Studio Apartments Witness Surging Demand

Studio apartments are small but considered as suitable for posh living. As they are available at cheaper rentals, now there is a steady rise in the demand for studio apartments.
Small sized studio apartments are more demanded now.

Small sized studio apartments are more demanded now.

Can you imagine living in a small home, as small as 350 sq. ft.? Now the increasing demands for studio apartments show that the people can think of living in such small homes.

Studio apartments face a good response from the tier II cities. Though these apartments are small in size, it does provide superior living. One of the most attractive features of studio apartments is that they do not have any wall at all. No wall separates kitchen from bedroom, or kitchen from living room. Only bathroom is separated by a wall.

Lower maintenance charge is another thing which attracts the takers to such small posh apartments. As they are small in sizes it is easier also for maintaining. There is no doubt that without much expense, these can be well-maintained.

Studio apartments receive higher response from almost all tier II cities. The demand is higher in Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Lucknow, Mohali, Nagpur, Surat and so on. Continue reading

Domestic Demand Drives the Growth of Tier-2 Cities

Tier-2 cities of India have been witnessing a stabilized domestic demand for residential as well as commercial properties. In fact the domestic demand drives the growth of tier-2 cities.
Tier-2 cities will grow as a result of domestic demand

Tier-2 cities will grow as a result of domestic demand and not on foreign or NRI investors.

Unlike the big cities which witness the demand of NRIs and other HNIs, the smaller cities or tier-2 cities are growing due to the domestic  demand for residential and commercial properties. Property prices in these cities are more stable and not rocketing as in the other major cities.

When surveyed among the occupants of tier-2 cities, majority of them opined that the property prices will stand stable in these cities. However a few said that the property prices will be increasing by 70% by the next year. Continue reading

Indiabulls ready to meet demands

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Indiabulls Real estate has planned to use more than five hundred million dollars to launch projects at a time. This money is raised from a recent share sale. Mr. Gagan Banga, CEO, said that their aim is to launch 6-7 residential projects in this FY. He showed interest towards pursuing some large projects.

Indiabulls is expecting a strong demand at projects in tier-II cities such as Baroda, Ahmedabad and Indore as these have been appropriately priced, between 2,000-5,000 rupees per square feet. Indiabulls is assured that they can meet the increasing demands for residential real estate.