Bangalore Residential Market Goes Green Now

Green buildings are slowly becoming the new trend in the Bangalore residential market. Recent reports show that the number of green buildings is increasing in the city.
Green buildings strike Bangalore residential market .

Green buildings strike Bangalore residential market .

There are totally 41 LEED India-acknowledged green buildings in Karnataka. Out of these 41 green buildings 39 are in Bangalore. Now you realize how Bangalore residential market is becoming green now.

Karnataka has fourth-maximum number of green buildings in India. However there is a good appreciation from the buyers’ side as well. The people in Bangalore demand more for green buildings now and it seems to have become one of the leading trends in Bangalore residential market.

With the highest number of green buildings, Maharashtra is on the top list which is followed by National Capital Region and Tamil Nadu.

According to the industry experts; in India, the number of residential apartments – compared to commercial buildings, will be more by 2030.

Bangalore residential market sees more green buildings.

Bangalore residential market sees more green buildings.

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) feels happier as there are more attempts from the builders to build green buildings. In fact green buildings are those which use less water while optimizing the energy level. Besides, it conserves natural resources by generating less waste and delivers healthier living spaces to the residents.

There are 1,909 buildings registered with IGBC. Among these, 187 buildings are from Karnataka.

Notably a building is assessed on the basis of its predicted performance over its entire lifecycle starting from inception to the final stages of operation. The buildings are evaluated on various stages like Pre-construction, Planning and construction, Operation and maintenance and so on.

While the landscape features like flora and fauna, transport and other facilities are considered in the Pre-construction stage, provisions for occupants’ health and wellbeing are taken into consideration in the next stage – Planning and construction. In this stage the resource utilization efficiency and recovery are also assessed.

There are two organizations- Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) and The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED India) which are registered to rate the green buildings in India.

The figure with GRIHA also shows that the Bangalore residential market is going green as there are more green buildings under construction. The buyers’ sentiment seems more attracted to green buildings which is expected to be an upcoming trend in the Bangalore residential market.

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