To Widen Real Estate Services, AMP Launch India Office

AMP Technologies plans of a worldwide –expansion of its services to the real estate investors. The firm aims to help the real estate investors across the world.
Finally Real Estate to be supported by techies.

Finally Real Estate is to be supported by techies.

Sabeer Bhatia- led AMP Technologies, a software and Services Company, has announced launch of its office in India. The firm has plans to employ nearly 1,000 employees by the year 2015.

AMP’s Chennai office will offer all sorts of information to the real estate investors. The investors will have access to this real estate information from any type of computer- laptop, desktop, tab or notebook. Commercial real estate investors can even have access to this information thru their mobile devices as well.

AMP Technologies Co-Founder and Chairman said in his press release that he was extremely happy to launch his new office in India. There is no need of any installation of hardware or software for receiving the services of AMP. AMP, being a cloud based real estate asset management platform, functions without these. The real estate investors can maintain and upgrade with the latest information with the services of AMP.

AMP aims to offer worldwide service to all real estate managers across the world. Hotmail co-founder said that the firm aimed to be a leading service provider in the entire globe. AMP aims to provide first class solutions and services to all the real estate managers who represent the entire globe.

Techies to assist real estate thru their services

Techies of AMP Technologies will assist real estate investors through lending their valuable services.

AMP Technologies was instituted in the year 2010 by Sabeer Bhatia and Neel Naicker. Since its inception there has been a lot of R&D gone into developing our products, says its Co-Founder and CEO Mr. Naicker.

Earlier in 2012, AMP Technologies had planned to offer offshore services to all commercial real estate investors, owners and operators. The services included cost-effective measures, lease administration, financial and accounting matters. Further it contained due diligence services as well.

AMP’s Chennai office further plans of future expansion. The 250-seat facility will be expanded focusing on future IT development. With the expansion the firm will be able to provide jobs to 1000 people. The firm will be able to deliver better services related to real estate. Mr. Naicker said that the firm will be employing nearly 1000 employees by the last quarter of 2015. This will be in view to provide better services to all real estate investors across the world.

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