Over 25% construction workers have left, projects may delay: Realtors

Confederation of Real Estate Developers (Credai) and The Indian Builders’ Association said that due to labor shortages on construction sites, the timing of real estate projects may be affected as more than 25% of migrant workers have gone to their hometowns. UP-Rera is aware of the situation and says that it can increase the project’s timelines.

Greater Noida and Noida together have about two lakh ready to move in apartments. Also on March 25, 2020, the UP-Rera has already given developers an extension of their under-construction apartments.

Given labor shortages at construction sites, the Confederation of Real Estate Developers (Credai) and Indian Builders’ Association said the delivery timing of real estate projects could be affected. Since more than 25% of migrant workers traveled to their homes. UP-Rera has become aware of the situation and says that it can extend deadlines of projects.

Although work resumed after unlock, cities could not regain all the labor force as previously. In contrast to the pre-pandemic strength of about four lakhs, there are hardly about 1 lakh workers in the cities.

Pankaj Bajaj, president of Credai-NCR, said. Material supply was again an issue due to the closure of markets over the weekend. In addition, more than 25% of migrant workers traveled to their place of residence. As a result, daily work became a problem. We can not meet deadlines. This may affect the completion timing of the ongoing projects.

Balvinder Kumar, UP-Rera member said, we understand the current situation and may consider some relaxation for builders in the coming days, though nothing has been decided so far.

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UP-RERA working with state government to end flats registration deadlock

UP-RERA working with state government to end flats registration deadlock


Thousands of home buyers are waiting to register their apartments due to a deadlock because of the dues between developers and authorities. To put an end to the ongoing registration delays in Noida and Greater Noida, the UP-RERA has requested guidance and directions from the state government.

It is estimated that more than 50,000 home buyers are still waiting to register their apartments in the area. Due to the lack of a payment plan from local authorities, district developers are unable to pay their pending dues and the registration of many finished apartments has been halted for several months.

What RERA Officials said?

Balvinder Kumar, a member of, UP-RERA said. This is a serious problem in Gautam Budh Nagar area. The problem is increasing and several builders have to pay money to the local authorities. Builders aren’t getting OC and CC and registration fails because of this. If builders have four mandatory certificates, we will give possession of flat to the buyers. Under this regulation, possession is granted, but buyers can not search their apartments. We are trying to solve this issue and have also asked the state government to intervene in this issue. We have also requested some instructions from the state government so that buyers can register their apartments as soon as possible.

What do Builders / Developers said?

Developers believe that a higher interest rate is calculated and there is a delay in the registration of flats due to the lack of clear instructions or guidelines.

RK Arora, president, NAREDCO UP, said. Noida authorities, GNIDA, YEIDA do not allow registration due to outstanding dues for calculating higher interest rates. The authorities have not yet complied with the SC order to reduce interest rates. Completion at the authorities level is also pending. This is a serious issue because registration is delayed.

Unable to sell my flat!

Some buyers also postpone the registrations as they have spent most of their liquidity when taking over their apartments. Experts say, so they had taken some time to be able to manage the registration fee.

This year, in January, due to the long delay, authority of Noida allowed private developers to pay their lease rent in installments. This decision helped an estimated 30,000 home buyers awaiting registration of their properties.

Nitesh Sharma, a buyer from Greater Noida West said. “I received my apartment 8-9 months ago but am still waiting to register my apartment. But now I am planning to move to a larger area by selling this flat. But due to the long delay in the registration process, I can not sell this property. I hope this deadlock ends and we can register our property so we can sell or improve our units.”

Prasoon Chauhan, founder & CEO, BlackOpal Group, said. The liquidity problem in the real estate sector affects the proper functioning as we have witnessed the redirection of money raised for registration to other activities. Buyers also move into their homes and delay huge registration costs. However, we recommended that you complete all required registration documents before shifting to your apartment.

UP-RERA working with state government

UP-RERA is now working with the state government to find a solution to this problem so that the finished floors get registered. And the deadlock issue between authorities and developers is resolved. Many buyers are unable to sell their properties due to lack of registration and some are forced to sell such properties at very low market prices.

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UP-RERA postpone physical hearing of complaints


Delhi/NCR:- As the COVID-19 pandemic cases increase across the country, the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) has decided to postpone the physical appeal hearing with effect from May 1, 2021.

Due to the many physical hearing requests from developers and buyers, the authority had previously decided to allow the physical hearing to the concerned parties. Provided that the Covid-19 protocol will be followed strictly.

But the authority is now handling complaints virtually through the e-court or electronic court system as instructed by the Government of India and the state government.

The virtual hearing will be continued in its current form. Further decisions will be made in the future to allow the parties to have a physical hearing. Depending on the pandemic situation and the direction by the state and central government.

Authorities recently postponed the National Lok Adalat, which was to be held in Lucknow and Greater Noida on April 10, 2021.

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UP-RERA to issue a show-cause notice to Supertech Realtors


The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) is about to issue a notice of show-cause to Supertech Realtors. The notice has been issued for the non-compliance to Section 5 (1) of the RERA Act. Under this notice, the developer has to explain why the application for registration of the Golf Country GH01 Phase 1A and Golfland GH01 Phase-1B should be approved and not rejected.

There are a total of 2,454 complaints filed against the developer and its subsidiaries. Of which 1,629 cases were settled and 105 and 1,243 are refund and possession orders. It was noted that home buyers filed a large number of complaints against the developer and also the developer did not comply with many of the authority’s orders.

Supertech has registered 36 projects, but the builder has shown very little interest in completing these unfinished projects. There are up to 20 projects for which the registration period has expired and which have not been completed yet.

Of the 20 projects, five projects registration was not given because the developer did not submit the penalty amount. In 13 projects, the application for registration of the project has not been submitted to the authority.

In September 2020, UP-RERA decided to conduct a forensic audit of Supernova Phase I, II, III and IV of Supertech group. But the promoter did not cooperate with the auditor, which ultimately means violation of the RERA order.  

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UP-RERA to organise National Lok Adalat on April 10


Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) under the leadership of U.P state legal services authority is organizing a National Lok Adalat. The Lok Adalat will be organized at Lucknow headquarters of UP-RERA and Greater Noida office on 10 April 2021, to settle the disputes between developers and home buyers.

The Lok Adalat conducted through the internet medium. Only the complaints submitted to the authority under section 31 of the RERA where mutual consent, settlement or request for agreement is possible will be considered.

Current and pending cases also be reviewed by the RERA Conciliation Consultant, where the settlement is possible on the basis of reconciliation agreement. Or where the party has made a request for an agreement will also be considered. 

Anand Shukla, legal advisor to UP-RERA, has been appointed Nodal Officer of the Lok Adalat organization.

Rajesh Kumar Tyagi, UP-RERA Secretary, said.-“Through Lok Adalat, home buyers will have a transparent, easy, quick settlement and solution to their cases. Adalat will consider the same cases where the settlement is possible through reconciliation agreement and cases that are pending for a long time.”

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UP-RERA cancel Ansal API Project, Penalise Supertech, Mahagun

YEIDA Begins Registry of Residential plots Launched in year 2009

UP-RERA cancel Ansal API Project, Penalise Supertech, Mahagun


The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) imposed a fine under Section-63 of RERA against several developers and builders. The list consists names of well-known developers and others as well. Some of them are Supertech, Mahagun India, Ansal Properties and Infrastructure, and Logix Infrastructure. The fine imposed for the lack of compliance with authority orders.

Fine a totaling Rs 1.24 crore was imposed on these developers. Other developer names include Sare Saamag Realty, T.G.B. Real Estate, Nivas Promoters, Newtech Promoters and Developers, I.V.R. Prime Developers, Logix City Developers, and La Residentia Developers.

The authority ordered these developers to enforce their orders and pay the fine amount within one month, otherwise, the fine will be levied as arrears of revenue from the land.

Show-Cause Notice to Ansal API-

UP-RERA has canceled registration of Ansal API project at Pocket 4, Sector-O, Sushant Golf City. The authority sent a show-cause notice to the developer and reason to revoke the registration of their project in May 2019 for violation of the registration terms and conditions.

After considering the developer’s response, the authority puts a stay on the decision of show-cause notice. For a duration of 4 months subject to the nine conditions described in the mentioned order. The developer did not comply with the order, and the authority on 5 September 2020 ordered the developer to submit a report on compliance with its order.

After considering the response of the Ansal API Promoter dated 14 October 2020 and their oral presentations, the authority immediately decided to withdraw the registration of this project due to the violations of following rules:-

Violations by Ansal API developer-

  1. Irregularities committed during the sale of project units.
  2. The money received from the allottees without getting a sanctioned map of the project and it comes under the illegal trading practice. 
  3. The developer has not done any work in the last 9 years, that is, since 2011.
  4. The developer misuse an amount of Rs 16.03 crore received from the allottees of the project.
  5. The required compliance’s, including the QPR of the project, not presented on the authority website.
  6. They didn’t follow the guidelines of the local authorities regarding complaints from the allottees. 

The authority restricts the developer’s access to the project registration page, which is available on the authority’s website. It also froze the project’s escrow account in HDFC Bank, Hazratganj branch. Further the authority has set up a project monitoring and advisory committee chaired by UP-RERA member Bhanu Pratap Singh to facilitate the remaining project work in accordance with RERA section 8.

UP-RERA has taken this decision to protect the home buyer’s interests and ensure compliance with the provisions of the RERA Act. This is the third project of the Ansal API that has been de registered by the authority.

Hearing Option is available-

UP-RERA also decided to allow the parties a physical hearing option from 1 May 2021, subject to strict compliance with the Covid-19 Protocol, where applicable. The parties not allowed to change the physical hearing option after choosing it.

The Authority reviews complaints virtually through the electronic legal system, taking into account the need to include Covid-19.

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