HC Asks DDA To Probe into the Illegality of Plot-Deals

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is asked by the Delhi High Court to probe into illegal residential land dealings including the sale and purchase.
DDA To investigate into the illegality of land deals in the city.

DDA To investigate into the illegality of land deals in the city.

Today Delhi High Court ordered the vice chairman of  DDA (Delhi Development Authority), to probe into the illegal dealings of residential plots in the city.

Delhi Development Authority bench headed by Chief Justice D Murugesan; showing inclination to the PIL filed in this regard, ordered the Vice-Chairman of the DDA to look into the matter efficiently and effectively. The HC Bench consisting Justice V K Jain, said that the petition is passed to DDA which will look into the matter seriously.

The residential plots; which are allotted under the scheme of large-scale acquirement, development and selling of land, are illegally sold and purchased in the city.

The PIL (public interest litigation) filed by Rajesh Kumar, a native of Delhi, sought CBI probe into the illegal land sale and purchase under the large-scale acquisition and development.

DDA will probe against the land dealings in the city

Illegal land dealings? DDA to investigate.

The PIL alleged that the allottees, whose other land property had been acquired by the DDA, had been selling the allotted land illegally. Mr. Kumar demanded CBI investigation into the matter.

The selling of the residential plots is against the rule as there is a condition which prohibits the resale of allotted land to a period of time. The condition further binds the allottees to gain prior sanction from the DDA for the sale of the allotted plots.

However the petitioner alleged that the sale and purchase of allotted land is done freely without informing DDA. Sale of residential plots, without attaining NOC Order from DDA, caused the loss of crores of rupees to DDA. Neither the sellers nor the buyers have taken the NOC so far, the petition stated.

The filed PIL stating that the information is authentic demanded that the case has to be investigated by CBI. The information is received from DDA’s response to an RTI enquiry.

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