Builders can not divide and sell plots says Greater Noida Authority!


Developers will no longer be able to subdivide and sell their allotted land in Greater Noida and for industrial setup as well. They can not divide and sell land before the establishment of the local authority, and they must also pay a development fee.

The decisions were made today at the 124th board meeting of the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) at its Greater Noida office. Sanjeev Mittal, Uttar Pradesh Commissioner for Industrial Development, chaired the meeting attended by GNIDA CEO Narendra Bhoshan and several other senior level officials.

Villages will have smart classroom and libraries-

The board approved a proposal to transform 14 villages into smart villages. Mr. Bhoshan informed the board that a pilot project has been started in Maicha village. The tenders will soon be announced for 13 more villages.

In the first phase of smart village initiative, facilities for drinking water, drains, sewer connections, streets and electricity lines will be built. In the second phase – libraries, Wi-Fi, youth training centers and smart classrooms will be created in the schools of these cities.

Industries that started in Greater Noida even before GNIDA was formed will now be able to buy FAR (floor area ratio) on the remaining plots. They have to pay a fixed fee for this purchase. These companies must also have to pay development fees as well.

Now the apartments will be available to buyers on time

GNIDA stated that in view of the interests of apartment buyers, the board has made an important decision regarding developers to subdivide the plots and sell them. Now the division of large plots is forbidden. This means that the developer will now not be able to independently sell (divide) the plots allocated to him by GNIDA. They will have to complete the project.
This decision taken by GNIDA has two advantages. The builders will only take the land on which they want to build the project. Secondly, the apartments will be delivered on time. GNIDA said that time will not be wasted due to the subdivision of plots. The designated developer will be responsible for the timely delivery of apartments to buyers.

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