Ghaziabad Growing its Infrastructure

Ghaziabad is popular for serving to the mid-segment and affordable housing segments. The very known housing clusters such as Kaushambi, Vaishali and Indirapuram are now a major part of Ghaziabad property in terms of increasing the real estate. Apart from this, the new upcoming residential locations include Raj Nagar Extension, and other areas along NH-24 which are beyond Indirapuram, and incorporates Crossing Republic Township.
The only thing bothering the developed locations is the lack of space for further high-level development. These places majorly include Kaushambi and Vaishali. The 1BHK Flats in Ghaziabad are now available to meet all the residents and is expected to have a healthy capital appreciation. The recent projects mostly kept its focus on upper-mid and premium segments offering them new upgradations which were beyond anybody’s expectations. The affordable residential clusters which are mostly 1BHK Flats and located in Raj Nagar, Shahibabad are in the average price range of INR 2,200-3,500 per sq ft. The upper end of the range is commanded by projects which are fully completed or nearly ending its construction in Crossings Republic, whereas the newly passed projects in NH-24 are in the lower price band of INR 2,200-2,600 per sq ft. The Raj Nagar Extension corridor on NH-58 is has a price range in between INR 2,600-3,000 per sq ft range.

NH 24 widening approved, boon for realty

Real estate in Noida and Ghaziabad is likely to be boosted as finally the Authority nods for the NH 24 widening.
NH 24 widening will boost realty in Noida and Ghaziabad.

NH 24 widening will boost realty in Noida and Ghaziabad.

The authorities have approved the plan to widen Delhi-UP link road. This will take the hectic traffic away and will boost the realty in Noida and Ghaziabad. Under the new NH 24 widening plan, the  stretch from UP gate to Dasna will be widened.

The proposal to widen the NH 24 stretch came four years back. Since then it has been waiting for the approval of the authority.

The link road, besides taking away the traffic-jams, also will boost the realty in these cities. It will boost the realty market of Noida and Ghaziabad. As part of this project, the UP Gate to Akshardham stretch has already been converted to eight lines.

However, as the road gets closer to Ghaziabad, it becomes more narrowed.  The narrow roads are often places of traffic-jams. The commuters find it really hard to reach Ghaziabad due to this higher traffic.

With the decision to widen the entire NH 24, it will be easier to reach Ghaziabad in near future. To maintain the flow of traffic, the Authority plans to construct a few under-passes too. Continue reading

Ghaziabad -Gr Noida Link Rd To Boost Realty In Ghaziabad

Realty market in Ghaziabad is likely to grow with the arrival of new 22 Km –long link road connecting Ghaziabad and Greater Noida.
Ghaziabad to see real estate growth with the launch of link road.

Ghaziabad to see real estate growth with the launch of link road.

Ghaziabad will witness the growth of realty in the city. This is made sure with the resume of construction of the Ghaziabad – Greater Noida link road. The 22 Km –long link road will connect the city to the Zeta sector.

The proposed link road is expected to reduce the commuting hours. Further it will take away the amount of traffic on NH-24.  As connectivity plays a greater role in any of the area’s real estate development, the builders are already planning to develop projects in this link–road corridor. The area falls under Ghaziabad Development Authority. Continue reading

Real estate in Ghaziabad is Growing Faster Compared To Noida

With the improvement in infrastructure, facilities and connectivity, real estate in Ghaziabad is growing faster compared to Noida.
Ghaziabad real estate

Ghaziabad real estate will thrive as the city achieves  better development.

Real estate in Ghaziabad is on the verge to become a hot real estate destination in around 5 years’ time as compared to Noida. Yet one should notice that Noida has achieved a level of growth in a quicker span.

Earlier if the real estate builders avoided Ghaziabad real estate due to its weaker development, the current situation shows that they are keen to build up projects in Ghaziabad. Due to the steady improvement, the city seems to be competent to Noida real estate. Ghaziabad might now obviously hold better investment chances than Noida. Continue reading