Publicly Disclose the Apartment Sales: MahaRERA


Due to a growing number of complaints about developers illegally transferring the same apartment to multiple buyers. The MahaRera Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRera) ordered them to publicly disclose whether the apartment was sold or reserved.

To avoid more than one transaction with apartments / plots, it is mandatory to provide information immediately once a flat is booked or sold. According to experts from the real estate market, there are cases where builders only issue an allotment letter to the buyer. (A letter of allotment kind of confirmation that the apartment is booked). 

The apartment can be resold to another buyer and the first buyer remains unknown of this. Also the same apartment can even be mortgaged to banks or financial institutions. Ultimately, neither the first nor the second buyer is aware of the sale of the apartment. Also the bank is not aware of this kind of sale. Thus, the developer illegally collects funds for the same apartment from two or even three different buyers.

Difficulties to lenders and consumers

Pankaj Kapoor, an official from a real estate firm, Liases Foras, said, the main purpose of RERA was to suppress such threats and actions. The law stipulates that developers upload information about mortgaged and sold properties on the RERA website. Previously, it was noticed that many builders’ projects were stuck in the NCR and MMR trap and practiced similar approaches. It had caused several difficulties to lenders and consumers. These builders need to severely be punished as this undermines consumer confidence and discredits the entire industry.

Shop Sold Multiple Times

Manohar Shroff, Navi Mumbai based builder said, Navi Mumbai has become “a villain’s port”. The whole industry suffers from some dishonest brokers and builders.
In one case, Shroff said a developer cheated or misled several investors and fled to Pune. In another case, a builder fled with Rs 100 crore, and a third sold a shop several times in Belapur’s CBD and misled buyers. So, to avoid these kinds of fraud, buyers should register their documents as soon as possible.

Must Register Sales Agreement-

Property law expert, Lawyer Anil Harish said, it appears that even after the arrival of RERA, some developers continue to issue more than one allotment letter for a single property. This is obviously wrong in both civil and criminal law.
Buyers should also check the MahaRERA website to see if the project registered and if building permits have been received. Also search sub-registrar registrations to check ownership and mortgages.

According to experts, buyers must register an agreement if more than 10% of the apartment price is paid. Stamp duty for a letter of employment, a letter of intent or a memorandum of understanding (MOU) can be 1% of the price to encourage people to sign up. This 1% must credited to the stamp duty specified in the contract, so you only have to pay the remaining 4%.

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Reasons to Invest in Panvel

Top 6 Benefits of Investing in Panvel | Reasons to Invest in Panvel


In this article we have discussed the 6 incredible benefits of investing in Panvel. If you are considering investing in Panvel real estate but concerned whether it is worth it, please go through the below pointers. The benefits discussed in this article are based on feedback from builders, brokers and clients living in Panvel.

The Panvel residential market has witnessed a significant growth in the past few years. The area offers a wide range of real estate investment opportunities. Properties in Navi Mumbai are really modern and known for luxury living. Of all the locations in Navi Mumbai, Panvel is the hotspot for the real estate boom. It offers a mix of fresh and spectacular scenery, robust infrastructure, connectivity and more! Here are some of the reasons to invest in Panvel real estate. 

The 6 amazing Benefits of investing in Panvel

1 Infrastructure-

Panvel is 40 km from Mumbai and falls in the Raigad district. It has proximity to Thane and Navi Mumbai, two well-planned cities with robust infrastructure and attracts a lot of attention due to its proximity to major upcoming infrastructure projects. It is highly regarded for its connectivity as it is the intersection of various highways including Sion-Panvel Expressway, Mumbai-Pune Highway, National Highways 66, 4 and 4B.

The railway department is also executing crucial tasks in Panvel, and Panvel’s CST high-speed rail corridor is seen as an important game changer. As it will significantly reduce travel time and improve the overall transport connectivity of this region.
Also the long awaited Navi Mumbai International Airport is very close. The new airport expected to be operational by the end of 2021. It also includes the project NAINA – Navi Mumbai Airport Notified Influence Area, developed by CIDCO. Another project that is attracting more investors to Panvel is a corridor of over 100 km from Alibaug to Virar.

2 Connectivity

One of the main benefits of investing in Panvel is the seamless connectivity to other areas of Mumbai. It is well connected to the major localities nearby, thanks to its amazing rail/road connectivity. The area also connected to the western and eastern highways and also in the center of Konkan, which can easily connect to other countries.

Connectivity of Mumbai Pune Expressway and Sion-Panvel exit further improves the reach to Panvel. As such, these roads provide easy access to all parts of Mumbai, making Panvel a great place to invest in real estate.

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3 Profitable investment

Real estate is considered one of the smartest and most reliable investments. However in the case of real estate investing in the right position at the right time is very crucial. Otherwise you won’t get the desired output or profit. In terms of profit there are many benefits of investing in Panvel. When buying a property, the amount of potential major infrastructural and economic improvements in that location should be considered. Nowadays, it is profitable to buy a new home somewhere like Panvel where you can expect a better return on investment in the future. 

4 Less Traffic Hustle-

Panvel is a well-structured and well-planned place as a result people can move without any hustle even during peak rush hour. Since two decades, it has witnessed an amazing social and physical infrastructure growth. Although the recent breakthrough came later than Thane, making it an excellent investment destination.

5 Educational Institutes

Panvel has well-known educational institutions as well as many famous schools and colleges. The presence of prestigious schools and colleges are one of the benefits of investing in Panvel. Some of the most prominent educational institutions are Mahatma School of Academic Sciences and Sports, New Horizon Public School, Media Studies and Research and St. Joseph High School.

6 Less Pollution 

Low pollution is one of the main reasons to invest in Panvel. It is the perfect place for those who want to live in peace, who want to enjoy landscapes and greenery. It offers accommodation at very reasonable prices compared to Mumbai and has both affordable and luxury homes. Also the level of pollution very low in Panvel compared to other areas thus, making it the most desirable place to invest in a home. 


When buying a property you should consider the amount of potential major infrastructural and economic improvements in that location. One should definitely consider Panvel, as the benefits of investing in Panvel are many. It is already a well planned city and has most of the amenities ideal for a perfect living. There are many banks, gyms, popular restaurants, clubs, amusement parks, shopping malls, etc. It also has some well-known and famous educational institutions. Considering all these factors, Panvel is definitely going to be one of the best areas to invest in real estate. 

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Maharashtra Govt. Boosts Real Estate Industry With New Concessions!



When the Maharashtra government provided further information on the introduction of the newly approved real estate incentive. The State Urban Department legacy department clarified that premiums offered by the previous government will remain in effect until August 2021.

By this move expected to allow more developers to take advantage of the concessional premiums. And demonstrate a rise in the number of developers who want approval for construction projects in Mumbai during the first 8 months of 2021.

The above line stated that builders in the city have to settle up with a premium to the additional floor space index (FSI) and compensatory FSI. These premiums only need to be paid at approx 17%  of the appropriate ready reckoner (RR) rates. These premiums are only for residential sector projects and are valid till the date August 19, 2020. Commercial developers must have to pay premiums at 20% of the RR rate. (“RR” also known as “Circle Rate”). 

Additionally, the premiums for developers opting to obtain a concession. These concession will be calculated based on existing circle rates or previous year rates i.e, 2019-20 rates. Hence, the real estate construction projects in Mumbai will be suitable for higher concession fees in comparison to the entire Maharashtra. But this benefit is discontinued after August 19. 2021. 

Uddhav Thackeray addresses meeting with the State Cabinet Infrastructure Committee.

This was recently announced by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, he announced several strategies to reduce construction costs all over Maharashtra. The government has reduced the construction premium applied to new projects in the state to 50% by December 31, 2021.

Chief Minister Uddav Thackeray also addresses a meeting with the Infrastructure Committee of the State Cabinet. He discuss a wide range of infrastructure projects in Maharashtra. With several other officials, Deputy CM Ajit Pawar and PWD Minister Ashok Chavan also attended the meeting.

High Rise Apartments To Offer New Skyline To Bangalore

Bangalore now has more numbers of high rise apartments. They are providing a new skyline to the high-tech city.

BANGALORE: High rise apartments had become a necessity in Mumbai and other top cities where there is no sufficient space for development. Till recently, there weren’t many high rise apartments in Bangalore mainly because there was sufficient land for developing projects. Continue reading

Property Rates Jump By 66% In Mumbai, Report

In the last four years, Mumbai saw property rates rising by 66 percent. Property rates shot up in the city mainly due to the scarcity of land and limited supply.

Mumbai, the city which remained the top home destination in India, has always enjoyed higher property rates. According to some recent reports, over the last four years, the property rates in the city have gone up by 66 percent. Continue reading

Blackstone Lay Luring Eye On Express Tower

Blackstone, the PE giant, has showed its interest in grabbing the Express Tower in Mumbai.

With assets worth $210 billion, Blackstone is the largest private equity firm. The group has various investments in India.  While most of their PERE investments are in the residential sector, now they are planning to invest some money in the commercial segment. Continue reading

New Launches in Mumbai, Offered At Low Rates

Affected by the weak home sales, some top Mumbai Developers have cut down the prices for their new launches.

A few days after the news came out that the property prices have shot up in many of the cities including Delhi, Bangalore, etc., some Mumbai developers said that they have cut down the prices for new launches. Continue reading

Meydan, Lodha to Jointly Develop $5.7b Project

Dubai based Meydan Group and Mumbai based Lodha Developers Ltd will jointly develop a residential project at an estimated cost $5.7 billion.

Dubai based Meydan Group plans to develop a project in Dubai’s Mohammad Bin Rashid City. The project will be launched in conglomeration with Indian developer Lodha Group. Continue reading

Shopping Malls Face Dull Demand Now, Report

Vacancy rate in shopping malls is increasing. Some recent reports say that vacancy in shopping is around 30%.

NEW DELHI: Growing vacancy rates has affected the shopping malls. As per some recent reports the vacancy rate of office space in shopping malls is 30% in Delhi-NCR and 25% in Mumbai. Continue reading

New Launches in Mumbai Sharply Fall In 2013

In the first quarter of 2013, the new project launches are fewer compared to the last quarter of 2012. New project launches were more in the last quarter of 2012.

New launches fall in Mumbai.

New launches fall in Mumbai.

MUMBAI: The first quarter of 2013 witnessed a sharp fall in the number of new launches in Mumbai. The new figure however is compared to the number of new launches in the last quarter of 2012.

The last quarter which is the season of festivals like Diwali, usually have larger number of new launches. Liases Foras reported that the number of new launches were the maximum in this quarter across the country.

Managing Director of Liases Foras Pankaj Kapoor said that Mumbai has only a fewer new launches compared to the last quarter of 2012. The developers are postponing the new launches due to the weak home sales.

Home sales are yet to pick up in the city. The demand for housing units is still not so impressive. This negative market sentiment has been considered as the reason which forced the developers to postpone their new project launches. Continue reading

Essel Group to Raise Rs.1000 Cr PERE Fund

Private Equity wing of Essel Financial Services Ltd plans to launch its first real estate fund. The Rs.1000 Cr PERE fund will be invested in the residential sector.

Essel plans to raise Rs.1000 Cr for investing in residential sector.

Essel plans to raise Rs.1000 Cr for investing in residential sector.

MUMBAI: Private Equity wing of Essel Financial Services Ltd has already raised Rs.200 Cr. The fund will be invested in the real estate sector. Essel Group plans to develop housing projects in top cities across the subcontinent.

Private equity in real estate (PERE) is increasing in India. 2012 saw 32 PERE investment deals. Nearly PERE Funds worth $464.26 million was invested in last year. This is well above $310.88 million in 2011 which saw only 15 such deals.

The PE wing of Subhash Chandra-owned Essel Group plans to launch a Rs.500 Cr fund. The group also has plans to raise another fund of the same amount. The fund will be raised from domestic investors.

Essel Financial Services CEO and MD of Amit Goenka said that developers raise huge demand for capital. He added that most of the projects are stuck, due to the lack of capital. He finds delay in approvals as another reason for the stuck projects. Continue reading

MCHI-CREDAI Property Expo Sees Huge Crowd

MCHI-CREDAI Property Expo 2013 is being conducted at MMRDA Grounds in Bandra Kurla Complex. The four day property expo will end on 14th of April.

MCHI-CREDAI Property Expo receives good response.

MCHI-CREDAI Property Expo receives good response.

MUMBAI: The first two days of MCHI-CREDAI Property Expo 2013 saw huge numbers of prospective buyers visiting the property show. It shows that the demand is not much affected by the sluggishness of the realty market.

Nearly 25,000 prospective buyers visited the property fair on Friday. This number of property buyers have really spirited the builders.

Over 15,000 residential properties across Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) are showcased in the four day fair. The fair has properties located in Navi Mumbai, Pune and Thane.

The buyers showed keen interest in the properties located at Dombivli and Andheri too. Gundecha, Hubtown and Lodha developers have projects in these areas.

Those who were looking for investment options also visited the fair. Panvel and Thane remain the favorite spots for the investors.

Most of the properties showcased at MCHI-CREDAI Property Expo 2013 were offered with some discounts. Prices for some projects however remained the same. Continue reading

Bangalore and Mumbai bag majority of PERE funds

Private Equity in Real Estate (PERE) is more in Bangalore and Mumbai. Other cities like Chennai and Pune are also favorites for the private equity investors.

The IT projects in Bangalore  more popular for PERE investors.

The IT projects in Bangalore more popular for PERE investors.

South and West remain favorites for private equity real estate investors. Majority of the Private Equity in Real Estate (PERE) investment is done in the south and west cities of India; especially in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Last year Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune together received Rs.27,907 Cr of PERE investment. This amounts to 84% of the total investment.

The reports say that the Delhi-NCR received the third highest PERE Investment. But experts refute this by pointing out that though Jwala Real Estate and Indiabulls Infratech are Delhi registered companies, their projects are in Mumbai. It means that the investment in the National Capital Region remains only on the paper.

Blackstone is the largest PE investor in India. The US-based PE major alone has invested over $600 million in the Indian realty. However the group has so far invested only in the south and west India. Bangalore holds majority of their investments. The group has also invested in Pune and some southern and eastern cities. Continue reading

Oracle India to lease office space in BKC

Oracle India Pvt Ltd will lease large office space in the Bandra Kurla Complex. The IT majorhas already signed the agreement.

Oracle India will lease office space in BKC.

Oracle India will lease office space in BKC.

MUMBAI: Oracle has signed a lease agreement for its Indian arm Oracle India Pvt Ltd. The IT major has leased large sized office space in the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. The group will lease 50,000 sq. ft. of office space.

Oracle India will have to pay Rs.340 per sq. ft. for gaining office in the BKC which is one of the most costly office spaces across India and Asia Pacific Region. The lease agreement will be for a term of nine years.

One floor will be fully leased by Oracle India. The transaction worth Rs.183.6 Cr is the largest lease transaction in FIFC. First International Financial Centre (FIFC) is a Grade-A commercial development in BKC.

Continue reading

Hindustan Unilever Plans To Monetize Realty Assets

In 2012, Hindustan Unilever Ltd divested realty assets worth Rs.672 Cr. The company further plans to earn Rs.300 Cr from divesting realty properties by the end of June.

Hindustan Unilever plans to divest its realty assets.

Hindustan Unilever plans to divest its realty assets.

MUMBAI: Hindustan Unilever Ltd is the largest consumer goods firm in India. It produces around three dozens of consumer goods like Bru coffee, Knorr soups, Lipton tea, Lux and many others.

Real estate has never been their core business. However it has fetched them nearly Rs.672 Cr of profit, a value which is higher than all their other profits. Interestingly it is more than the profit of DLF from their real estate business.

During the same period, DLF has earned Rs.596.35 Cr in the form of net profit. The figure shows the net profit of DLF while the consumer producer’s it is the amount which is collected through selling their realty assets.

Though these figures are incomparable, they are mentioned only to make a sense of amount the consumer producer has earned from selling its realty assets.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd is now looking to collect over Rs.300 Cr through divesting its realty properties. The Anglo-Dutch MNC will sell off 55 ultra-luxury apartments. Continue reading

Golf Courses Woo Top-End Buyers in Mumbai

Housing sector in Mumbai, it seems, set to be golf – oriented. Along with golf courses, other sports facilities are also becoming must- amenities.

Golf courses do have an impact on the property sale.

Golf courses do have an impact on the property sale.

MUMBAI: In Mumbai and its neighborhood areas, golf courses are slowly becoming a necessary amenity. This is true especially for the top-end housing projects.

There is a higher demand for housing projects which have golf courses. Seeing this increased demand, the builders are also coming up with such projects. They use golf courses as a means to persuade the buyers to their projects now.

Though Golf courses are considered to be the sign and symbol of luxury now, there are only a few golf courses in Mumbai. Unlike Delhi-NCR, Bangalore or other top cities, the commercial capital lacks golf courses. Though main reason is land scarcity, excessive land price also matters.

Right now there are three 18-hole golf facilities in the city. Two of them are in South Mumbai, while one is at Chembur. Willington Sports Club and United Services Club are the two South Mumbai golf courses. Bombay Presidency Golf Course is located in Chembur. Continue reading

Bangalore saw doubled PERE investments in 2012

Global real estate consultants Cushman & Wakefield reported that Bangalore received nearly Rs.32.3 billion of Private Equity in Real Estate- PERE investments.

PERE investments have risen in Bangalore.

PERE investments have risen in Bangalore.

BANGALORE: According to the latest report by Cushman & Wakefield PERE investments have increased in Bangalore. Last year the city received Rs.32.3 billion in the form of private equity investments. The global property consultants reported that the amount is double the size than that of last year.

Most of the private equity investments were done in the commercial sector. The PE investors like Blackstone and others shifted their investment plans to the commercial sector.

While Rs.32.3 billion was invested in the commercial sector, only Rs.28.5 billion was invested in the residential sector. However the pre-launch residential properties witnessed highest number of PE deals. Though about 25 PE deals took place in the residential sector, the amount was comparatively far lower.

With Rs.13 billion of PE investments, Mumbai stood on the second spot. Delhi-NCR stood third with INR Rs.7 billion of investments. While Mumbai witnessed a minimal decline of 2%, NCR saw a sharp decline of 44%. Continue reading

Home sales pick up in NCR by 46%: reports PropEquity

PropEquity reported that the home sales in NCR have jumped by 46%. The property research firm has tracked home sales over 40 cities.

Home sales pick up in NCR.

Home sales pick up in NCR.

Tracking over 45,000 housing projects of 8200 builders, Property research firm PropEquity has reported that home sales in the National Capital Region (NCR) has picked up.

Now NCR sees a revival of home sales. In January, it added, nearly 9000 housing units were sold in the region.

As against the 6032 home sales in January 2012, 8,812 housing units were sold in January this year. With this improved home sales, NCR sees a revival in the region.

Housing demand picked up along with the clarity in land acquisition issues in Greater Noida. Home sales have picked up highly in Faridabad, Greater Noida and Noida Extension. Besides these areas Yamuna Expressway was another area which saw an increased demand for housing units. Continue reading

Trump plans widening its presence in India

US real estate major Trump now plans to expand their presence in India. The group plans to develop two luxury housing projects in Mumbai and NCR.

Trump plans to expand its presence in India.

Trump plans to expand its presence in India.

Trump, the real estate major of USA, is set to enter India. Its India-representative revealed that the group is looking to expand to India now. The US based real estate developer has already entered into talks with some top developers of the country.

The group plans to develop projects in Mumbai and in NCR. Two Trump-branded housing projects will be developed in these areas, said the representative.

The group’s first project is being developed in Pune. Trunk is developing this ultra-luxury project in collaboration with Panchshil Realty. Their Pune project marked their entry into the Indian realty market. Now, they move ahead with the plan to expand their presence in India, especially to Mumbai and NCR.

Their first project ‘Trump Towers Pune’ was launched in 2012. The project is considered as a project which marked the new arrival of elegant luxury in to the subcontinent.

Mumbai-based Tribeca Developers is appointed as India-representative. The group will find out more projects which could be developed under their brand.

Trump to develop two ultra-luxury housing projects

Trump to develop two more ultra-luxury housing projects in India.

They show keen interest on Indian realty market.  It was the first of its kind tie-ups of Trump which plans to make India one of their top markets, outside North America.

Tribeca will help the American firm to find out suitable project sites. Besides, it will also help them find reputable developers of the area who can join with the American real estate major.

Trump’s development arena is not limited to ultra-luxury residential projects. Their development is extended to hotels, mixed-use projects and Golf Course projects. All these will be developed in India too or they plan to do so.

Kalpesh Mehta, Tribeca Developers Managing Partner, said that the group is in advanced talks with some domestic developers. He added that the firm hopes to develop two ultra-luxury projects in NCR and Mumbai within a period of six months to a year.

New property tax of BMC, residents protest stongly

Residents of the city have decided to contest a protest against BMC which has recently announced its new property tax policy. As per the new property tax policy the property tax will be calculated on the basis of capital value.

New property tax plan of BMC, received severe discontent.

New property tax plan of BMC, received severe discontent.

BMC’s decision to compute property tax on the basis of capital value of the property raised the anger of the city residents. The residents of over 35,000 housing societies have already decided to protest against the new property tax policy of BMC.

Some citizens’ groups and 40 Non-Government organizations will support and take part in the protest. They have planned to conduct a one-day hunger strike at Azad Maidan. They plan to conduct the hunger strike before the current session of BMC ends next month.

NGOs like the Bombay Catholic Sabha, Federation of Housing Societies, SOUL and Watchdog Foundation will partake in the protest. While addressing the media, the representatives of these NGOs said that they want the authorities to do away with the new system.

They demanded the authorities to go back to the old system. They claimed that the new property tax system has really upset the people. Continue reading

Development of Mumbai Bangalore corridor: Cameron says ready to fund

While visiting India, British Prime Minister David Cameron told that his government would fund for the development of Mumbai-Bangalore corridor.

Camron offers financial aid to India to complete the development of Mumbai-Bangalore corridor

Camron offers financial aid to India to complete the development of Mumbai-Bangalore corridor.

Mumbai to Bangalore corridor spreads across over 1000 km.  Along this corridor nearly 9 districts and a good number of cities could be built. Around 2 to 3 million of population can settle in each city. Once the project is completed, Mumbai – Bangalore corridor would be offering millions of jobs. David Cameron, the  British PM,  has showed readiness to help India complete the project.

Speaking about the growth potential of the corridor, Cameron said that the physical infrastructure should be developed in the first phase.The development of social infrastructure must be followed, he added.

Offering their help to finance the project, Cameron said that their government is happy to see the development of Mumbai-Bangalore corridor. Besides financial assistance to the Indian government, Britain also has showed its readiness to cooperate with India in the project.

British prime minister’s office said that the British officials had been working on the 1000 km-long corridor from Mumbai to Bangalore. It added that they already have assessed and analyzed the project well. The development of the corridor: at an estimated cost of $25 billion, will link the commercial capital with the tech hub.

Mumbai-Bangalore corridor needs to be developed, says Cameron.

Mumbai-Bangalore corridor needs to be developed, says Cameron.

While addressing the business people and workers at Hindustan Unilever Limited, Cameron told that their country could find complete solution. He added that Britain has good architects, planners and finance experts who could offer better solution to the project.

The British PM predicted that this corridor would be holding 11.8% of total GDP of India by the year 2020. 5.8% of the total population also will be concentrating on this area.

The first phase development will include physical infrastructure, consisting power generation, telecommunication facilities and other transport networks. Once the physical infrastructure is completed, the social infrastructure including education and healthcare facilities should be developed.

Development of 24 industrial cities along the railway line that links New Delhi with Mumbai has also been planned. The project will be developed with the help of Japan. However the project is moving very slowly now and has not reached anywhere around completion.

The British government also has showed its readiness to fund the project. They will fund around $1.55 million or one million Pounds. The project, if completed, would generate over a half million jobs in the country. This will be besides the indirect jobs which the project will bring in. So the total number of jobs would be over two million or even more.

Godrej BKC jointly launched by Godrej Properties and Jet Airways

Partnering with Jet Airways, Godrej Properties will develop a commercial project in the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. The airline and the realty firm will hold equal shares of the project named Godrej BKC.

Godrej will develop a commercial project named Godrej BKC jointly with Jet airways.

Godrej will develop a commercial project named Godrej BKC jointly with Jet Airways.

Real estate wing of Godrej Group, Godrej Properties Ltd. (GPL) will launch a commercial project, named Godrej BKC,  in the Bandra Kurla Complex area. Jet Airways will partner with Godrej Properties for the development of this commercial project.

The construction has already been started and the project is expected to get over by 2015-end.

Pirojsha Godrej, the Managing Director and Chief Executive of GPL; while commenting on the project, said that the firm expects to create around Rs.3,500-4,000 Cr from the project. He added that the project will be completed within two to three years.

However, he kept his lips crossed when asked about the financial details of the project. So far no financial details are available.

The cost will be borne by both Jet Airways and Godrej Properties equally. They will have 50 – 50 share in the project named Godrej BKC. Jet Airways has already reserved 2.5 lakh sq. ft. of office space in the project. The total salable space in Godrej BKC is 1.3 million sq. ft. Continue reading

Thane: Connectivity-Based Popular Realty Destination

Connectivity is considered as one of the major factors which makes Thane in Mumbai as one of the top most and popular realty destination. In fact connectivity fuels Thane’s popularity.

Connectivity holds the growth-key of Thane

Connectivity holds the growth-key of Thane.

A few couple of years or decades back, Thane remained as an unpopular suburb in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, right now this has become one of the most popular suburbs in the region.

Though the well planned development and schemes of the Authority plays a key role in the growth of Thane, the main role is played by the connectivity which has attracted more population to the city. Along with the infrastructure growth the connectivity of the area got developed.

The area is all set to be a fully–developed city in all spheres. With easier connectivity to Brahamand, Ghodbunder Road, Owala and Patlipada, the city becomes a hub for all the other areas of the city. Moreover there is a simultaneous and concurrent growth of commerce and infrastructure in the city. Continue reading

Corporates Move HQs to Bigger Offices As Rentals Fall

Perfectly utilizing the sluggish realty market and the fallen rentals in the cities many of the corporates are now moving their headquarters to bigger offices where they will enjoy better amenities and facilities loaded with ample space.

Corporates plan to shift  their HQs to bigger offices as rentals slightly fall.

Corporates plan to shift their HQs to bigger offices as rentals slightly fall.

Due to the sluggish realty market the rentals have fallen in many of the cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. Seeing this fall of rentals as a good opportunity, many of the corporates are moving their headquarters to bigger offices.

Bigger offices with ample space are also noted for better amenities and facilities. The corporates are sure that they enjoy better amenities now at comparatively an equal amount or slightly higher amount they used to spend for a small office now.

The Corporates feel that the headquarters is the sign of their prestige and status. The fall of rentals in some of the top cities of India has prompted them to think in this way to move their HQs to bigger offices. Continue reading

GVK to Monetize Mumbai Airport Land: Modernization Aimed

To modernize the Mumbai airport; prominent Infrastructure and Power Developer firm GVK plans to monetize the real estate lands of the Mumbai international airport.

GVK plans to monetize Mumbai airport land

GVK plans to monetize Mumbai airport land with the aim to modernize it.

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd owned Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL); a firm which is developing the Mumbai international airport now plans to monetize the allowed real estate land for monetizing.

While commenting on the issue, Mr. Isaac George Director of GVK Power, told that the initially GVK will monetize about 2.9 million sq. ft.  He added that the process will be initiated by the beginning of June this year. However, he did not reveal the details of the fund expected to be raised through monetization.

The monetization will be finalized only once it gets the approval of Maharashtra Chief Minister,who has already approved the plan as the chairman of Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA). Continue reading