No compensation if agreement doesn’t provide for it: TNRERA


CHENNAI:  The Tamil Nadu Real Estate Regulatory Authority (TNRERA) said the home buyer would not be entitled to compensation after accepting the promoter terms and conditions that rule out for delay in delivery.

The case concerns a contract without a construction contract between the builder and the buyer of the house, and the brochure does not contain details about the reason for late possession of that apartment. The section in the brochure on construction delay states that if construction is delayed for any reason, no interest or compensation is paid.

Agreeing with terms, the prosecutor made an application for allotment of the dwelling unit. Consequently, the claim for compensation for the delay is not substantiated, said G. Saravanan, bailiff at TNRERA.

Possession without Car Parking

A housing project in the city was carried out by the non-profit organization i.e, Indian Railway Welfare Organization. 

The prosecutor, one of the leading members of the organization, demanded an allotment. Although the project launched in 2006, ownership given in 2019 without a car parking facility. The prosecutor requested compensation for the lack of open parking and delayed delivery of apartment.

Countering this, the developer denied all allegations, saying the delay was due to permits from local agencies. The permits from these local bodies or agencies were not in his control. According to the developer, the prosecution had no right to require open parking as it was optional and subject to the availability of land.

No Compensation-

TNRERA said- After hearing the views of both parties, TNRERA advised that no amount was charged for car parking space. The prosecutor also did not opt for an exclusive parking space either. In light of the circumstances, it cannot be said that the prosecutor had suffered any mental agony. Hence, the prosecutor was not entitled for any compensation.

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Ban on registering the Unapproved plots in Tamil Nadu

The banning on the registration of plots which are still unapproved is back in Tamil Nadu with full force. The Madras Court on Friday clearly ordered to restrain all registrations of plots which are still not approved or those who apply for the re-registration with pending layout approvals. The law has been confirmed for the next three weeks and till no further notice comes.
Adding to the ban, the Justice M Sundar and the Chief Justice Indira Banerjee asked for all the details of the applicants of registration with unapproved plots in the violation of the court dated as on September 9, 2016, ban order.
The legal justice has stated that the decision for these issues will be taken after a special sitting which will be organised either on May 4 or on May 5.
The law has turned sour after the case that held on September 9, 2016, when the Chief Justice Kishan Kaul rapidly approved all the registrations of the plots which were still not approved or of those who tried to convert farmlands into housing plots without following the rules and regulations. Also, the bench held responsible all the officials who were personally liable for the violation of rules and regulations.

Property prices in Coimbatore may get hike

The jump in land, materials and labour costs has pushed property prices up by 25%-30% per cent and slowed the growth of the real estate sector in Coimbatore in the last two years. Property developers in the city believe that if the real estate sector has to grow at pace similar to that of Chennai, which despite the global economic slowdown, registered a steady growth quarter after quarter, as per the residential price index brought out by the National Housing Bank, the government has to develop infrastructure facilities, promote industries and improve water bodies.

“There is not much space left for property developers inside the city. All construction activities are moving towards the suburbs,” said V Subramanian, president, Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI), Coimbatore. However, land prices have increased in the outskirts in the past two years. The cost of material and labour is also on the rise. This has seriously affected the middle income group, which is the major segment that invests money to buy property. Property developers have been forced to pass the cost increase burden on the people, which have slowed down the market.

“Land costs have increased four-fold in Coimbatore, which is causing major problems for developers,” Subramanian said. Cement, which was costing Rs 190 a bag a year ago, is now available for Rs 300. Steel prices have increased from Rs 38000 per tonne to Rs 60000 per tonne now. Developers are struggling to control their costs and boost sales. Omkar Sankar, director, Sankar Foundation, said there is huge demand for affordable and low-budget houses in Coimbatore. But the jump in prices of affordable houses is now becoming a cause for concern, he noted.

Flats that were sold for Rs 4500 per sq. ft. in Ramnagar area are now being sold for Rs 6500 per sq. ft. Similarly, in areas like Vilankurichi, Thondamuthur, Vadavalli, which are outside the city, costs have moved from Rs 2300 per sq. ft. to Rs 3500 and more. Though the recent lowering of interest rate by banks may bring some respite, developers are still in a wait and watch mode. The situation in Coimbatore is different from Chennai, which is well connected with infrastructure facilities even in far-off areas.

There is a huge demand for housing in Coimbatore and in the next few years there would be at least a demand for 1 lakh housing units, said P Karthikeyan, Chief Executive Officer, Trishul Shelters Private Limited. However this would require good connectivity and infrastructure development in the suburban areas, which is lacking now, he said. Besides the developers have to look at ways to keep costs down by adopting innovative methods and different technologies, he noted.

IREO to invest 500 million dollars

Global real estate giant IREO will invest 500 million dollars in various infrastructure projects in India.
IREO is already one of the largest investors in the country’s real estate sector. The company currently has thirteen projects and is in the process of constructing an IT SEZ in Pune. The company has projects in many states including Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Delhi. The company said it would develop an eight million square feet housing project in the next one year.