Badlapur: New affordable destination


Badlapur, a small town on the outskirts of the Mumbaibadl Metropolitan Region (MMR), the city is developed into two areas East and West. Due to the population growth in the nearby cities, people working in Mumbai have moved to Badlapur for a number of social economic reasons. The eastern part is mostly build on the hills.

The small beautiful city has locally driven economy to support it. In recent times it had witnessed industrial growth that spillover from Mumbai, providing huge employment opportunities to local residents.

Badlapur is the new destination for affordable housing units, given the high property prices in the financial capital. In residential sector it attracts low and mid level income people towards it. The city is cosmopolitan and woos many nomads looking to settle in this beautiful hilly area. The city gives very cost effective housing options.

After Thane, Badlapur is fast emerging as the next destination for selective home buyers who tend to work in Mumbai but prefer to live in the outskirts due to huge amenities and affordable housing rates available here.

Earlier, the small city has huge number of standalone homes with open areas and huge garden in it. But the trend is changing now, over the past two –three years, large apartment, complex’s, penthouses, holiday homes are coming up in the city.

The real estate sector is among the emerging one in the Mumbai and currently seeing a lot of activities by investors looking to cash in on booming sector in the area.  Increase in demand in this area is assured in coming future.

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