Greater Noida farmers want more money, not land

NOIDA: The farmers in the Noida Extension announced that they simply want a better deal for their land, not the land itself. Striking a sympathetic note for buyers, the farmers said they wanted a solution to the problem rather not to hurt home buyers .

The Panchayat at Khairpur village on Tuesday , what emerged was a frank acceptance that the acquisition of their land was a done deal . The elders acknowledged that young people in their villages were not keen on a return to the farming days , and the result of trying to turn the clock back now would be a colossal waste for all parties. Massive construction has been done in several villages in the Noida Extension area . As a result , the land has lost its fertility and getting it back does not make any sense. The mixing of concrete with the top-soil had made the land infertile .

The farmers and the home buyers both are suffering on account of the government’s mistakes. The farmers do not have any problem with home buyers , who booked their dream homes in Noida Extension . They want a solution which will also benefit the buyers . At the end of the day, they are also being harassed by the so-called policy makers of the UP government.

“A Khairpur resident said, “When our land was acquired , we thought we would be paid handsomely . That’s why nearly 82 % villagers accepted the compensation . But after acquiring the land , the authority treated us shabbily , and we were paid paltry compensation”. “Farmers basically want 50% of their acquired land developed (with water , power supply and sewage lines ) and returned to them . Other than that , we are demanding 80 % of the market rate as compensation , and plots to landless farmers”.

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