Sanketham Building Permit Application

Citizens can use Sanketham from their desktop computers and mobile devices because it is a web-based application. This software allows architects and other design professionals to submit an online building permit application. 

In any region of India, you must first obtain a building permit from the local administration to construct a home or a business building. You may build, destroy, reconstruct, or modify any property in the designated area. When you receive a building permit for a structure less than four stories, you have three years to complete construction. Buildings taller than four stories require a four-year construction process. 

Each Indian state’s local governing body issues these permits based on criteria. They look at how well the land is to reserve space for sewage and roads according to local standards. The authority attests that you are zoning for the building you are constructing. City-to-city and state-to-state variations exist in the procedure and regional norms.

How to obtain a building permit in Kerala step-by-step 

To get a building permit in Kerala, take the following actions: 

First, determine what property it is. 

Determine the location of the plot where you want to build first. Consult your architect to create a sketch that complies with the Kerala Municipality Building Rules (KMBR) or Kerala Panchayat Building Rules (KPBR), depending on the type of building. 

Make sure the following information is included in the sketch: 

  • Height of a building
  • Site design 
  • Sections 
  • Floor plan (all floors)
  • Site layout (width of the plot, setbacks, and access road) 
  • Plan for a roof terrace
  • Harvesting rainwater
  • Information on the specific tank and soak pit 
  • Location strategy 


Before applying, all the necessary paperwork is current and readily available. These consist of a copy of the title deed, a possession certificate, and the most recent land tax receipts. 

Step 3: Get online permission from the neighborhood self-governing body. 

Only licensees of the local self-governing body, such as a panchayat, corporation, or municipality, may submit building permit application forms. The license may be a licensed architect, a  drafter with a permit, or an engineer. The licensee receives the necessary paperwork and submits an online application to the neighborhood self-governing body to obtain the building permit. 

Step 4: Obtain approval from the appropriate body. 

The concerned officials at the local self-governing body then acknowledge that the application is valid. 

Step 5: Applying for a building permit 

The licensee submits all necessary paperwork along with the online applications. 

Step 6: The building inspector’s verification

After visiting the property in question to determine whether the data in your application is accurate, the Building Inspector (BI) submits a report to the Assistant Engineer (AE). 

Step 7: The assistant engineer confirms

Before sending the report to the Assistant Executive Engineer (AXE), the Assistant Engineer conducts one more round of checks. 

Step 8: Application approval 

The Assistant Executive Engineer then uses this report to decide on the application. This method is adequate for structures up to 350 square meters. Stricter guidelines and higher approval thresholds, however, apply to taller structures.  

Step 9: Paying fees and obtaining a building permit 

The building permit will be issued and sent to the registered address once the cost has been paid in full, which you can do in the case of applications accepted at the office of the relevant self-governing body. 

Building permit in Sanketham: How do I get a new building permit? 

Using the Sanketham building permit software, you can apply for a building permit online and track the state of your license. Fill out the form completely and accurately if you apply for a new building permit. A review of your application will then take place. 

Here is a how-to. 

  • Check out the Sanketham website. If you are a new user, create a new account. You can sign in with your current login information if you are already a user. 
  • You can either apply for a new building permit or check the status of an existing application after you sign up or log in. 
  • Apply by including pertinent details like the site’s location, the proposed building’s use, the surrounding area, drawings, etc.  

Every building permit in the entire state of Kerala must be obtained using the Sanketham building permit software because it makes the application and approval of building permits incredibly simple and transparent. 

Building permits in Kerala: what you need to know

Kerala requires the following documents for a building permit: 

  • Evidence of property ownership, such as title deed
  • Certificate of Possession
  • Modern land tax receipt
  • An application fee 
  • The “Aadharam,” or original and copy of the deed
  • Document proving the registration of an institution, a building designer, an architect, an engineer, a town planner, or a supervisor. 

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