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For Kerala’s Local Self Governments’ revenue and license systems, Sanchaya is a software suite for e-governance. In Kerala, property and building taxes are payable online with the help of Sanchaya online services. The Local Self Government (LSG) department of Kerala can efficiently collect fees, levies, and taxes thanks to the Sanchaya online system.  

Kerala’s Sanchaya online services include: 

  • Know Your Sanchaya Tax (property tax) 
  • Online Payment of Property taxes and levies
  • Application of Ownership Certificate
  • Application for Building Age Certificate 
  • Rent to civic bodies 
  • e-Filing 
  • (D& O License) Dangerous and Offensive
  • Using the Plinth Area, find property taxes
  • Payment of utility bills (for telephone, electricity, or water)
  • Taxes on professions, rental spaces, and entertainment (movie)

Fast Payment Sanchaya 

Users can use the Sanchaya Quick Pay facility alongside the standard online payment method for Sanchaya tax. Without logging into the system, you can use the Sanchaya Quick Pay facility to pay Sanchaya taxes online (Sanchaya Online). A property taxpayer may pay Sanchaya tax as a visitor by using the Sanchaya Quick PAY. Use the Sanchaya Quick Pay facility to pay your Sanchaya taxes online by following the steps below: 

  • Visit the Sanchaya Quick Pay website at is your first step. 
  • The taxpayer must complete the information on this page, including the District Name, Local Body Type, Local Body Name, Ward Year, and Ward No./Door No./Sub No. 
  • Click “Search” after entering the necessary data. 
  • Information about unpaid real estate taxes and the Sanchaya Quick Pay option will be visible. 

The choice for Sanchaya Quick Pay transaction history is also available to property taxpayers. This page will display previous Sancahya Quick Pay transactions. 

Login to Sanchaya: How do I sign up for the Sanchaya Portal in Kerala 

You must register on the Kerala government’s Sanchaya tax online portal to use the Sanchaya portal’s services. You can access the system and use the Sanchaya online services after creating a login ID and password on the Sanchaya portal (Sanchaya Login). To register on the Sanchaya online, follow these steps: 

  • Visit the Sanchaya Kerala’s official website 
  • The following choices will be available to you on the home page: 
    • Sanchaya Login for Citizens 
    • Sanchaya Login, the official login
    • Dashboard
    • Digital Statistics
    • Institutions that accept e-payments
  • Select “Citizen Login” from the menu. 
  • After clicking on it, it will direct you to the Local Self Government (LSG) of Kerala’s 
  • Select the “Payment for registered user” option from the menu. Click the “New User Registration” link if you have not registered yet. 
  • Enter your full name, email address, mobile number, and the captcha code under the New User Registration tab. 
  • After completing the form, press the submit button. On Sanchaya Online, you will qualify as a user. 

Login to Sanchaya Tax: Registration Verification 

You can verify your registration on the Sanchaya Tax website. You can verify whether or not you have registered as a user on the Sanchaya portal once you have done so. To confirm registration, take the following actions: 

  • Visit Sanchaya Kerala’s official website at 
  • Select “Citizen Login” from the menu. 
  • This choice will direct you to the Local Self Government (LSG) of Kerala’s website at 
  • Select the “Payment for Registered User” option from the menu. 
  • At the bottom of this page is an option to “Confirm Registration.” 
  • After clicking the Confirm Registration button, a new window will open. 
  • Enter your email address, registration code, and captcha code, then click the Submit button to confirm your registration for Sanchaya online in Kerala. Click the Submit after you have finished filling out the form. 

The screen will show the status of your Sanchaya online registration.  

How to Use the Sanchaya Portal to Make a Sanchaya Property Tax Online Payment?

Kerala Sanchaya aims to streamline the licensing, utility bill payment, property tax payment, and approval processes online. With Sanchaya Online, the previous labor-intensive and complex process is now entirely online. A user can seamlessly pay the property tax online in the following steps- 

  1. Visit the Sanchaya portal of Kerala’s official website at
  2. Select “Citizen Login” from the menu. (Sanchaya Login) 
  3. A new window for Kerala’s Local Self Government will open. 
  4. Select “Payment for Registered User” if you are a registered user. 
  5. Type in your registered Username and Password to log in to the system. 
  6. Choose the corporation, gram panchayat, or municipality by your search preference. 
  7. From the drop-down list, choose District.  
  8. Click the Search button after choosing the District and corporation. The screen will show the online Local Governmental institutions. 
  9. Select the button next to the EPay button. 
  10. The next window will appear. 
  11. Click on the Quick Pay button. 
  12. Click the search button after choosing the Ward Year and the Ward Number/ Door Number/ Sub Number. 
  13. The form below will display information about the property and the property taxes. This will include details like the period, the heads, and the amount for each head. The total amount of tax due will also be displayed. 
  14. You can pay the property taxes after receiving the relevant information. 
  15. Enter the captcha code, mobile number, and registered email address. 
  16. Select the Pay Now button. 
  17. You can make online payments using a credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, RTGS, Neft, mobile wallet, etc. 

The Sanchaya portal in Kerala has made paying property taxes easier, quicker, and more cost-effective. 

Sanchaya Online Portal’s Features in Kerala 

Here are the main components of Kerala’s Sanchaya tax online portal. 

  • Quick Registration: The portal provides a quick registration feature for various user types, such as citizens and government employees. Users can quickly register on the portal by entering their basic information, such as name, email address, mobile number, etc. 
  • Variety of Services: For simple online tax and utility bill payments, check out the Sanchaya tax portal. E-filing, property tax searches, ownership certificate applications, age certificate applications, quick payments, and other services are among them. 
  • Help and Support: The portal also has a help and support section where users can find the email address and phone number of the helpdesk. The best part is that they can get in touch with the support staff to get answers to their questions. 

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