Real Estate Digital Marketing Services in India: Boost Your Sales Today

Over the past few years, real estate digital marketing has become popular. The days of relying on local agents and newspapers for real estate listings are long gone. Nowadays, real estate is an online industry. The internet has allowed individuals to quickly find the real estate projects that best suit their needs. Real estate agents who deal with land and buildings have lost control of their needs. Real estate agents who work with land and buildings have lost control of their power; however, they are now realizing the value of digital marketing for real estate in India and making the necessary marketing investments to reclaim their dominance in the industry. Millennials (ages 23 to 38) search the internet at a rate of 98%, compared to baby boomers (ages 55 to 73) at 89% and the silent generation (ages 74 to 91) at 72%, according to a recent study. 

As a result, developing an effective real estate digital marketing strategy has become imperative. By creating an online presence, digital marketing also increases brand visibility. Buyers and real estate agents concur that digital marketing is the most effective way to produce high-quality leads. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Indian Real Estate

For online real estate businesses, digital marketing is a successful marketing strategy. Firms profit from the digital plan, which has allowed them to engage with customers online and transcend physical boundaries. Let’s examine each benefit of digital marketing for real estate in India in more detail: Take a closer look at all the advantages of digital marketing for real estate in India:

Sense of Brand 

Everything is accessible right now with a click. A company’s success depends on its ability to connect. Buyers no longer favor visiting the offices of real estate developers for information. Instead, they can quickly create a list of properties they want by filtering their needs and wants into a search engine. 

Using the advantages of digital marketing, developers can select their target market. Based on elements like geography, psychographics, and behavioral traits.  

To concentrate only on those eligible for the company’s product, narrowing the target audience is a wise move. It lowers the likelihood of a failing marketing strategy and creates an efficient and long-lasting business model. 

The Efficiency of Cost 

Compared to traditional marketing, the budgets for digital marketing are small. Take traditional outdoor media and a Google advertisement as examples. The ad from Google appears on a single platform that’s visible to everyone, regardless of location, whereas the outdoor advertisement has to be displayed in each town separately. Adjusting the message and switching platforms are part of the scope of digital marketing campaigns because they are measurable in real-time. 

Market across languages 

Readers are more likely to interact with content to understand it in their language. It builds customer trust and raises brand recognition and awareness. When a friend or family member suggests a property, the customer purchases it. To connect with their target audience more effectively, real estate companies should adopt a vernacular approach for their content marketing strategy. 

Target marketing

Developers can choose their target market by utilizing the advantages of digital marketing for their company. Based on factors such as geographic scope, psychographics, and behavioral characteristics to identify the audience. 

To concentrate only on those who are eligible for the company’s product, it makes sense to focus on a smaller target audience. It builds an effective and sustainable business model and decreases the risk of marketing failing. 

How Real Estate Businesses Can Benefit From Digital Marketing Services 

Display Advertisements 

Display advertising uses text, logos, animations, videos, photographs, or other graphic materials to deliver highly visual and personalized ad experiences based on customer internet signals. To maximize the impact of their advertisements, display advertisers frequently target users with specific characteristics. The Google Display Network is a fantastic tool for spreading brand awareness to unsuspecting potential customers. 

Video advertisements 

The core purpose of Google Video Ads is to increase reach and engagement with a range f audiences on YouTube and through Google Video Partners. To reach your audience with video ads, use demographic targeting. To attract your audience with video ads, use demographic targeting. 

Google Ads 

When users search for a keyword on Google, online ads known as “Google search ads” appear on the search engine result page. Pay-per-click, or PPC, advertisements are those where the advertiser pays each time their ad clicks on. Google’s AdWords advertising platform, which enables advertisers to craft ad text and place bids on keywords, manages PPC search ads on Google. 

Using Social Media to Boost Engagement


According to the sources, only 14% of realtors are active on Instagram. However, 83% of prospective home buyers also requested online images of the properties. Realtors can share their brand’s story with a highly engaged audience, increase their customer base, and drive brand awareness. 


Twitter has developed into a microblogging platform that has worked well as a real estate market marketing tool. 


Among B2B profiles, LinkedIn is a potent tool for raising brand awareness and promoting the product. Real estate developers can connect with other professionals on Linkedin, including interior designers and architects.  


A person uses Facebook for 35 minutes on average per day. It makes it possible for real estate developers to market their brands on Facebook. Choose from placements for your Facebook advertising, including the News Feed, Stories, Marketplace, Video Feeds, Right Column, In-Stream Videos, Search, etc. 

Real Estate Digital Marketing Metrics 

Rate of conversion

It shows how much it costs to acquire a real customer who will successfully convert, also known as “cost per action.

Whether a conversion occurs will depend on what the business wants the customers to do, such as buy something, sign up for something, or watch a video. Based on the total cost of the ad, CPC indicates how successful an ad is in reaching its objective. 

Visitors and Impressions

The number of visitors to a website is known as website traffic. Bounce rates, channels, purchase percentages, and session counts are common ways to measure it. Impressions measure how often a visitor looks at page elements, such as an image, text, video, or content. These are based on the advertisements and calculated according to how much an advertiser must pay to advertise his ad on the website. 

The ratio of Qualified Leads

It is the ratio between the number of leads who visit a website and become customers and the overall number of visits. 

Source for Leads 

You can increase your sales in some ways. The main point is the necessity of locating the top lead sources. The next step is to concentrate on that area once you have identified the traffic source. Your website should be one of the sources of lead generation. 

Lead generation

Locates draws, and converts potential customers into actual customers through marketing channels and lead generators. Social media, email, landing pages, and websites are common lead-generation channels. 

Indian Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends


Due to its specifics, real estate marketing is a complicated process. People don’t purchase properties at any given time. The process requires a lot of thought and investigation. Thus, lead generation becomes a concern. 

Real estate chatbots can help with the complexity of these projects. A chatbot is available 24/7, which enables people to ask the fundamental questions they have about properties. A bot’s ability to personalize leads increases its chances of converting leads. Chatbots can help with lead generation at all levels of the sales funnel. Chatbots can handle everything by giving prospective buyers the details to arrange a virtual tour. 

Augmented reality

Real estate sector, augmented reality (AR) is a game-changer. For both sellers and buyers, it has opened several doors. Real estate buyers can view a property without making a trip using augmented reality (AR). The development of augmented reality has created new opportunities by offering personalized services and a distinctive user interface. Potential customers can see how their homes will look after they finish furnishing them using AR. 

Blockchain Technology 

Real estate deals are typically made offline and in person with various parties. Blockchain, however, has recently altered how businesses conduct transactions. Assets like real estate are tokenized and traded like cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether to the introduction of smart contracts on blockchain platforms. 

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