Notice issued to 30 Residential towers in Gurugram!


More than 20 residential property owners have been served a show cause notice for doing commercial activities. They were violating some important building norms and were doing commercial or business activities on residential premises. 

The department of urban and country planning has found several properties in un-authorized colonies. They are located at Uppal Southend on Sohna Road and Palam Vihar. The owners of these properties were found to be involved in commercial activities from residential buildings. 

The department has cautioned the owners of the specified buildings, either to obtain mandatory permission that applies in the event of unobtrusive activities in the permitted area, otherwise to stop the activities immediately.

RS Batth District town planner said, the property owner told to submit their answers before falling in their office that the process of sealing will be initiated against them. 

However, there are some activities, which come under the non-nuisance category. The property owners can seek permission for such type of activity from the department.

What is Show Cause Notice?

A show cause is a type of court order that requires justification from one or more parties to prove something to the court. Generally, these orders issued when a judge needs more clarification before deciding whether the party who requested the order correct or not.

The person to whom the notice has been issued must clearly state in court all the points raised in the notice. Otherwise, the court can punish him, if the person found responsible for the misconduct.

Officials point of view- 

A show cause notice has been given to 10 building owners at Uppal Southend on Sohna Road as they were doing business activities. They were running CA offices, dental clinics, guest houses, beauty parlors, etc. through residential facilities. The gates were built on the inner streets of the society. A resident has lodged a complaint against it on the CM window. Considering these aspects notices were served to concerned people. 

Similarly, in Palam Vihar, about 23 property owners were given notices for doing business activities. As per norms of legalized colonies, no commercial activities can be conducted from residential buildings. 

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