Indian women prefer to invest in real estate, and their top preference is bigger homes

More Indian women than ever have the means to purchase their own homes. Women can now invest in real estate more easily thanks to reduced stamp taxes on homes registered in their names and unique housing loan programs. Women tend to favor apartments most in the price range of Rs 45 lakhs to 1.5 crores. 

Hyderabad: Women are choosing larger homes and real estate as their preferred investments as they gain financial independence. 57% of participating women homebuyers in an ANAROCK Survey released on International Women’s Day prefer 3 BHKs, indicating a clear preference trend for larger spaces, while 29% prefer 2 BHKs. 

64% of female respondents looking for a home will purchase mid-to premium-class housing (between Rs 45 lakh and Rs 1.5 crore). Surprisingly, 23% of respondents would buy luxury properties costing more than 1.5 crore. According to 71% of the women surveyed, ready-to-move-in or completed properties take less than six months.  

Women can now invest in real estate more easily thanks to reduced stamp taxes on homes registered in their names and unique housing loan programs. 

“Women today are not mere influencers in the home buying process, but independent decision makers who buy homes for either self-use or investment,” states Santosh Kumar, Vice Chairman of ANAROCK Group. As per the most recent ANAROCK Consumer Sentiment Survey, 78% of female buyers prefer to purchase homes for use, with 22% opting to do so as investments. The end-use-to-investment ratio was 74:26 in H2 2021.”

The survey also reveals that the preferred investment asset class, according to 61% of female respondents, is housing. Approximately 16% favor the stock market, while 14% choose gold. Women made up half of the 5,510 survey respondents in total. 

Notably, 3 BHKs are the most favored configurations for 57% of women respondents, followed by 29% of women home seekers voting for 2BHKs. Around 9% are looking for 4BHK homes. 

Regarding price ranges, approximately 36% of female respondents looking for a home prefer to purchase mid-segment properties (costing between Rs 45 and Rs 90 lakhs), with 28% choosing luxury properties costing between Rs 90 lakhs to Rs 1.5 crore. Just 20% of respondents would buy luxury properties that cost more than Rs 1.5 crore, while 23% are willing to settle for less expensive homes under Rs 45 lakhs. 

“A closer look indicates that only 15% of women respondents prefer homes in newly launched projects, even though the survey finds that 24% of all polled home seekers currently prefer newly launched properties,” says Kumar.  

A staggering 71% of respondents will focus on homes that are either finished or set to finish in the upcoming six months. It suggests that most are purchasing for their immediate use.” 

Women’s empowerment has become a significant issue in India in recent years due to the many government initiatives to empower women. The most recent law that the Parliament passed was the Women’s Reservation Bill of 2023. 

In addition to the government’s flagship PMAY program, which prioritizes women’s homeownership, many independent urban women have entered the housing market to purchase homes.  

Because they want to feel secure and independent, more Indian women are purchasing their own homes, and an increasing proportion of single women are living alone in nuclear families. 

The Freedom Property Investors Advantage: Invest with Confidence

Have you recently heard of Freedom Property Investors and want to learn more? Then you’re in the right place. 

Let’s begin. 

The two founders of this property mentoring service are Scott Kuru and Lianna Pan. I find it impossible to imagine this business running with just one person because they complement each other. 

Over the past ten years, they have changed lives as part of their mission to transform society through real estate investing. Their advertisements have started to appear on social media in the last two to three years, sparking an increase in interest from all sides. 

Some people have expressed skepticism, especially on Reddit, while others have praised their company. After all, people who paid for their mentoring have left them more than 500 reviews. 

You get to see numerous properties that fit into your 10-year property investment plan after paying the purported $3,000 membership fee. You could get discounts and rental guarantees because they are off the beaten path. The Scott Kuru team has carefully chosen these properties, and occasionally they are also making investments. 

The entire purpose is to collaborate with you over the long term. The company wants to help regular investors grow their portfolios by using their in-house team to make the procedure as easy as possible. The other option is to travel alone and take care of yourself. 

The membership members were what I enjoyed seeing the most. What I liked seeing the most were the membership members. Many of these people have high incomes, are intelligent and educated, and did their research before investing. 

How long will it take the property to make a profit? I do have that question, for sure. 

I favor producing digital assets. These are websites that make money and generate a ton of cash flow. I’ve even made some impressive profits when selling websites. 

Compared to investing in real estate, I was able to replace my income more quickly and lead a nomadic lifestyle. Before the year 2020 even began, I was working from home. 

Although mostly inactive, these content websites will take some time to gain popularity. This is related to building a portfolio of physical properties. You must exercise patience and take a long view. 

For others, owning property may be too long of a strategy, especially if you aspire to retire overseas or simply retire in Australia over the next few years. 

You’ve likely seen a lot of negative comments about Freedom Property Investors online from sites like Property Chat, Reddit, and other places. These guys’ recent explosion hasn’t done their reputation any favors. 

When you cast a wide net, you occasionally attract lots of haters. These individuals have a history of hatred or narcissism. Some of these criticisms are reasonable because you can receive constructive criticism. 

I advise doing your research and due diligence on real estate investment deals or education businesses that fall under this category, even though they have the best intentions. Even though you might get some incredible deals and fantastic outcomes, especially in these difficult times, you might also end up with a less-than-stellar property. 

If you lack the time, the desire, or the confidence to conduct in-depth research on property investing on your own, Freedom Property Investors can be a huge help. Most of these companies have in-house mortgage brokers who can assist. 

Compared to a buyer’s agent, who usually charges $ 30,000, they are similar yet distinct. If you’ve done extensive research and it feels right for you, then I’d suggest moving forward with anything. 

Through 2022 and beyond, I’d also think about supplemental sources of income, especially if real estate investing might need to take a backseat for a while. 

Why should you invest in Mayur Vihar, Delhi?

Property in Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Delhi | Real Estate in Mayur Vihar Phase  1, Delhi -

Mayur Vihar is one of the posh areas in East Delhi, located on the Delhi-Noida border. The area has always been the homebuyers’ choice due to grand Returns on Investment (ROI), robust connectivity, and mixed residential choice. Propertywala brings the factors why you should invest in Mayur Vihar, Delhi.

Overview of Mayur Vihar, Delhi:

Mayur Vihar is a lavish residential hub, which splits into phases, namely, Phases 1, 2, and 3. The site is close to a sanctuary devoted to peacock conservation in East Delhi. Hence, the name Mayur (peacock) Vihar (dwelling). The development of the area dates back to the late 1970s when the government decided to sell the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) flats to Public Service Units (PSUs) and semi-PSUs such as Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL). It was done as an experiment to combine the people of several income groups into one community. Nowadays, different phases in the Mayur Vihar house vary in statistics.

It is also well-connected via public transport and social and civic infrastructure. It has a metro station on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro. Many government buses also ply. It will be a good decision for residents to invest in minimum price in Mayur Vihar with all the amenities and infrastructure.

The real estate market in Mayur Vihar:

The locality of Mayur Vihar is divided into three phases with different real estate statistics.

Phase 1 ranks at the top: Based on its popularity and is considered the poshest of the three. It is a premium real estate market influenced by 2 BHK residential apartments with average prices. The range of price is between Rs 90 lakh to 1.5 crores. The average price per sq. ft. in the area is over Rs 11,000. A few residential options in Mayur Vihar are builder floors, DDA flats, and cooperative housing societies in Mayur Vihar Phase 1.

Mayur Vihar Phase 2 : It is fairly preferred by investors. It may be helpful for many affordable projects because buyers can get a 2 BHK residential area for as low as Rs 40 lakh up to Rs 1.6 crore.

Mayur Vihar Phase 3: The locality offers enough standalone flats and houses. However, the residential market in phase 3 is slightly less preferred as compared to the other two phases. The locality is majorly famous for its commercial institutions. Get 2 BHKs in this locality between Rs 50 lakh and 1 crore. The per sq. ft. rate of the residential list in Mayur Vihar Phase-3 averages Rs 7,550. Ample flats under the Central and State (DDA) Government’s Housing Schemes are purchasable here.

Inventory share across budget:

Area NameRs 0-50 lakhRs 50 lakh to 1 croreRs 1 – 1.5 croreRs 1.5 to 2 croreMore than Rs 2 crore
Mayur Vihar-113%18%38%18%12%
Mayur Vihar-22%42%33%13%10%
Mayur Vihar-340%48%10%1%0%

Work Area of Mayur Vihar:

Connectivity to work areas is one of the remarkable factors driving the resident and buyer demand in Mayur Vihar. Since the locality borders Noida, the industrial area is around 10 km from Mayur Vihar. Further, the appearance of many technology organizations in Noida, like IBM, TCS, and Genpact, also remains a big point for the residents. People working in cities such as Gurgaon. They also have their house here as the area’s active metro services. It connects it to Gurgaon’s employment hubs via the Pink and Blue lines of the Delhi Metro.

Social amenities and Infrastructure:

In addition, Mayur Vihar is maintained by the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), which has worked highly on improving its social and physical infrastructure. So, the given table highlights the infrastructure amenities in Mayur Vihar:

Mayur Vihar is maintained by the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), which has worked highly on improving its social and physical infrastructure. The given table highlights the infrastructure amenities in Mayur Vihar:

Amenities Phase 1Phase 2 Phase 3
Hospitals Kukreja Hospital, Manglam Hospital, Apex Citi HospitalLal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, and Apex Citi HospitalMetro Multispeciality Hospital, and ESIC Model Hospital
Metro ConnectivityMayur Vihar Phase 1 metro station connects the Blue and Pink LineEast Vinod Nagar metro station connects to the pink lineTrilokpuri-Sanjay Lake metro station connects to the pink line
Road connectivityNoida Link Road, Delhi-Meerut Expressway and DND FlywayNH-24 connects for easy access to Noida and Greater NoidaIn close to NH-24
SchoolsAhlcon Public School, ASN International School, and Rishabh Public SchoolBal Bhavan Public School, and Mayur Public SchoolRyan International School, Somerville School, and Bharti Public School
Places of InterestAkshardham Temple, Uttara Guruvayurappan TempleSanjay Lake, Neelam Mata MandirAkshardham Temple, Sanjay Lake
Retail HubsGalleria Mall, Star City Mall and the DDA MarketPacific Mall, East Centre Mall And Cross River MallGharoli Market, Pacific Mall and East Delhi Mall
It is around 20 km from the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport and approximately 11 km from the New Delhi Railway Station. Its prime location is the main reason why Mayur Vihar is a popular realty area in the east of Delhi.

Investment Possibilities:

The property rates in the Mayur Vihar have been stable despite the pandemic. Further, the lifted rental demand keeps it popular among investors. The minimum rent for a 2 BHK semi-furnished residential apartment in several phases of Mayur Vihar is in the following ways:

Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3
Rs 24,000 per monthRs 18,000 per monthRs 13,000 per month

At last, the strategic development of the area, balanced returns on investment, and impressive realty choices allow various income groups to invest in Mayur Vihar. All of the above factors make it a promising investment option for buyers who are looking to settle between a calm and green environment and a developed infrastructure.

Top 6 Benefits of Investing in Panvel | Reasons to Invest in Panvel


In this article we have discussed the 6 incredible benefits of investing in Panvel. If you are considering investing in Panvel real estate but concerned whether it is worth it, please go through the below pointers. The benefits discussed in this article are based on feedback from builders, brokers and clients living in Panvel.

The Panvel residential market has witnessed a significant growth in the past few years. The area offers a wide range of real estate investment opportunities. Properties in Navi Mumbai are really modern and known for luxury living. Of all the locations in Navi Mumbai, Panvel is the hotspot for the real estate boom. It offers a mix of fresh and spectacular scenery, robust infrastructure, connectivity and more! Here are some of the reasons to invest in Panvel real estate. 

The 6 amazing Benefits of investing in Panvel

1 Infrastructure-

Panvel is 40 km from Mumbai and falls in the Raigad district. It has proximity to Thane and Navi Mumbai, two well-planned cities with robust infrastructure and attracts a lot of attention due to its proximity to major upcoming infrastructure projects. It is highly regarded for its connectivity as it is the intersection of various highways including Sion-Panvel Expressway, Mumbai-Pune Highway, National Highways 66, 4 and 4B.

The railway department is also executing crucial tasks in Panvel, and Panvel’s CST high-speed rail corridor is seen as an important game changer. As it will significantly reduce travel time and improve the overall transport connectivity of this region.
Also the long awaited Navi Mumbai International Airport is very close. The new airport expected to be operational by the end of 2021. It also includes the project NAINA – Navi Mumbai Airport Notified Influence Area, developed by CIDCO. Another project that is attracting more investors to Panvel is a corridor of over 100 km from Alibaug to Virar.

2 Connectivity

One of the main benefits of investing in Panvel is the seamless connectivity to other areas of Mumbai. It is well connected to the major localities nearby, thanks to its amazing rail/road connectivity. The area also connected to the western and eastern highways and also in the center of Konkan, which can easily connect to other countries.

Connectivity of Mumbai Pune Expressway and Sion-Panvel exit further improves the reach to Panvel. As such, these roads provide easy access to all parts of Mumbai, making Panvel a great place to invest in real estate.

Check out:- flats for sale in Panvel

3 Profitable investment

Real estate is considered one of the smartest and most reliable investments. However in the case of real estate investing in the right position at the right time is very crucial. Otherwise you won’t get the desired output or profit. In terms of profit there are many benefits of investing in Panvel. When buying a property, the amount of potential major infrastructural and economic improvements in that location should be considered. Nowadays, it is profitable to buy a new home somewhere like Panvel where you can expect a better return on investment in the future. 

4 Less Traffic Hustle-

Panvel is a well-structured and well-planned place as a result people can move without any hustle even during peak rush hour. Since two decades, it has witnessed an amazing social and physical infrastructure growth. Although the recent breakthrough came later than Thane, making it an excellent investment destination.

5 Educational Institutes

Panvel has well-known educational institutions as well as many famous schools and colleges. The presence of prestigious schools and colleges are one of the benefits of investing in Panvel. Some of the most prominent educational institutions are Mahatma School of Academic Sciences and Sports, New Horizon Public School, Media Studies and Research and St. Joseph High School.

6 Less Pollution 

Low pollution is one of the main reasons to invest in Panvel. It is the perfect place for those who want to live in peace, who want to enjoy landscapes and greenery. It offers accommodation at very reasonable prices compared to Mumbai and has both affordable and luxury homes. Also the level of pollution very low in Panvel compared to other areas thus, making it the most desirable place to invest in a home. 


When buying a property you should consider the amount of potential major infrastructural and economic improvements in that location. One should definitely consider Panvel, as the benefits of investing in Panvel are many. It is already a well planned city and has most of the amenities ideal for a perfect living. There are many banks, gyms, popular restaurants, clubs, amusement parks, shopping malls, etc. It also has some well-known and famous educational institutions. Considering all these factors, Panvel is definitely going to be one of the best areas to invest in real estate. 

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Rates to take a step down alongside Noida expressway

In the NCR region, that is subtly attached to the capital region of India, Delhi there extends two expressways that are built to let the residents enjoy the great community and work from far off places while travelling through these roads. The eastern region has been accurately acquired by the 22km long through Noida and Greater Noida. The other one runs for 18km in the regions of Dwarka.

All these expressways are developed to join the regions of Delhi NCR in a better way providing the areas extending adjacent to them to the real estate developers to create more and more property in Noida and in Dwarka.

These lands were also supposed to be given to the developers who want to build commercial spaces and give away office for rent in Noida, Greater Noida, Dwarka, and Gurugram. This, however, made both the regions a large hub for the working class people who migrated here from all over the country. This gave a major boost to all the realty developers to build more and more residential complexes.

As soon as the areas were changing into residential complexes, the southern areas started to experience water and sewage problems. Developers were unable to provide their residents with the daily needs. However, the eastern region thoroughly enjoyed the regular facilities of water and sewage but could not gather proper funds. These developers tracked the funds from the farmers and this became a major reason to manage all the funds and thus fulfil the increasing demands of people. Also, after the demonetization process, those launched flats which were left in the middle of the construction period were unable to be delivered on the expected date of delivery. One Unitech project called Grande, located in Greater Noida was launched in 2007 and even after 10 years, it could not be completed due to inappropriate funds. Now as the government orders all the realty developers to increase the supply, these well-built flats would be sold at much lesser prices given its history of in accomplishment. These flats are built along with the Yamuna Expressway and were targeted towards those who wanted to have the luxury as they were built across an 18 hole golf course.

Due to these reasons and the post demonetisation effect where people just stopped thinking of following their dreams and the wish to buy a house vanished all of a sudden, lowering the rates seemed to be the only option. These low rates would fill the empty flats and would decrease the number of new flats that were to be constructed to meet the demands after the Union Budget of 2017.

5 reason you should buy a property in Noida

After the utterly clumsy place of the capital region of India, Delhi and the densely overcrowded place for offices, Gurugram people are quite as well left with a choice of Noida. This is the reason that the residential sector of Noida Real estate is highly increasing since the past two decades. Noida is considered as a cheap and easy city to live in provided its easy connectivity to Delhi, Faridabad, Agra, and Haryana.
Noida has been considered as the most affordable place to live in given the high number of affordable flats here. There are many reasons that add to the fact but if we want to name a few we can easily do so by guiding the basic points.
The first one can be the extremely well maintained and thoughtfully built infrastructure. The infrastructure that has built the city is the basic reason for more and more citizens coming here. The excellent infrastructure makes it capable of being the next best thing in the world. The availability of lands for residential, commercial as well as infrastructural facilities is something that makes it top the list leaving Delhi and Mumbai behind.
Second reason is the reputed faces of developers who are eyeing in this place to make their new launches. Builders like Supertech, Unitech, Ansal, Emaar, MGF and now Godrej has made their new launches in Noida and Greater Noida. These flats suffice all the segments of the society and promise to be affordable with the availability of luxury.
Third and the most important reason that helps people to relax and invest in these lands is new rules against Forgery. New and quick rules have now been applied to the forgery cases of land. Earlier, the land disrupts were handled by the court’s jurisdiction which always tends to stretch such cases to a number of years, but now a sigh of relief has approached when all these cases are being handed over to the stamps jurisdiction.
The fourth best reason would be the easy connectivity of Noida to other regions like Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Agra. The major plus point Noida has is the rapid availability of Metro from Delhi to Noida. Also, the ongoing construction of Metro from Delhi till Greater Noida via Noida will add a golden point to all these and make it more convenient for those who travel till Greater Noida and will also decrease the traffic on roads.
The fifth point is for those who have a property in Noida or are living on rent flats in Noida. The major availability of marketplaces throughout Noida makes it very easy and accessible to live here.

New residential projects in North Bangalore

With the high increase in commercial activity in North Banglore region, the demand for residential sector also gets affected. New residential projects are being launched in this area which comprises of both apartments and Luxuroy homes (villas).

Bengaluru provides flats for sale in affordabe prices. The development in this area offers residential spaces for all three budgets; premium, mid range and luxury. Areas like Thanisandra, Yelahanka Doddaballapur, location near airport offers mig segment housing to its buyrers whereas, for luxury living one has to look for available in and arond Hennur Road, Kogilu, and some parts of Thanisandra.
New flats for sale in Hebbal-Yelahanka stretch of Bellary Road, which includes Hebbal and RMV II Stage has luxury apartments in the price range of Rs 8,000-12,000 per sqft. The areas situated beyond Devanahalli till Doddaballapur is very popular as it comprises of a large variety of high-end villa projects and also, plot development projects. The price here ranges between Rs 6,800-12,000 per sqft accumuating an area range of 2,500-7000sqft.
Meanwhile, the plot development projects in this area ranges from Rs 2,150 to 4,000 per sqft. Plots as well as luxury flats in this region are mostly preffered by high net worth individuals and investors due to their ability to serve as good holiday or retirement second home options. Apartments towards Nandi Hills Road are looked at with a keen eye as they range between Rs 7,300-10,00 per sqft. Vijayoura has new flats for sale ranging between 4,500-5,050.

Increasing residential demand in the Silicon Valley of India, Whitefield

As it is known that there is a large workforce employed in the area of Whitefield, and preferring to live in the vicinity, is increasing up the demands for residential options here for the comfort of the employees.
Once known as a secluded area of Bangalore to the Silicon Valley of India, Whitefield’s story was shaped primarily by the IT Hub revolution that changed the sleepy landscape with Asia’s first tech park which rose up in 1994.
The excellent development that took place in Whitefield and the EPIP zone have seen over the years seems like a page of a fictional book with a perfect ending. Mammoth towers in glass and chrome stand tall amidst natural greenery which has been long preserved by the developers of these MNC acquiring most of the Bangalore properties especially in Whitefield. Many hitherto heavy manufacturing factories have given a big hand to making this a wonderful place with a lot of infrastructural possibilities and residential flats in Bangalore.
It is no wonder that after all these factors these localities in the vicinity of these ultra facilitated tech parks have largely begun to mushroom into elite gated communities of residential buildings. Villas the high priority choice by the people who want to live here and work in these high-end vicinity of business parks.
While the ITPB has singularly driven the demand for residential property options in its vicinity, the other tech parks and business parks in the EPIP zone too have drawn a high demand for housing options ranging from mid-segment apartments and high-end homes enclosed within well-appointed gated enclaves, to villas and plots.
A member of the committee, Jain has stated that Whitefield, Electronics City, and the EPIP zone was a major initiative taken by the government to create the place into something better which eventually turned out to be called as the Silicon Valley of India with a number of reputed Multi Nationals setting up their base here. This is also increased the demand for high-end flats and villas by the people who come here every year from all over the country to earn their lavish living.

Amrapali Dream Valley project’s action against MD

Homebuyers of Amrapali Dream Valley project have written a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office seeking the permission for impounding of the passport of Amrapali MD Anil Sharma.

The buyers are in a fear that Sharma may try to leave the country as the project is far from complete. Amrapali is one of top investors who is in debt of owing huge amount of money to Noida and Greater Noida authorities. Most of its projects are sold but is far from construction.

In a letter of appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi submitted on February 22, Dream Valley buyers have requested that impoertant measures should be taken to safeguard the interests of buyers who have deeply invested in Amrapali.

Meanwhile, the Noida homebuyers’ association on Thursday demanded explanation from the Noida Real estate authority on lack of investigation on their part and keeping a check on defaulting builders. They wrote a letter  seeking answers from the GNIDA, Nefowa referred to therecent arrest of Earth Infrastructure owner Avdesh Goel by the Delhi Police in response to complaints by the Economic Offences Wing. Goel was arrested on February 20 on the basis of complaints by investors in Amrapali.

Realty Investment Fell Sharply, ASSOCHAM

Realty investment in India has fallen sharply, reported ASSOCHAM, the apex body of industry.

Last year India received total investments worth Rs.122 lakh crore. Realty investment was only Rs.42,000 Cr. This is far below the amount received in the year-before. Continue reading

Property Investment, a Good Marketing Trick?

As the builders are not able to find sufficient number of buyers for their projects, now they are coming up with options of property investment.

Sluggishness has spread its shadow on residential market. Home sales are falling down as there are no property buyers. What could the developers do to boost the buyers’ sentiments? Here we see how they are promoting their projects under the banner ‘best option for property investment.’ Continue reading

No Property Buyers, Realty Developers Troubled

Due to the sky reaching property prices, no property buyers turn up anywhere. As property buyers remain reluctant to buy out properties, the developers are struggling to offload their unsold properties.

The developers would not have imagined that the sky reaching property prices will have as disastrous as this. Many of the builders now have unsold properties at their hand as they are not able to find any property buyers. Continue reading

Investors Turn to Gold, Leave Real Estate

With the fall of gold prices, the investors are rushing to grab this glittering yellow metal. The investors feel it wiser to invest in gold than real estate market.

Is Real estate losing its charm? Whether it loses its charm or not, the investors are not fond of investing in the construction sector now. One of the main reasons for this is the fall of gold prices. Continue reading

How good are residential plots for investment?

Buying residential plots for value appreciation in developing areas is a good move. Property investors are now looking at residential plots as better options of investment.

Well connected residential plots offer good returns.

Well connected residential plots offer good returns.

DELHI: When you see an area is growing and the appreciation is improving, surely you can choose residential plots in the area as options of investment. Comparatively the land prices will be lower in remote areas.

For instance if the land prices in the prime location is Rs.10000 per sq. ft., it will be Rs.200 per sq. ft. in the remote areas.

However the nearest hub must be reachable within an hour. Lesser the travelling hours to the city, the higher the appreciation you will get.

Connectivity and infrastructure developments are also to be noted. If the connectivity is poor or the infrastructure is weak, your investment may not bring the desired result.

Closeness to the railway station, metro station, the nearby bus stop/stand, etc. too are to be considered. They also play their roles in determining the prices. Continue reading

Indian Property Show in Doha, Opens Tomorrow

Indian Property Show will be held at La Cigale Hotel from tomorrow onward. Around 5000 genuine buyers are expected to visit the property show.

Indian property show to be held in Doha from 29 March 2013.

Indian property show to be held in Doha from 29 March 2013.

DOHA: The NRIs who reside in Doha are looking forward to participating in Indian Property Show which will be conducted at La Cigale Hotel in Doha. Nearly 5000 prospective buyers are expected to visit the show.

Indian Property Show-Doha is believed to be one of the biggest. The show, organized by Sumansa Exhibitions, will have about 200 projects by 50 top Indian developers. The exhibition will showcase properties worth QR10bn.

Inaugural session, scheduled at Al Wajba Ball room at 10. 30 a.m., will be presided by Sanjiv Arora, the Indian Ambassador for Doha.

While meeting the media persons, Sunil Jaiswal, CEO at Sumansa Exhibitions, seemed highly optimistic and confident over the success of this show. He said that the Indian Property Show will attract a good number of buyers. Continue reading

Global Real Estate Investment Markets, India in Top 20

India ranks 20th among the top real estate investment markets of the globe, reported Cushman & Wakefield. With $ 304.1 billion of investment value, China stood top.

China tops the list of real estate investment markets.

China tops the list of real estate investment markets.

MUMBAI: As per the latest report of the global real estate consultant Cushman & Wakefield, India is ranked 20th among the top real estate investment markets of the globe. International Investment Atlas, the latest report of C&W, global real estate investment market saw a 6% rise in the investment activities last year.

In the last quarter witnessed more volume of investment. It signals revival of real estate investment. With the revival taking place, the investment in 2013 is believed to grow by 14%.

China tops the list. $304.1 billion was invested here. USA stood second with investment value of 267.1 billion. Both China and USA hold the lion’s share of the entire real estate investment. These two remained the top real estate investment markets of the world. Continue reading

Commercial investment, more attractive in Top cities

Investment on commercial properties remains the best options in major cities which have good infrastructure. In top cities commercial investment is better option.

Commercial investment is better for those who do it in top cities.

Commercial investment is better for those who do it in top cities.

Commercial property is good for investment, only if it is supported by good infrastructure. Connectivity too plays vital role. Close proximity to the international airports remains key-factor. All these factors make commercial investment in tier I cities more profitable.

As the major cities offer comparatively better infrastructure and appreciable connectivity, business in these cities is boosted well. However this is not the case of tier II cities. In such smaller cities the best option of investment would be residential properties.

Though there is commercial activity in these small cities too, the activity is not as large as that of bigger cities. There is a disparity between the commercial space demands as well.

The growth of any city depends on the connectivity and infrastructure. When these factors get better, the commercial activity also gets better. However the growth of the city will be slower if the development is slow. Continue reading

Foreign retailers to drive the demand for office space

The demand for office space will be driven by the foreign retailers who now plan to expand their stores in India.

The expansion plan of the foreign retailers will boost the demand for office space in India.

The expansion plan of the foreign retailers like Starbucks, will boost the demand for office space in India.

Office space will be more demanded in the major cities where the foreign retailers plan to expand their offices. According to the market intelligence report there are many foreign retailers who will drive the demand for office space with their expansion policies.

Gron Stockholm, Hamleys, Hennes and Mauritz (H&M), Lacoste and Starbucks are a few among the many foreign retailers who set to expand and establish their business empire in India.

However their expansion plan will boost the office space absorption in the major and top cities. Continue reading

Portugal welcomes Indian realty investors

Portuguese foreign minister Paulo Portas, on Monday, promised residency permits to all who will invest in Portugal. This is considered as part of their strategy to invite more non-European investors to their country.

Cities in Portugal may witness more Indian investors.

Cities in Portugal may witness more Indian investors.

While visiting India, Portuguese foreign minister Paulo Portas promised residency permits to all the Indian realty investors who will invest in Portugal.

Citing the strategic location of Portugal, he added that it would be open the doors of Europe in front of the Indian realty investors. However the investment in Portugal is expected to provide access to the entire European Union countries.

Portugal has already approved the golden residency permit which permits the non-European citizens to have full access across the European countries in the Schengen area. However the investor is expected to invest either in the real estate or start up an industry in Portugal. Continue reading

Property Investment: Pre-Launch Properties Remain Better

Blooming real estate sector makes property investment probably the best investment option. However the returns are more when they are invested in pre-launch properties.

Property investment in pre-launch projects better as it offers better returns.

Property investment in pre-launch projects is better as it offers faster returns.

The booming nature of real estate market is one of the main reasons which attract the investors to property investment. There are many who have invested in much number of properties. Other forms of investment are incapable of providing better returns as quickly as property investment does.

For them property investment is a faster means to earn better and higher returns and financial benefits. Bank deposits and other financial schemes are only secondary to the property investment.

The most sought after location for property investment is Gurgaon. In fact the city is more or less has become an investor-driven market. However according to many experts the property prices are rocketing in the city mainly due to the presence of vast number of investors. Continue reading

Morgan Stanley Likely To Invest In Commercial Project

Morgan Stanley plans to invest in Bandra Kurla Complex, in Mumbai where the firm will develop around 1.6 million sq. ft. of office space. If this deal takes place this will be the first investment of Morgan Stanley in India in the commercial sector.

Morgan Stanley plans to invest in India

Morgan Stanley plans to invest in India

Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing is pondering over the firm’s plans to develop 1.6 million sq. ft. of office space in Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. Mumbai- based real estate firm, Wadhwa Group, initiated construction of the project under which two more commercial towers will be developed by the end of next year.

Though the deal is only in its initial stages now, it would be the first investment by Morgan Stanley investors in the commercial sector of India. Earlier the firm had invested $850 million in India for developing a real estate project. However the project was basically a housing project. And so it would be the first time the American firm will be investing in a commercial project. Continue reading

Top Property Investment And Home Destinations In India

Many cities are emerging as hot destinations for property investment in India. Here we have shortlisted a few property investment and home destinations which provide better returns to the investors.

Top destinations that provides better returns for your property investment .

Top destinations that provides better returns for your property investment .

Chembur, Ulwe and Wadala in  Mumbai are three most-promising property investment and home destinations. These areas are noted for its improved infrastructure and job-generation capacity.

Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Yamuna Expressway and Noida Extension are three top destinations in the National Capital Region. These areas offer better price appreciation to the investors. So they remain top destinations for property investment as well. Continue reading

Blackstone To Gain Huge Profit From Its JV With Embassy

Blackstone, one of the leading global private equity and investment firm, is set to amass a huge profit from its Joint Venture in Bangalore.

Realty investment in Bangalore gives a good reap to Blackstone

Realty investment in Bangalore gives a good reap to Blackstone.

Blackstone has, joining hands with Bangalore– centered real estate firm Embassy Property Developments, planned to develop a luxury-oriented residential project. The Blackstone- Embassy group will jointly develop 467 housing units; each unit priced between Rs.3 to Rs. 10 Cr, in the project.

Blackstone expects to gain around Rs.210 Cr from their JV. This is their first big investment in Indian real estate market.  In 2011 the global private equity major invested in Embassy Lakeside Terraces which is an ultra-luxury villa project. From their investment in the project, Blackstone is expected to gain around Rs.210 Cr which represents around 28% of the absolute profit. Continue reading

Indian Realty Sees Private Equity Firms’ Faded Zeal

Private equity firms show low interest to invest in Indian Realty and infrastructure. India witnessed a deep fall in the Private equity investment in the last year.

Indian Realty loses its attracting charm

Indian Realty loses its attracting charm.

According to a report by Grant Thornton, a leading global accounting firm, the Private equity firms have lost their interest in the Indian Realty and infrastructure. As per the Grant Thornton report $ 7.4 billion was invested in India by the private equity firms in 2012. Private equity investment of 2012 is comparatively very lower to the same of the previous year in which $8.8 billion was invested, the report adds. Continue reading

English Cricketers Attracted To Indian Properties

The soaring property prices have really attracted some of the English Cricketers. They are very keen to have some investment on Indian properties.

English cricketers attracted to Indian properties

Some English cricketers are attracted to Indian properties.

Seeing property prices soaring in India, some top English Cricketers have expressed their interest in investing in Indian properties. Reliable sources close to the English Cricket Team reveal that around five top-cricketers are interested in Indian real estate market.

Available sources reveal that they have already entered into talks with the developers regarding their property purchase. These cricketers will purchase land parcels or properties in major Indian cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. Some of them prefer to purchase properties in Goa, one of the most favorite tourist destinations in India.

While some of them prefer to own land parcels, others prefer to own apartments in partnership with the Indians. Sources told the Times of India that they have been searching for properties for a quite long while. Sources revealed that the English Cricketers have shortlisted three cities now. Continue reading