Ghaziabad’s circle rates as of 2024-2025

The Uttar Pradesh government sets circle rates, which are the lowest prices at which property in Ghaziabad can be sold. The whole amount is charged for stamp duty and registration fees when registering new or used property. Circle rates vary based on the type of property and the area, so it is critical to know the most recent rates that apply in the area. Continue reading to learn about Ghaziabad’s most recent circle rates for 2024-2025. 

How does Ghaziabad calculate circle rates? 

The lowest price at which the Uttar Pradesh government will sell a property is known as the “circle rate” in Ghaziabad. Like other Indian cities, Ghaziabad’s circle rates fluctuate according to the area’s market value and level of infrastructure development. Usually, the revision complies with local requirements. The fact that Ghaziabad’s increase in the maximum circle rate has made headlines for housing hubs for all the right reasons is not surprising. These include the vicinity of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway and the Rapid Rail corridor’s influence zone. 

Factors influencing Ghaziabad’s Circle rates 

Commercial properties are subject to a higher circle rate from the state government than residential properties. When determining circle rates in Ghaziabad, the Uttar Pradesh government considers several factors, including the type of property, the market value of the area, and the condition of the current infrastructure. 

Property type: Even within the same neighborhood, Ghaziabad’s circle rates for plots and standalone homes differ from those for flats and apartments.  

Infrastructure status: A community with sufficient infrastructure inside the municipal boundaries would have a higher circle rate than an area outside the municipality’s borders. 

The government’s authorities examine a region’s circle rates annually. Conversely, the rates may or may not change. In Ghaziabad, the rates have not altered since 2014.   

How can I look up circle rates online in Ghaziabad?

Ghaziabad circle rates are accessible online in PDF format. To view the circle rates online, take the actions: 

Step 1: 

Step 2: Move your cursor to the information section and select “New circle rate list Ghaziabad.”

Step 3: To see the most recent circle rates, you can search for the name of a specific locality. 

Circle Rate: Ghaziabad’s Most Recent New and Updates


After almost six years, the district administration in Ghaziabad increased the circle rates by an average of 10-12%. For FY 2023-2024, the circle rate increase varies from six percent to twenty percent. The hike applies to regions adjacent to the Delhi-Meerut Expressway and along the Rapid Rail corridor. It would directly affect the cost of real estate in the city, which has historically been a well-liked destination for low-middle-class residential real estate. In two Ghaziabad townships– Vasundhara and Siddharth Vihar, which are close to the Rapid X Corridor— the Housing Board has also increased circle rates. There is a rise in circle rates due to this recently opened courier. 

It is essential to understand the typical circle rates in the area to calculate the price of a property bought or sold. You need to verify these rates on the authority’s official website or speak with a knowledgeable real estate agent because of stamp duty and registration fees.  

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