English Cricketers Attracted To Indian Properties

The soaring property prices have really attracted some of the English Cricketers. They are very keen to have some investment on Indian properties.
English cricketers attracted to Indian properties

Some English cricketers are attracted to Indian properties.

Seeing property prices soaring in India, some top English Cricketers have expressed their interest in investing in Indian properties. Reliable sources close to the English Cricket Team reveal that around five top-cricketers are interested in Indian real estate market.

Available sources reveal that they have already entered into talks with the developers regarding their property purchase. These cricketers will purchase land parcels or properties in major Indian cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. Some of them prefer to purchase properties in Goa, one of the most favorite tourist destinations in India.

While some of them prefer to own land parcels, others prefer to own apartments in partnership with the Indians. Sources told the Times of India that they have been searching for properties for a quite long while. Sources revealed that the English Cricketers have shortlisted three cities now.

Kevin Peterson one of the most renowned English Cricketers: Recently some of them expressed their interest in Indian properties.

Recently some of the English Cricketers expressed their interest in Indian properties.

The English Cricketers were given the suggestion to own properties in Gurgaon and Noida in the National Capital Region. However, considering the Severe Summer Heat in these areas, they turned down the option. Some of the properties may suit commercial purposes while most of them will be holiday homes.

English Cricketers have shown special interest in Goa, particularly South Goa. They also prefer to own properties in Kochi as well. Sources close to the Team said that they are already in talks with realty agents regarding their purchase of some tea gardens in Sri Lanka.

With the liberal schemes introduced by the Indian government make it possible for the UK citizens to own and purchase properties in India either through establishing a firm or by gaining an Indian partner. In the past, some well-known British personalities like Ruskin Bond had preferred to settle down in India.

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