Buying an Under – Constructed Flat.

A newly constructed home may have its own charm, especially when its price is yet to hit the roof. Many individuals take the risk of booking a house in an under-construction building mainly for the same reason. It fulfills the dream of owning a house, but is also cheaper than a ready for possession flat. However, reports about certain builders failing to complete the project on time have made many potential  home buyers apprehensive about booking a flat in an under-constructed project. Many also wonder if they should book a property whose final shape is still not known.

There is a biggest advantage of an under-construction flat that you can also get the flat customised as per  your needs. You can also choose the locality and the site of the house, direction and floor when the developer is about to start the project. Locating them is easy, given the large advertisement campaigns that usually accompany a just-launched project and you need not have to go through the brokers. However, it is always better to mull over few critical points before booking a flat in an under-constructed  project.