Indian women prefer to invest in real estate, and their top preference is bigger homes

More Indian women than ever have the means to purchase their own homes. Women can now invest in real estate more easily thanks to reduced stamp taxes on homes registered in their names and unique housing loan programs. Women tend to favor apartments most in the price range of Rs 45 lakhs to 1.5 crores. 

Hyderabad: Women are choosing larger homes and real estate as their preferred investments as they gain financial independence. 57% of participating women homebuyers in an ANAROCK Survey released on International Women’s Day prefer 3 BHKs, indicating a clear preference trend for larger spaces, while 29% prefer 2 BHKs. 

64% of female respondents looking for a home will purchase mid-to premium-class housing (between Rs 45 lakh and Rs 1.5 crore). Surprisingly, 23% of respondents would buy luxury properties costing more than 1.5 crore. According to 71% of the women surveyed, ready-to-move-in or completed properties take less than six months.  

Women can now invest in real estate more easily thanks to reduced stamp taxes on homes registered in their names and unique housing loan programs. 

“Women today are not mere influencers in the home buying process, but independent decision makers who buy homes for either self-use or investment,” states Santosh Kumar, Vice Chairman of ANAROCK Group. As per the most recent ANAROCK Consumer Sentiment Survey, 78% of female buyers prefer to purchase homes for use, with 22% opting to do so as investments. The end-use-to-investment ratio was 74:26 in H2 2021.”

The survey also reveals that the preferred investment asset class, according to 61% of female respondents, is housing. Approximately 16% favor the stock market, while 14% choose gold. Women made up half of the 5,510 survey respondents in total. 

Notably, 3 BHKs are the most favored configurations for 57% of women respondents, followed by 29% of women home seekers voting for 2BHKs. Around 9% are looking for 4BHK homes. 

Regarding price ranges, approximately 36% of female respondents looking for a home prefer to purchase mid-segment properties (costing between Rs 45 and Rs 90 lakhs), with 28% choosing luxury properties costing between Rs 90 lakhs to Rs 1.5 crore. Just 20% of respondents would buy luxury properties that cost more than Rs 1.5 crore, while 23% are willing to settle for less expensive homes under Rs 45 lakhs. 

“A closer look indicates that only 15% of women respondents prefer homes in newly launched projects, even though the survey finds that 24% of all polled home seekers currently prefer newly launched properties,” says Kumar.  

A staggering 71% of respondents will focus on homes that are either finished or set to finish in the upcoming six months. It suggests that most are purchasing for their immediate use.” 

Women’s empowerment has become a significant issue in India in recent years due to the many government initiatives to empower women. The most recent law that the Parliament passed was the Women’s Reservation Bill of 2023. 

In addition to the government’s flagship PMAY program, which prioritizes women’s homeownership, many independent urban women have entered the housing market to purchase homes.  

Because they want to feel secure and independent, more Indian women are purchasing their own homes, and an increasing proportion of single women are living alone in nuclear families. 

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