Describe The Work Of A Farmer With 1 Hectare Of Land

Small farmers typically have few resources and rely on their land as a source of income. 

A “small farmer” is a farmer who cultivates less than 2 hectares of land. They regularly battle several problems, such as a lack of market access, credit, and technology. 

One hectare of land is 10,000 square meters or 2.471 acres. In contrast to substantial farms or industrial plantations, it is a relatively small parcel of land. Depending on the location and the type of crops grown, a 1-hectare farm can generate a respectable income for a small farmer. 

What should a farmer who cultivates a hectare of land do? 

A farmer who cultivates a hectare of land might do the following:

  • A farmer with 1 hectare of land can grow wheat, rice, or other crops, depending on the type of land, the climate, and the irrigation system. Farmers will apply fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds. Farmers cannot use tractors and other tools due to their limited land area. 
  • One hectare does not make a farmer particularly wealthy or financially secure. Without assistance from other farm workers, he handles all of the farm work himself. 
  • A hectare of land allows a farmer to hire family members as workers. Farmers frequently require more than one hectare of land, which forces them to borrow money from other farmers or moneylenders at high interest, creating a debt cycle. 
  • These small farmers might struggle with gaining access to formal credit. These small farmers work on larger farmers’ lands in addition to their 1-hectare plots because of their debt cycle, which forces them to. 
  • The farmer must handle the rearing, feeding, and medical care of animals like cows, goats, chickens, or other livestock based on their knowledge and the market’s needs.