Real Estate Barons and Brothers Kill Each Other

Real Estate Baron Ponty Chadha- owner of Wave Real Estate Developer Group and his brother Hardeep killed each other. Sources reveal that a dispute over some property- issues led to their murders.

The police detained nearly 15 people most of them belong to the security personnel of both Chadha brothers. As per the available sources there existed a dispute over some real estate properties. This dispute led to the doom of both of them.

Both Chadha brothers were killed in a shootout.  Police is likely to find the culprits and make arrests. Meanwhile the suspected security personnel are held in custody at Mehrauli police station for further questionings.

Both Chadha brothers were killed at their Mehrauli farmhouse on Satuday morning. According to the sources the firing took place as a result over their disputed real estate property. Though the meeting began peacefully it had a sadder end.

The peaceful beginning of the meeting was only a lull before the storm as it turned violent within a few minutes. NDTV reported that the meeting was held for sorting out the brothers’ dispute over some real estate properties.

Mr. Gurpreet, normally known as Chadha, came to the farmhouse assisted by nearly 30-40 men. Hardeep too reached the location with his men.

A senior police officer revealed that Hardeep was the first to start firing. When he first shot Ponty the security personnel of Ponty answered him with bullets. He pointed to the real estate property issue as a reason for these murders.

Mr Chadha’s body received nearly 12 bullets while Hardeep’s received four. An employee of Mr Chadha named Narender was also seriously wounded in the firing. He later underwent surgery in hospital.

The police received a call around half an hour after the firing took place at 12.30 pm. This call made from inside the premises. This firing was the second of the same sort of incidents. Earlier on October 5 a case was reported from Chadha’s residence in Moradabad district of UP state.

Earlier in February income tax department had conducted inquiries in Chadha’s residences at Delhi, Lucknow, Moradabad and Noida. Besides real estate his business spread over to diverse fields like film production and distribution, liquor, sugar and so on. He was the sole distributor of liquor in Uttar Pradesh. His monopoly in liquor distribution was granted by the Mayawati government. Mr Chadha produced ‘Jo Bole So Nihaal’ a Bollywood movie starred by Sunny Deol.

Under his real estate construction company ‘Wave’ he had developed many residential and commercial buildings. Wave City Center which is currently under construction was their latest real estate township project.

Wave group formerly known as Chadha Group, have delivered many multiplexes – Wave Cinemas – in the National Capital Region and other nearby areas. Besides Centre Stage Mall in Noida Sector 18, the Wave group has malls in Moradabad, Kaushambi, Lucknow and Ludhiana.

Mr. Chadha’s political holds were alleged to foster all his business entities including real estate. His closeness to Samajwadi Party as well as to Mayawati’s Government is well-known.

Not only his real estate but his liquor and sugar business are also under suspicion. He is alleged of gaining three sugar mills illegally which caused nearly of Rs. 124.70 crore of loss to the state.

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