Warehousing Property Will Become Fifty Plus

The explosion in commodities and retailing will result in Indian warehousing sector increasing at the rate of 35% to 40% yearly to become fifty-five billion dollar industry within three years.

By that time the country would have about forty-five million square feet warehousing space and more than a hundred logistics parks.

As said by the report by real estate consultancy Cushman and Wakefield, Warehousing activities account for about 20% of the total Indian logistics industry and offer incredible growth potential. The turnover of warehousing was twenty billion in previous financial year. Report says, “From a mere combination of transportation and storage services, logistics is fast emerging as a strategic function that involves end-to-end solutions that improve efficiencies”. It is further stated in the report that real estate sector is also set to witness rapid growth following the setting up of warehouses in different parts of the country.

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