Finding Manhattan on india’s real estate map.

The miraculous journey unfolds in a new housing development in Bangalore’s Electronic City named “Concorde Manhattans”, which sits on prime real estate across from a Wipro Technologies campus. While location is the major draw, developer Concorde Group is also betting that its American naming scheme will help attract Wipro’s globe trotting employees.

Mr. Alok Mishra, The marketing manager of company, said,“Manhattans is a brand associated with grandeur”.
Turns out naming each street and section of the gated community also was an exercise in workplace bonding. Mr. Gangadhar Gowda, company’s human resource executive, said, “We searched the Net, and everybody gave one name”.
Buyers are booking new suburban luxury flats before ground-breaking, so developers must build up several projects and have to generate names by the dozen.

Gurgaon is filled with such aspirational places. In DLF City, Phase V, residential developments such as Wellington Estate, Princeton Estate and Carleton Estate overlook a landscape that is still defined mostly by construction and open dirt fields. A handful of security guards sit at the entrance to Princeton Estate, keeping track of everyone that comes in and out. Manicured shrubs and short, pruned trees line the paved roads that lead to each of the 20-storey peach-coloured towers that, again, have their own security guards.

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