Real Estate Scam Worth Rs.3800 Cr Unearthed In Noida

Noida Authority has unearthed Real estate scam worth Rs.3800 Cr in Noida. The real estate scam occurred in 2011.
real estate scam shakes Noida

Real estate scam strikes Noida again.

Noida real estate is shocked as the Noida Authority unearthed a bigger real estate scam. The scam occurred while BSP was ruling the state. The BSP government had leased three lakh 81 thousand sq. m. land to three private companies and some individuals.

Noida Authority has already removed Nayab Tehsildar. Further, the authority has demanded the suspension of Noida’s additional district magistrate (land). Noida Authority is to file FIR against them. The investigation against them started soon after the BSP lost its reign. Real estate land scam took place in the year 2011.

Sources close to Noida Authority reveal that the scam involves three officials of higher grade. They are Harish Chandar, a PCS officer who was posted as secretary, Tahsildar Ajay Shrivastav and Nayab Tahsildar Manoj Kumar Singh.

These officials are alleged to allot nearly 3,81,527 sq. m. of prime land to the private firms and individuals. The land parcels fall along Expressway, in various sectors of Noida like 140A, 141, 142 and Sector 143. Three private firms and some individuals acquired the land violating all laid down norms.

Nayab Tahsildar Manoj Kumar Singh has been deprived of his post. Noida Authority had earlier removed Ajay Shrivastava from his post as well. CEO of Noida Authority Sanjeev Saran has recommended the suspension of Harish Chander, the additional district magistrate of Noida. Mentioning the same, CEO has already sent a letter to the UP chief secretary.

CEO Sanjeev Saran, in his letter to the chief secretary, said that the Noida secretary is responsible for the real estate scam. He pointed that without the approval of the secretary no real estate scam would be possible. The prime land was allotted at a marginal rate of Rs.11,000 / sq. m. which is far below the actual rate of Rs.1 lakh per sq. m.

The land has been illegally allotted mainly to three private companies. A dozen ineligible individuals were also allotted some prime portions land under the pretext of regularizing ABADI land dispute among farmers in Sehadra village along the Expressway in these sectors.

The alleged officers had informed the UP government in 2011 that to maintain law and order in the region they had to allot these land-portions to the villagers. An official said that these accused had diverted the attention of the government to the unrest existed among the farmers.

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