalow can accommodate up to 24 guests by providing extra mattresses and bedding, allowing you to bring your entire family or a few friends on vacation. 

Furthermore, private bungalows in Alibaug have elevators, which can be extremely useful when traveling with elderly guests or small children. Some bungalows also have a swimming pool, so it’s ideal for children and adults. 

You will have plenty of time to unwind and relax in the heat of the day at the pool. 

There is something for everyone: table tennis, carrom, billiards, and a life-size chess board. Aside from these, we have a fully stocked private theater for entertainment. 

A private bungalow is equipped with modern amenities to make your stay memorable. The bungalows are easily accessible to all areas of Alibaug, including restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, and markets. 

Places to Visit in Alibaug

While spending your vacation in a luxury bungalow, you can take a stroll to Alibaug Beach, Kolaba Fort, Varsoli Beach, Murud Janjira Fort, Brahma Kund, Kihim Beach, Kanakeshwar Forest, Vrindavan Farm, Rewas Jetty, and Murud Beach.  

What’s the best time to visit Alibaug? 

Alibaug is a charming coastal town that is ideal for a vacation getaway. This picturesque town, located close to the bustling city of Mumbai, provides visitors with a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

The best months to visit Alibaug are October and November when temperatures are mild and humidity levels are at their lowest. 

During these months, Alibaug offers several things to do to keep you entertained. There is no shortage of fun things to enjoy here, from exploring ancient temples to taking long nature walks along pristine beaches. 

If you want an unforgettable experience, staying at a private bungalow on rent in Alibuag can be a great way to make your trip even more memorable. 

How to Calculate Area of Land in Square Feet

Knowing how to calculate the area in square feet is a helpful skill that is simple to learn and can help you tackle DIY home projects easily. Once you know the total square feet of a surface area, you can calculate the cost of materials for home improvement projects such as painting or laying new floors. 

Understanding square feet will improve your renting literacy- you will know how much space those numbers equate to and whether your queen bed and area rug will fit in your new bedroom. Finally, understanding square feet allows you to calculate the price of your space by dividing rental or real estate purchase prices into a price per square foot.  

What is a square foot?

Square footage is simply the amount of flat space that covers an area. Assume you know that your room is 8 feet wide by 12 feet long. You understand the width and length, but what about the surface area?

How do you know if your furniture will fit comfortably in the room? The square footage will inform you of the size of the area you’re dealing with. Based on how much usable square footage you have available and how much square footage your bed’s footprint will cover, this calculation can help you decide what size rug to buy or even if your room can fit a full or queen-size bed. 

Tip: Knowing the dimensions of your furniture can assist you in planning the best arrangement for your specific space. A footprint is the amount of space an item occupies on the ground, such as a piece of furniture, which, like your footprint, will cover an area of your room. 

How do I calculate square feet?

To calculate the square footage of any area, simply multiply its length and width (how tall x how wide). Because square feet are the most commonly used measurement in the United States for room sizes and DIY home supplies, the unit of measure will affect how you calculate square footage.  

However, using the basic formula, it is simple to convert other units of measurement to inches or yards. 

The basic formula for measuring Square Feet 

To calculate feet squared (or sq. ft. for short), first, determine the length and width of the area in question. Square feet are found by dividing the length by the width. You can use the following basic formula:

The area in square feet is length (in feet) x width (in feet).

If you do not know what a square foot is, draw a square 1 foot tall by 1 foot wide-you had one! Each of those squares stacked against each other equals every wall, followed by fabric sheets, wallpaper, etc. You are measuring the total area of a structure rather than just how tall or wide it is. 

How do I search for square feet in different types of rooms?

  • Rooms with closets are similar to rectangular rooms with small rectangular add-ons. Calculate and total the square footage of each rectangle. 
  • Rectangular rooms: Simply follow the formula to calculate the area of a room or the area with a square or rectangular shape. 
  • Odd-shaped rooms: The standard tool for measuring area can be used in odd-shaped rooms too. Simply divide the room into separate parts that are easy to calculate separately and total the results. If you have a lot of angles in your room, use this triangle formula- it is just a rectangle or square cut in half!

What is the available square footage?

In a commercial real estate setting, “usable square footage” refers to the total square footage a tenant can use, excluding common areas such as stairwells, hallways, and lobbies. 

In a residential real estate context, usable square footage refers to the surface area of your personal space in the household versus common areas such as hallways, storage closets, and shared spaces such as kitchens and living rooms. 

The bungalow provides private rooms in shared homes that are less expensive than single-person housing options in the same neighborhoods. Wifi and utilities, are up before you move in to make co-living as easy as possible. 

Unlike other forms of shared housing, Bungalow vets all residents and pairs you with roommates who share your living preferences and interests. 

Lake View County Apartments for Rent

The routine of waking up with responsibility, following the rules, navigating congested traffic, and meeting deadlines continue throughout the typical day. After overcoming the challenges of daily life, a home provides comfort and safety. So why settle for an abode that fails to take the day out of your mind?

Metro cities only offer the two options of “splurge-or-adjust,” where you can spend a lot of money to get a large home or stick to a tight budget and settle for a cuboid. 

In contrast, greenfield projects in cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Ahmedabad have emerged with luxurious apartments and low-density complexes with large acres. 

In addition, Hyderabad currently leads the top eight Indian cities in terms of the number of housing sales per year as of 2022. A benefit is that cities that offer affordable housing are now more in demand!

A few benefits of renting a Lakeview County apartment are as follows:

A Fresh Breath of Air 

Polluted air, deteriorating health, and an intolerably hot climate are all costs of city life. However, when there is a water body nearby, it sends cool breezes your way. This lake breeze comes from regional variations in the wind that travel from water to land due to a temperature difference, typically from a lake or an ocean. 

Lakeview County apartments can be an excellent option to stroll along the shore for the utmost tranquility. Living in such an environment only has a few benefits, such as rejuvenation and good mental health. 

Individualized Space 

Most lake-view County apartments have limited separation, creating the impression that each unit is a singular space. The Lake View County apartments are conveniently isolated from the demanding and crowded areas of the focal city. As a result, you can anticipate more carpet space than in other projects with comparable configurations. 


Imagine waking up to serene waters that frame your small world and serve as a constant reminder that, despite the daily grind, all you need to get through the day is a brief moment of peace. 

Beyond aesthetics, living by a lake is considered a form of luxury. You can feel your inner energy rising by sipping tea while taking this ethereal view from your balcony. 

Property tax reduction 

Every owner of the property is required to pay property taxes. We all want to spend as little tax as possible while maximizing our income. That is why living in a lake-view county apartment is an outstanding choice.  It is so because the property tax for a piece of land is significantly less than that for an apartment or an item of commercial property. 

Passive Income Stream 

A Lakeview County apartment is related to the type of vacation as well. As a result, many households and working professionals prefer to rent cozy apartments with intriguing scenery. Such apartments get steady returns for homeowners. 


We hope you know more about the main justifications for renting a Lakeview County apartment. Every type of person can find the best Lakeview apartment at a fair price. 

The Freedom Property Investors Advantage: Invest with Confidence

Have you recently heard of Freedom Property Investors and want to learn more? Then you’re in the right place. 

Let’s begin. 

The two founders of this property mentoring service are Scott Kuru and Lianna Pan. I find it impossible to imagine this business running with just one person because they complement each other. 

Over the past ten years, they have changed lives as part of their mission to transform society through real estate investing. Their advertisements have started to appear on social media in the last two to three years, sparking an increase in interest from all sides. 

Some people have expressed skepticism, especially on Reddit, while others have praised their company. After all, people who paid for their mentoring have left them more than 500 reviews. 

You get to see numerous properties that fit into your 10-year property investment plan after paying the purported $3,000 membership fee. You could get discounts and rental guarantees because they are off the beaten path. The Scott Kuru team has carefully chosen these properties, and occasionally they are also making investments. 

The entire purpose is to collaborate with you over the long term. The company wants to help regular investors grow their portfolios by using their in-house team to make the procedure as easy as possible. The other option is to travel alone and take care of yourself. 

The membership members were what I enjoyed seeing the most. What I liked seeing the most were the membership members. Many of these people have high incomes, are intelligent and educated, and did their research before investing. 

How long will it take the property to make a profit? I do have that question, for sure. 

I favor producing digital assets. These are websites that make money and generate a ton of cash flow. I’ve even made some impressive profits when selling websites. 

Compared to investing in real estate, I was able to replace my income more quickly and lead a nomadic lifestyle. Before the year 2020 even began, I was working from home. 

Although mostly inactive, these content websites will take some time to gain popularity. This is related to building a portfolio of physical properties. You must exercise patience and take a long view. 

For others, owning property may be too long of a strategy, especially if you aspire to retire overseas or simply retire in Australia over the next few years. 

You’ve likely seen a lot of negative comments about Freedom Property Investors online from sites like Property Chat, Reddit, and other places. These guys’ recent explosion hasn’t done their reputation any favors. 

When you cast a wide net, you occasionally attract lots of haters. These individuals have a history of hatred or narcissism. Some of these criticisms are reasonable because you can receive constructive criticism. 

I advise doing your research and due diligence on real estate investment deals or education businesses that fall under this category, even though they have the best intentions. Even though you might get some incredible deals and fantastic outcomes, especially in these difficult times, you might also end up with a less-than-stellar property. 

If you lack the time, the desire, or the confidence to conduct in-depth research on property investing on your own, Freedom Property Investors can be a huge help. Most of these companies have in-house mortgage brokers who can assist. 

Compared to a buyer’s agent, who usually charges $ 30,000, they are similar yet distinct. If you’ve done extensive research and it feels right for you, then I’d suggest moving forward with anything. 

Through 2022 and beyond, I’d also think about supplemental sources of income, especially if real estate investing might need to take a backseat for a while. 

Real Estate Digital Marketing Services in India: Boost Your Sales Today

Over the past few years, real estate digital marketing has become popular. The days of relying on local agents and newspapers for real estate listings are long gone. Nowadays, real estate is an online industry. The internet has allowed individuals to quickly find the real estate projects that best suit their needs. Real estate agents who deal with land and buildings have lost control of their needs. Real estate agents who work with land and buildings have lost control of their power; however, they are now realizing the value of digital marketing for real estate in India and making the necessary marketing investments to reclaim their dominance in the industry. Millennials (ages 23 to 38) search the internet at a rate of 98%, compared to baby boomers (ages 55 to 73) at 89% and the silent generation (ages 74 to 91) at 72%, according to a recent study. 

As a result, developing an effective real estate digital marketing strategy has become imperative. By creating an online presence, digital marketing also increases brand visibility. Buyers and real estate agents concur that digital marketing is the most effective way to produce high-quality leads. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Indian Real Estate

For online real estate businesses, digital marketing is a successful marketing strategy. Firms profit from the digital plan, which has allowed them to engage with customers online and transcend physical boundaries. Let’s examine each benefit of digital marketing for real estate in India in more detail: Take a closer look at all the advantages of digital marketing for real estate in India:

Sense of Brand 

Everything is accessible right now with a click. A company’s success depends on its ability to connect. Buyers no longer favor visiting the offices of real estate developers for information. Instead, they can quickly create a list of properties they want by filtering their needs and wants into a search engine. 

Using the advantages of digital marketing, developers can select their target market. Based on elements like geography, psychographics, and behavioral traits.  

To concentrate only on those eligible for the company’s product, narrowing the target audience is a wise move. It lowers the likelihood of a failing marketing strategy and creates an efficient and long-lasting business model. 

The Efficiency of Cost 

Compared to traditional marketing, the budgets for digital marketing are small. Take traditional outdoor media and a Google advertisement as examples. The ad from Google appears on a single platform that’s visible to everyone, regardless of location, whereas the outdoor advertisement has to be displayed in each town separately. Adjusting the message and switching platforms are part of the scope of digital marketing campaigns because they are measurable in real-time. 

Market across languages 

Readers are more likely to interact with content to understand it in their language. It builds customer trust and raises brand recognition and awareness. When a friend or family member suggests a property, the customer purchases it. To connect with their target audience more effectively, real estate companies should adopt a vernacular approach for their content marketing strategy. 

Target marketing

Developers can choose their target market by utilizing the advantages of digital marketing for their company. Based on factors such as geographic scope, psychographics, and behavioral characteristics to identify the audience. 

To concentrate only on those who are eligible for the company’s product, it makes sense to focus on a smaller target audience. It builds an effective and sustainable business model and decreases the risk of marketing failing. 

How Real Estate Businesses Can Benefit From Digital Marketing Services 

Display Advertisements 

Display advertising uses text, logos, animations, videos, photographs, or other graphic materials to deliver highly visual and personalized ad experiences based on customer internet signals. To maximize the impact of their advertisements, display advertisers frequently target users with specific characteristics. The Google Display Network is a fantastic tool for spreading brand awareness to unsuspecting potential customers. 

Video advertisements 

The core purpose of Google Video Ads is to increase reach and engagement with a range f audiences on YouTube and through Google Video Partners. To reach your audience with video ads, use demographic targeting. To attract your audience with video ads, use demographic targeting. 

Google Ads 

When users search for a keyword on Google, online ads known as “Google search ads” appear on the search engine result page. Pay-per-click, or PPC, advertisements are those where the advertiser pays each time their ad clicks on. Google’s AdWords advertising platform, which enables advertisers to craft ad text and place bids on keywords, manages PPC search ads on Google. 

Using Social Media to Boost Engagement


According to the sources, only 14% of realtors are active on Instagram. However, 83% of prospective home buyers also requested online images of the properties. Realtors can share their brand’s story with a highly engaged audience, increase their customer base, and drive brand awareness. 


Twitter has developed into a microblogging platform that has worked well as a real estate market marketing tool. 


Among B2B profiles, LinkedIn is a potent tool for raising brand awareness and promoting the product. Real estate developers can connect with other professionals on Linkedin, including interior designers and architects.  


A person uses Facebook for 35 minutes on average per day. It makes it possible for real estate developers to market their brands on Facebook. Choose from placements for your Facebook advertising, including the News Feed, Stories, Marketplace, Video Feeds, Right Column, In-Stream Videos, Search, etc. 

Real Estate Digital Marketing Metrics 

Rate of conversion

It shows how much it costs to acquire a real customer who will successfully convert, also known as “cost per action.

Whether a conversion occurs will depend on what the business wants the customers to do, such as buy something, sign up for something, or watch a video. Based on the total cost of the ad, CPC indicates how successful an ad is in reaching its objective. 

Visitors and Impressions

The number of visitors to a website is known as website traffic. Bounce rates, channels, purchase percentages, and session counts are common ways to measure it. Impressions measure how often a visitor looks at page elements, such as an image, text, video, or content. These are based on the advertisements and calculated according to how much an advertiser must pay to advertise his ad on the website. 

The ratio of Qualified Leads

It is the ratio between the number of leads who visit a website and become customers and the overall number of visits. 

Source for Leads 

You can increase your sales in some ways. The main point is the necessity of locating the top lead sources. The next step is to concentrate on that area once you have identified the traffic source. Your website should be one of the sources of lead generation. 

Lead generation

Locates draws, and converts potential customers into actual customers through marketing channels and lead generators. Social media, email, landing pages, and websites are common lead-generation channels. 

Indian Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends


Due to its specifics, real estate marketing is a complicated process. People don’t purchase properties at any given time. The process requires a lot of thought and investigation. Thus, lead generation becomes a concern. 

Real estate chatbots can help with the complexity of these projects. A chatbot is available 24/7, which enables people to ask the fundamental questions they have about properties. A bot’s ability to personalize leads increases its chances of converting leads. Chatbots can help with lead generation at all levels of the sales funnel. Chatbots can handle everything by giving prospective buyers the details to arrange a virtual tour. 

Augmented reality

Real estate sector, augmented reality (AR) is a game-changer. For both sellers and buyers, it has opened several doors. Real estate buyers can view a property without making a trip using augmented reality (AR). The development of augmented reality has created new opportunities by offering personalized services and a distinctive user interface. Potential customers can see how their homes will look after they finish furnishing them using AR. 

Blockchain Technology 

Real estate deals are typically made offline and in person with various parties. Blockchain, however, has recently altered how businesses conduct transactions. Assets like real estate are tokenized and traded like cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether to the introduction of smart contracts on blockchain platforms. 

Prime Commercial Property for Sale in Noida: Best Property Deals

Purchasing commercial real estate in Noida has grown in popularity recently for several reasons. More and more people are considering commercial investments in terms of potential capital growth and steady rental income. Since Noida is a commercial hub, many job seekers flock there, which increases residential investment. Due to their interdependence, commercial real estate demand has unavoidably increased. 

However, commercial projects must sit in a way that will encourage substantial business or investment growth. The place to invest in commercial real estate is in a well-planned city like Noida, renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and superior connectivity. A wise choice is to invest in Noida commercial real estate. There are a few things to think about before making the choice. 

Noida is the center of commercial real estate investment. Everyone can commute easily because of the metro’s presence and the wide streets connecting this neighborhood to other areas of town. It is beneficial for networking when multinational corporations with significant corporate offices advertise their presence here. For those who live and work here, the city’s presence of shopping malls, restaurants, banks and ATMs, reputable healthcare facilities, and schools makes life simpler and more convenient. It is a bustling area with lots of traffic, making it a forward-thinking choice for a successful investment. 

Demand from the Market: Noida stands out as a densely populated area with a sizable residential component, which enhances the benefits of commercial real estate by increasing profits and reducing the likelihood of vacancy. A large catchment area ensures high rent and capital returns because such locations generate demand for commercial or retail setups. 

Maintenance must be a practical cost-cutting measure when purchasing a commercial property.  

High maintenance costs could deter investment. 

Real estate is one of the safest and most effective investments. It is an investment type whose prices don’t change daily, making it a largely dependable means of funding. Land, houses, and commercial buildings are the three main kinds of property in the highest and most steady demand. These three investment categories all guarantee a return on your money. 

Commercial property

Commercial real estate is experiencing rapid growth in demand. Corporations, stores, and offices are all based on this kind of commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is anything not used for residential purposes and serves businesses. Real estate is owned for commercial purposes in any property, to put it simply. 

Types of commercial real estate

  • Office Space: Office space is also in high demand because it can house multiple tenants. Given its location and style, the property might rent to many people. Typically, it is easy to find tenants for office space. 
  • Multiple families: Multifamily real estate is known as real estate that has multiple residential units. The simplest way to turn this into commercial income is to rent the apartments. It is the easiest next step for investors looking to enter the office real estate market. The main advantage of owning and renting multifamily real estate is the multiple income streams from the various families residing in the residential units found on it. 

Further subcategories of multifamily real estate include duplex/triplex/quadplex, mid-rise, high-rise, and apartment buildings, as well as senior housing and assisted living facilities.  

  • Hospitality: Tourists and those seeking relaxation make up the majority of the clients for hospitality real estate. Accommodations in this category include hotels, resorts, theme parks, and bed-and-breakfasts. Hospitality real estate includes but is not limited to, low-cost hotels, extended-stay hotels, full-service hotels, limited-service hotels, short-term rentals, etc. 
  • Retail: Real estate shops that deal in business-to-consumer (B2C) sales of goods and services. For the benefit of the clients, these properties sit in the heart of the town. Buildings like neighborhood shopping centers, regional malls, neighborhood retail centers, and power centers are examples of retail real estate. 
  • Industrial: Real estate has grown significantly over the previous economic cycle and is relatively easy for investors due to its low entry cost and flexibility. Commercial production and manufacturing facilities, among other industrial activities, are based in industrial areas. Cold storage, showrooms, heavy manufacturing, light assembly, bulk warehouses, and flexible warehouses are a few of the different types of industrial real estate. 

If you are interested in purchasing a commercial property for sale in Noida, then Propertywala can help you out, as we have 367 commercial properties for sale in Noida in the range of Rs. 2.5 lakhs to Rs. 18 crores. We can help you find commercial properties for sale in Noida in popular areas like Sector 62, Sector 140 A, and Sector 75. 

Commercial properties for sale in Noida

Sector 62 is the best commercial property in Noida. The amenities and services that ITHUMS 62 offers are unmatched by any other property. It is an excellent location. Within a 2-kilometer radius, there are good hospitals, restaurants, markets, ATMs, banks, and offices nearby. Noida’s Sector 62 is a prime location for corporate offices, as it is the center for business in related industries like banking, entertainment, and education. It also has the best connectivity to Greater Noida and Ghaziabad via the Delhi-Meerut Expressway, FNG, and other wide roads.

Sector 62 serves as the center of the IT and ITeS sectors, along with other related service industries, making it more than just a sector in Noida. The fact that it serves as the hub for numerous educational institutions, such as playschools, high schools, and institutions of engineering and management, is also well known. It even has a Noida center at IIM Lucknow. 

The city center of Noida and all other areas are close to Sector-62. It lies early near Indirapuram and is well-connected to Delhi via the DND and NH24. Additionally, work on extending the Metro to Sector-62 will soon begin as all necessary approvals have arrived. 

Institutional businesses dominate Sector 62. Sector-62 is even more exclusive because of the limited residential areas that are present there. 

Commercial vs. residential real estate: which is better for investment?

Those who’re unfamiliar with real estate investing may struggle with it. What kind of real estate should you invest in? Which region of the nation is doing the best? Are commercial real estate investments more profitable than residential ones? To be able to decide where to invest their hard-earned money, investors need the answers to these questions. 

What are residential real estate and commercial real estate? 

Commercial real estate is a catch-all phrase for significant market segments like retail, office, and industrial properties. Many different types and sizes of properties are apartments, daycare centers, condominiums, movie theaters, parking lots, factory floors, warehouses, and retail locations used by businesses like Big Bazaar, Croma, and others. 

Any property suitable for business is commercial real estate (CRE). There are now also multi-use areas that can serve as residential or commercial spaces. 

Real estate for residential use includes housing typically rented out rather than owned. Although it may sound overly simplistic, the truth is that it is the same. Residential real estate (RRE) is any property designed solely for habitation. They can also be part of multi-use spaces, as explained earlier. 

The primary difference between RRE and CRE is in how they are rented or leased, with the related legalities. Because of those differences, investing in either has a very different aspect, even though the basic principle is the same. 

How residential and commercial real estate differ from one another. 

Does investing in commercial real estate make more sense than in residential real estate? It is necessary to consider both possibilities even though the answer to this question doesn’t have to be yes or no. When you’re open about your objectives, the amount of cash you need versus the level of investment income you want, and the time frame for realizing profits.

The general rule is that an asset like real estate only produces good returns when held for a while, like two years or more. That also applies to CRE and RRE. RRE may seem easier to get into as an investor, or, more specifically, as a retail investor, than CRE, and the former offers more options for tailoring your portfolio. Let’s examine the differences between both and determine which investment option would be more appropriate for you. Learn more about what each investment option offers. 

You have two options when considering investing: commercial or residential real estate. Most people will stand firmly behind one cause and fight for it. The two may have merit depending on your financial situation and your goals. You can invest your money in both, certainly, but when it comes to maintenance, time spent interacting with tenants, and other things, renting a residential property is much more work than owning a commercial one. 

The effectiveness of investing in commercial and residential real estate depends on the goals and risks involved, as with all investment options. 

Regarding CRE

  • In contrast, it is still more difficult for an individual investor to enter the CRE market. 
  • In most cases, the initial investment is quite substantial for a retail investor, and to accurately evaluate the advantages of this investment, one needs to have a solid grasp of market supply and demand. 
  • Here, however, a property investment firm can come in handy. You only need to decide whether an investment option is best for you; they can handle all the complicated legal work. 
  • It is now easy for a retail investor to enter the CRE investing space due to the inclusion of REITs and fractional ownership in the real estate investment scenario. 

Regarding RRE 

  • Investors must purchase the asset outright and take possession of it. Family members may join the partnership as co-investors, but that is usually where the relationship ends. 
  • When looking into residential real estate, you can =need to connect with experienced investors. People typically construct their homes and rent them out. In most cases, people mostly build their properties and rent them out. 
  • In this manner, the investor only receives the title to the property for a minimum of five years. Since no purchase is required, the investor can simply move on to the other asset at the end of the lease period if the investment does not turn out well.
  • Either way, the uncertain nature of the tenants and the extremely short periods of rental agreements make investing in RRE less lucrative. Due to the small number of tenants and the short length of the rental contracts, it is easier to get started. 

Both options offer hassle-free investment processes geared toward long-term investments while reducing the initial investment’s value. 

Which one to choose 

The risk involved and the goals in mind are the two main factors that the investor will consider when investing, as was previously mentioned. Real estate investing also carries the risk of losing money. The returns would still be sufficient to cover the investment if a property lacked enough tenants during the investment period. 

  • From this standpoint, commercial real estate is less risky because it almost always has a consistent cash flow because of the rock-solid lease terms for tenants. Purchasing a residential property, in contrast, can be quite risky due to the unstable cash flow and potential for significant changes in market demand.
  • The real estate sector’s impact on residential real estate during the outbreak and spread of the pandemic was the greatest. Additionally, residential property tenants will be the first to be affected by a decline in economic activity in any area because, even without a firm, long-term lease agreement, they would always want to minimize their losses. 
  • If you have enough experience and contacts in the area, invest in RRE. CRE needs to have long-term objectives that span at least five years. As a result, the returns produced make more sense, and you have more time to consider other investment opportunities thanks to passive income. 


The benefit of commercial real estate is that tenants are almost always available because rents tend to be more stable, and lease terms are frequently more specific and long-standing. Commercial properties typically generate higher gross returns with less effort. Residential properties offer better returns and don’t require significant capital investment in many regions because tenants pay no mortgage or interest. 

The bottom line is that before deciding to invest in commercial real estate or residential real estate, it pays to do your research. 

Income from House Property Problems and Solutions: Expert Proven Solutions for Landlords

Income from a property that includes any building or land attached to it is taxable under the heading “house property.” House property is divided into three categories to calculate income under this heading: let-out, self-occupied, and deemed let-out house property. 

Based on its annual value, a house property’s income is calculated. An annual value is determined by considering a variety of variables, including municipal valuation, fair rent, standard rent, and actual rent. Even if a property isn’t rented out throughout the year, its annual value is calculated on a notional basis and, as a result, taxed. However, the yearly value of any two of these properties is considered “nil” if they are both self-occupied or the owner can’t occupy them because of his employment, business, or profession at another location. 

As per Section 14 of the Income Tax Act of 1961, there are several ways through which 

a person can earn an income. This income is taxable. For the computation of taxes, these methods are broadly categorized under five heads. Income from house property is one such source.

  • Self-occupied residential property: In this situation, no income was made. 
  • Let out house property: In this scenario, the income earned is the actual amount of rent received. 

How do we determine the income from housing? 

To calculate the income from housing, follow these steps:

  • The gross annual value of the property (how to determine the gross annual value of real estate) – A self-occupied home has no yearly value. It is the income received for a home’s rent from an occupied rental property. After that, the article will respond to a frequently asked query about how to calculate the salary for a self-occupied home. 
  •  Reduced Property Tax: The GAV of the property is reduced when a property tax is paid. 
  • Net Annual Value (NAV) = Gross annual value – income tax
  • Section 24 of the Income Tax Act permits a deduction of 30% of NAV, which can be reduced to the standard of the 30% limit; other costs like painting and fixes are not eligible for tax relief. India has strict case laws governing income from residential property.
  • Reduce house loan project: Under Section 24, mortgage interest paid during the year is also deductible. 
  • Find your house property income by multiplying the resultant value by 100. This is subject to tax at the appropriate slab rate. A self-occupied house’s annual value fluctuates according to the housing market.
  • Loss from house property: Since a self-occupied home has no GAV, taking the home loan interest deduction will result in a loss from house property. Carefully calculate the income from a residential property. 

How do you figure out a house’s gross annual value?

The amount of money the assessee earned in a given year because of the land the person or she owned is known as income from house property. The gross annual income is calculated differently for each category. The different types are listed below. 

Category 1: Residential property leased or rented over the previous 12 months

In the following situations, the gross annual value of a home that was rented out in the previous year is higher:

a. Expected rent, also known as deemed rent, is determined by using the higher of the municipal valuation or the fair rental value.

b. The exact rent amount that the assessee receives from a property that is either entirely or partially rented out.

According to the clause, the amount of rent received must be considered the gross annual value of the real estate if it exceeds the anticipated rent. If the amount of rent collected falls short of what was expected, the anticipated amount is equal to the gross annual value of the real estate.

The higher the expected/deemed rent, the higher the municipal or fair rental value. 

Category 2- Residential property partially rented or let out during the year

If a home was rented out for a specific amount of time but is vacant for the remainder of the year, there are two possibilities. 

Case 1: Despite the vacant period, the total rent collected is higher than anticipated. In this case, the actual rent paid matches the gross annual value of a house property. 

Case 2: Due to the vacant time, the total rent collected is less than the deemed rent. In this case, the actual rent received equals the gross annual value of a house property.  

Case 3: A residential property was used as a rental for a portion of the year but was otherwise self-occupied.  

In this case, the time the house property was used for the taxpayer’s use is unimportant. The higher the actual rent paid for renting out a property for a specific period or the planned rent for the entire year, the higher the gross annual. 

What is self-occupied property? 

Self-occupied property is real estate an assessee uses as their primary residence for the entire year. Even if the taxpayer’s spouse, parents, or children live there while the individual is away for personal or professional reasons, it would still be considered self-occupied property.

How is a Self-Occupied house property’s tax liability fixed?

Due to the amount of loan repayment and property tax repayment, the owner of a self-occupied home incurs a loss when there is no income from the property. The tax exemption on home loan interest for a self-occupied property is up to Rs. 2 lakhs under Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act. Up to Rs. 1.5 lakh of the principal amount of a home loan is exempt from taxes under Section 80(C).

Explore Lucrative Plots for Sale in Hyderabad: Invest Wisely & Secure Your Future

Are you interested in investing in plots for sale in Hyderabad? Real estate is one of the main things that attracts inventors’ attention. People believe real estate is the safest investment because property prices rise frequently. So, who doesn’t want a return on investment?

Furthermore, real estate can be used to generate rental revenue, which is another reason why many people consider it an investment. People may consider investing in real estate for many reasons, which may explain why demand is increasing. The buyer and seller are the only ones who care whether the property is an office or a residence. The need for residential plots is skyrocketing.

Plots have undoubtedly become the go-to choice for investments in the post-pandemic real-estate marketplace. 

Popular plot features in Chennai 

If you’re looking for residential plots for sale in Hyderabad, many of the available lots include the usual amenities, such as:

  • Internal roads and footpaths: Most plots in Hyderabad include internal roads and paths to facilitate travel within the neighborhood. 
  • Gated community: To ensure safety and peace of mind, most residential plots are part of a gated community with security guards. 
  • Water Supply: To make life easier, all residential plots include a reliable water supply. 
  •  Sewage System: For safe living, most residential communities have sewage systems. 
  • Electricity: You can be confident that every plot will have a continuous power supply.
  • Gas supply: Cooking gas is also supplied to many residential areas in Hyderabad. 

To live comfortably in your new neighborhood, it’s crucial to consider all of this when choosing your plot. 

Factors to consider when purchasing a plot in Hyderabad

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a residential plot in Chennai. 

Building Restrictions and Zoning Regulations

Be sure to familiarize yourself with all building restrictions and local zoning laws before doing anything because they will dictate what can be situated on the property. If you want to create something specific for commercial or residential use in the future, knowing what kinds of buildings can be erected in advance can save you a lot of trouble later on. 


When buying a plot in Hyderabad, you should also think about the plot’s size. The plot’s dimensions must be appropriate for the property’s intended use and financial constraints. A larger area might incur higher maintenance costs, while a smaller area may force you to give up space and comfort. Pick a size that fits your needs after carefully considering them. 


Before making a purchase, it’s critical to understand the neighborhood and determine whether it meets your needs. Do your homework and look into the area, amenities nearby, accessibility, and available public transportation. You can use this information to decide if this is the perfect place to live. 

Benefits of investing in plots in Hyderabad 

  • Lower Investment cost: Particularly in India, unoccupied plots are less expensive than standalone villas and apartments. Furthermore, property taxes for plots are lower than those for houses. Additionally, the cost of maintaining the land will not be prohibitive. 
  • Higher Return on Investment: If open plots are located in areas that are anticipated to experience growth in the future, their prices will typically rise more dramatically than residential assets. For instance, a plot’s value will undoubtedly increase if it is close to a highway or in an area where significant resources are being invested in building necessary infrastructure, bringing profits to the owner. 
  • Provisional choice and flexibility: People have much more leeway when pieces of land according to are more affordable. Plots can also be used for a variety of purposes. Some people build people homes on lots, while others prefer to create farms and henhouses. You can design your home as you make it on your build to suit your needs. Independent homes or apartments with distinctive designs are up for sale. Depending on your preference, you can also choose the neighborhood of your choice. 
  • Easily Manageable: It is also easy for owners of uninhabited lands to manage their properties much better, even from distant locations, than homeowners, as their properties do not attract maintenance overheads, unlike individual homes or apartments.  

In Hyderabad, there are 665 residential lands to buy on, with prices ranging from Rs. 1.39 lakh to Rs. 30.6 crores (an average of Rs. 18,282 per square meter). Shadnagar, Kothur, and Ibrahimpatnam are locations where people go most often. 

Plots in Kothur, Hyderabad 

In Kothur, Hyderabad, there are 44 residential lands for sale on, with prices ranging from 4.7 lakhs to 88.67 lakhs (or, on average, Rs 12,722 per square meter).  The plots provide features like a clear title, freehold land, a plot boundary wall, a society boundary wall, a corner plot adjacent to the main road, a green belt facing, water connection, electric connection, and connectivity to hospitals, schools, and shopping malls. 

Plots in Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad

In Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad, there are more than 40 residential lands for sale on, with prices ranging from 5 lakhs to 80 lakhs (on average of 1089 sqft). The plots are near well-known towns, hospitals, or schools and adjacent to the main road.  


It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various localities, amenities, and social infrastructure. If you’re looking for residential plots for sale in Hyderabad. To make the best choice when selecting an area, you can also look into the zoning laws and the city’s development plans and become familiar with the market rates and other pertinent information.

Finding the ideal plot in Chennai can be difficult, but with the right advice and investigation, you can make a wise choice. You can find the perfect location for your future home among the assortment of residential plots offered for sale in Chennai.

Growth of Real Estate Portals

With the onset of e-commerce, most retailers and sellers prefer to sell their products online, so it is only natural that, for the time being, the real estate market would follow the trend. Online property portals guarantee to be a noteworthy decision, offering an ample market with a much more hassle-free experience for all the peeps who are looking to buy, sell, or rent. 

In the past few years, real estate portals have evolved, in a nutshell. Gone are the days when exploring was confined to a particular region or developer. Real estate property portals are now supported by verified, extensive data analysis of every micro market, along with detailed property descriptions. These online portals are not only a one-stop destination for buying, renting, and selling, but also provide advice on getting financial loans and legal particulars.

Our significant center of attraction is to seek the answers to some questions, as- What is the Indian consumer searching for? The ways he is using it, the constraints he is facing, etc. And answering these inquiries with tech-driven solutions appears to be the route ahead in creating a robust business for the future. 

In India, the online real estate market is on the rise, with more and more people turning to the web for their property research. According to the statistics, over 5 million people are using the internet to research properties. And there are a few of its advantages, which are mentioned below: 

  • For migrants moving to a new city, online portals enable them to access information in one go. 
  • Listing your property online is normally free.
  • Both purchaser and dealer have immediate access to data that avoids the hassle of various phone calls and site visits. 
  • Purchasing, renting, and selling property is possible without contacting any real estate agent.
  •  All properties will be verified by the site itself to guarantee that no forged postings are available. 
  • Most sites permit photographs of the land which makes it easier for the potential buyer to have a sneak peek at their desired project.
  • Online property portals consist of filter options that provide the means to the customer to match their exact requirements. 

As the growth of the online real estate portal is our fundamental goal, in order to achieve that, we need to take care of our customers’ needs and dig deeper into how to make the market rise and our buyers happy.

Legal documents to be checked before buying property

Today, we will discuss the 12 legal documents we must check before purchasing a property. What are those legal documents, let’s have a look. We have often heard cases of people buying a property that is owned by somebody else or has been mortgaged to the bank. Eventually leading to money getting stuck on the buyer and leading to unwanted court cases. So, to save your time, and money and have peace of mind, always check the below legal documents before buying a property. 

TITLE DOCUMENT: The first document is the title document. The meaning of the title document is from whom you are buying this property. In short, it refers to ownership of the property. Insist on seeing the original, and not a copy of the title deed because it will also tell you whether the seller owns the property legally or not. A buyer should check the original documents either the sale deed (it means the person who sells the property to you from where he gets that property, you have to look into that sale deed), gift deed (sometimes in such cases there is no sale deed of the property, the seller has got it from someone as a gift, so check the gift deed of that property), or conveyance deed ( conveyance deed, means the seller has bought it from any UID or corporate instruments). Although, the conclusion of all these deeds is to check and verify the property. 

CHANNEL DOCUMENT:  The second document is channel documents also called hawala documents. It means when the property is sold from ‘A’ person to ‘B’ and then from ‘B’ to ‘C’. so, whenever the property is sold out and a registered deed is built or any trail is built on, then you have to check everything in it. That’s why it is also known as a hawala, where the property is transferred from one person to another person. So, in this document, you have to check all channels.

ENCUMBRANCE CERTIFICATE: The next and most important one is the encumbrance certificate. This certificate tells you whether the property has any tax or is mortgaged, or has any penalty on it. Generally, we don’t look at this certificate but for safety purposes, you should go to the sub-registrar office, and fill out form number 22, it is almost in every state but it can vary in every state. So, you have to pay those nominal fees and you will get every information about that particular property. Like; who has bought this property, who sold it, taxes on the property, or any pending penalty or not. Therefore, if there is nothing pending then through form number 15, you will get it back and otherwise they answer back every pending detail of the property. But, there is also one limitation, if the registry department has no information available then they are also not able to provide any information to you. So, you must not depend completely on this as well. 

OCCUPANCY CERTIFICATE: The fourth one is OC. Normally, if anyone buys a property from a developer, then in that case they get the OC from a particular UID or the local government. Also, look at the other sanctioned plans from the builder. 

POSSESSION LETTER: The fifth one is the possession letter or it is also called the allotment letter. If you are buying any flat or property then you must check whether the builder has the possession letter of that particular property or not. This letter is given by the government when all the rules and regulations are followed.

 MORTGAGE: Next one is the mortgage, in which you have to check whether the property you are buying has any type of mortgage/loan or not. Although, if the property is mortgaged then the property should not be bought by the buyer.

TAX RECEIPTS: It is on every land purchase. The municipality takes land taxes. The only thing you have to check is to see whether the previous owner of the property has completely paid the taxes or not because it helps you to save your liabilities and you also get to know who owns the land. 

UTILITY BILLS: The next one is utility bills. You have to check whether the previous owner has paid all the utility bills or not. For example, electricity or water bills.

CAR ALLOTMENT LETTER: The ninth one is the Car Allotment Bill which means if you are buying any flat or property in the metropolitan area, there is a letter for a car parking area. So, you must check whether you get the car allotment letter or not from the owner. If the owner has no car allotment letter then you have to face some problems regarding it in the future.

RESIDENTS WELFARE ASSOCIATION (RWA): This point is for those people who take any property or flat or used to live in a building where the residential welfare association is already made. So, you have to look for NOC whether the previous owner has NOC or not because usually, people don’t pay the maintenance charges of the society and then the next owner will have to pay those liabilities.

MUTATION: The next document is mutation also called JAMA BANDI. It is additional evidence. In this document, you have to check whether the government documents have the previous owner’s name registered or not, and the day when you buy a property then you must register it in your name.

Conversion Certificate: The last and most important document is the conversion certificate. Mainly, there are two types of land- one is agricultural land and the other is non-agricultural, Therefore, you must not buy residential/commercial property built on agricultural land, and you must verify if the seller has converted the property to non-agricultural from agricultural if it can be done. Therefore, it is important to look for the conversion certificate.


  1. Clear title is a necessary prerequisite and thorough due diligence when
    purchasing a property:
    It means when a home with a clear title is transferred to
    someone else, that person becomes the sole undisputed owner, and no other
    the party can make any kind of legal claim to its ownership. See the titles of the
    document of the last 40 years.
  2. No encumbrances or liens: such as taxes and loans: please check that the
    property has no previous taxes pending or previous unpaid loans.
  3. Make sure that the sale deed includes no conditions: It is important that the
    the seller clearly states whether or not there are any conditions attached to the sale of
    the property, such as a no-return policy or other contingencies.


To make sure that you get a good deal when you buy a property, there are certain
factors that you should consider and precautions that you should take. A clear title,
along with no encumbrances or liens. To ensure thorough due diligence when
purchasing a property, make sure that the sale deed includes no conditions such as
restrictions on future mortgage payments or other restrictions on the use of the property.

Unforeseen Charges in Buying a Property

  1. PLC (PREFERENTIAL LOCATION CHARGES) – It is applicable between 150-
    200 per square foot.
  2. PARKING CHARGES – It is 5%-7% of the base price.
  5. CORPUS FUND/ IFMS – It is anywhere between Rs 50,000
  6. POWER BACK-UP – It is between 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs.
  7. AMENITIES AND CLUB CHARGE – It is around Rs. 50,000 to Rs.1.5 lakhs.
  8. STAMP DUTY AND REGISTRATION CHARGES – They are 5-10% of the
    property’s value.
  9. GST – The effective GST rate is 12%.
  10. BROKERAGE – Brokers charge a 1-2% fee on the property’s final value.

Assuming the basic price of a property is Rs. 45 lakhs, the final payment would be
around. 58 to 67.5 lakhs which include the extra charges.

What is carpet area and what is included in it?

When you are buying a residential property, you may hear terms such as carpet area,
built-up area, and super built-up area. These terms describe the size of an apartment.
Understanding these differences can help you make an informed decision about
whether a particular property is right for you. This short video will help you understand
the differences between these terms.

There have been some changes as the internal walls were not included in the carpet
area but after RERA, these walls which divide the room are included in this term.
Though Load-bearing walls are not included in carpet area calculations.

Modern Mandir Designs for Small Flats: Transforming Limited Spaces

Without a puja room, Indian homes are incomplete. It is our custom to pray to God daily, and having a puja room in your home is essential. There is a great deal of product available that can be used to create a small, elegant pooja room without breaking the bank. 

In ancient times, every home had a massive room dedicated solely to their gods, but in today’s modernized urban lifestyle, most of us live in small box-like flats. As a result, mandir designs for small flats with limited space and simple puja mandir designs for walls are popular today. 

Small puja room designs in apartments must be innovative and modern to provide a calm atmosphere with a smaller footprint. For this purpose, many people are experimenting with ready-made tiny mandir designs. Others, in contrast, are attempting to create trendy small puja room designs for their homes.

Portable Mandir 

When you have limited space and need to make room for different events, such as festivals and more, tiny portable mandir designs can be helpful. You can move this small mandir to your home as needed. 

Home wall puja mandir 

If you don’t have enough space for a whole wall for puja, you could have a puja mandir mounted on the wall. This is one of the most well-liked small pooja room designs for studio apartments. What makes it unique is your personal style and decorating sense. Layouts for small puja rooms that maximize space are helpful in homes. They also complement any decor. You can also use various-sized wall-mounted mandirs to ensure room for every accessory you need inside the small designs. 

Ornate background mandir 

To fit the area for pooja, another contemporary mandir design for small flats uses floor-to-ceiling wooden paneling. The elaborate background may include, among other things, a two-step wood and marble platform, hanging bells, wooden panels, and floor seats. 

This results in a delightful small mandir for your home. 

Corner mandir for flats 

Apartment dwellers can create small pooja room designs by dividing the space from the living room with a cheap barrier. A small mandir that also has a chest of drawers for your belongings. 

Wooden traditional mandir

You can install a single wooden pooja mandir at your house if you want a separate mandir. One of the most common designs for pooja rooms in apartments that many people are experimenting with is this one. These patterns will make it appear as though you have your unique puja room. With tiny doors, known as jaali, you can even enhance these small temple designs for your house. Visitors will find it even more appealing because of these. Other backdrop ideas can be used with this mandir design. 

Carved stone columns 

This traditional mandir design is ideal for those who want to add a touch of India to their home. The elaborate wall and ceiling decoration creates a stunning and meditative atmosphere, and the carved stone columns enhance the room’s grandeur. 

Exploring the Fundamental Differences Between Flats and Apartments

While looking for your ideal home, you’ll come across several real estate-related terms. “Flats” and “apartments” will probably be used frequently. Flat and apartment are often used interchangeably but don’t mean identically. 

In general, “flat” and “apartment” refer to private living spaces that can be rented or purchased. A much larger building typically consists of a predetermined number of rooms on the same floor. But when you dig deeper, you find some differences between the two. 

Before going any further, let’s understand the meaning of “flat” and “apartment.” 

What is a flat?

A flat is a dwelling place in a housing society. The word “flat,” used more often in the UK, comes from the old English word “Flett,” which means the floor or a dwelling. 

Multiple houses were constructed on a single floor before high-rises became popular, giving community housing projects’ units the nickname “flats. ”

What is an apartment? 

In the US, an apartment is also known as a “flat’ more frequently. Simply put, a flat is what a British apartment would be in America. 

An apartment is defined as “a set of rooms for living in, typically on one floor of a building” by the Oxford English Dictionary. 

The word “apartment” is derived from the Italian word “appartamento,” which refers to a group of rooms used solely by one person in a home. In the case of large establishments, the term “apartment” is also used to convey the meaning. A room in a house, particularly a large or well-known home, is known as a “flat” in the UK. 

Differentiation of a “flat” and an “apartment” in India 

The only distinction between the terms “flat” and “apartment,” as you can see from the definitions above, is how they function and whether they are perceived geographically. Thus, we should end the day with the same name. Contrarily, there is something else you should be aware of that is likely unnecessary if you live in India.

In the US, for example, a rented residential unit in a multi-unit building is called “an apartment.” They are known as “condos” if they have a private owner. It is referred to as a “townhouse” or “duplex” if there are only two residences in a single building and no other people live above or below your residence unit. 

Instead, a “two-flat” refers to two identical Chicago apartments in the same building. In British culture, however, an apartment is a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. While a flat is for those with little money, a council flat is a rented home, whereas an owner-occupied home is a residence.

While “flat” and “apartment” are often used interchangeably in India, British usage may be more accurate. In India, residences are likely to be more “affordable” apartments than “lavish.” while “vilas” are available within the same community but are independent of one another. Contrary to US usage, renting a residential unit does not alter the unit’s definition. Even though a flat is usually more spacious than a flat, there isn’t much difference between the two in India.  

Comparison between a “flat” and an “apartment”

Tips for purchasing a flat or an apartment 

  1. Set a budget and stick to it. Knowing how much you want to spend on your ideal home is critical to making the process go more smoothly. You won’t have too much to chew on before it’s over. Therefore, this is the most essential phase of your home-buying process. 
  2. Ask questions regarding the carpet area, super built area, etc. 
  3. Verify loan approvals with the banks. 
  4. Ask the relevant authorities for all the necessary documents regarding approvals and conduct a legal check. 
  5. When you’ve made the token payment, agree with the builder. 

The boon and bane of purchasing an apartment or a flat in India

Tax benefits 

The tax advantages associated with property ownership and home loans are substantial. It is an excellent example of an investment that will help you save money and pay off. 

The only disadvantage of an apartment is that you cannot customize it. You are limited to customizing the look of your home with the help of home furnishings or home decor items, but you cannot change the size of your living room. You may have been able to do this if you were constructing your house on a lot of land you own. 


You have nothing to be concerned about regarding the safety and security of you and your family members. Guards and cameras provide round-the-clock security to ensure the children’s safety in the play area and corridor. 

Interpersonal Skills 

Your children develop strong interpersonal skills as a result of the large population in the area. You have the option of meeting up with friends in the park or relaxing by yourself at your convenience. 

Host of amenities 

Apartments include a variety of amenities, making it simple for you to access them, from the gym to the swimming pool. While their grandparents can provide them with a lush park or reflexology trail, your kids have a fantastic playground. 

Which one to choose?

Before you start the search for your dream home, it is crucial to understand your needs. There are essential factors to consider, such as whether it is for your use or potential investment. 


Apartments and flats are similar enough to be interchangeable. The main difference between apartments and flats is that apartments are part of specific buildings, while flats are part of housing societies. All spaces are the same except for their linguistic context and location. 

Working pattern of Realtors in Real Estate Property

Top 100 Real Estate Agents in Indore - Best Estate Brokers - Justdial

Real estate agents make the connection between buyers and sellers for transactions and offer all the legal agreements for your home while selling it. Realtors are reimbursed through, the commission which is based on the total percentage of the sale of the house, where the percentage depends on their state and brokerage. You can search online to get the best quality realtors because authentic realtors always give the best service to their clients. Real realtors are very valuable in their field for dealing with property. Hence, bring every detail about the working pattern of realtors in real estate Property.

Reasons you should know before choosing a Realtor:

A real estate agent has several administrative tasks in well-run real estate business. So, there are significant reasons for choosing an excellent real estate agent for rent property online as follows-

  1. A well-organized realtor has the best skill.
  2. Realtors are experts to analyze the market and try to give a unique price tag and sell real estate property at a relevant price to the customers. 
  3. Successful realtor has a unique market portfolio, so they are familiar with the recent trends and their portfolio in the market and easily understand the desire of buyers. 
  4. An excellent realtor reduces the chances of losing anything. In case you are worried that realtors can dig deep into your pocket, it is wrong to think. 
  5. They can provide a huge interest in the responsibility of selling your home. They will assure you to get the best interest from the realtor services.
  6. Realtors know the proper strategies for implementing real estate property to attract traffic. 

Things to know while renting your property:

You should know some features while renting your property, below are listed-

  1. Property taxes- Property taxes should be on the top list wherever you rent the property because it has broad access through your target area.
  2. Neighborhood- When you go for the rental property, you have to understand the quality of the community which helps you to know your neighbors in which you will determine different types of tenants.
  3. If you are dealing with family, then schools are one of the most significant factors for rental property.
  4. The job market is also essential when choosing a rental property.
  5. Your real estate agent should be excellent at real estate property. 

Qualities of real estate agents for dealing in a property:

When it comes to getting a home or wanting to sell, the process of buying or selling a home is challenging and sometimes stressful. But, the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, with the right agent, the homebuying journey – from house hunting to signing the contract – can be exciting. A good real estate agent is someone who is amiable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and has the resources and tools to get the job done. Here are some qualities you should consider in your real estate agent;

  1. Always try to make contact with the dealer through the online portal. 
  2. The dealer should have a vast source as well as knowledge for selling the real estate property to the tenants.
  3. An excellent real estate agent has a simple way of working which helps the client remarkably. 
  4. They always charge a negotiable amount from genuine buyers instead of charging huge amounts.

Working pattern of Realtors with sellers:

  1. Both real estate agents and sellers meet and understand the needs of sellers with new listings.
  2. Show your market knowledge, marketing abilities, and negotiation skills.
  3. Research on the activity of the current local market comparable properties to establish an asking price.
  4. To prepare a property presentation and advertising collateral, take photos of the property (interior and exterior).
  5. Construct the home properly, so it looks perfect when you do open houses.

Working pattern of Realtors with buyers:

  1. Research the listing services that suit the needs of your clients for the property.
  2. Meet with, interview, understand, and qualify the expected buyers.
  3. According to the buyer’s schedule, plan property showings for buyers and set up appointments with them.
  4. Show the property to the buyers and communicate details of the property you learned during your research.
  5. Demonstrate negotiation skills and make offers of purchase on real estate.

Story Behind Jaypee’s Failure

Shri. Jaiprakash Gaur, the founder of Jaypee Group, had a single-minded focus after graduating from IIT Roorkee with a diploma in civil engineering. He decided to contribute to nation-building by branching off as a civil contractor in 1958 and founded Jaypee Group. The Group’s business interests include engineering and construction, cement, power, real estate, expressways, fertilizer, hospitality, healthcare, sports, and information technology. This article covers the story behind Jaypee’s failure. How did Jaypee start, what all the good things it did, what exactly went wrong, and what is the future now? One thing is for sure, if everything would have gone well, Jaypee would have completely changed the situation in Noida. It could have become the DLF of Noida. But could not. More than 20000 buyers are still struggling to get the homes of their dreams. Let us look at the story behind the making of Jaypee.

Work done by Jaypee:

Jaypee Infratech was founded in 2007 and it is the part of the Jaypee Group. So, let’s look at some of the successful works done by Jaypee Infratech.

1. Yamuna Expressway project:

The Group entered into the construction of expressways with a 165 km access controlled 6 lane super expressway along the Yamuna River connecting Greater Noida and Agra. You would know how well-developed the Yamuna expressway is if you have been to it. It has become a big boon for Noida. Jaypee has also built the Zirakpur-Parwanoo Himalayan Expressway. 

2. Jaypee’s Hotels and Resorts:

In New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, the hospitality division of the Group owns and manages five hotels. 

3. Jaypee’s Hospital:

The Jaypee Hospital is well-developed and offers excellent health facilities. The hospital is now commissioning 525 beds in the first phase of its intended 1200-bedded tertiary care multi-specialty complex.

4. Jaypee’s F1 Sports:

The Group hosted the inaugural Formula One Grand Prix of India on October 30, 2011. The track is anticipated to hold more top-tier international racing competitions in addition to F1. Though this was unsuccessful as F1 races did not succeed in India. 

5. Jaypee’s Real Estate:

The first real estate project of the group, Jaypee Greens Greater Noida, covers 452 acres. This distinguished municipality includes an 18-hole Greg Norman golf course, upscale homes, shopping centers, etc. 

India’s First Wish Town, a premier township featuring an 18 + 9 Hole golf course, world-class residences, commercial developments, numerous entertainment amenities, and acres of greenery, was Jaypee Greens’ second project when it was unveiled in Noida in November 2007. The group then started construction on Jaypee Greens Sports City and Jaypee Greens Wish Town Agra, two townships along the Yamuna Expressway and Jewar International Airport, which is scheduled to open soon, and is a 20-minute drive from the city center. 

But destiny was against Jaypee’s prosperity, and Jaypee’s fantasy township became a failure. So let’s talk about this township’s swindling and how many house buyers lost their dream homes.

Jaypee’s Failure in Real Estate:

Who doesn’t want to be the owner of their own home? All of us do. Not just any house, either. A perfect home must be spacious, well-connected to the rest of the city, have a room with a view, and have the best amenities. However, it has been more than 12 years since thousands of Jaypee Infratech Limited (JIL) home buyers in Noida were victims of the mother of all real estate failures in India. The long-drawn legal battles are ongoing, leaving more than 20,000 Jaypee home seekers running from pillar to post and many giving up.

Jaypee got the land of the wish town in return for building the Noida expressway for Rs 400 crores. The company launched 32000 flats, still, 70% of apartments are in the under-construction stage. This project did not show any signs of readiness for the completion date. Around 90% of buyers made their payment, but it was still claimed that progress has been made on this project, although there was nothing to show for it.

A total of 18,767 people paid a total of Rs.8,676 crores to the company. 1410 people received possession worth 528 crores with no registrations. 413 people canceled their booking and their refund of Rs 64 crores is still pending.

Reasons for the failure:

 The reason behind the Real estate failure of Jaypee are:

  1. Jaypee group took the money that buyers had paid for homes and invested it in other projects.
  2. The company invested the money in other businesses.
  3. The government changed at that time.

 Future of Jaypee’s Failure:

After a super-lengthy resolution process, Mumbai-based Suraksha realty group got the approval of financial creditors and home buyers to take over the company in June 2021. Furthermore, in its offer, Suraksha promised to deliver all Jaiprakash Associates’ pending housing units within 42 months. It has offered to pay Rs 125 crore upfront and infuse Rs 3,000 crore within 90 days for completing the stalled projects. It will also put Rs 300 crore receivable from Jaiprakash Associates for completing the pending housing unit. Since Jaypee was an extraordinary case, the finalization of the bids is pending before NCLT for more than 17 months for approval. After the approval, the 20,000 home buyers who have been waiting for their units in various housing projects of Jaypee can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Things you should know about GST in Real Estate

Centre's FY22 GST compensation amount should be higher than projected Rs  1.58 lakh crore: Opp-ruled states - The Economic Times


In 2000, the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then prime minister of India, initiate a committee to draft new indirect tax law and i.e. GST which stands for Goods and Services Tax. It was launched to replace multiple indirect taxes in India. Such as excise duty, value-added tax (VAT), services tax, purchase tax, octroi, entry tax, luxury tax, and so on. Here, propertywala brings every fact and figure that you should know about GST in real estate.


The Goods and Service Tax Act was driven in Parliament on 29th March 2017 but it came into effect on 1st July 2017. It is the only tax that applies all over India and imposes on the supply of certain goods and services. However, GST does not replace customs duty, which is still required on imported goods and services. Different categories of products and services attract different tax rates under GST.

Now, we will go ahead with the GST regime which is given by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, In his words, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is “a path-breaking legislation for New India”. Then, GST is not just a tax reform but a milestone in realizing Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s dream of building ‘Ek Bharat – Shrestha Bharat’.


1. It is applicable to under-constructed flats only.
2. It is because the GST does not cover the real estate sector under its range. Therefore, the tax rate applicable on a property is charged under ‘work contracts.

1. GST does not apply to ready-to-move-in flats, plots, and lands.
2. Upon completion and receiving the occupancy certificate i.e.(OC), the property is categorized as ready to move in. That is why a developer cannot charge GST on selling ready-to-move-in homes.


Everyone has a dream of a house. Well! It is fine if you are planning to buy a property. Because buying the right property is one of the biggest achievements in life. So, home buyers in India have to pay GST on the purchase of under-construction properties such as flats, apartments, and bungalows. Before hurrying on to the process, the foremost thing you must ask yourself is, “what is the GST rate on real estate?

Affordable housing1% without ITC (Input Tax Credit)
Non-affordable housing5% without ITC
According to the table, if the property is affordable,  the GST rate from April  2019 is only 1% without ITC. Also, for non-affordable housing, the GST rate is 5% without ITC.


Input Tax Credit refers to the tax already paid by a person on any purchase of goods and/or services that are used or may use for business. Therefore, it is available as a deduction from tax payable.


According to government norms, housing units worth up to Rs 45 lakhs are referred to as affordable housing in metro cities in which carpet area measures up to 60 sq. meters. The Delhi-National Capital Region, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, the Mumbai-Kolkata are categorized as metropolitan regions. A housing unit in non-metro cities barring to be an affordable house, if it costs up to Rs 45 lakhs and has a carpet area of up to 90 square meters as mentioned in the given table.

METROSup to  Rs. 45 lakhs60 sq./m
NON- METROSbelow Rs.4590 sq./m


  1. It does not subsume the stamp duty and registration charges, which you still have to pay.
  2. Seller increases the cost of ready-to-move-in properties to factor in the GST cost. So, overall the under-constructed properties are still cheaper than ready-to-move-in properties. 

That’s all you need to know about GST when it comes to real estate.