DDA Relaxes Norms for Installing Lifts

If you live on second or third floor in a DDA flat, then climbing those stairs is no more a back-breaking experience anymore. The DDA has eased the norms for installing lifts in its apartment blocks. The country’s biggest land development agency has been catering to Delhi’s housing needs for more than 40 years. Since, DDA structures have only 04 floors they do not have lifts.

Although flat-owners had so far been allowed to install lifts later on their buildings on their own, the procedure of getting permission was burdensome.  All the owners of an individual block, with eight to sixteen flats, have to agree to the proposal.

The new norm stipulates that lifts can be installed once most flat owners of the block agree. The consent of the ground floor owners is not required any longer. The cost of installing a lift is Rs 10-15 lakhs, which the flat owners would have to bear. The flat owners will have to apply for NOC to DDA for arrears. While applying for NOC, flat-owners will have to attain structural stability certificate from the registered architect.

2 thoughts on “DDA Relaxes Norms for Installing Lifts

  1. Hello. your inf is not complete as previously DDA asked where services has been transffered to MCD people should apply for NOC to MCd, where as these norms have been revised NOC will be issued by DDA only.

    agraid even DDAWeb site has not made uptodate correction. what sort of these organizations are inour country

  2. Dear Sir ,
    I wish to know if group of flat owners give consent without participation in contribution & utalisation of lift, CAN ONLY ONE OR TWO FLAT-OWNERS ALONE GET INSTALLED THE LIFT FOR THEIR USE. ALL THE INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE CHARGES AND ELECTRICITY BILLS WOULD PAID BY OWENERS WHO USES THE LIFT.

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