YashoBhoomi: India’s revolutionary breakthrough in the conference, tourism, and real estate sectors

The largest convention center in India, Yashobhoomi, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a historic ceremony in Dwarka, Delhi. This bold initiative, which aims to capitalize on the estimated Rs 25 lakh crore industry, is poised to redefine India’s standing in the global conference tourism sector. I explore the nuances of Uashobhoomi’s influence on the Dwarka Expressway real estate market as a real estate sector. 

The Vision of Prime Minister Modi

Yashobhoomi’s unveiling coincides with Prime Minister Modi’s strategic plan to increase India’s currently low 1% global conference tourism market. India’s dedication to hosting international conferences, meetings, and exhibitions can be seen in Yashobhoomi and Bharat Mandapam, representing a daring step toward global prominence. 

Recognizing Conference Travel: 

The UN World Tourism Organization defines conference travel as gatherings of ten or more people for at least four hours set up in a contracted location more than fifty miles from home. There has been a recent trend in this segment, which frequently goes by the name MICE tourism (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions), to refer to its broad scope as the “meetings industry.”

Yashobhoomi: An Innovating Space:

Yashobhoomi, with its enormous project area of over 8.9 lakh square meters and its built-up area of over 1.8 lakh square meters, is expected to rank among the best MICE facilities in the world. Modern amenities at the facilities set India apart as a global center for conferences, events, and exhibits, drastically boosting the travel and business industries in the nation.

To All International Stakeholders:

Prime Minister Modi invited all interested parties to utilize Yashobhoomi’s resources during the unveiling. The amalgamation of contemporary facilities and Indian culture at Bharat Mandapam and Yashobhoomi is a potent emblem of India’s story worldwide.

Bharat Mandapam’s Success and Future Prospects:

Prime Minister Modi expressed confidence that Yashobhoomi would exceed expectations, building on the success of Bharat Mandapam, which recently hosted the G20 leaders’ summit. The facility has the potential to showcase “India of the future” to the world community, he said, underscoring the country’s commitment to hospitality, grandeur, and excellence.

Real Estate Boom:

The introduction of Yashobhoomi has led to an increase in demand for nearby residential and commercial real estate. There is a need for commercial development since Yashobhoomi-related businesses are actively looking for adjacent office spaces. Furthermore, the scale of the Dwarka Expressway and commercial sectors will likely increase significantly, drawing Fortune 500 businesses to operate close to the International Airport.


With the opening of Yashobhoomi, India advances to the top of the 25 million-dollar conference tourism industry. The growing demand for office and residential spaces is expected to benefit the real estate sector, especially along the Dwarka Expressway. The Dwarka Expressway’s opening before the next Lok Sabha elections will enhance these encouraging advancements even more. Keep checking for more information on how Yashobhoomi influences India’s development and prosperity with conference tourism.  

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