Telangana Land Records with Survey Numbers Map

India’s state governments are working to digitize the land records. The Telangana State government has made comparable efforts to make the land maps available online via the Dharani Portal. 

The Telangana government offers its citizens online access to land records through the Dharani portal. The integrated management system for land records serves as the conduit for this. The land maps accessible under the municipalities throughout the states provide land records information created by the Telangana government. You can also access the cadastral maps of Telangana’s villages via the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration website. 

Recent News on the Dharani Portal 

The number of complaints received for data correction in the Dharani Portal has raised concerns with the Telangana State Government. 

Union Minister G Krishnan Reddy has questioned the Telangana state government regarding updating the Dharani portal’s data. It has requested from the government the volume of public requests for corrections. CM Chandrasekhar Rao’s official home-camp office is currently the place to make corrections. The minister is asking the Cabinet Sub Committee for clarifications or recommendations regarding disagreements involving the revenue portal as the most convenient, affordable, simple, and efficient way to conduct the land mutation process online. The fact that land litigation and disputes have emerged since the Dharani Portal’s debut is another issue with the website. These issues with the land prevent the populace from receiving the benefits of Rythu Bandhu. The cost of having anything corrected is also exorbitantly high. 

How can I check the Dharani portal’s Telangana land maps? 

Integrated Land Records Management Portal for Telangana. Residents of the State have access to land maps and other land-related data of all the municipalities through the Telangana official website. The Dharani portal also provides some services like tax payments and EC registration. 

Step 1: Go to the Telangana Dharnai portal’s official website at 

Step 2: Select the “Cadastral Map” option from the Dharani homepage. 

Step 3: The system will be forwarded to the next screen.

Step 4: At this point, select “Click Here to Continue.”

Step 5: A screen similar to the one below will appear. 

Step 6: On the GIS screen, select the District, Division, Mandal, and Village options on the left-hand side. 

Step 7: The map will appear in the following format after you select the desired district and village. 

Step 8: You can zoom in on the screen to see more of the specific locations or plot’s dimensions if you want to. It will make the details of the field more obvious. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)’s BHUVAN portal, which offers the current imagery, was created.

Step 9: Select the “Bhuvan_LULC (50K) 2011-12” option from the list on the left if you want to view the Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) of the relevant area. 

Step 10: A colored map will appear on the screen when you press the Bhuvan_LULC (50K) 2011-12 button. 

The Bhuvan_LULC (50K) format contains information on, among other things, grazing land, barren land, uncultivable land, wetland, agriculture and cropland, fallow land, different types of forests, and mining built-up.  

How to Get a Telangana Village Map with Survey Numbers 

In Telangana, finding a land survey number is now possible online, and we can do so with all the details and information listed below. When searching for the Telangana Land Survey Map, please read it thoroughly. 

  • Access Telangana Dharani’s website. 
  • Visit the Cadastral Maps Section of the Dharani website. 
  • For the survey number, you want to see the maps to select the survey number’s district, Mandal, and relevant village. 
  • Enter the location information to view the maps. 

Follow the steps below for a clear understanding.

Step 1: Visit Telangana Dharani’s official website. 

Step 2: Select the Agriculture section from the Telangana Dharani portal’s home page. 

Step 3: On the home page, look for the IM8- designated Cadastral Maps section. 

Step 4: Press the forward arrow to continue. 

Step 5: Complete the survey number details and enter the survey number to view maps. 

  • District 
  • Mandal 
  • Village 
  • Survey Numbers 

Step 6: The village maps and survey number you entered will be visible. Additionally, it will display the tip of that survey number. 

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