What is the procedure for paying land tax online in Kerala?

Here’s how users can pay land tax online in Kerala by visiting the official website of the State Revenue Department.

Sanchaya, the online portal of the state government’s local self-government department, has simplified the method for paying land taxes in Kerala. To pay land tax, users can sign up for the official revenue department website of the Kerala government. 

Describe the land tax. 

When you buy real estate, the state and union territories impose a land tax. In Kerala, the revenue department has jurisdiction over any land parcels, and the owner is responsible for paying a tax based on how the land is used. The annual tax is the responsibility of the property owner.

The money each panchayat and local urban body earns to maintain and grow public amenities for residents and tourists. Kerala’s revenue department calculates and examines the online land tax. 

Kerala’s land tax rate

By the new budget, land valued at over 20 cents will be subject to a tax rate of Rs. 8 per acre in the village panchayat divisions.

Here, R denotes a 1,000 square foot area. 

The price of municipalities is Rs. 10/R for each centimeter of land. However, a tax rate of Rs 15/R will apply to land valued at more than 6 cents. 

Land has a price of Rs 20/R for corporations, accurate to the nearest 4 cents. Lands worth more than 4 cents are subject to a tax of 30/R.  

How does land tax work in Kerala?

When calculating land tax in Kerala, factors such as the land area, property age, and current cycle rates exist.

How can I pay the Kerala land tax online? 

Step 1: Create an ID and password after registering on Sanchaya’s official website. The Revenue Department of Kerala’s official website is also accessible.  

Step 2: Select “Citizen Login” for Sanchaya and enter the generated ID and password. It will take you to the Local SelF Government of Kerala (LSG) website.

Step 3: Register on this website if you are yet to do so. If you are already a user, select “Payment for Registered User.” 

Step 4: Enter the necessary information and the Captcha code. Verify your enrollment. A new page will appear. 

Step 5: After finishing, access the “Citizen Login” page on the Sanchaya website. The local self-government of Kerala (LSG) will be where you go. 

Step 6: Select the applicable district, corporation, or municipality. Press the submit key.

Step 7: The webpage will display the local organizations. Press the E-pay button. You’ll be sent to a different web page. 

Step 8: Select “Property Tax” and enter the necessary details, such as the ward number, door number, and sub number. 

Step 9: A display of the verified property tax information alongside the tax balance will appear.  

Step 10: Input your email address, mobile number, and Captcha code. 

Sep 11: Select the “Pay Now.” Choose a suitable payment method, then pay the Kerala land tax online. 

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