Advance Search Land Bihar

2020’s Bhumi Jankari in Bihar 

Public use Bihar Bhumi Jankari services. The website offers the following services. 

  1. Watch MVR 
  2. Look at the Registered Document 
  3. Land document Search Advanced 
  4. Visit Website 
  5. Bihar’s IGRS

To determine the market value of a property, such as a house, land, or apartment, use the MVR tool. There will be clear information available for each district and village. 

How Can I Find Bihar Government MVR Information Online? 

  • Visit the Bihar government’s official website at Select Registration office, circle name, Thana code, and Land type, and then click on the advance calculation after going through MVR Details. 
  • By Party name, village, survey number, and Registered Title Deed serial number, you can search for Registered Documents. 

How can I view a Bihar State Registered Document? 

For a quick search, choose Registration Office and from/to Registration date by clicking the link Registered view document. There will be two options. 

  • Before Computers (1996-2006)
  • After Computers (Since 2006) 

Choose the option, then enter your information and look for Registered documents. If a land or agreement contains documents, sale deed registration after computerization. Choose the registration office, the registration date or period, the property location, and the documents’s serial number as they appear in the register kept by the SRO. Enter the following information: area in measurement, Khata number, plot number of a house or apartment, Party name, husband’s or father’s name, Locality, Circle, Mauja, etc. The demands of different fields have led to the information above. Several copies of the Registered document are available for download via a web copy link. A duplicate of a government-issued document is warranted to be an accurate and true copy of the original. 

How can I access Bhumi Jankari (Bihar web copy documents) online?

  • Open the web copy link, type in the serial number (Type Deed no.), choose the registration office and year, then search for web copy. Once the soft has been available, take a printout. 
  • The Bihar government established the Registration Department. Various types of Surveys keep track of using the IGRS Bihar link.