Noida authority plan policy to ensure periodical structural audits of buildings


Following repeated complaints about the poor quality of construction, Noida authority began to develop a policy to ensure that building structures are inspected before and after their handover by government authorities or contracting engineers. If approved, the developers and subsequently the apartment owners associations (AOA), will be responsible for carrying out the periodic inspections and repairs proposed in the reports.

According to representatives of the department, before approving the project layout map. Developers would told to perform a structural audit of buildings during the construction of common departments three times at different stages of construction. If the developers do not check, the no occupation certificate will not be issued.

Dedicated authorities for inspection-

Developers often hire project management consultants for their business. However, at present it is not possible to carry out a physical inspection by any agency during the construction period. Under the proposed policy, builders required to enter into contracts with the Authority’s integrated agencies and inspect buildings.

This not only guarantees the quality of construction, but also eliminates various violations, such as construction of additional floors, use of low-quality materials and others. Once ready, the responsibility for its implementation will lie with the builder for the next five years. Thereafter, the AOAs will most likely be contracted to perform regular structural audits and pay for any repairs.

Nikhil Saxena, Noida-based civil engineer said, “The lifespan of a building is typically 50 years. Every five to seven years, the building must be assessed for compliance with the latest standards, earthquakes and seasonal conditions”. On Wednesday, a delegation from the Noida Citizens Forum (NCF) met with Authority officials to demand structural audits every five years. 

Ankit Arora, NCF Secretary, said, “The safety of people living in high-rise buildings has long been a concern. But so far no concrete measures have been taken.

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