416 Housing Plots Up For Grabs Near Airport Site

A residential plot scheme launched by the Yamuna Expressway Authority in December nearby Jewar airport closed on January 24 with over 30 times more responses.

Against 416 plots on offer in sectors 16, 18 and 20 of YEIDA, which are 6 km from the nearest airport. The authority received about 13,888 applications, officials said Wednesday. Plots range from 120 to 500 square meters and from 1000 to 4000 square meters and demand circles rate from Rs 17,400 to Rs 17,800 per square meter.

No more than 7,000 applications for 120 sqm of land and at least two applications for 500 sqm of land were received. Interestingly, the largest plots of 1000, 2000 and 4000 square meters attracted only 128, 27 and 21 bidders, respectively. The draw will take place after the model’s code of conduct is repealed, officials said.

Shailendra Bhatia, OSD to YEIDA said, approximately 13,889 applications received for 416 plots offered under the scheme. This number may increase after the data is consolidated. The circle rate for plots up to 200 square meters is Rs 17,800 per square meter and Rs 17,400 for plots over 200 square meters.

“This excellent response is a sign of the interest that many people have in the Yamuna Expressway area. In addition to the future of Jewar Airport, interest has also increased due to the launch of various development projects, including International Film City, industrial parks and a high-speed train project, ”added a senior YEIDA official. Also earlier, YEIDA published a city plan for 440 plots.

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