Power Shortage, Water Scarcity Hit Gurgaon

Gurgaon, one of the most prominent cities in the NCR, is now facing acute power shortage. Scarcity of water adds multiplies the troubles of the city-residents.

Gurgaon was once considered as one of the most suitable locations in the NCR to live on. Now the recent reports show that the city is affected by various issues like power shortage, water scarcity and other sanitation troubles. Continue reading

Energy-Efficient Real Estate Turns the Need of the Hour

Real estate sector need to concentrate on energy efficient building constructions. Studies prove that India will benefit billions by proper real estate constructions.

power shortage alarms in India

Power Shortage alarms India

Real estate builders are wholly engaged in shaping out new cities with their commercial and residential constructions. Sky reaching buildings have become very common. This development of  real estate  is considered as a boon as it will solve the growing housing demand to an extent. Continue reading

Increased Residential Real Estate Causes Power Shortage

Save Power

Save Power

Real estate space construction acquired an unprecedented rate of growth. Urbanization in the developing India accelerated the growth. Government’s reform agenda assures that it will continue to grow in the near future too. Besides the real estate growth, the infrastructure development too takes place. This is going to be alarming in the coming days. Continue reading