Property Investment, a Good Marketing Trick?

As the builders are not able to find sufficient number of buyers for their projects, now they are coming up with options of property investment.

Sluggishness has spread its shadow on residential market. Home sales are falling down as there are no property buyers. What could the developers do to boost the buyers’ sentiments? Here we see how they are promoting their projects under the banner ‘best option for property investment.’ Continue reading

SEBI asks for SC hearing on all Sahara Cases

Securities and Exchange Board of India- SEBI, in a new petition requested Supreme Court to hear all cases against the Sahara firms and its chief.

Filing a new petition, Securities and Exchange Board of India– SEBI asked the Supreme Court to hear all the cases against the two Sahara Firms and its chief. Continue reading

How Mannat, The Home Of SRK, Suits His Popularity

Mannat, the home of Shahrukh Khan is one of the most expensive homes in India. The current market value of Mannat is around Rs.70 to Rs.100 crore.

Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan owns Mannat, a home which suits his popularity and fame. Rightly saying this is one of the most expensive homes in the world. Continue reading

Noida Authority Proposes To Build Two Bridges

Noida Authority has, on last Friday, said that they are planning to construct two bridges across the Yamuna to facilitate better connectivity between Noida and Faridabad.

DELHI NCR: Noida Authority believes that the troubles of the daily commuters of Noida will be cut short if two bridges across the Yamuna are built. With this proposal the authority has approached Haryana Urban Development Authority. Continue reading

18 Realty Firms to Face Government Probe

The central government will examine 18 realty firms which are alleged of forgeries and dubious investment schemes.

NEW DELHI: Receiving complaints from various sources against some realty firms, the central government is planning to scan these firms. The government said that it has received complaints against 18 realty firms across the country and will scan their schemes and policies. Continue reading

Construction Laborers Turn Violent In Noida

Some construction laborers in Noida turned violent. They alleged that they were not given payment for a few months, leading them to terrible distress.

NOIDA: Construction laborers, alleging a developer for not paying their wages, turned violent on last Saturday. The violent laborers set four vehicles on fire, besides damaging the developer’s office. Continue reading

CMDA Nods Corversion of Vacant IT Buildings to Malls

CMDA has signaled green for converting vacant IT buildings to shopping malls and office spaces.

Buildings built for Information Technology may soon be turned into shopping malls and office spaces. The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority –CMDA has sanctioned the conversion of IT buildings into other purposes. Continue reading

No Property Buyers, Realty Developers Troubled

Due to the sky reaching property prices, no property buyers turn up anywhere. As property buyers remain reluctant to buy out properties, the developers are struggling to offload their unsold properties.

The developers would not have imagined that the sky reaching property prices will have as disastrous as this. Many of the builders now have unsold properties at their hand as they are not able to find any property buyers. Continue reading

Elevator Industry Booms with Vertical Development

Vertical development has become necessary due to the land scarcity and increasing housing demand. This has boosted elevator industry.

Vertical development remains one of the best options to meet the surging housing demand. In fact, due to land scarcity, it has become necessary than optional. Meanwhile it has boosted the growth of elevator industry as well. Continue reading

Know Antilla, the Awesome Home of Mukesh Ambani

The 27-storied Antilla, home of the wealthiest Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani is one of the most expensive homes in the world.

Antilla, the home of Mukesh Ambani, has been one of the hot topics. The 27-storied mansion was built with $1 billion. It is one among the most expensive homes in the world. Let us have a glance at what the specialties of this mansion has.

Antilla is the home of Mukesh Ambani.

Antilla, the home of Mukesh Ambani is built in 27 stories.

The 400,000 sq. ft. mansion is located on Altamount Road, one of the most posh areas in Mumbai. Though the mansion has only 27 stories, the height of it is almost 40 stories. This is because some of the stories are built in double the size of a single story.

Speaking about Antilla, Nita Ambani, the wife of Mukesh Ambani, said that this is the sole home they own on this earth. Earlier they were living at a home which was shared by his brother and mother.

The garage is so big that 168 cars can be parked easily. The garage is built in multi-stories. Besides this, the mansion has three helipads on the roof. It means that you can land in the home by air too.

Luxurious interiors of Antilla, Mukesh Ambani's home.

Luxurious interiors of Antilla, Mukesh Ambani’s home.

Terraced garden, spa, lobby, etc. are some of the main attractions of Antilla. There are nine elevators in the lobby alone. While recreation center built in two stories remains the place for recreation, a temple for daily prayer of the family is built.

Antilla has other facilities like ball rooms, guest suites, a 50-seater theater, etc. For maintaining and cleaning all these rooms and home, there are sufficient numbers of staff as well.

Nita Ambani said to the Vanity Fair magazine that they are living in the upper floors as they wish to have more sunlight.

The Sun and the lotus are the two main themes visible everywhere in the mansion. These themes are repeatedly used inside the mansion in rare materials like crystal, nacre also known as mother-of-pearl and marble.

Now you have come to know why Antilla is counted among the most expensive homes in the world. However, interestingly, the name is related to an island in the Atlantic Ocean which existed only in myths.

Reduction in Property Tax Discount, Decision Postponed

The standing committee of PMC has postponed the PMC proposal to provide 5% reduction in the property tax discount in place of 10%.

A standing committee of PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) postponed the reduction in property tax discount. Earlier the civic body had proposed a 5% reduction in property tax discount. However, the standing committee has postponed it decision on the reduction for two months. Continue reading

Disney India to design interiors of a Supertech project

Seeing the increasing demand for themed residences, Supertech has tied up with Disney India who will design the interiors of the project.

The demand for branded homes and theme homes is increasing. Seeing this increasing demand for these models of residential projects, Supertech has tied up with Disney India. Continue reading

Barjeel Geojit to set up real estate brokerage firm

Barjeel Geojit is all set to enter into real estate brokerage sector. Barjeel Geojit is now planning to set up a real estate brokerage firm for this.

Barjeel Geojit Securities is a joint venture between Sheikh Sultan bin Saud Al Qassemi and Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Limited. Sheikh Sultan bin Saud Al Qassemi is the chairman of the firm which offers a number of value added services to its clients. Continue reading

House of Patels’ Indian Project, Ritz Carlton Likely to Manage

House of Patels Group chairman has told that he has plans to develop luxury project in India. The group plans to develop a residential or hotel project in collaboration with Ritz Carlton.

House of Patels Group, Dubai based real estate group, plans to develop a luxury residential or hotel project in India. Commenting on the plan, the group chairman Asgar Patel said that he plans to develop the project in the land which he owns in India. Continue reading

Sahara Firms, Roy asked to reply SEBI within a week

The Supreme Court on Monday asked Subrata Roy Sahara and two Sahara firms to reply to the contempt petition filed by SEBI.

On Monday, Supreme Court gave one week time to both Sahara firms and Subrata Roy for replying to the contempt petition filed by Securities and Exchange Board of India. Continue reading

Land Acquisition Bill Likely To Hit Affordable Housing

Land Acquisition Bill finally received the consensus of all parties after the demand of BJP to grand 50% compensation to the land owners or farmers. Its impact on the affordable housing is expected to be severe.

NEW DELHI: Last week, all parties expressed their consensus on Land Acquisition Bill. However the land bill had to undergo many amendments to receive the consensus of all parties. Continue reading

Vasundhara Enclave Fails To Attract End-Users

Though Vasundhara Enclave has every potential to attract the end-users, it fails to do so. Weak demand for housing units proves this.

DELHI-NCR: Though Vasundhara Enclave Delhi has been expected to become one of the hot residential locations, it still remains as an unpopular residential destination. Property prices are remaining more or less stable. Continue reading

Investors Turn to Gold, Leave Real Estate

With the fall of gold prices, the investors are rushing to grab this glittering yellow metal. The investors feel it wiser to invest in gold than real estate market.

Is Real estate losing its charm? Whether it loses its charm or not, the investors are not fond of investing in the construction sector now. One of the main reasons for this is the fall of gold prices. Continue reading

Steelcase to Set Up First Production Unit in India

Steelcase has leased office space at IndoSpace Industrial and Logistics Park. Steelcase has leased over 50,000 sq. ft. of office space for setting up a production unit.

MUMBAI: Steelcase, the US based furniture major, has leased 50,000 sq. ft. of office space in Chakan. IndoSpace Chakan, joint venture of Everstone Group and Realterm Global. The project is executed by Realterm Everstone Development Management Ltd, their joint group. Continue reading

Shopping Malls Face Dull Demand Now, Report

Vacancy rate in shopping malls is increasing. Some recent reports say that vacancy in shopping is around 30%.

NEW DELHI: Growing vacancy rates has affected the shopping malls. As per some recent reports the vacancy rate of office space in shopping malls is 30% in Delhi-NCR and 25% in Mumbai. Continue reading

SEZ Policies to Boost Real Estate and IT

The new SEZ policies will have a greater impact on real estate and IT sector. Experts opine that these new SEZ policies are sure to boost commercial realty.

HYDERABAD: Recently the government has initiated some new SEZ policies. The government, by taking away the minimum land requirement of 10 hectares of land for developing IT and ITES SEZ, has taken a landmark decision which will boost both realty and IT sectors. The new SEZ policies will be enforced in top seven cities with immediate effect. Continue reading

New Launches in Mumbai Sharply Fall In 2013

In the first quarter of 2013, the new project launches are fewer compared to the last quarter of 2012. New project launches were more in the last quarter of 2012.
New launches fall in Mumbai.

New launches fall in Mumbai.

MUMBAI: The first quarter of 2013 witnessed a sharp fall in the number of new launches in Mumbai. The new figure however is compared to the number of new launches in the last quarter of 2012.

The last quarter which is the season of festivals like Diwali, usually have larger number of new launches. Liases Foras reported that the number of new launches were the maximum in this quarter across the country.

Managing Director of Liases Foras Pankaj Kapoor said that Mumbai has only a fewer new launches compared to the last quarter of 2012. The developers are postponing the new launches due to the weak home sales.

Home sales are yet to pick up in the city. The demand for housing units is still not so impressive. This negative market sentiment has been considered as the reason which forced the developers to postpone their new project launches. Continue reading