Bengaluru lags in green buildings


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World Bank report says global effort to decrease the effects of climate change by shorting greenhouse emissions buildings can play a major role.

A recent study united by Vestian with ASSETZ (both real estate) establish Bengaluru’s green building sharing distribution at just 9% as modification of green standards for establishing residential projects here  is still different from something.

Most of the green buildings in Bengaluru are commercial buildings being engaged by multinational organization, corporate renters and Indian Business houses- that follow green spaces to meet their global surroundings policies. The green housing form in the residential area is non-existing.

According to report of United Nation, by 2050 India is calculated to figure out total 300 million urban residences, and Bengaluru is already under the stress of urban housing projects, will get s share of this residential housing.

Vestian study says that the concentration of government management in India is on commercial buildings, because they have large consumption of energy due to central heating, air condition and ventilation systems, and power back up 24 hours. Only 2% of the basic fall in the ultra-luxury and luxury segment in the country and most parts of its city also.

In the Country Green Building Rating System and Indian Green Building System India these two are awarded to eco-friendly buildings. 2-12 % cost of an inventory applies for green-building certification.

Lots of builders prefer for the certification of green buildings.  Due to less knowledge of eco-friendly power among residential and how this regulate costs for long time, many builders avoid for preferring certificate for green buildings as there is extra cost add with it and most buyers or investors are not able to pay this.

The view of CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developer’s Association of India) on this is that most of realty firm players are ready to fit in ecofriendly projects if they are guaranteed of a choice on sale cost for green buildings as extra cost is engage in launching such projects.  However lack of proof for preserving in operational costs in the cut of a basic performance monitoring system post construction for an official assessment of the intended and actual benefits of green-certified buildings, buyers are reluctant and it is a matter of grave concern as increasing urbanization is adding a lot of pressure on precious natural resources going in as building construction material.



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