Noida Real Estate Relaxes As Farmers Call Off Strike

Noida real estate builders can now resume their halted work as farmers call off strike.

Farmers' Plea Authority Hears

Farmers’ Plea Authority Hears

Noida real estate builders had a deep breath as the Noida farmers have called off their strike. Earlier farmers had blocked the construction of many residential projects in Noida and Noida Extension.

Noida Farmers’ one month long strike was called off as the Noida Authority assured to meet their demands. Noida Authority guaranteed to meet their demands. Farmers’ proposals for demands will be taken up in the next board meeting.

A group of 300 farmers had protested outside the Sector 6 Authority office on last Wednesday. On Saturday Noida Authority held a meeting with the farmers’ delegation. The Authority assured the farmers of solving their issues within a period of 5 months’ time.

A senior Authority official said that the Authority has already started studying the cause of the farmers. He added that they expect to solve out the issue by next April. Meanwhile the farmers had assured their cooperation in settling the issues. As per the farmers’ demand the Authority has to compensate the farmers. This compensation to the farmers will cost र 2,000-crore to the authority.

Farmers of Sadarpur village were demanding a hiked compensation of 64%, regularization of ABADI land, village development and a tenth of developed plots. Welcoming the decision of the Authority, a farmer from Sadarpur village Mr. Ashok Bhati said that they were to go on strike till their proposals are achieved.

At the same time a same type of case is said to be occurred in Sarfabad area. A farmer’s land is allegedly given to another Noida real estate builder. The Authority is about to investigate into the matter. Authority will initiate a probe in the SDM level. This will enable the Authority to find out the real owner of the land.

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