Property Investment, a Good Marketing Trick?

As the builders are not able to find sufficient number of buyers for their projects, now they are coming up with options of property investment.

Sluggishness has spread its shadow on residential market. Home sales are falling down as there are no property buyers. What could the developers do to boost the buyers’ sentiments? Here we see how they are promoting their projects under the banner ‘best option for property investment.’

Property investment should be selective.

Property investment should be selective.

Now most of the builders advertise that their property is a very good option for property investment. Are all these properties good for investment? In many cases the investors stay unable to exit from their investment.

The builders are seldom worried about the investors whether they exit from the investment or not. The only thing they are keen is selling off their unsold properties.

By stating that the builders are attracting the buyers and takers by picturing their projects as best investment options, it is not meant that this investment is bad or not good.

There is no question regarding the better returns from property investment. Without any doubt this is the best form. But, by no way, all properties are not good for investment, at least for short term investment. In some cases the investors may have to wait for years to exit from their investment.

Choose the right location for property investment after analyzing its connectivity and other features.

Choose the right location for property investment after analyzing its connectivity and other features.

So it should be done wisely, after analyzing various features such as connectivity, growth and other infrastructure development in the area. In areas where these features are not visible, it is better not to have any investment for short term.

Surely real estate investment yields higher returns. However the level of returns varies from cities to cities. There is variation in a city from one area to the other.

While tier-I cities let you exit with higher returns within a short period, you may have to invest in the other tier II cities for longer periods. The tenure of investment becomes larger as the size of the city becomes smaller.

So, be cautious when you buy any property as an investment option. Do not rely on the words of the builders, but analyze your chances to exit before you fix the deal.

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