DDA fails to complete flats, flat owners protest

Showing dissent over the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) which failed to complete DDA flats, flat owners held a protest recently in Mukherjee Nagar.
DDA flats incomplete, complain the flat owners

DDA flats incomplete, complain the flat owners.

Some flat owners, who had moved to ‘incomplete’ DDA flats in Mukherjee Nagar, held a protest against the Delhi Development Authority. They alleged that flats, which were developed under the 2010 housing scheme of DDA, have not yet been completed.

They remain fed up with the Delhi Development Authority which allegedly had not heeded the pleas of the flat owners.

The flat owners have been running from pillar to post with their pleas. However their repeated pleas remained unanswered by the authority officials. Despite their repeated pleas, DDA remained undisturbed till they conducted a protest recently.

Flat owners alleged that the DDA Officials have not yet taken any action to complete the flats. The accusers added that the authority has failed miserably to console the grieving flat owners. Continue reading

Focusing affordable housing, DDA Budget 2013-14 passed

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has recently passed its budget for the year 2013-14. The main thrust of the DDA budget is affordable housing and the preservation of green areas.
Affordable housing sector is the main focus of DDA Budget 2013-14.

Affordable housing sector is the main focus of DDA Budget 2013-14.

In a meeting held on Tuesday, Delhi Development Authority passed its DDA budget for the year 2013-14. The budget is passed with a special focus on affordable houses. Besides the focus on the affordable houses, the budget includes special provision for the maintenance of green areas in the city.

Low-income housing or affordable houses will be boosted. However the development authority plans to develop the affordable houses in the outskirts of the city. Infrastructure projects also are likely to be boosted by the newly launched DDA budget.

DDA chairman Tejinder Khanna said that a chart will be prepared before the next meeting of the authority. The chart will include each project’s timeline and expected date of completion.

Once the chart is prepared, it will be easier for DDA to monitor the development of all projects and its delay. This will help the Authority accelerate the slow moving projects in the city. Continue reading

HC Asks DDA To Probe into the Illegality of Plot-Deals

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is asked by the Delhi High Court to probe into illegal residential land dealings including the sale and purchase.
DDA To investigate into the illegality of land deals in the city.

DDA To investigate into the illegality of land deals in the city.

Today Delhi High Court ordered the vice chairman of  DDA (Delhi Development Authority), to probe into the illegal dealings of residential plots in the city.

Delhi Development Authority bench headed by Chief Justice D Murugesan; showing inclination to the PIL filed in this regard, ordered the Vice-Chairman of the DDA to look into the matter efficiently and effectively. The HC Bench consisting Justice V K Jain, said that the petition is passed to DDA which will look into the matter seriously.

The residential plots; which are allotted under the scheme of large-scale acquirement, development and selling of land, are illegally sold and purchased in the city. Continue reading

DDA Plans Reconstruction Of Dangerous Houses

Increasing incidents of building collapse prompt Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to reconstruct dangerous and unsafe buildings in the city. However DDA’s plans of reconstruction are dependent on building owners whose consent is necessary for the reconstruction.
DDA proposes a reconstruction of unsafe buildings

DDA proposes a reconstruction of unsafe buildings

Recently Disaster Management Authority conducted a survey on unsafe buildings in the National Capital. Using the survey a team of experts have focused five areas of the city where many buildings are identified as dangerous and unsafe. The team proposed to the DDA that the buildings in these areas have to be renovated or totally reconstructed.

The proposal has already been approved, though only in-principle, by an LG – headed DDA meeting. However the financial matters are to be worked out. Fatehpur Beri, Gandhi Nagar, Kondli, Lal Kuan and Lalita Park are the five areas which have been selected for the reconstruction of unsafe houses. These areas have witnessed a number of building collapses recently. Continue reading

Commonwealth Village: Dream or Nightmare?

As Delhi is gearing up for the Commonwealth Games, all eyes are set on the Commonwealth Village which promises state of the art facilities specially designed to be the home for over 8000 finest athletes of the participating countries.

Clausura Commonwealth Games - 99.JPG
Photo by anselmogz
It is being constructed in partnership between the Emaar MGF and the Delhi Development Authority. It’s being built next to the very famous Akshardham temple with easy access to and from south and central part of the capital. The village consists of 34 towers spread around 27 acres of land that have 1168 flats (2-5BHK) with five star amenities. It is full of plush green lawns, a swimming pool which could host competitions as well and that’s saying something, a world class health club with fully equipped gymnasium, tennis court, basketball court, kid’s crèche, play area and what not.

It was said that after the games are over the village will serve as the hostel for the students of Delhi University. The plan looks on hold as of now.

The approximate prices of the houses eyed by the real estate players are:

2 BHK (1443 sq. ft.) – Rs. 13250/- sq. ft. (Approx. Rs. 1.85 cr onwards)*
3 BHK (2092 sq. ft.) – Rs. 13250/- sq. ft. (Approx. Rs. 2.60 cr onwards)*
4 BHK (2535 sq. ft.) – Rs. 14000/- sq. ft. (Approx. Rs. 3.50 cr onwards) *
5 BHK (3278 sq. ft.) – Rs. 15000/- sq .ft. (Approx. Rs. 4.50 cr onwards)*

*Preferential Location Charges as applicable

But the candy of the eye will be the village going green. The building will be certified ‘Green’. On Saturday the Chief Minister inaugurated a 66/11 kV grid sub-station that will provide uninterrupted power supply. The Rs. 40 cr sub-station has been constructed by the power distribution company, BYPL, in a record time of 13 months.

She expressed confidence that the Commonwealth Games would prove to be a “memorable event and will be able to showcase Delhi as a developed, historical, modern and vibrant city.”

But to all this there is a flip side as well, the Environmentalists claim it’s not a smart thing to build these massive buildings on the banks of the Yamuna. They believe that the village will hamper the flow of groundwater that replenishes the seasonal river, effectively choking it which in turn will increase the shortage of water supply in the city.

Anyways amidst all this the excitement and the speed of preparation for the games the nature has been left to the mercy of gods and the babus. The city people can just sit, pray and watch.