You can now apply for completion certificates online – Noida Authority


All allottees in Noida will now be able to request course completion certificates online. In addition, allottees in all categories can independently assess the breach of the building plan rules and pay interest or compounding fees to the Noida Authority online.

Until now, the Authority has only processed online applications of industrial and residential allottees. And to date, over 1,600 Noida allottees have applied for completion certificates through the online platform. On Tuesday, the Authority expanded its online services to all recipients, including commercial, group and institutional housing, options will be available to users from Wednesday.

Officials said there are currently only 21 requests for completion certificates due with the authority and the rest have been disposed of.

According to a representative from the Authority. “Either a completion certificate was issued, or the allottees were asked to submit pending documents to receive it. Currently, only 21 out of 1,626 applications from us are awaiting processing.”

Certificate issued with a digital signature

CEO Ritu Maheshwari said, “It can take up to 90 days to dispose of an application for issuing completion certificate. It is issued online with a digital signature and the applicant does not have to visit the office of the Noida authority.”

“Message alerts will be sent to the allottee registered mobile number at each step. Applicants who have submitted the necessary documents will be notified so that the application remains pending via text messages.”

While residential plot owners have minor formalities to obtain a certificate of completion, 30 to 35 documents must be submitted to other types of plots. These documents contain certificates for no objection from the pollution and fire department. Certificates related to elevator safety, building construction, labour cess registration and rainwater supply.

Before issuing a completion certificate, the authority will review the infringement reported by the allottee. And the original plan, which was approved before a group of planning officials, sent a team to visit the site and see if all procedures were followed.

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