Bangalore saw doubled PERE investments in 2012

Global real estate consultants Cushman & Wakefield reported that Bangalore received nearly Rs.32.3 billion of Private Equity in Real Estate- PERE investments.
PERE investments have risen in Bangalore.

PERE investments have risen in Bangalore.

BANGALORE: According to the latest report by Cushman & Wakefield PERE investments have increased in Bangalore. Last year the city received Rs.32.3 billion in the form of private equity investments. The global property consultants reported that the amount is double the size than that of last year.

Most of the private equity investments were done in the commercial sector. The PE investors like Blackstone and others shifted their investment plans to the commercial sector.

While Rs.32.3 billion was invested in the commercial sector, only Rs.28.5 billion was invested in the residential sector. However the pre-launch residential properties witnessed highest number of PE deals. Though about 25 PE deals took place in the residential sector, the amount was comparatively far lower.

With Rs.13 billion of PE investments, Mumbai stood on the second spot. Delhi-NCR stood third with INR Rs.7 billion of investments. While Mumbai witnessed a minimal decline of 2%, NCR saw a sharp decline of 44%.

More PERE investments are done in the commercial realty.

More PERE investments are done in the commercial realty now.

Sanjay Dutt, Cushman & Wakefield’s Executive Managing Director for South Asia, said that some high value investments in pre-leased office assets helped Bangalore to reach the top spot.

Mr. Dutt added that both Mumbai and NCR are still hot investment destinations as they offer better opportunities. NCR market, being an active residential market, did not invite many PE investors. This resulted in lowering the PE deals in the city.

In 20125, Rs.9.6 billion was invested in all other top cities of India. The volume is far lower than the Rs.15.9 billion mark of 2011.

While Bangalore reached Rs.32.5 billion last year from 2011’s Rs.16.1 billion, Mumbai reached Rs.13 billion, after falling from Rs.13.2 of 2011. Only Rs.7 billion was invested in the NCR as against the Rs.12.6 billion of 2011.

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