Noida Police attaches 56 illegally constructed flats in Shahberi

Gautam Buddh Nagar police on Thursday said, they had attached 56 apartments that were illegally built by a private company. The flats cost an estimated Rs 22.40 in Shahberi, Greater Noida. According to the officials, the lawsuit against Satyam Real Builders Private Limited follows a court order in a case filed against the group at Bisrakh Police Station in 2019.

The case filed against a group including Harish, Rohit, and Vikas Chaudhary for attachment of their property under section 14 of the Gangsters Act. 

Flats built on agricultural land

In a court order, the district police seized 56 of these apartments. These apartments or flats valued at Rs 22.40 crore. according to a police spokesperson. 

The defendants used agricultural land in Shahberi for the illegal construction of multi-storey buildings and housing. They started construction without getting approval for the land use pattern changed. Also, the construction carried out without the approval of floor plan or certification from the local authorities. These apartments fraudulently sold to gullible buyers and the group illegally made money from such sales.

The case at Bisrakh police station was filed under various sections including section 420 (cheating), section 188 (disobeying government order). 471, 467, and 468 (related to creating false documents) of the Indian Penal Code, and under the Gangsters Act, among others. 

According to officials. The Gautam Buddh Nagar police have currently identified illegal property belonging to gangsters and mafia worth Rs 130 crore.

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